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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


We have 7 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Unlock Sasuke Chidori True Spear

This playable character becomes available by doing the following. Start a battle and selecti Karin at the 'Character' selection screen. Then select Taka Sasuke (Akatsuki Sasuke) and wait for the time limit to end for the game to automatically select Sasuke Chidori True Spear as your character.

Unlock Naruto Kid

This character becomes available when you win within 75 battles versus CPU on the Super Hard difficulty in Naruto Sage mode.

How to unlock Lars Anderson

Earn 600,000 storm points by winning battles and then a pop-up will appear it will say: you have unlocked character: Lars Anderson and then go to free battle mode on main menu and Lars Anderson will be on the character select screen.

Unlock Killer Bee and Sasuke(Taka)

Complete the task of getting all of the Curse Dolls. Once you've defeated the "Ultimate Ninja" an alternate storyline will be unlocked where you'll fight as Sasuke to bring in the Eight-Tailed Jinchuriki, Killer Bee. Once you complete it you'll get an achievement and unlock both characters.

Easy Storm Points

Connect two controllers and select Free Battle mode and play single matches against player two. Change the handicap in your favor and use Hinata's Y, B Chakra Ball move to do a 50+ combo. Then use your Ultimate Jutsu which is (Y(3), B) to get 10,000 SP per fight. These battles can be done in less than 20 seconds and they give you easy Storm points.

Unlock Hokage Naruto Costume

Complete the game and then return to Mount Myoboku and go up the stairs to the house. Then pray at the statue inside to unlock the alternate costume. You must have the Hokage Naruto costume to get the 'All Ninja Assemble' Achievement.

SP Bonuses

When you reach the indicated amount of SP the corresponding bonus will become available.
Character: Chiyo: 140,000 SP
Character: Deidara: 100,000 SP
Character: Hidan: 260,000 SP
Character: Itachi: 400,000 SP
Character: Jiraiya: 440,000 SP
Character: Jugo: 360,000 SP
Character: Kabuto: 220,000 SP
Character: Kakuzu: 280,000 SP
Character: Karin: 340,000 SP
Character: Killer Bee: 540,000 SP
Character: Kisame: 120,000 SP
Character: Konan: 480,000 SP
Character: Lars: 600,000 SP
Character: Minato (Fourth Hokage): 580,000 SP
Character: Naruto (Rasen Shuriken): 300,000 SP
Character: Naruto (Sage Mode): 520,000 SP
Character: Orochimaru: 240,000 SP
Character: Pain: 500,000 SP
Character: Sai: 200,000 SP
Character: Sasori: 160,000 SP
Character: Sasuke ('Taka'): 560,000 SP
Character: Sasuke (Kirin): 380,000 SP
Character: Suigetsu: 320,000 SP
Character: Tobi: 420,000 SP
Character: Tsunade: 460,000 SP
Character: Yamato: 180,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #3: 610,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #26: 630,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #28: 650,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #56: 670,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #57: 700,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #73: 730,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #77: 760,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #98: 790,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #105: 820,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #107: 850,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #124: 880,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #135: 910,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #159: 940,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #177: 960,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #178: 980,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #199: 999 999 SP
Support: Asuma: 660,000 SP
Support: Chiyo: 680,000 SP
Support: Deidara: 810,000 SP
Support: Hidan: 840,000 SP
Support: Itachi: 780,000 SP
Support: Jiraiya: 690,000 SP
Support: Jugo: 770,000 SP
Support: Kabuto: 720,000 SP
Support: Kakuzu: 860,000 SP
Support: Karin: 750,000 SP
Support: Killer Bee: 950,000 SP
Support: Kisame: 800,000 SP
Support: Konan: 890,000 SP
Support: Lars: 990,000 SP
Support: Minato: 970,000 SP
Support: Naruto (Rasengan, Rasen Shuriken): 620,000 SP
Support: Naruto (Sage Mode): 920,000 SP
Support: Orochimaru: 710,000 SP
Support: Pain: 900,000 SP
Support: Sasori: 830,000 SP
Support: Sasuke ('Taka'): 930,000 SP
Support: Sasuke (Chidori, Kirin): 640,000 SP
Support: Suigetsu: 740,000 SP
Support: Tobi: 870,000 SP
Title: Adolescent: 675,000 SP
Title: Akatsuki's: 855,000 SP
Title: Apprentice: 230,000 SP
Title: Artistic: 765,000 SP
Title: Bargaining: 130,000 SP
Title: Bipolar: 725,000 SP
Title: Bonds: 310,000 SP
Title: Bounty: 350,000 SP
Title: Bounty Hunter: 330,000 SP
Title: Buddy: 190,000 SP
Title: Bushy Brows: 510,000 SP
Title: Crying: 90,000 SP
Title: Desert: 625,000 SP
Title: Friend: 290,000 SP
Title: Frog: 695,000 SP
Title: Glasses-wearing: 705,000 SP
Title: Gutsy: 470,000 SP
Title: Hebi's: 865,000 SP
Title: Immortal: 785,000 SP
Title: Joyful: 60,000 SP
Title: Large Bounty: 370,000 SP
Title: Mangekyo Sharingan: 745,000 SP
Title: Master: 270,000 SP
Title: Modeler: 775,000 SP
Title: Ninja: 10,000 SP
Title: N..

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