Mission 5: Fallen Angel

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Mission 5: Fallen Angel

- Avoid damage from large debris in streets
- Direct CLAWs to eliminate enemy personnel (x8) on the flooded street
- Record 400 TB of data from Mendez surveillance
- Incinerate enemy personnel (x10) with flamethrower attachment
- Protect CLAWs (x2) from destruction
- Deploy SOC-T boost to find alternate routes (x2)
- Destroy enemy vehicles (x20) with drone missiles\
- Destroy enemy vehicles (x8) with the SOC-T
- Collect intel (x3)
- 100% survivability rating

As soon as the mission starts, don't leave the room yet. Grab the first intel on the shelf across the room.

Assault Intel

Clear the building with the help of the CLAWs then head outside to the flooded streets. Be wary of the enemies on the balconies then continue fighting your way through more enemies until a large overturned bus goes your way. Open the gate to the left before the bus crushes you. Check the alley to your immediate right to find another intel and an ammo cache.

Alley Intel

Follow Woods back to the flooded streets then stick close to him to avoid being spotted by MQ drones. If you get separated from him, then stay low and take cover to avoid the drone's search lights. Follow Harper to the narrow passage. A portion of the building will crumble ahead. Check the ground near the debris to find the mission's last intel.

Debris Intel

Take out the guards by the sewer entrance, then head inside. If you have the access kit with you, you should be able to open the iron door containing SOC-T Intel. Slide down the tunnel then continue upstairs to trigger the next part of the mission.

Get to the roof then execute the guards. Zoom in to Menendez to eavesdrop their conversation. Follow Harper to the next observation point then zoom in again to continue eavesdropping. After the target enters the room, continue following Harper to the next point.

Observe Menendez and Defalco then continue following Harper to ground level. Continue to the trainyard for another surveillance. Finally, follow Harper again and swim to the next area.

After the scene, head to the rail yard and engage the enemies there. Once available, take control of Brutus and Maximus. Use them to clear the rail yard easily. Once cleared, ride the vehicle to start the next section of the mission.

Twin CLAWs

You'll switch between the drone controls or driving. After the jump, you'll have the option to continue driving or controlling the drone instead. Controlling the drone will be much easier so take control of it and use it clear enemy drones, vehicles and soldiers until it gets destroyed.

Hasty Escape

During the section where an enemy drone crashes in the oil pipe and causes a violent chain reaction, you must avoid getting Harper's face burned by the fiery jet before reaching the warehouse. In case that happens, save and quit then continue. The game will recognize that Harper didn't get hurt at all and you'll still get the trophy.

Hey Good Lookin


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Is there any way i can reverse harpers face getting burned after the mission is finished?

Added 26th Mar 2015, ID #533373

salazar and harper is waiting in the cars and someone is shooting from uder the roof this game sucks im stuck at the drone cant get off!???

Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #328981

im stuck on the drone at roof cant get offf?? wtf should i do??

Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #328976

so i got the "hey good looking" trophy and in karma his face i how did this happen and why is this game glitching? this should not have happened.

Added 2nd Dec 2013, ID #324606

How do I get to make Harper's face burned? :3

Added 24th Mar 2013, ID #266847

When I get to the roof and try to execute the guards, my weapon won't function right away, and then when it does I keep getting killed by the MQ drone. Can't get passed this point. What do I need to do? Thanks.

Added 13th Feb 2013, ID #253912

Can you even control the drone? He says go left, I go left, nothing happens

Added 6th Jan 2013, ID #238870

GO to Harper and Push open the door :3

Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #234411

Question? How do i get round the bus?

Added 17th Dec 2012, ID #223011

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