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Trick to catching a Snorlax. 'Oops! I accidentally defeated him' hint for Pokemon FireRed


Trick to catching a Snorlax. 'Oops! I accidentally defeated him'

Okay, so anyone who has played Pokemon Fire Red knows the whole story with the two Snorlax. It puts a bit a pressure on oneself when you know there's only two in the entire game. So basically, you only get two chances to catch Snorlax. (Unless you trade it in from another game) Well, I just realized a way to keep the stress off from thinking "There's only two in the whole game!" This only works for an emulator (Like VideoBoyAdvanced). This isn't really a cheat, just a game tip.

I fought the same Snorlax a good 6 times before I caught him. And I haven't even gone after the other one yet. But first I want to refresh your memory, or inform you about Snorlax. He has some very high defenses against most attacks and is at lvl 30. His Rest ability can be a pain in the butt but you just have to be patient. Also, once he gets into the red, USUALLY, no matter how weak the attack may seem, it almost always seems to be the finishing blow to defeat him, losing your chance to catch him. And unless you are using an Ultra ball (which typically isn't available yet in the game at this point), you won't be able to catch him unless there's only a few points worth left in his health.

So anyways, on to the tip. First of all, I used a femaleClefable as my key Pokemon in this battle. It has to be female as the Snorlax is male, and 5 out of 6 times I fought the Snorlax, it would fall in love for my Clefable and most of his turns become immobilized. Three key abilities I found that were effective with my Clefable are: Sing, Dream Eater (taught by the tubby guy behind the cuttable bush in Viridian city), and Minimize.

The second thing you'll need is to stock up on Super Potions, Awakenings, and Ethers(if you can't find them in department stores, then save the ones you find in your travels) Now here's the first part of the real tip. Save your game at this point. And I mean physically save it in the emulator menu, not the game menu. With the Emulator, it will not automatically save your progress for you, you have to manually do it yourself.

Now, go wake up Snorlax with the poke flute you should have by now and this will bring you straight into the battle. The first thing I do is use Minimize to raise Clafable's (a regular Clefary works too) evasiveness until it is maxed out. If you want to bring in another Pokemon to do some status ailments, a Pokemon with high defense that can use smokescreen or sand-attack to lower Snorlax's accuracy helps too. Once you've done so, lay down the sing ability if Snorlax isn't already asleep. Any time he falls asleep, use Dream Eater. This will also heal up your Clefable as part of the attack (like absorb or leech life) and will do more damage than physical or elemental attacks will. If you run out of pp, that's what the ethers are for. Don't wait for your Clefable to wake back up if Snorlax uses yawn on her, that just wastes turns. I use this method to widdle away at Snorlax's health. If your Clefable gets knocked down too much in HP, use a Super Potion to revive her health. If you accidentally defeat Snorlax without catching him, this is where the trick comes into play: Go up to the emulator menu and select "Load game" or whatever it is called on your emulator, and select the slot you just saved the game to prior, and WOOLA! You have another shot at catching the very same Snorlax!

Don't forget to use the itemfinder on the spot where Snorlax was after to find leftovers.

Hope this helped!

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