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Fort Frolic

Fort Frolic

Bioshock Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Fort Frolic


As you leave the Bathysphere and enter the proceeding area, turn left to find U-Invent and Gene Bank stations. Attempt to enter the Bathysphere on the other end of the metro, the one to Hephaestus. Since you can't go any further, turn back and return to the previous area. Kill all of the Spider Splicers here. Once they have all been dealt with, the doors to Fort Frolic will open. Step inside.


Fort Frolic


After Sander Cohen's short speech, climb up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn left and retrieve the audio diary (Stood Up Again) from the pile of rubble. Enter "Fleet Hall Theatre." There is a Security Camera just around the corner, so have armor-piercing ammo or Electro Bolt ready. If worst comes to worst, you can use the Bot Shutdown Panel behind the counter. Head up the stairs to the right of the Security Camera. There is an audio diary (Musical Insult) on the ground, next to the guitar. Back down the stairs, use the Elevator Panel to the left of the elevator. Enter the elevator once it reaches your level and take it up to the second floor. Watch the short scene play out. When instructed, take a picture of the dead man on stage.


Fleet Hall Theatre



The Masterpiece


Cohen instructs you to return to the Atrium once you have the picture of the dead Fitzpatrick, and add the photograph to his "masterpiece." Approach the glowing picture frame and press the A button to attach the picture. Cohen rewards you with a Crossbow. He explains that there are three more men that must be added to the masterpiece, meaning that you must kill and photograph them. By doing this, Cohen will hand over the key.


Cohen’s Masterpiece


Martin Finnegan


Head back up the stairs, turn right and follow this path until you reach the door to Poseidon Plaza. You'll encounter a Gatherer's Garden machine along the way, take a look and see what's available. Step through the doorway, take the audio diary (The Iceman Cometh) from the ice on the left wall as you walk along the tunnel. You'll see Finnegan as you enter the room with the frozen Splicers. You become frozen over for a short time.


Poseidon Plaza



Once you have thawed out, start heading for the exit. Finnegan is a Houdini Splicer, he acts in the exact same way as the other Houdini Splicers that you have encountered thus far. A couple of Steel-Tip Bolts from your Crossbow should be enough to finish him. After you have killed him, take a picture of his corpse. Search his body and remove the "Frozen Field" Combat Tonic, then return to the Atrium.


There are three Little Sisters in this level, and on your way back to the Atrium you may encounter one of them. The Big Daddies in this level are Elite Bouncers, a variant of the Bouncer that was encountered during the first couple of levels. You've gained a valuable weapon against Big Daddies from Cohen, the Crossbow. This will make short work of the Big Daddy, just remember to keep your distance, as the Bouncers charge and can deal a large amount of damage on impact. If you have rescued all of the Little Sisters encountered up to this point, another gift from Tenenbaum will appear at the next Gatherer's Garden machine that you visit.


Elite Bouncer


Back at the Atrium, place the photograph of the dead Martin Finnegan on one of the picture frames. Collect the gift from Cohen, this one contains a few First Aid Kits and some ammo.


Silas Cobb


Return to the Frozen Tunnel. Use Incinerate on the frozen door leading to Poseidon Plaza. There are plenty of Spider Splicers in the main hall of the Plaza, so have a weapon ready. You can likely find another Bouncer and Little Sister here, too. If there is just a Bouncer and no Little Sister, follow the Bouncer until he finds one. Silas Cobb can be found in the Rapture Records store, which is on the second level of Poseidon Plaza. Head up the stairs and move along the walkway until you find Rapture Records.


Rapture Records


When you enter, turn left and look for an audio diary (Ryan's Stableboy) under the counter. Hop down to the lower level and examine the corpse in the chair. When the ticking starts, move away from the corpse, it's fixed with a bomb. Silas Cobb is a Nitro Splicer, so he will throw explosives. To get back up to the upper level of Rapture Records, travel through the crawlspace to the left of the windows. A chase through Poseidon Plaza will likely ensue. The Steel-Tip Bolts of the Crossbow will make short work of Silas.





When Silas lay on the ground dead, take a picture of him and return to the Atrium. If you've been following along, the Big Daddy in the Atrium has likely re-spawned. Follow him to a hole in the wall. Once he has found a Little Sister, kill the Bouncer, then either rescue or harvest the Little Sister. Approach the masterpiece and place Silas Cobb's photo on one of the vacant picture frames. Sander Cohen has, what appears to be a breakdown, you are then attacked by a seemingly endless wave of Thuggish and Spider Splicers. The

Crossbow and Shotgun will help here. Take careful aim, though, as sometimes the Spider Splicers can be a chore to hit.


Once you have defeated all of the Splicers, take Cohen's gift. You'll find some ammunition and money inside.


Hector Rodriguez


Head back to Poseidon Plaza. If you have not dealt with three Little Sisters yet, the Bouncer in this area should have re-spawned by now. If there is only a Bouncer and no Little Sister, follow the Bouncer until he finds one. Hector Rodriguez can be found in Eve's Garden, on the second and first floors of Poseidon Plaza. There is a Turret on each side of the door leading into Eve's Garden on the second level, you can use the mattress behind the pillar to shield yourself from their fire as you ready a plasmid or weapon.


Eve’s Garden


Enter Eve's Garden. Pick up the audio diary (It's All Grift) on the bar counter. Follow the ghostly manifestation through the hallway behind the stage. Enter the room. An audio diary (Pregnancy) can be found under the bed here. Backtrack through the hallway, you'll find Hector Rodriguez at the Eve Garden's drink table. Hector is a Nitro Splicer, as was Silas. He will run through Poseidon Plaza and throw bombs back at you. If you have any bolts for your Crossbow, use this to easily kill him. Once Hector has been killed, take a picture of his corpse and return to the Atrium.


Place the last photograph on the final frame of the masterpiece. Sander Cohen makes an appearance. Do not kill him! There are two achievements associated with Cohen, we'll get them both at the same time during a later level. That's right, you haven't seen the last of Cohen. As thanks, Cohen opens the locked display case with the "Medical Expert 2" tonic. Again, do not kill Cohen, let him be for now.


Sander Cohen

Medical Expert 2


Once the masterpiece is complete, you are free to leave Fort Frolic. However, if you have been collecting the audio diaries along the way, there are plenty of audio diaries to be found in Fort Frolic, as well as a couple of tonics and two Weapon Upgrade stations. If you do not care about the audio diaries, Weapon Upgrade stations, or the tonics, leave Fort Frolic, enter the Rapture Metro and take the Bathysphere to the next level, "Hephaestus." If you wish to collect the missing audio diaries, two tonics and use the two Weapon Upgrade stations, continue reading on to the "Optional Stuff" section below this one.


*Note: All "Power To The People" Weapon Upgrade station locations can be found under the "Weapon Upgrades" section.


Optional Stuff


Starting from the Atrium, locate and enter the Southern Mall on the first floor. Once you have entered, turn right. One audio diary (Come To The Record Store) is on the sitting stool. Leave Southern Mall and head up the stairs in the Atrium to the second level. Locate "Cohen's Collection" and enter. An audio diary (The Doubters) is on the small table near the art display. There are three safes up the stairs, there is also a Turret, so be careful. Return to the Southern Mall, enter Sophia Salon. Go into the closet behind the payment counter, pick up the audio diary (The Wild Bunny) on the ground next to the piano.


Southern Mall Entrance


Next, in the Cocktail Lounge, look for an audio diary on the bar (Artists' Feud). Moving on, enter "Le Marquis D'Epoque." Hop down to the lower level, there is an audio diary (Fancy Cigarettes) near the corpse underneath the walkway. A Weapon Upgrade station can also be found in this area.


Le Maquis d’Epoque

Power to the People


Return to the Atrium and enter Fleet Hall Theatre. Take the elevator up to the second level, turn left and enter the second to last viewing door at the end. To your left, you should be able to see a tonic on the ledge of the viewing box next to you. Since the door at the end of the hall leading into that viewing box is locked, you will have to hop over to its ledge from the second to last viewing box to get the tonic. First, jump onto your box's ledge, then run and jump over to the ledge with the tonic. Take the "Alarm Expert" tonic and head back to the elevator.


Alarm Expert


Take the elevator back down to the first level, go up the stairs across from it. Go into the storage room again, turn right and enter the room there. An audio diary (Requiem For Andrew Ryan) can be found on the table in front of you when you enter the projection room. The "Electric Flesh" tonic is on a shelf in this room as well.


Electric Flesh


Go to Poseidon Plaza and enter "Sir Prize." Take the audio diary (Fontaine's Army) from the box to the left of the stairs. Find and enter "Robertson's Tobbacoria" on the first floor, near the first floor Eve's Garden entrance. There's an audio diary (Guns Blazing) on the table in front of you as you enter. Head up the stairs and locate "Pharaoh's Fortune."  Destroy the Security Camera in here first, the one on the upper level. Take the stairs up to the second level, look for an audio diary (Bump Culpepper?) on a pool table here.


Find Sinclair Spirits on the first floor of Poseidon Plaza and step inside. Look for a switch behind the counter and press it. This switch opens the door behind the falling water. You'll find a Weapon Upgrade station through that door. The figures by the entrance are now animate, so be careful on your way out. That's it for you collectors, exit Fort Frolic and take the Bathysphere in Rapture Metro to the next level, Hephaestus.



Weapon Upgrade Station

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Comments for Fort Frolic

8 comments, latest first.
ID #533225 | Mar 26th 2015 Guest
I've finished Cohens Masterpiece and I cant seem to find out how to get my next gig??? Help please. Thanx
ID #300189 | Jul 25th 2013 Guest
how do you get to the secret room in fort frolic that is filled with splicers masks
ID #274508 | Apr 15th 2013 Guest
so i can't find martin Finnegan. anybody have this problem, i've scoured every last inch of this map, was it possible to accidently shatter him?
ID #249691 | Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
The diary is there but it decides to be invisible until Rodriguez appears. Also, for those who are collecting all the tonics, don't worry about enzyme samples, I hung around Fort frolic for ages trying to do all the Bouncer research and found some in the bin in the frozen bit. And there's a couple more in the next level. Hope this helps people, I'm trying to do three out of five of the last of the xbox achievements, hence me using a walkthrough. There aren't many decent ones but this one's pretty decent. Good luck with the rest of the game, everyone.
ID #113140 | Feb 8th 2012 Guest
The guide states that you should pick up the audio diary 'It's All Grift' as soon as you enter Eve's Garden. But this is impossible, as it only appears once Hector Rodriguez does, after you have been into the room at the back.
ID #51172 | Jun 22nd 2011 Guest
How do I get medical expert 2? There's that and something else locked up in Fort Frolic.
ID #22545 | Dec 26th 2010 Guest
umm what does electric flesh do??? and is it a plasmid???
BTW (by the way) were is EVES garden for the tenenbuamsreward?! I REALLY WANT HYPNOTIZE BIG DADDY 2
ID #644 | Jun 15th 2010 Guest
i accidentally did the opitional stuff first because i didnt know how to get to cohen