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geting lugia

When you face Lugia try haveing the friend bow then try to confuse him and then destroy him it worked the first time for me have fun!

Added 17 Aug 2008, ID #12336, by firelugia
Ask.com and get

pokemon type

Hi guys if you are stuck on one of the dogs just recrute articuno because it's powder snow just kills him in three shots

Added 9 Aug 2008, ID #12322, by abra299

Hi me again heres a good tip when when you are faseing zapdos back up and let your team mate weaken him when he has low heath switch and then finish him with a few very strong blows then soon he will join hope I helped bye!

Added 7 Aug 2008, ID #12312, by firelugia

Hey it's me to get kryoge all you do is fight him first time I did he did join hope I helped!

Added 7 Aug 2008, ID #12311, by firelugia

Getting the Legendary: Groudon

You can only do this after you beat the game (beat Rayquaza). First, make sure you are over lvl40.Be a water type and if you want bring a Fire Type along as well. Go to Magma Caverns all the way until you get to the mid section. If you have a Legendary now is your chance to send it back with it's item without anyone bugging you. Now save and go on to Magma Cavern Pit. You only have to go down 1 floor don't worry about those Steelixs or Onixs. Once you reach the second floor make sure to hold a and b to get your health up. Then warp up to the next floor... GROUDON!!! Kill him and if he does not ask to join your team, turn off your system. It took me forever to do this because my friend bow got all sticky and I wasn't lvl40. But when I reached lvl40 and got to Groudon he asked to join my team. Please Help: If this cheat worked for you please come back and rate it. I AM A NEWB!!!!

Added 28 Jul 2008, ID #12274, by Anty_Cheater

When do you recruit deoxys?

Added 19 Jun 2008, ID #12136, by Carlitoz

All of this wonder mails are from mt. Freeze
* For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.
* For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.
* For the ellipsis (), "." is used instead.

Sun Ribbon
1?8K N1X? ?R?3
X7?5 65?R 16?W

Lunar Ribbon
1?-K +3F? 4R68
C3?P 66?R 16?W

Metal Coat
4?-K T#0? F96-
H5?7 656R 2C?W

Leaf Stone
??8K F4T? F87F
PT?H 666R !5?W

Dragon Scale
4?-K 03Y? ?87S
J4?. 656R !??W

4?-K 8MT? ?9N4
P#?7 666R -X?W

1?-K RM+? 49NH
C8?N 656R -6?W

King's Rock
1?-K 6!Y? ?9P!
5!?7 666R J6?W

Added 17 Jun 2008, ID #12121, by solar-dragon27

where is the code for friend bow?

Can you please enter the wonder mail for that friend bow? I'm so waiting for that code for 3months so I'm begging for that wonder mail code it's so hard to recruit the legendaries so enter the wonder mail before I duel with lugia.....mwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >_< T_T :-(

Added 3 Jun 2008, ID #12072, by solar-dragon27

Rescue Team Nano Missions

Ok guys, here are some simple wonder mail jobs made by me and www.upokecenter.com! They all give good rewards (even though some items I have no idea what theyre for -.-) easily. I made these based off my team, but sadly, either my emulator or ROM file is messed up because I can't save (I have to use save states) which means no Wonder Mail or SOS mail for me... You can get a Mobile Scarf which lets you walk through walls, water, and lava (IT BURNS!!! XD) no matter who you are and what your level's are, and a new friend area (I CANT GET IT DX Waaah!)

Escort me!
Squirtle hasn't returned!
Please escort me there!
Client: Machop
Objective: Escort to Squirtle.
Place: Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty: D <--- it's so simple -.- why D?
Reward: 400 POKe + ? [Weavile Fig]
Wonder Mail:
1?8N 6!+? ?P6F
32?6 64N0 J7?W

I'm simply no good at fighting.
I feel faint... Please help...
Client: Poochyena
Objective: Help me.
Place: Mt. Blaze 10F
Difficulty: C <--this one actually makes sense!
Reward: 600 POKe + ? [Mobile Scarf]
Wonder Mail:
4?-9 YC.? ?8RH
YH?9 66?6 P6?W

I want to see Machop.
I don't care how--we must meet!
Please take me there with you!
Client: Poochyena
Objective: Escort to Machop.
Place: Mt. Thunder Peak 2F
Difficulty: C
Reward: Friend Area [Mt. Moonview]
Wonder Mail:
2?2% YH0? ?P6S
3H?4 6?F0 P7?W

Ok so really you first help ME find my partner, then help the first 'friend' to my team Patch (My favorite dog who died..........) before he joins my team, then you help him go and join my team -.-. I'll make more when I feel like it, and please do these in order if you're doing more than one of them. I hate that I couldn't make the Escort Clients stronger because I'm really level 100.

Added 10 May 2008, ID #12001, by NanoMan2

Codes For All HMs

Enter Codes at the main screen under wonder mail

Hm Cut:
4?8N W3F? 4P?2
?1?Y 64N6 4Y?W

Hm Fly:
4?-N WM0? 4P?K
51?Y 64N6 4Y?W

Hm Surf:
4?8N WQF? 4P?2
S1?Y 64N6 5Y?W

Hm Strength:
4?-N W3F? 4P?R
61?Y 64N6 5Y?W

Hm Flash:
4?8N WQF? 4P?0
S1?Y 64N6 MY?W

Hm Rock Smash:
4?-N W-+? 4P?9
J1?Y 64N6 MY?W

Hm Waterfall:
4?8N W2.? 4P?W
J1?Y 64N6 CY?W

Hm Dive:
4?-N W!Y? 4P?5
31?Y 64N6 CY?W

There you go enjoy!

Added 26 Apr 2008, ID #11952, by ImGame


In order to get deoxys you have to first get Lugia then xatu will show up and talk and all that then blastoise will show up saying theres a cave bye mt. Thunder then xatu will talk somemore then you will get access to meteor cave (NOTE. You can only have one person go at a time and alsoonly three items can come with you)when you go to meteor cave there will be all the different deoxys forms but they will just be dummies and when you get to the 20th floor youll find deoxys. Happy cheating (also I'm representing team Pokemon ballers and team rayquaza) so join if you can bye!!!!

Added 5 Mar 2008, ID #11823, by DREKEKE

Wonder Mail

For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.
For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.
For the ellipsis (), "." is used instead.

Failed to return.
Kadabra appears to be injured!
Help me!
Client: Haunter
Objective: Find Kadabra.
Place: Tiny Woods B1F
Difficulty: E
Reward: 200 POKe + ? [Mime Jr. Fig]
Wonder Mail:
F?-N XCF? 4P?F
K6?4 64NR JT?W

Misdreavus needs help!
Hurry, bring back Misdreavus.
Someone! Anyone?
Client: Mr. Mime
Objective: Find Misdreavus.
Place: Tiny Woods B1F
Difficulty: E
Reward: 200 POKe + ? [Weavile Fig]
Wonder Mail:
1?8N Q!T? ?R?H
-6?M 64NR J9?W

Added 7 Feb 2008, ID #11755, by Fireblaze

Wonder Mail

??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 - Unlocks Fantasy Strait

??MH CJ(...)? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 - Unlocks Marvelous Sea

??MS CJ(...)? 44?P MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 - Unlocks Oddity Cave

??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 - Unlocks Remains Island

Added 21 Jan 2008, ID #11704, by Shadow Hobo

Rescue Yourself

To rescue yourself, write down the SOS Mail code and suspend the SOS. Go to the Pelliper Post Office and type in that code. Go through it as if it were your friend and rescue them. Write down the A-Ok mail code and lose in a dungeon again. Type in the code for A-Ok mail and you will resume your adventure as if your friend rescued you!

Added 20 Jan 2008, ID #11696, by Glitchmaster117


I keep getting email about how to evolve.And how do I do it.Well first of all beat the game meaning kill rayquaza! Yeah he's pretty strong but if you have some fighting moves best use it! Goto whishcash pond by yourself later without your partner.Go up find this big hole.Go in it.Then evolve!!! Must be required level by the way.

-Team Kabusta
The Never-Legends...~

Added 23 Nov 2007, ID #11527, by TeamKabusta

Unlock-A-Somethin Cheat 1

Unlocking:Loads of new starters,and recruiting a lotta pokemon.And recruting 2 legendaries,Latios and Latias.And some new exploration places..

Location: Northern Range 25F,Pitfall Valley 26F,Joyous Tower 99F

How to unlock: First you have to buy the friend area,Southern Island.Do a optional mission,or just goto Tiny Woods and bring a escape orb,escape from the dungeon.Then the next morning.You will hear something and go outside.Latios will quickly flash.You wonder what it was,then you go back inside to sleep.Your partner will appear.And you guys will goto townsquare.Skip the talking and whatever,kelceon bros will get mad because latios stole their tms and stuff.Then you would unlock northern range.Get a ice Pokemon since you're going to battle latios as a boss battle in 25F.He is lvl 30 and has about 500hp.I killed him wit my articuno,i used 2 powder snow.Get 3 apples,3 max elixers,1 revive seeds,and anything else you wana bring.No need for friend bow because you can recruit him without battlin him again later on.After you finish defeating,he would faint,you bring him back to townsqaure,he would apologize and some more talking.Rescue his sister LATIAS now!Bring same items and watever you want.U don't have to bring any ice Pokemon because there are no boss battles this time just rescuing latias on 26F.

She's in pitfall valley so rescue her.Bring her back,latios is so happy,they have no money or anything to pay you back so they ask if they could both join ya team.I hope you say YES.After dat unlock Sky Blue Plains by wondercode..Then you should find Joyous Tower in your places to go!Dat was long but worth it,please rate it at least 3 or higher!

Added 23 Nov 2007, ID #11526, by TeamKabusta

Wondermail codes

I'm new but here's a few wondermail codes I have.

I'm simply no good at fighting.
Please, I need help!
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 1F
Difficulty: D
Reward: Mobile Scarf + ?
Wonder Mail:
P?2Y 7%F? 4P?7
#F?6 64S6 PN?W

I'm simply no good at fighting.
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 2F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 400 POKe + ? [Munch Belt]
Wonder Mail:
??-Y 7KX? 4P68
3F?6 6??6 JN?W

I'm simply no good at fighting.
Someone, help!
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 3F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 400 POKe + ? [Banana]
Wonder Mail:
??-Y 7C.? 4P6-
1F?6 6466 CN?W

I'm simply no good at fighting.
I feel faint... Please help...
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 4F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 400 POKe + ? [Banana]
Wonder Mail:
??-Y 71X? 4P7+
#F?6 6?66 CN?W

I'm simply no good at fighting.
Why? Why is everyone attacking me?
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 5F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 400 POKe + ? [Banana]
Wonder Mail:
??-Y 75Y? 4P7!
+F?6 6466 CN?W

I'll have more

Added 21 Aug 2007, ID #11257, by Deoxys555

Kecleon cheats!!!

1.make sure you have the following items:decoy orb thingy,mobile scarf,lots of huge apples,escape orb and last of all you need a friend bow.make sure only one Pokemon is going to go(you!)2.go in to the dungeon where you can find keckleon shop. 3.pick as many items as you desire.(you can also eat or use the items in the keckleon shop)3.get out of the shop and keckleon will ask you to pay for the items you took.Say NO! And he will say something like:help I have been robed!by then he will start attacking you.4.quickly use your decoy orb,and you will turn into his friend(this only last for awhile so get close to a wall and give your leader the mobile scarf and go on the wall(1 step)the kecleon can't attack you but you can attack them.remember you will get hungry if you wear the mobile scarf,so eat the huge apple until your hungry again.5.The more keckleon you beat down the more there will be so if you want to recruit a keckleon nows your chance.give your leader a friend bow(you are still on the wall)you will warp somewhere on the same floor.keep beating up the keckleons and if you are lucky one or two will join your team!6.use escape orb and walla!you got the items and your new team member keckleon.>_<

Added 25 Jul 2007, ID #11167, by telecomunication

Helpful kelcon

NEED: for this cheat you will need a pass scarf and you need to be into a dungeon that has a kelcon shop.

Step 1: wear the pass scarf

Step 2: find a kelcon shop and get next to him (you may need to get on on each tile around him.

Step 3: let another Pokemon hit you that isnt kelcon.

This should make the attack pass to kelcon and kelcon will attack the Pokemon that attack you which attacked him and then he will follow but not hurt you and attack any bad Pokemon that you encounter on that floor. He will disapear once you go to the next floor.


Added 19 Jul 2007, ID #11130, by bubbleman

Wonder Mail For Ginsengs

I made these wonder mails using this site: www.upokecenter.com then Pokemon Mystery Dungeon And Wonder Mail Generator, it works!

Please take me with you!

I'm too weak. It's not possible. Please take me there with you!

Client: Sceptile
Objective: Escort to Blissey.
Place: Wish Cave B1F ( It is so easy )
Difficulty: A
Reward: 1000 POKe + ? [Ginseng]
Wonder Mail:
??-(...) (...)30? 48?S
43?7 6C60 P??W

And Another,


I'm simply no good at fighting.

Please, I need help!

Client: Typhlosion
Objective: Help me.
Place: Wish Cave B2F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Ginseng]
Wonder Mail:
F?-(...) X3S? 4R65
4+?9 6N66 PQ?W


One Blast Seed wanted!

Blast Seed--I'd love to utilize one!

Please search for it!

Client: Venusaur
Objective: Find Blast Seed.
Place: Near Wish Cave B98F
Difficulty: *
Reward: 1400 POKe + ? [Ginseng]
Wonder Mail:
?6-(..) 6-F? 4?5P
-1?? 0N6T P??W

How to do this is first have a blast seed with you.

Now do the escort, but when it says ' A mission has been completed would you like to leave now? ' Say no
Next, Save typhlosion and when it says ' A mission has been completed would you like to leave now? ' say yes

Once you leave you will have the blast seed for venasaur.. So the * ranked mission is completed easily and you got 3 Ginsengs!

Added 17 Jun 2007, ID #10934, by shehryar12
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