Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Guide

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough

Unofficial Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Guide by CM Boots-Faubert for


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the third installment of the epic story of a modern day misfit named Desmond Miles who is cursed with being the child of a long line of Assassins.  The direct sequel to Assassin's Creed 2, the main character and protagonist is Desmond, and his Italian Renaissance Era relation, one Ezio Auditore da Firenze. 

Ezio, a young nobleman, is at the very heart of the story and its many plots that surround objects of significant historical value that also happen to be imbued with supernatural powers.  Were they to fall into the hands of the modern day Templar organization who actively seeks them, it would allow them to rule the world, so a band of modern day Assassins -- the descendents of a long line dating back to the organization in Italy that gave the word its true meaning -- have set out to resist the Templar plan.

Desmond was introduced along with his historical counterpart when the Templar (in the modern day form of employees of a massive global corporation called Abstergo Industries) kidnapped him.  They wanted him because, locked within his DNA was the genetic memory of every person whose bloodline he is a part of, and a key number of those people know the location of the supernatural objects that have been lost in time. 


Meeting Desmond Miles


Abstergo has developed a machine, called the Animus, that allows them to send people back into those genetic memories, literally building a virtual world that puts them into the memory, its era, and its events, where they can participate in and alter them.  More important to the Templar, the test subject inside the Animus can return from it in full possession of the memories that they have just explored, one of which they hope will include the hiding place for these objects.

Brotherhood is a classic third-person shooter set in a sandbox-style world that offers the player the sort of game immersion that is a rare and welcome part of modern gaming.  The series is well known for its excellent musical scores, its depth of play and plot, and the wide-open paths that are available to the player to solve what turn out to be largely rail-based missions.  The clever use of the environment and kit in the game succeed in masking the rail-based structure to the point that players often feel that they devised the solution, rather than simply met the criteria required for them to succeed.

Brotherhood is destined to be one of the games that you add to your game collection shelf and your regular play rotation, because the multi-player side combined with what is anticipated to be an aggressive DLC program should have you returning often.  This is probably not a game that will follow the original into the used game section of your local GameStop, in other words.

PlayStation 3 owners will be pleased to learn that they have been provided with additional system-exclusive content for the game.  Called the Copernicus Conspiracy, the DLC includes additional missions and content that is not present in the other versions of the game.


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Please someone, how do you get the drachen armor in brotherhood?

Added 30th Oct 2015, ID #621017

are there any cheat codes to assassin's creed brotherhood

Added 6th Oct 2014, ID #455620

One shrunkin head is in the church courtyard. Romulas lair and red the the other ones in a treasure chest.

Added 22nd Jan 2014, ID #346680

Please ask any questions on our Q&A page for this game, this section here i just for comments:

Team SuperCheats
Added 8th Mar 2013, ID #261616

why are these questions not answered ?

Added 17th Feb 2013, ID #255430

Die Templars!!!!!!

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #236166

How do u get all the keyss of romulas

Added 1st Jun 2012, ID #147622

does anyone know the answer to the code key in cluster 5?

Added 27th May 2012, ID #145948

where are the shrunken heads to get the exotica trade amor

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133365

does anyone know where to find the help for the truth puzzles? doing my head in!

Added 27th Jan 2012, ID #109864

its easy

Added 23rd Oct 2011, ID #82442

Is there a map of the Rifts becuase i need it to complete the game 100% pleaze people let me know

Added 5th Sep 2011, ID #72717

Ha ha i have the armor of rommulus and you dont ha ha!!!

Added 8th Aug 2011, ID #65276

how do i complete the sixth day???

Added 17th Apr 2011, ID #37984

were is the cheats

Added 9th Apr 2011, ID #36539

[b][/b] to get the last romulas treasure you have to fix all aquaducts where do i find the truth symbols?

Added 1st Apr 2011, ID #35249

You can only use the cheats during a replay

Added 13th Mar 2011, ID #32478

Where's that part about the truth?

Added 13th Mar 2011, ID #32477

my cheats can not bee active when i go to options where is no cheat to click on.

Added 21st Feb 2011, ID #29882

Just figure out how to get the last flag today. It took nearly 2 days to find it and one how to get it. Just run up the wall like you are going to climb a ledge and turn to the right. The game show how to do this back in part 2. Good luck.

Added 8th Feb 2011, ID #28526

what do you do on the 3rd cluster of the glyphs? i saw a walkthrough and i still don't know what i'm supposed to do.

Added 6th Feb 2011, ID #28299

hw do u get the last treasure of romulis hw do u get dwn to it in the ruins

Added 4th Feb 2011, ID #28000


Added 24th Jan 2011, ID #26655

need help getting last flag on obelisk at st peters outside window can anyone give me a hint?

AMCW No 177
Added 17th Jan 2011, ID #25811

Left hand side, you have the walkthroughs to each level available to y'all.

Added 12th Jan 2011, ID #25140

Where is the walkthrough???????? Thats what it says AC brotherhood \walkthrough click here. I did nothing but an explanation of the game.

Added 26th Dec 2010, ID #22449

iz dare no hints or cheatz

grandad dog
Added 26th Dec 2010, ID #22448