Mission 3: Old Wounds

Missable Trophy: Dirty Business
Resist killing Kravchenko three times in a row.


Once in control, go past your horse and pull out the talwar from the corpse. Ride the horse until you reach the Muhajideen camp. Follow Zhao to the briefing room.

As soon as the attack starts, don't leave the room immediately. Instead, check the dark corner to the right to find an intel.

Briefing Room Intel

Head outside and follow your allies until you reach the ruins. After dismounting, fight your way to the weapons cache to grab the RPG that can destroy the soviet BTRs. Destroy the BTRs and kill the remaining soviet infantry using the RPG. Before leaving, refill your ammo using the ammo crate nearby then regroup with Zhao and Woods. Plan the cratering charge in their position then take cover.

After detonating the triggering charge, ride the horses again and head to the base. There will be a tank at its doorstep but on the way there, take note of an ammo crate (with a red flag) near an uphill. If you follow the target indicator, you'll come across this spot along the way. The mission's second intel is located there.

Desert Intel

After getting the second intel, ride to the southeast to find some hanging bridges and a shallow cavern. Check near the entrance to find the last intel for this mission.

Desert Cavern Intel

After getting the last intel, head back to your base and destroy the enemy chopper. There will be another marked chopper so find it and shoot it down as well. Another BTR and a tank will then make its way towards the base. Ride to their position and take them out as well.

Next, head to the enemy ammo cache to take control of it. Stay put a bit then take out enemy reinforcements. Ride your horse again and head back to base for a scene. Ride towards the tanks and once your horse is taken out, escape and get out of the way. Just watch the next scenes.

During the interrogation sequence, you must resist killing Kravchenko three times to unlock a trophy. Watch the remaining scenes to complete the mission.

Thorough interrogation