Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube and get

Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

We have cheats that will unlock two secret mini games, walk in water and get the secret shine sprites. There's also a cheat for beating level 5 of the amusment park easily.

Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Pianta Village before Bianco Hills


Mario The Penguin: a Faster Way to Travel.

Fall Through The Floor

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Super Mario Sunshine Questions

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Looking for Yoshi egg in Gelato Beach: Episode 7

Were is Pianta Village???

Super mario sunshine shine gate glitch?

I can't find Yoshi's egg!!!

I need to know what fruit makes yoshi turns what colo..

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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthroughs

We have 9 Walkthroughs for Super Mario Sunshine.

Guides that we have for you to check out are a bos FAQ and a 100 coin shine FAQ. We also have a detailed checklist which is useful to have handy.

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