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Welcome to Rapture

Welcome to Rapture

Bioshock Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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 Welcome To Rapture

In the Beginning


Once you have gained control over the main character, begin swimming towards the lighthouse visible in the distance. When you have reached the lighthouse, climb up the steps and enter through the open door. Make your way to the lower level by heading down the series of staircases at the opposite end of the initial area. Approach the strange contraption down below. Step inside and pull the Bathysphere Lever. You'll be taken on an interesting ride and treated to a short propaganda film. Enjoy the sights.




Welcome to Rapture


Upon your arrival, you are fortunate enough to meet one of Rapture's many denizens. Rapture's inhabitants are known as Splicers. There are several variants of Splicer, and you'll become acquainted with all of them soon enough. While the differences are rather subtle, they all share one definite thing in common: They all want you dead. With that reassuring thought, turn left, pick up the radio attached to the wall and step out of the sphere.


Move down the walkway and turn to your right. The odd machine here is called a "Vita-Chamber." The Vita-Chamber acts as a sort of waypoint in BioShock. However, if your health reaches zero, you do not lose any progress, you are simply sent back to the last Vita-Chamber that you passed. Nothing needs to be done to activate the chamber as a waypoint, simply walk past it.




Reaching Higher Ground


Travel along the walkway and head up the stairs. This particular walkway appears to be littered with the remnants of a civil revolt. The Spider Splicer makes her second appearance, though she is promptly chased off by a security bot. Grab the wrench on the floor by the rubble. Use the wrench to destroy the debris that is blocking your path. Once the debris has been removed, crouch down and pass through the opening. Hug the wall to your left to dodge the flaming couch that is pushed down the stairs. At the top of the  stairs, kill the Thuggish Splicer.





After he has been dealt with, search the body and remove the items it holds. Turn towards the flight of stairs that you used to enter this room, to the right of this doorway is a set of stairs that leads up to a Gatherer's Garden machine. This machine is useless to you now, though its use will become evident later on. Take the Electro Bolt tonic that is on the machine. A short scene ensues.


Gatherer’s Garden


You have just acquired your first plasmid. There are many different plasmids that can be obtained in BioShock, each have their own unique effects. Electro Bolt itself has several uses, it is definitely one plasmid that you will be using through the entirety of your playthrough. To open the large Securis door in this room, use Electro Bolt on the broken switch to the right of it. Huh, well there's half of your plane. Step through the opening and out through the hole on the opposite side. Continue down the flooded path and exit into the next area.


There are a couple of EVE Hypo in this area; these are used to recharge your EVE bar once it has been depleted. Eventually, you will encounter another Thuggish Splicer. Over the radio, Atlas instructs you to use the "One-two Punch." This consists of using the Electro Bolt plasmid to stun the Splicer, then quickly switching over to your Wrench and using that to finish the stunned Splicer off. With that one dealt with, locate the door with the Airlock Active notice above it, proceed through it and head up the stairs. Careful, more Splicers in this area. One-two punch! Remember, the one-two punch! Move past the gate and step onto the elevator. You are taken to higher ground.


Stunned Splicer


To Neptune's Bounty


Take the path to your right. Kill the Thuggish Splicer standing by the crib. Inside the crib is your first real weapon, a Revolver. Take the gun, then enter Kashmir Restaurant. Now, a quick note about this guide, just in case you missed the note in the Introduction: Throughout this walkthrough, each and every Audio Diary is pointed out along the way. Collecting all of the audio diaries is in no way integral, though for fans of the Xbox 360’s achievement system, collecting all of the audio diaries yields the Historian achievement. So, for the sake of completion, they're all mentioned here. If you don't care for them, just ignore any mention of audio diaries within the main walkthrough.



Audio Diary


Head down the stairs by the "Dancing Downstairs" sign. There are Thuggish Splicers down here, as you are surely aware. At the bottom of the stairs, head towards the table visible in the distance to your right. There is an audio diary (New Year's Eve Alone) on this table. Back up the stairs, turn right and enter the "Dames" restroom area on the right. Another audio diary (Hole In Bathroom Wall) can be found on the ground near the debris. Backtrack and enter the "Gents" restroom section.


Through a hole in the wall, you'll find yourself in the Footlight Theatre area. Walk along the spotlight housing and observe the scene below. That little girl is a gatherer, referred to as a "Little Sister." You'll become familiar with them soon enough, as the Little Sisters are a very important part of BioShock. They hold a substance called ADAM, which can be used to purchase Health/EVE upgrades, tonics, and plasmids from Gatherer's Garden machines. More on that later.


Finish crossing the spotlight housing over to the opposite side of the walkway. Climb down the stairs and watch the short scene that ensues on the opposite side of the glass. That is why you do not hurt a Little Sister, lest you wish to end up like that poor fool. Use your Revolver to destroy the lock on the gate and press onwards. You'll likely encounter a Leadhead Splicer, a variant of Splicer that uses firearms, around the corner. As you are told by Atlas, use the Electro Bolt plasmid to fry the two Splicers standing in the water in the area down below. This is a tactic that you will have many opportunities to use in the future. Keep that in mind.


Big Daddy



Hop down to the lower level and attempt to exit through the door on the right of the Vita-Chamber. A gate blocks your path and alarms are set off. You are attacked by several Thuggish and Leadhead Splicers. One-two punch! Remember, the one-two punch! That's the last time… seriously. A couple of the Splicers enter the area by hopping down from the walkway above. This puts them in the puddle of water down below, a perfect opportunity to use the Electro Bolt plasmid to fry them.


With all of the Splicers dead, Atlas instructs you to enter the Medical Pavilion. Loot all of the bodies, and when you are ready, proceed through the gates below the giant "Medical Pavilion" sign. Watch the short film (not that you really have a choice). Things turn ugly quickly. As soon as you are able, high-tail it out of there!




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ID #228749 | Dec 26th 2012 Guest
thanks for warning me about the splicer in the bathroom stall. (sarcasm) scared me out of my skin!