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Part 03: Monteriggioni, September 9, 2010 (The Present Day)

Part 03: Monteriggioni, September 9, 2010 (The Present Day)

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Part 03: Monteriggioni, September 9, 2010 (The Present Day)

Locating a new and safe home

As you fade back into the world you are in the Animus 2.0 in the back of a moving truck, and you have arrived at your destination.  One of the Assassins with you mentions that they are having trouble locating Ezio in the Animus, and then you exit the chair and the truck, to find yourself outside of the Villa!

After a false start, and using Ezio's memory, you manage to find a way into the Sanctuary, which turns out to be the only safe place in the world for you right now.

Basically you are going to work your way through a maze of repeating puzzle elements to reach the sanctum sanctorum beneath the Villa -- and on the way you will encounter ghosts and elements of the events that took place all those years ago! 

Trust me, eventually you will reach the Sanctuary, and when you do you will be amazed to see that it clearly has not been entered since the time of Ezio!

With the door now open you join the others in getting your gear and the Animus down into the Sanctuary, and while the Shaun takes care of the truck you have to go to town and find some power lines to divert into the Sanctuary.

Using your Eagle Vision locate the power boxes and install the shunts that she gave you to divert the power to the Sanctuary.  Hey, at least you are not Shaun, right?  You only need to find a total of 4 of the boxes, and there are a lot more than 4 so it should be no trouble at all.

When you do the fourth one you get a CS back in the Sanctuary.  Shaun returns, the power is on, and you get a Checkpoint Save!

At some point above you will have unlocked the Achievement "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" for 20 Gamer Points -- this is your third Achievement so far, as you previously unlocked "Battle Wounds" for 20 Gamer Points which you receive for  Sequence 1, and "Technical Difficulties" for 10 Gamer Points when you first accessed DNA Sequence 9.  Not too bad for a game you just started, is it mate?

-- Into the Animus --

Chat with your buds to learn that you will be able to relive memories, and Shaun can help you with the numbers... Sort of...  When you have done all of that, climb into the Animus for your next adventure!

When you stand by the chair it says to press the ANY Button... There was no ANY Button on my gamepad -- I was able to press A-B-Y and that worked though.

When you enter the Animus this time you get a Training Mission - and learn how to get quick attack sequences.  After you complete that, you get the Memory System explained to you -- and then you make a smartass comment.  You learn you can take a break whenever, and how the Sync System works with the warning that it can unlock repressed memories.  Bit of foreshadowing there, right?

Shaun tells you what he learned about the codes, and gives you the locations -- suggesting that they may be worth a look-see.  He is no doubt correct, after all that could be where Ezio keeps his stash of wine, umm, an artifact, who can say?

As the world fades in around you it is clear from the peaceful sound that everything is OK -- I do not know about you but I was a bit worried we would wake up dead or in jail, after all we sort of passed out from loss of blood and fell off of our horse -- and let me tell you, I know from personal experience that falling off a horse can be painful!

Fully back in the Animus we find ourselves at the mercy of a villager -- clearly she has been nursing us back to health -- and she tells us how we got there.  A strange man who she does not know brought you to her house and instructed her to care for you -- he left you a very familiar set of robes and clothing, garb I though we would never see again!

As you get dressed you realize that it had to be an Assassin who rescued you!  The only question is who could it have been?

Now before we do anything else, one small matter to get out of the way -- open the Pause Menu -- we have now started Sequence 2, and Sequence 1 is at 100% --  you will notice that a new command has been added: Leave Animus. 

Go ahead and activate the new command to leave the Animus and return to the Sanctuary, then walk to the back of the room where you will see that the computer there is now glowing!

Log in as if you wanted to access your email -- you do not actually have any email, but that is not important is it?  You tried to access your email, that is what is important.  As you complete the login process you will hear that wonderful "Plink!" and unlock the Achievement "Mailer Daemon" for a righteous 20 Gamer Points!  Your total is now 70 Gamer Points (I do not know what your over-all total is, but this was the Achievement for mine that broke a milestone as it gave me 80,000 Gamer Points!  I was hoping to break 100,000 in 2010 but clearly that is not going to happen with only a month left in the year, oh well).

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