Mission 10: Cordis Die

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Mission 10: Cordis Die

- 100% impact ratio with SAM engagement on highway
- Perform headshot (x10) sniper kills from the upper freeway
- Direct quad drones to eliminate enemy personnel (x8)
- Rescue trapped SSA in damaged vehicles
- Destroy enemy drone (x30) using SAM on roof
- Protect G20 cougar at the interaction
- Destroy drones (x3) with one shot
- Destroy drones (x3) with one shot
- Protect all G20 vehicles
- Collect intel (x3)
- 100% survivability rating

After the scene, head to the SAM turret and use it to track and destroy the attacking drones. Keep doing this until you destroy enough of them. Next, regroup with the security detail and choose whether you'll snipe or rappel down. If you choose to become a sniper, prioritize taking out the MG trucks and snipers. Take note that your weapon can penetrate walls by pressing the trigger button.


After reaching the ground, check the wrecked SUV to the left to find an intel on the ground.

Expressway Intel

Meet up with the president and approach the lead vehicle. Head to the driver seat and drive it until you collide with a lorry.

Security detail

In the next phase, you have to destroy the enemy CLAW units as you make your way to the street. If you have the Storm PSR equipped, you can easily destroy these CLAWs using a fully charged shot. Enter the building to the left and search the table there to find another intel.

Building Intel

Move up to the street until the third CLAW appears. Destroy it and head to the mall area. There's an overturned armored vehicle there. You can open the hatch using your access kit. This should free the trapped allied elements inside. Order the drones to lay down fire support on the plaza then continue inside the building to the left. There's another optional door you can open but before that, grab the mission's last intel on the souvenir kiosk to the right.

Souvenir Intel

If you continue to the roof, you'll find another SAM turret there. Use it to get rid of some of the drones outside.

Once the turret is destroyed go back to the ground and continue to the objective point. Take out a few more enemies to protect the french convoy. After the scene, approach Anderson then pilot her fighter plane. Provide armed overwatch while in VTOL mode then after a while, you'll have to pursue high-speed fighter drones. Just follow them and shoot down as many as you can until you bail out.

Armed Overwatch

Clearing the skies


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There is a glitch. Pick sniper insted of repel.

Added 26th Dec 2013, ID #334463

been stuck on this for three months .... had to stop playing .... wont buy another COD again .... good game but even on simple its too hard to get through ...well it is for me anyway and i've been playing COD for years. Just too hard.

Added 27th Apr 2013, ID #278037

Keep tryin you get there

Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #271516

I get the same message. I can't make my way out of this ordeal...help

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259649

when im driveing the suv everytime icome around the corner it tells me i failed to protect the president what do i do???

Added 6th Feb 2013, ID #250885

Im having troubles with this, too.

Added 15th Sep 2015, ID #608720