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Part 13: The Road to Assassin Recruit Management

Part 13: The Road to Assassin Recruit Management

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Part 13:  The Road to FIFA Manager.. Err.. Assassin Recruit Management

Dealing with a Slaver and Running Contracts

Sitting on a dock in the lower section of town is a little boy who is crying.  When you talk to him you learn that the Borgias are taking his mother away for some reason -- This is another mission you need to use to level your Assassin Recruits -- so say you will do it, hunt the Borgia Slaver down, and have them kill him!

You send the boy to stay with his Aunt and you start following the markers -- and eventually you will get inside the range of the target -- use Eagle Eye to ID him, then do not get too close as you follow him to where he has the slaves imprisoned, as you cannot kill him until you know where they are!

Once you arrive at the pens you overhear his conversation with a woman who is part of the kidnapping ring, and then you are instructed to move close enough to target him and call in your Recruits -- which you do.  You may need to assist them by shooting a few of the soldiers, but once that is managed they will free the slaves, and then you are prompted to go to the nearby Pigeon Coop -- so do that now.

-- Pigeon Coops --

At the Coop you will have to sit through all of the messages that piled up from the recruiting process -- do that now -- you will also be able to see what levels your recruits have reached thanks to these messages -- when one of them reaches Level 10 you need to go back to the base to watch their ceremony as they are made a full Assassin!

Now you are in the Coop Menu System -- select Assassins to resew the status of your recruits and apply any points you have available now. You do this by selecting the individual Assassin Recruit that you want to spend the points on and then applying them either to weapons, armor, or both.  In addition to the upgrades you can change the color of their armor -- I like to do that to distinguish the ones who I am actively leveling from the ones who are still pretty low.

The individual Assassins marked with an "!" have points to spend, the ones who are not, do not.  When you are finished upgrading them and changing their armor, back out to the main Coop Menu and select Contracts -- you will see that there are some available all over the region.

You want to be careful which ones you send a recruit on -- the more stars it has the harder it is and you do not want your crew getting killed.  Obviously 4-star jobs you save for when your boys are well trained and able to handle surprises, right?

Assign out the available jobs as you see fit, and the recruits you send will be unavailable for X-number of minutes while they do the jobs you gave.  After you exit the Coop you will end this memory, with a 100% Sync, so good on ya mate!  You know how to use the Coop System now, and how to train your crew, so spend a little time doing that now.  Getting them trained up is going to be really important later on, when you really need their help!

-- Working on Levels --

The training process requires you to send the Assassin Recruits out on jobs, but the game is not really structured to make that easy, because it is interrupt-driven.  That means that you end up doing a specific chain of events that leads to another chain, and so on, and that tends to result in not paying attention to the side-quests like training your recruits.

The simple solution to this is to take care of the training precess as a priority.  I am not saying that it should be considered make-work, rather it can be combined with another similar type of content -- the treasure chests.

Treasure Chests are important to the game because they are largely where you obtain the artifacts that you need to complete the shop quests.  You need to complete shop quests to unlock special weapons and armor, as well as other items, like maps and such.  While they are not a top priority for the game, they are nonetheless an important element of it.  This is such a deep game that it is very easy to lose sight of that!

So instead of doing all of this piecemeal, combine the two activities together.  Purchase the Antique Maps from the shop and then head for the countryside outside of Rome, where you are going to see a LOT of these hidden.  Work on them, while your recruits are out on assignment.  Whenever the recruit bars hit three again, stop at the nearest Coop -- there are plenty of those in the countryside -- and send them out on more assignments.  If you do it this way you will very quickly build up a supply of artifacts for the shop quests, and also quickly level your recruits to the point where you will be sitting in on their graduation ceremonies before you know it!

You can also spend the time waiting for them to complete their missions by upgrading any shops you encounter in the countryside that you have yet to do that for -- there will be some there -- so go do that now and alternate between treasure chests, upgrading shops, and training your crew. 

Come back when you have two or three at Level 10, right?

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Comments for Part 13: The Road to Assassin Recruit Management

7 comments, latest first.
ID #166599 | Jul 20th 2012 Guest
when i go to the coop there is a hading called "missions" that i cant access, how do i unlock that?
ID #131513 | Apr 9th 2012 Guest
Come back were
ID #73589 | Sep 10th 2011 Guest
Is it possible to change the weapons your recruits have equipped?
ID #72936 | Sep 6th 2011 Guest
my assassins seem to disappear permenantally, once i get them to assassin rank, after a while i'll check the pigeon coop and i have less top ranked assassins????
ID #58731 | Jul 17th 2011 Guest
If u have any full assassins send them wit them on a job that rewards a lot of Eco in one mission I lvled my lower lvl to 8
ID #46204 | May 31st 2011 Guest
You have to go to ezio's hideout. Must use the front door. Fast travel there, go out front door, in again, and your recruit is then initiated as a full assassin.
ID #40663 | Apr 30th 2011 Guest
but once you get to 3,500 exp with an assassin, you don't get to lvl 10 yet for me at least, idk what to do to get them to an assassin rank?