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To get lots of stones for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire you have to fly to Mossdeep City and surf down a little, then talk to the man in the house and he'll say find some Shards.

Find them and give them to him, then he'll give you a Fire Stone for a Red Shard, a Water for a Blue and so on.


To evolve your small Pokemon quickly go to the Pokemon league and first, give it a Ex. P Share and then also put it first, then battle the Pokemon League People and when your Diddy Pokemon comes out first it gets Ex P points and it'll evolve quicker.

2v2 battles

In 2v2 battles the trainers you're fighting only have two Pokemon and you should have more so if your Pokemon dies you can bring out another unlike the opponents who've only got one Pokemon each.

Also, the 2v2 trainers always come back for more, take the old ship near Dewford City, there are 2 trainers who will battle and battle until there Pokemon get up to level 39.

Then they will stop gaining levels but still battle you every 5 minutes, that's how I trained some of my Pokemon by beating them again and again, they have a Volbeat and a Beatifly or on Sapphire a different one.

New Mauville

In the New Mauville bit there is a secret cavern to the left of the Generator, a Pokemon with dig has to dig two steps to the left of it and you'll go down to a secret place where on Ruby you do a 2v2 battle against Team Magma.

On Sapphire you do a battle against team Aqua and you also battle some other trainers as well.

As well as that you also get loads of cool items and a crystal shard which you give to the Shard man and you get all the stones but only one of each.(Read paragraph on Shards.

Day Care Center

If you put a Tropius and a Volbeat in the Day Care center you will get an egg, don't ask me what's in it as I only got it 2 hours ago.

Also, you can't evolve Pokemon in the Day Care Center and when your Pokemon learns a new move the people in the Day Care Center will choose which move to delete.


Competitions work like this if you don't already know, If you win a Normal Contest in V town you go to Fallabor town and if you win that you go to Hyper in Slateport town and then if you win that you go to Lily Cove town and complete that to win Master Rank title.

I also want to tell you that give your Pokemon Pokeblocks so they get a head start at the beginning with Votes and more points. Also you win a ribbon if you win a contest.

Deleting HMO's

If you want to delete your HMO 1-7 because you've noticed 2 of your Pokemon have got it go to Lily Cove and next to the apartment store you will find a man standing there in his house and he'll delete that HMO move.


If you want to be on television just battle the TV people and then interwiew will come and just say anything to the question "What did you think of our battle?" I said easy once and she'll always say Mmm, that's the perfect Clincher and it'll go on TV.

Also, you can re-write songs and give in answers to interviews after a Pokemon Contest as well.

Well I still have alot of things to say but I want to be top of the Submissions list so I'll just do lots of short ones and by the way, incase you cared this is the better of Ruby and Sapphire and this took me 10 minutes to write so you better read it ... wait ... that sounds stupid ..... Hmmm ... Aagh who gives a monkey's bottom!

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where exactly do you dig in new mauville to find the hidden cave i keep just geting sent out the front

Added 17th May 2013, ID #283402

by the way, the contests go verdanturf town, fallarbor town, slateport city, and lilycove city.

Added 10th Jun 2011, ID #48193

if u want a sun stone u must go to mossedeep

Added 6th Dec 2010, ID #20404


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