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Part 08: Sequence 3 - The Fighter, the Lover, and the Thief

Part 08: Sequence 3 - The Fighter, the Lover, and the Thief

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Part 08: Sequence 3 - The Fighter, the Lover, and the Thief

Humiliating Santino the Pimp

When we regain control of our Ezio, we are back in town.  Now, prior to doing anything else, take a look at your Kit to see if you need to replace anything.  Do you?  Then go do that now.  As soon as you are done replacing your kit, visit the nearest Bank to withdraw all of your funds, as you are likely not earning money at the moment because it has reached its cap.

-- Clean Up on Aisle Map --

While we were wrapped up in the Story Mode we unlocked some new areas and, conversely, have a whole collection of shops that we can upgrade waiting for us to do so, and that is what we are going to do right now!  Check your map and start upgrading the shops you have not visited yet in all of the areas where you have removed Borgia influence.  Let me know when you are done doing that, okay?

Done?  Excellent!

Now it is time to clean up the Borgia Towers that we now have access to!  Check the map and start killing the Captains and burning the towers now.  Let me know when you are done, right?

Wow, you did that quickly!  But hey, you had a great teacher!

Now that we have all of that done -- and you did pick up the feathers, treasure chests, and flags that we passed by, right?  I hope so...  Anyway, now that we are done with that, hit the Tailors in the areas you now control and purchase the treasure maps that they have to sell you for their areas.  Once you have them all, go ahead and clear away all of the treasure icons -- I will wait for you to get done with that...

Back already?  Excellent!  Did you use the Perch on the View Point near our new Hideout?  No?  Go do that now, okay?  That is the last thing we need to do before we resume the story line!  There was a treasure chest up there as well, you got that, right? 

Notice the door there on the roof there?  It leads into the building here - and inside to the left is a Fast Travel point to boot.   On the mantle in the larger room is a box in which you store the feathers you have collected, and inside are stands with your weapon and armor collection -- so welcome home!

-- High-Stakes Negotiation  --

In the western side of the city you will find a glowing door at the memory marker -- when you knock you discover it is a house of ill repute, Rose in Fiore, and before you can inquire a young girl runs up in terror and tells her story!  You of course vow to help!

Your objective is to meet the slave trader and pay the ransom, but to fully Sync this one, you must not swim, so stay OUT of the water!

The meeting takes place on a boat - and have to walk out onto the gangplank in order to do the pay-off, but just when you think it is all managed, you are double-crossed, the girl killed, and you attacked.  If you have bad luck, they will knock you into the water and you will fail the Sync challenge -- if you have good luck, and you carefully back down off of the plank before engaging the enemy, you can succeed!

Once all of the slavers are dead, return to the Rose, where you will find the checkpoint on the balcony in the read of the building. When you arrive you find your mother and sister waiting for you - they never went to safety as you ordered!  Now they are in full rebellion -- and your sister declares that she will run the bordello!  Could this get any more complicated?

Now you must locate the Architect and renovate the bordello.  The upgrade is major and interesting, and when you are finished your sister takes a lot of the credit :)

Following the chat with your sister you get a Checkpoint Save and 100$ Sync that memory -- good on ya!  Inside the brothel is a woman by the stairs inside with a target glow -- talk to her to flag the next state of the quest.

She needs you to investigate a troubling enemy -- so exit and look on the map for the Courtesan Assignment marker and go to it.  It is not far, and when you talk to the woman you will learn that she can identify the man who poisoned her.  To complete this memory with 100% Sync you must do it in under 400 seconds!

She may be crazy or may be imagining things - I am not sure, but you follow her and she points out several men who you beat up -- but do not kill them!  Just beat them up, because in the end she admits that she is sure at least two of the men were guilty, not all three!  After you talk to her and get 100% Sync, look at your map.  To the east is a marker for Cristina Mission -- head to that now!

-- Cristina Mission: Second Chance --

Approach the woman near the wagon where the bloke is yelling at the crowd and talk to her, and you will trigger a flashback to 1476 and a scene from Assassin's Creed 2!  You see your older brother, who encourages you to talk to the girl, but you blow it!  Or do you?

You now accept the mission Second Chance, in which you follow Cristina to seek the renewal of her affections.  You need to follow but not too close, you cannot let her verify that you are following her!

Eventually a man of your acquaintance accosts her, and you save the day!  What a hero!  After you get the kiss you earned -- and a 100% Sync -- you pop out of the flashback to find yourself

The Courtesan Waiting to Give the Assignment

The next Courtesan Assignment is to the east -- check for the marker and go there now!

The girl tells you of a threat to their group -- a young pimp who has the Borgia support who thinks that he has inherited the girls.  She needs you to humiliate him -- so go do that now!  You only need to beat him up, not kill him, so make sure that bare hands are what you have selected!

Run to the marker and beat him until he is out cold, then pick him up and take him to the fountain in the central plaza.  Drop him on the ground and denounce him to complete the humiliation and receive your reward and 100% Sync!

-- Old Habits Die Hard --

The next assignment awaits you to the east in the next zone.  Go there and you will find her by the well -- talk to her to learn that you need to follow a girl to her benefactor.  Take the quest to assassinate the target from a hiding spot (for 100%).  The easy way to accomplish this is to follow her until she goes up the stairs by the bloke who is sweeping, then wait out of sight while she backtracks and heads up that street to the left.

At his point use the rooftops to follow her until she meets her benefactor, then dive into the well behind him and assassinate him from within it.  Once he is dead, talk to her to end it with a perfect Sync!

The rest of these side-quests you can finish up at your leisure, when you like!

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