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Part 06: Who's Got Mail?

Part 06: Who's Got Mail?

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Part 06: Who's Got Mail?

Checking your Email and the Subplots!

It is now time to resume the story line.  At this point you should have burned 6 towers with 8 towers remaining, you should have Rome around 12% rebuilt, with the Central District at around 29%, and your Bank maximum balance should have increased to 12,500f due to your renovation of additional banks in the areas that you liberated.  You should be getting a discount from the Doctors and Blacksmiths at this point, as well.  Tailors are now offering you expansions to your pouch, and some other special items, and you will be able to complete Merchant Missions soon!

After you meet with Machiavelli in the park above the city he will provide you with a horse and instructions.   To obtain full sync on this mission you will need to meet with Machiavelli's courier to obtain the letter, and you will need to catch the Borgia courier in under 1 minute! 

We start by following Machiavelli to the Colosseum, where you find that Machiavelli's courier is being attacked by Borgia men.  Their courier now has the letter, so after you kill the soldiers chase down the courier to recover the letter.  Kill the courier for good measure as dead men tell no tales -- and you will then be told that you have new email!

Follow the prompt to exit the Animus and check your email now.

-- The Email Thing --

The purpose of this side trip is not really to read an important email, because it is not an important email!  The email is just the weekly chore schedule that Lucy sent you all, but that is not the point.  The point is part of the plot -- so before climbing back into the Animus go to each of the team members and talk to them.  When you finish talking to each once, start over and talk to them each again in the same order as before.

The point to this is that you are activating two of the subplots here, and first becoming aware of them!  One conversation will set the seed of wanting to leave the Sanctuary for R&R, one will reveal that the other Assassins who are part of your team ALSO have Animus avatars, and the other will reveal the situation with the other Assassin teams -- and reveal that you four are the only ones who know about the Temples.

The two cycles through gets you all of the information available -- if you try to talk to them again they will just cut you off and dismiss you -- it is time to go back into the Animus now that you have acquired all of the information you were meant to acquire, and have set the two subplots in motion!

-- Back in the Animus --

If you look at the map, previously the only district that you had access to was the Central District -- now though, you are inside the Antico District, and to the West is a Borgia Tower that influences control here.  Go clear it out now!

This is one of the Level 5 Captains, and to kill him you will need to enter the tunnels beneath the site.  Your best strategy is to carefully sneak around and assassinate the guards on the perimeter while remaining undetected.  Once inside the tunnels there may be small groups for you to eliminate, but you can do that without spooking the Captain.  Watch the video for the best strategy on this challenging tower!

Once you have eliminated the Captain, climb the tower to add its Perch Scan to your Map, then burn that sucker!  Good on ya mate!  That is another tower down, and more detail on your Map!

One of my favorite things to do after killing the Captain is to work my way through the Restricted Zone that surrounds the tower, taking out the patrols that are here and robbing their corpses!  It is not a lot of money, true, but it is very satisfying, and more important, I never fail to recover all of the Kit Supplies that I may have used up, like medicine, bullets, etc.  Very economical!

Once you have burned the tower take a look at the map for any merchant shops you can upgrade and do that now.  At this point in the game for whatever reason you cannot return to the Central District -- the wall of white death has it blocked off -- until you complete more of the story, but before you do that go ahead and add as much detail to the map as you can, and as many shops as you can, right?

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Comments for Part 06: Who's Got Mail?

3 comments, latest first.
ID #236329 | Jan 3rd 2013 Guest
The guards must be killed!!
ID #93535 | Dec 8th 2011 flu211
I'm on PS3, and I was not able to trigger the subplots. Once I exited the Animus, I went to check my email, and then when I tried to talk to any of the characters, they all were busy and didn't want to talk to me. What did I do wrong?
ID #25420 | Jan 15th 2011 Guest
Nice one. Was totally stuck on this sequence. Good guide.