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Part 12: Serial Offender

Part 12: Serial Offender

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Part 12: Serial Offender

Taking care of the woman beater

Malfatto likes to hurt girls, and you arrive at the next memory point to find a pair of beaten and battered girls.  This is not acceptable, no sir!  One of the beaten whores points out the offender, and you go after him.  To achieve full Sync on this one you need to kill him using one of your new recruits -- to do this you need to get close enough to the target to highlight him, and then order the hit using the Legt Bumper, and one of your recruits will do the kill.

The route you will take to locate the man is peopled with other prostitutes, and you will notice that they often point you in the right direction, so clearly they want him dead too!  Mind the guards on the roofs if you decide to take a shortcut, you do not want to get drawn into a battle after the target starts to run, because he only needs to get a little bit ahead and you can fail this.

Calling in the recruits to handle a fight is the only way that you can train them and raise their levels, and as there is am Achievement for training a recruit to the rank of Assassino you wil want to keep that in mind.  Like all good things though, this can only be used in moderation -- that new red meter bar that is on the screen just below the health boxes in the upper left is the recruit meter.  It has to fill up to all red in order for you to use LB to call in a strike, so bear that in mind.

Also bear in mind that when it IS fully charged unless you have a tough mission coming up it makes little sense not to use it!  You want to train your recruits, right?  Well, then train them!

Speaking of recruits, now would be a good time for a short break from the missions -- you see all of those black diamonds on the map?  Those are potential recruits - so spend the next hour or so gaining them all.  The more you have the better -- I am not sure how big of an impact that it has overall after a certain point, but the more you have the larger the meter gets.  That means the more often you can call them in.  Once you have recruited 11 Assassins the rest of the markers disappear from the map, so it looks like the number is 11, and 11 is the number!

A full load also adds three triggers and a special move called a Flurry of Arrows.

When you are done return here for more instruction :)

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