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Atlin peak to cave out side Lama Temple

When you get in Atlin's mine just go up the tunnel you come to a arrow pointing left, well go right (if you have defeated all the statues) evey tuning you come to go right but when you get to a place where there is a path going right and one going down take the one going down. You will come across a chest on your left open it, it is not a mimic it is a golden medal.

Follow right then when there is a passage going up you will go up then right. Go into another room after that and there will be stones like in solo sanctum after a little wittle walk right go in there there will be a beast looking like the beasts you slautered (killed) save befor you battle him he is a bit hard.

After you defeat him there will be your people talking once that has finished you will see a chest it holds a lift gem if you equip it it shall make you learn to lift big boulders.

Now use retreat. Go up to the arrow point ing left or right there will be a boulder behind it well lift it up and go through.

Added 18 Apr 2004, ID #2197, by janie100 and get

Secret Summons

Here is how to get the most powerful summons in the again, before you even try to get these I suggest that you are at a high level (around level 55 or 60 will be enough).

You will also need "teleport" psynergy
First head to Yampi Desert.

Go to the final area with the Sand waterfalls and to the leftmost waterfall.

Use Sand to get up it, past some rocks. Once you're on a previously unreachable ledge, surface and enter the cave up ahead.

Take the Water of Life from the chest and then Teleport on the circle to enter the cave. To reach the door in the upper left corner of this cave, use Sand to get under some rocks and go left to a Burst pillar. Blow it up and go to the next room. Ignore the stairs; keep going on and push some pillars aside so you can g up. Push another pillar up and use Sand to get it to a door.

If you go northwest to a dead end, you can Scoop up more Mythril Silver from the floor.

Then go around another hallway to some stairs. Climb down the ahead ladder and use Sand to get past the rocks. Seal your path by Moving a pillar on top of it; it will be useful later.

In the next room, take the Dark Matter from the chest and go through another door. You'll enter the most mind-bending pillar puzzle in the game. To make explaining this easier, I'll number the pillars. From the left, the first vertical pillar is 1, the second is 2, the first horizontal 3, and the second 4. Start by pushing 4 down. Push 3 up and then 4 back up also.

Then push 2 to the left. Use Sand to get above 4 and push it back down. Do the same for 3. Use Sand again to get behind 1 and push it right, then go through the path 1 was blocking. Climb the ladder and go through the top door first.

Hop over the Pound pillar, climb down the ladder, and Move the pillar into the sandy indentation.

Now return to the pillar room and take the other door. Get the Orihalcon from the chest and use Burst on the pillar. Hop across and take the stairs.

You'll be back in the first room you Teleported into. Go under the rocks and to the second room you visited.

Take the stairs above the left door and you'll be at a ladder above the pillar you Moved. Climb down and Pound the pillar you hopped across. You'll also notice a lump popping around the sand. Set Scoop to L or R and wait facing one of the tiles it appears on.

When it pops up in front of you, quickly use Scoop to unearth Crystal, a powerful healing Venus Djinni. Battle Crystal and acquire it, then go on north to the next room. Move and push the pillar in this old room into the indent and go back a few rooms to the second room you went to.

Take the door at the northeastern end of this room to the hall you dug up the Mythril Silver in. Go one more room ahead to where you covered a sand track. Hop over the now-placed pillar and go through the door. Hop over another pillar to the final room.

Put enough Djinni on standby to Summon any combination of Eclipse and Haures, save your game, and go up to a boss.

BOSS BATTLE: VALUKAR When you beat him, you'll receive the level 7 Daedalus Summon!

Next goto the Sea Of Time Islet. For your next sidequest, return to the large pool room in the cave. Use Teleport on the circle you saw before when you got Meld and enter the door above. Following is a LONG hallway, consisting of 5 gradually darkening long rooms. There are only 3 things of interest. In the second hallway, use Tremor on the blue statue to find a Mercury Djinni, Serac.

I don't think you have to fight it, but you might, so be prepared. Second, the tough Cruel Dragons drop a very powerful blade, the Tisiphone Edge. . Finally, the Wonder Bird enemies in the halls, like their Phoenix and Fire Bird counterparts, give a LOT of experience when beaten.

If you kill one with a Mercury Djinni (time to try out Serac), it will give over 11,000 exp. points! On top of that, it gets better if you run into two. If you kill one at a time, the other will ideally use its Regen Dance to revive its partner.

Keep killing off one at a time to hopefully get lots of experience! Be careful, though. Wonder Birds sometimes run and attack 3 times a turn with powerful Mars Psynergy like Supernova, Searing Beam, and Pyroclasm. Once you reach the end of the fifth hall, set enough Djinn on both parties on standby to Summon as many creatures as you can (try out your Daedalus Summon).

Once you enter the last room, you'll see the next Boss.

BOSS BATTLE: THE SENTINAL . Once you win, you get the cool-looking and powerful Catastrophe Summon.

Next goto Treasure Island.Treasure Isle is filled with many rare items. It is also the place Briggs found the jewels for Champa. When you enter, you'll see 3 doors, two of which have pillars pushed aside from them, on the left. The first two doors are empty; only enter the left one to get a Lucky Medal and 161 coins. Then go to the top of the first room. From the pillar pushed aside from the door, it looks like Briggs came here too.

In the next room, the easily reachable chests are obviously empty. As you step on a button after the first two treasure platforms, you'll trigger the trap that stopped Briggs. Several large rocks rise from the water around you. You can make them recede with Grind, but some double as platforms.

Grind the rock to the right and hop to the next chamber. In here, hop around to an enclosure with another trap button and a pillar. Press the button and push the pillar to the right of the button against the rock wall of the enclosure. Grind the rock that rose and go back to the outside of the enclosure. Use Move to get the pillar back on the button. Now you can climb a ladder to the left and hop across the rock.

Through the next door, press the button and Grind down the right-hand rock. Jump up and left to a pillar on a 3-tile platform. Move it away from you and push it into the indent.

Go back and climb a ladder, then walk a tightrope and jump over the two remaining rocks to get the Jester's Armlet.

Go back to the pillar platform and go up to the top of the room and the door. At the choice of paths, go down and then left. Along a wall you will find a Mimic to fight. After you kill it, go south and through the door to an old room. You can Move another pillar into an indent and reach the 6 treasure chests to the left by hopping over the rock you didn't Grind.

These hold 911 coins, a Cookie, a Psynergy Star, a Sylph Feather, Rusty Axe, and Star Dust. G to the hall you entered from and take the stairs near the Mimic.

Use Lift on the boulder ahead and go to the left to find the powerful Iris Robe. Go down and around another tunnel.

Lift a boulder and go to a Lift puzzle room like in Shaman Village Cave. To get the treasure chest and Jupiter Djinni, lift the center and left bottom boulders. Go up the center path, climb the ladder, jump to the left, and walk down the tightrope to the trapped Djinni, Gale (you need to battle it).

Then go across the tightrope to the right over to a chest containing the Fire Brand, a good sword for Garet.

Leave the room and reenter, then Lift the bottom left, top left, and top right boulders.

You can now reach the exit ladder. In the next room, you'll come to a fork. If you missed at least one Venus Djinni from Golden Sun, take the left path to find a random one. Then, take the right path. You're having a Boss Battle in the next room, but don't standby any Djinn. Keep them all Set and Save, then enter the final room. Hop over to the...

BOSS BATTLE: STAR MAGICIAN . When you finally beat him, you'll receive the level 7 Azul Summon!

Next goto Anemos Inner Sanctum. In this mystical room, step on all 4 of the large circles containing elemental Symbols. You will release the power of your Djinn. If you have all 72, the door on top of the room will open. Go through it.

Hop over the platforms and take the free Summon Tablet up ahead for Charon, the second strongest Summon in the game!

Continue on through the next room. In this hall, go to the left and up to a door. Hop across the left pit in the next room and through a door to an interesting puzzle room. The statue with a figure painted on it will mirror your movements. You have to guide it across the room to a switch without it falling down a pit.

This first room is easy and shouldn't take very long after you get used to controlling the mirrored statue.

If it falls, exit and reenter the room. Once you open the door, go right and down. Push a pillar near the door to an indent to open a shortcut past the statue room and go through the doorway. You can't do anything up the stairs yet, so just enter an elevator room. Step on all the black tiles to turn them white and activate the elevator. Step on it and ascend to the next floor. Push a pillar to the left here to open an unneeded shortcut and go to some stairs.

Go down another flight of stairs and down even more stairs ahead. Take the treasure in this chamber (I don't know what it is) and go back up. You can't do the sand path yet. Go through another doorway to a slightly harder elevator room. This isn't as easy as the first one, obviously; it's as hard as any game of Othello because of the cracked tiles. From the entrance door, go left to the upper left corner, all the way down, all the way right, up, left, up, right, up, right, down, right, up, and to the elevator. Save before attempting this just in case. You may also want to fall, because there is a Dark Matter in a chest below the puzzle. Go down the stairs above the elevator and open the sand shortcut to the left, then enter the right door. Lift the pillar here and go down to a hallway. Go the long way around here to another mirror statue room. In here, get the statue to be over the block above it and then walk down one space. The statue should try to follow but be unable because of the block. You can now get it onto the switch. Back in the room with the boulder. Jump over to between the second and third of 3 pillars. Move the third pillar into one of the two indents and go back through the statue room and hallway. Lift the boulder again and go straight up to a small chamber. Hop over a gap and reemerge in the top right corner of the boulder room. Hop down between the first and second pillars and push the second into the unused indent. Go back through the small chamber and Lift the boulder one last time. Go down the path below the boulder and Move the first pillar right. Push it farther right and hop up to the pillar to the right of the boulder. Move and push it onto the switch to the left and enter the door you opened. Take more stairs down and go through another hallway to the toughest statue room yet. Here are the directions for this tough puzzle: Up 2 Right 2 Up 2 Right 1 Up 2 Left 1 Down 2 Right 1 Up 2 Left 1 Up 2 Left 3 This should open the door. Go through the door directly ahead of you and take the Orihalcon in the chest ahead. Go back and through the other door. You'll be at a 3 by 3 square of cracked tiles. Carefully make your way from the bottom to the left, leaving a path to go from top to right. Go around the hallways to just above the right path from the square and Move a pillar blocking a Sand track to the right. Now go back to the top path and use it to get to the right. Use the Sand track and push the pillar the rest of the way out. Go up and left, push one more pillar into an indent for one last shortcut, and go up to the final room.

In this room, push the 6 blocks to form the spider-like symbol you saw on the arch in Atteka Inlet.

When you do, the spider's abdomen lights up and turns into a Hover pad. You're about to fight the toughest Boss in the game (at least without a good strategy), so save and do the preparations in Boris Badenov's Dullahan strategy (just below here in the Boss guide) before using Hover on the pad. The whole 6 blocks float together to an indentation that seems to be waiting for them... You land in front of a headless, caped figure, also known as...

BOSS BATTLE: DULLAHAN Dullahan is by far the toughest Boss in the game, stronger even than the Doom Dragon, but can be beaten without much trouble if you have a good strategy.

When you beat this rock hard beast you will recieve the most powerful summon in the game, Iris!

Added 13 Mar 2004, ID #1870, by Vasquez

Menardi and saturos

When fighting Menardi and Saturos at venus lighthouse the best way for me was to have Ivan use wish well, Isaac use attack (only if u have Gaia blade which you should find).

Mia use flash Djinni and Garet anything, so that way when they fuse into fusion dragon you will hav some pp left.....


No thumbs

Added 19 Feb 2004, ID #1679, by shadowfax111

Gain Most Experience Points.

In the Sea of Time Islet. You need Teleport. Teleport on the pad. When you come to 4 Long Hall ways you will encounter WONDER BIRDS.

These give you 6,822 exp points. So wat you do is if the wonder bird comes with a partner enemie, kill the enemy but not the wonder bird. The wonder bird will summon the enemy that you killed back.

So you can kill it again and gain more exp points. If you get 2 wonderbirds, just kill one and leave the other.

The only problem is that wonderbirds often run after they have summoned an enemy back 4 - 5 times.

If a enemy runs, they can not be summoned back. And you do not get exp points if they run.

The most exp points i have gotten when I encountered 2 Wonderbirds was 60,000 exp points.

Added 1 Oct 2003, ID #774, by cjdeviled

Djinni list

1 Venus 1 - (Flint)

This Djinni you meet right after you leave Vale, he's the only one who's visible

on the world map.

2 Mars 1 - (Forge)

You find this Djinni in Goma Cave, on a ledge above a man. You'll have to 'Move'

a pillar over from the bottom area, so you can reach the Djinni later on the

top area.

3 Jupiter 1 - (Gust)

In Bilibin, go to the east side of town, and climb the stairs. Next, head south

to walk on the fence. Use 'Whirlwind' to clear the vines, and enter the cave.

'Move' the statue out of your way, clearing your path to the Djinni.

4 Venus 2 - (Granite)

In Kolima, there is a fenced in area with a Djinni. Go behind the tree house

that the fence that surrounds the Djinni connects to. There will be a secret

tunnel leading to it.

5 Jupiter 2 - (Breeze)

In Tret, you'll find this Djinni on a top branch whilst walking in the areas

outside of the trunk.

6 Mars 2 - (Fever)

In Imil, you'll find a snowman. 'Move' him to the left, then make your way down

on the ice. Slip and slide around until you reach the frozen cave, to get this


7 Mercury 1 - (Fizz)

When Mia joins your party in the Mercury Lighthouse, this is what she brings with


8 Mercury 2 - (Sleet)

In the Mercury Lighthouse, search behind the waterfalls as you progress through

the lighthouse. Eventually, you'll be able to walk through some, and in the room

with 6 waterfalls, pick the right one, and you'll find this Djinni.

9 Jupiter 3 - (Zephyr)

You'll have to solve a puzzle in Fuchin Temple to get this, it's a fairly easy puzzle.

10 Venus 3 - (Quartz)

As you progress through the Mogall Forest, this Djinni will eventually catch your

eye. Solve a simple puzzle to reach it.

11 Mercury 3 - (Mist)

In Xian, there is a girl on a dock that is carrying water. Wait for her to bring

the water to the 2nd door on the right, 1 step south of it. Talk to her, she'll

drop the water. 'Freeze' the water, and head to the ledge above and jump to the

next Djinni.

12 Mars 3 - (Corona)

Go north of Xian, until you go past a bridge. On the island you will fight this


13 Mercury 4 - (Spritz)

In Altin, defeat the 3 water spitting beasts to make the flood go away, then enter

the bottom mine. Follow the path on the right, and solve a simple puzzle to get

this Djinni.

14 Jupiter 4 - (Smog)

In the Lamakan Desert, go to the northern part of the second screen and use 'Reveal'

on the stones that form a circle pattern until you find the right spot, there will

be a Djinni there.

15 Venus - Earth4 - (Vine)

After you exit the Lamakan Desert, go to the north-western bridge and to the little

island in the middle of the circular land formations. After a few fights, you'll

run into a Djinni. Be prepared.

16 Mars 4 - (Scorch)

In Kalay, go to the north-eastern part of town, and get on top of the 2 story house.

Jump across the gap to the grass, and go north. Use 'Move' to reveal a passage.

In the first room, push the statue in front of the drain pipe to stop the flow of

water and get the Djinni.

17 Venus 5 - (Sap)

In Vault revisited, when you have 'Reveal'(get this in Lama Temple), find the tower

in town and ring the bell. This moves the Djinni to the desired spot. Now go to

the west side of town and climb the steps to the upper part of town, and follow it

around to a dog and a circle of stones. Use 'Reveal', go down the hole, solve the

cave, and come out and get the Djinni. Make sure you rang the bell.

18 Jupiter 5 - (Kite)

Revisit Vale later in the game and use 'Lift' to lift the boulder by Kraden's house.

Go in the small cave, seek out the Djinni and use 'Halt'(which you get in a treasure

chest right before you meet the Djinni) on the Djinni when he tries to hide behind

the rocks that you can chase him around.

19 Mars 5 - (Ember)

In Tolbi, go to the southern part of town and go east on the outskirts. 'Grow' the

vine, and 'Freeze' the puddle, then run to the inn, and jump around the corner to

get this Djinni.

20 Venus 6 - (Ground)

You first see this in Kalay Dock. You'll have to take the boat to Tolbi, then exit

Tolbi and travel, keeping the coast on your hero's RIGHT side, and you'll reach the

other side of this dock, and you can pick up the covetted Djinni.

21 Mercury - Water5 - (Hail)

This Djinni is found west/northwest of Tolbi. Head west to a bridge facing north,

trek on over it, then head north-westish over the other bridge. Run around in this

area and you'll eventually encounter and fight this Djinni.

22 Jupiter 6 - (Squall)

In Altmiller Cave, follow the path until you get past the invisible man, then head

into the doorway. See the door on the right? Find your way to it, and in this

room, push the first pillar on the left all the way to the right, then push the

bottom pillar all the way up. 'Freeze' the puddle, then push the pillar on the

right over to the frozen puddle. Push the 2nd pillar from the top(you'll have to

get behind this pillar by stepping behind the standing pillar to it's left)down

to the frozen puddle too. Walk around the room to the top pillar, push it down,

and viola! Djinn city!

23 Mars 6 - (Flash)

In Suhalla Desert, as you're travelling through it, eventually you will come to a

ledge to your left. Use 'Reveal' and jump across to grab this Djinni.

24 Venus 7 - (Bane)

In Suhalla Desert, where you get the Mars Djinni, go through the cave, and come

out and get swept up by the pink tornado. It takes you to an island. Go to the

center of the isle, and enter a place called Crossbones Isle. You'll enter a cave,

and on the 6th floor I think it is, this Djinni will beg to be chased around the

room. Chase him until he just starts going around 3 stones in circles, like the

last Djinni did that you had to use 'Halt' to get, and do the same thing as you

did last time.

25 Mercury 6 - (Dew)

In Suhalla Gate, in the 3rd screen, there will be slides you can take down to the

lower level. Go down the 3rd slide, and get the Djinni.

26 Mars 7 - (Torch)

In Lalivero, go to the east side of town and enter the house with the ladder to the

roof. Get on the roof, and walk around on the wall to the building that holds Babi's

treasure that the guard won't let you enter. Get on that building, jump across to

the next roof, climb the vine, and grab the Djinni.

27 Mercury 7 - (Tonic)

After you beat Toadonpa, in Dononpa's Fortress, revisit it after the scene in the

ice cave near Lunpa, and go to Dononpa's quarters. Talk to him and he'll reveal a

path for you to grab the Djinni.

28 Jupiter 7 - (Luff)

In Babi Tower, there's 2 ladders at the entrance that go underground. Take the one

on the west, 'Move' the pillar 1 step to the west, then go on the other side and

'Move' the other pillar out of your way. Jump over the gap, go outside, and 'Grow'

the vine. Head in the doorway and jump down the slide to get this one.


Go to Suhulla desert once all of your party members are above level 30. You should be able to defeat the Tornado lizards in one turn with the 'attack' option.

You will get 620 EXP. and around 300 coins per tornado lizard.

Also,defeat the Tempest lizard and Storm lizard (although you can only defeat the Storm lizard once) to get even more EXP. and coins.

Leave the desert to reset the monsters. Use douse in the sandstorms to battle the monsters.


No thumbs


Hi... Here is a way to beat deadbeard on crossbone isle. Deadbeard is extremely tough (stronger than fusion dragon). You need to be at least between lv35-45 to have a chance.

BRING SOME WATER OF LIFE AND LOTS OF POTIONS IT WILL BE A LONG BATTLE.he'lusually use these attacks against you:Freeze prizm, Spark plasma, Inferno, Guard, and Break.

You have to have ground (will freeze Deadbeard for one attack)and flash (will make deadbeard's attack do very low damage) to survive.

1:use flash on first turn 2:use ground and do a mars summoning 3:use mia to heal after deadbeard attacks by using Wish Well(healing after using ground would be usefull as deadbeard attacks twice).

Reapeat thease 3 steps (you still might die but its how I deafeated deadbeard) to beat deadbeard.

The chest that he was guarding contains Demon mail. It raises your defense by 51, but it's cursed.

P.S Quartz and Dew are needed too if mia dies.

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