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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Cheats for XOne

Cheats and Tips for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Last Updated: by Dennis

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a fighting game based on the anime and manga series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. The game's Adventure mode covers the original manga and anime's beginning with the return of young ninja Naruto Uzumaki to his ninja village, Konohagakure, after three years of training with Jiraiya. Across the story mode, Naruto and his allies fight many enemies from a criminal organization known as Akatsuki. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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How to get the Card Collector Achievement/Trophy

To get the Card Collector achievement/trophy you need to acquire all Ninja Info Cards. In order to obtain them you must do the following:
- Buy all the boosters from the shop in Konoha. There are 5 packs at 3000 ryo a pack, 4 of which unlock overtime as you progress through the story.
- Made all requests (rewards in the following missions: 01 Cursed Doll Retrieval, 12 Collect Ninja Tools: 3, 12 Find Tonton's Pearls).
- Get 995 000 SP (Storm Points)
Once you have met all these requirements the achievement/trophy will become unlocked. The easiest way to do this is buy every card in one shot, then finish the missions. Then, get the 999,999 SP trophy. If you do it this way you should be able to get the achievement/trophy within a few hours.

How to get the All Ninja Assemble! Achievement/Trophy

To get the All Ninja Assemble! Achievement/Trophy you must unlock all the characters in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Aside from 3 all the characters can be unlocked by natural progression through Story mode. Listed below are the five characters that can only be unlocked by reaching the required SP (Storm Points) or by praying at the statue in the house at Mount Myoboku.
Lars - Earn 600,000 SP
Fourth Hokage - Earn 580,000 SP
Killer Bee - Earn 540,000 SP
Sasuke Uchiha ('Taka') - Earn 560,000 SP
Hokage Naruto - After completing the game pray at the statue in the house at Mount Myoboku.

How to get the Which name shall I use? Achievement/Trophy

To get the Which name shall I use? Achievement/trophy you must acquire all the titles. Listed below are all the titles available plus the requirement to unlock each of them.
001 Shinobi: Obtained soon after starting Ultimate Adventure
002 Striking: Perform a 40-plus hit combo (Hinata's ninjutsu works great)
003 Ninjutsu: Win a battle with the final blow being a Ninjutsu attack
004 Ultimate Jutsu: Win a battle with the final blow being an Ultimate Ninjutsu attack
005 Bond: Win a battle with the final blow being a support character's attack or Team Ultimate Jutsu
006 Fox Spirit: Win a battle while Awakened
007 Bare: Win a battle with less than 5% of your health remaining
008 Iron-clad: Win a battle with a perfect victory
009 Overwhelmingly victorious: Win a battle in 20 seconds or less
010 Ramen-loving: Fight 30 battles as Naruto

011 Peaceful: Fight 30 battles as Naruto (Sage Mode)
012 The Uchiha clan's: Fight 30 battles as Sasuke
013 Taka's: Fight 30 battles as Sasuke (Taka)
014 Sparkling Maiden's heart: Fight 30 battles as Sakura
015 Root's: Fight 30 battles as Sai
016 Taijutsu: Fight 30 battles as Rock Lee
017 Byakugan: Fight 30 battles as Neji
018 Fully-armored: Fight 30 battles as Tenten
019 The Nara clan's: Fight 30 battles as Shikamaru
020 The Akimichi clan's: Fight 30 battles as Choji

021 The Yamanaka clan's: Fight 30 battles as Ino
022 The Inuzuka clan's: Fight 30 battles as Kiba
023 The Aburame clan's: Fight 30 battles as Shino
024 The Hyuga clan's: Fight 30 battles as Hinata
025 Jinchuriki: Fight 30 battles as Gaara
026 Precious junior student: Fight 30 battles as Kankuro
027 Older sister: Fight 30 battles as Temari
028 Masked: Fight 30 battles as Kakashi
029 First Hokage: Fight 30 battles as Yamato
030 Hot-blooded: Fight 30 battles as Guy

031 In training: Fight 30 battles as Asuma
032 Reanimated: Fight 30 battles as Chiyo
033 Mount Myoboku: Fight 30 battles as Jiraiya
034 Fifth Hokage: Fight 30 battles as Tsunade
035 Seeker: Fight 30 battles as Orochimaru
036 Subordinate: Fight 30 battles as Kabuto
037 Little brother: Fight 30 battles as Suigetsu
038 The Curse Mark's: Fight 30 battles as Jugo
039 Clumsy: Fight 30 battles as Karin
040 Older brother: Fight 30 battles as Itachi

041 Renegade: Fight 30 battles as Kisame
042 Upperclassman: Fight 30 battles as Deidara
043 Human Puppet: Fight 30 battles as Sasori
044 Way of Jashin: Fight 30 battles as Hidan
045 Human wallet: Fight 30 battles as Kakuzu
046 Strongest: Fight 30 battles as Tobi
047 Beautiful: Fight 30 battles as Konan
048 The real: Fight 30 battles as Pain
049 Punster: Fight 30 battles as Killer Bee
050 Fourth Hokage: Fight 30 battles as Minato

051 The main character: Finish Chapter 1
052 The warring tribe's: Finish Chapter 5
053 Novelist: Finish Chapter 6
054 One who walks the way of the ninja: Finish the Final Chapter
055 Eight Tails Hunter: Finish 'Fragment' post-game
056 A fresh new ninja: Complete the 10 trials (after collecting all the Cursed Dolls)
057 A hardworking ninja to the core: Complete 'Find Tonton's Pearls' request
058 One who overcomes the darkness: Complete 'Cursed Doll Retrieval' request post-game
059 One who excels in everything: Complete all the events
060 Full Marks For Friendship: Complete all Friendship Events

How to Unlock the Hokage Naturo Costume

To unlock the Hokage Naturo costume you must first successfully complete the game. Once you have accomplished this you need to return to Mount Myoboku and gp up the stairs to the house. To unlock the alternate costume you must pray at the statue that is inside the house. Getting the Hokage Naturo costume will unlock the 'All Ninja Assemble' achievement/trophy.

SP Bonuses

When you accumulate the indicated amount of SP in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 you will unlock the corresponding bonus. The 'Support Type' allows you to use all Support Types for the listed character (Attack, Defense, or Balanced). The Support Types that cannot be unlocked with SP are unlocked through Friendship Events in Ultimate Adventure mode.
10,000 SP: Title - Ninja
50,000 SP: Title - Rouge Ninja
60,000 SP: Title - Joyful
70,000 SP: Title - Outrageous
80,000 SP: Title - Sad
90,000 SP: Title - Crying
100,000 SP: Character - Deidara
110,000 SP: Title - Smiling
120,000 SP: Character - Kisame Hoshigaki
130,000 SP: Title - Bargaining
140,000 SP: Character - Chiyo
150,000 SP: Title - Supporter
160,000 SP: Character - Sasori
170,000 SP: Title - Passive
180,000 SP: Character - Yamato
190,000 SP: Title - Buddy
200,000 SP: Character - Sai
210,000 SP: Title - Popular
220,000 SP: Character - Kabuto Yakushi
230,000 SP: Title - Apprentice
240,000 SP: Character - Orochimaru
250,000 SP: Title - Pupil
260,000 SP: Character - Hidan
270,000 SP: Title - Master
280,000 SP: Character - Kakuzu
290,000 SP: Title - Friend
300,000 SP: Character - Naruto (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
310,000 SP: Title - Bonds
320,000 SP: Character - Suigetsu Hozuki
330,000 SP: Title - Bounty Hunter
340,000 SP: Character - Karin
350,000 SP: Title - Bounty
360,000 SP: Character - Jugo
370,000 SP: Title - Large Bounty
380,000 SP: Character - Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
390,000 SP: Title - The No. 1 Knucklehead
400,000 SP: Character - Itachi Uchiha
410,000 SP: Title - The Idiot
420,000 SP: Character - Tobi
430,000 SP: Title - The Monster-Strong
440,000 SP: Character - Jiraiya
450,000 SP: Title - The Savage Beast
460,000 SP: Character - Tsunade
470,000 SP: Title - Gutsy
480,000 SP: Character - Konan
490,000 SP: Title - Utterly Gutsy
500,000 SP: Character - Pain
510,000 SP: Title - Bushy Brows
520,000 SP: Naruto Uzumaki (Sage mode)
530,000 SP: Title - Uber Brows
540,000 SP: Character - Killer Bee
550,000 SP: Title - The Genius
560,000 SP: Character - Sasuke Uchiha ("Taka")
570,000 SP: Title - The Chubby
580,000 SP: Character - Minato Namikaze
590,000 SP: Title - The Flower Shop's
600,000 SP: Character - Lars Alexandersson
605,000 SP: Title - The Side Branch's
610,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.003
615,000 SP: Title - The Main Branch's
620,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (Nine-tailed Rasengan)
620,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
625,000 SP: Title - Desert
630,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.026
635,000 SP: Title - The Puppet Master
640,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke (Chidori True Spear)
640,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
645,000 SP: Title - Uneasy
650,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.028
655,000 SP: Title - Sharingan
660,000 SP: Support Type - Asuma Sarutobi
665,000 SP: Title - Scared
670,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.056
675,000 SP: Title - Adolescent
680,000 SP: Support Type - Chiyo
685,000 SP: Title - Space Cadet
690,000 SP: Support Type - Jiraiya
695,000 SP: Title - Frog
700,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.057
705,000 SP: Title - Glasses-Wearing
710,000 SP: Support Type - O..

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