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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Walkthrough

Unofficial Call of Duty: Black ops 2 Guide by vhayste for


Welcome to our unofficial Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Guide. Here you will find the complete single player walkthrough plus all the Intel Locations. We've added these into the walkthrough so you can easily find them as you play through, and also collated them into an Intel Locations document at the end of the document so they are all together in one place. We've also covered Strike Force Missions in this guide.

Black Ops 2 is the sequel of the 2010 hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Players will undertake missions that happened in the past and the game's "current" futuristic setting. Players will have control over the course of the story by making major decisions and turning points as well completing covert Strike Force operations.

This unofficial guide will help you get through the main campaign and strike force missions, gather all the intel in each campaign level, a brief guide in the game's impressive multiplayer.


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Dec 1st 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
can i have maxed out snipers and mlgs
ID #630255
Nov 25th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you get all the guns?
ID #628294
Mar 11th 2016 Guest AvatarGuest
me to how do you get guns on call of duty black ops 2
ID #639732
Nov 1st 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Help me get unlimited points for zombies and forge mode
ID #621576
Oct 22nd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
How get all the guns unlock cheat
ID #618629
Aug 14th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
I would like to have all weapons at Max level (almost there).
Plus I'm sure that some players have a way of seing through wall where an opponent is placed before getting there and shoot it. Since THEY don't play fare and it is frustrating, why not me.
ID #598019
Aug 9th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
in zombes i eed unlimated points
ID #595956
Jun 13th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you unlock the Diner in Zombies
ID #569730
May 23rd 2015 tourniercm Avatar tourniercm
Need help finding some cheats for unlimited health and amunition for zombies
ID #560029
May 12th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Can i skip levels on call of duty blackmops 2? I got quite far, but my son started a new campaign, and all my saved data is lost. Thanks
ID #555340
May 8th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #553437
May 5th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
i what to get mod menu
ID #552253
Apr 27th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
How do i avoid the bus in campaign mode
ID #548815
Mar 28th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
how to get gold and dimond on evry gun in the game
ID #534218
Mar 8th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
I want dimond for every gun
ID #525828
Feb 7th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Hi hi hi
ID #513088
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
I. i don't know how to buy the peacekeeper
ID #494527
Jul 18th 2016 Guest AvatarGuest
You have to buy it on line by credit card.
ID #667817
Jun 22nd 2016 Guest AvatarGuest
Buy the revolution dlc pack
ID #661173
Dec 24th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
can some one plez help me be invisabl
on C.O.D
ID #489290
Dec 3rd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
I need cheats for the campaign 2 level
ID #480028
May 29th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Why it's easy.
ID #562802
Sep 13th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
How to stand up in the main menu and get to the back?
ID #447427
Oct 3rd 2016 Guest AvatarGuest
Hit right and left quickly amd you will break out chains
ID #685426
Aug 26th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
How do I unlock the diamond class on all guns with out having to do all the head shots and double kills and stuff for it
ID #441215
Jul 29th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #427384
Jul 8th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
i need cheat codes for zombie levels
ID #414340
May 26th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you extract the hvi in tactical view on the mission second chance? What button am i not pushing.i cant get her to go to the vtol when i find her. Please help
ID #389250
Dec 28th 2013 Linkus48 Avatar Linkus48
How do I jump from the helicopter in part 1? I press the space but I remain in the helicopter and "die"
ID #335300
Oct 31st 2013 RussDust Avatar RussDust
On Call Of Duty:B.O. the 3 gun glitch for Xbox 360 is press 'X and RT' at the same time & count for 3 sec. then throw somewhere in the sky. How do I get 3 gun glitch on C.O.D:B.O 2?
ID #317277
Sep 14th 2013 kecklerheather Avatar kecklerheather
how do u level up faster on black ops 2 in muliplayer mode
ID #309673
Jul 31st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Iam on this mission where u have to take the president by road to the bunker but i cant do it anyone who have done tht mission help me
ID #301640
Jul 30th 2013 ekornele654 Avatar ekornele654
How do i get to the other strikeforce missions during the campaign?
ID #301439
Jul 16th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Does anybody know how to open up the 4th place to go to for zombies
ID #297863
Jul 15th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
You cheating m.f'rs
ID #297565
Jul 11th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
this is bullshit
ID #296611
Jun 14th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Where are the dam cheats already. Quit giving us the run around. Why can't they do what they did on ps1 and ps2 where you can put in a cheats disk. I'm tired of technolegy allways moving backwards and gtting more and more complicated.
ID #290340
May 1st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Good game just at first iu was having trouble finding the cheats but then I sooner found them and when I did I felt SOOOOOOOOOO STUPID[img][/img]
ID #279343
May 1st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Exellent GAME!
ID #279157
Apr 19th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
the cheats are not in the glide before you get on the glide scroll down than you will see cheats
ID #275689
Apr 15th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Just start goin ballistic with the jet, I hold the trigger button down while shooting off some missiles
ID #274468
Apr 15th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
how do you get madam president to the end of the interstate been playin same spot for two days its getting old
ID #274339
Mar 28th 2013 pigly Avatar pigly
What are the secret ativement
ID #268067
Mar 23rd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
are there cheats[img][/img]
ID #266366
Mar 20th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Haven't seen it
ID #265407
Mar 4th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
click to reveal
ID #260658
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #260432
Feb 23rd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you add the cheat codes anyway
ID #257981
Feb 23rd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
yes i do steer fly close to the squad then u depart close to the ground not to close u will die if u do then u kill bad guys and u move on i finishd the game four times
ID #257784
Feb 23rd 2013 insane zombie killer Avatar insane zombie killer
I'm at the main screen and have my keyboard hooked up to put in the codes I've press LT+RT and used the right analog stick didn't look down at my hands so what to do
ID #257770
Feb 22nd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
what is the nook town code
ID #257404
Feb 19th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Nuketown code ####-####-####-####
ID #256277
Feb 9th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
how to get new town in black ops 2 need help
ID #252466
Feb 9th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
how to get new town in black ops 2 need help
ID #252450
Feb 8th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
How do u get a gold gun
ID #251879