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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


We have 7 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Fast Easy Wins

For those of you having trouble defeating some enemies, here's a little trick I learned on how to defeat an enemy quickly:
Simply select a long-Ranged Fighter type Character. Then at the Start of Battle, when the enemy is close enough to you, but far enough away so they can't hit you. Which is approximately 5 feet away from your character, Use "THROWS" frequently on the enemy(Guard+Circle)
NOTE: the Puppet Masters, Kankuro, Chiyo, and Sasori, are GREAT for this winning strategy since their throw attacks can reach the enemy from only a few feet away.
P.S. This trick will NOT work on an "Awakened enemy". So, if the Enemy is Awakened, wait and evade the enemy's Attacks until their Awakened Mode wears off before you try throwing them again.
It worked for me, and I hope it'll work for you.

Some Anti-Spam Hints

VS Deidara: If you are against one of those Deidara players who only press Square the entire match your best option would be to use someone like Sasuke or Itachi since their Fireball will go through Deidara's clay bombs and hit him. If you happen to get your Support Drive Gauge maxed use the Team Ultimate while Deidara is spamming. You and your team will run straight through his bombs and hit him.
VS Awakening Spammer: I'm talking about the ones who use Naruto's Four Tail and Six Tail mode or Itachi's Susanoo the moment they get it and attempt to spam the circle button or their jutsu. You should try to get the first hit and keep attacking non stop until you win or the awakening expires. You should also know that you can still block a dash used by an awakened character. This will make them bounce back and give you time to attack or get more distance. If the player is a Four/Six Tail Chakra Gun spammer, just keep moving and throw shurikens at him continuously.
VS Rasengan/Lightning Blade/Chidori spammers: When these characters use these moves the are vulnerable to an Ultimate Jutsu (UJ). Try to use a UJ or a Team UJ the moment you see them use one of these moves.
VS an awakened character who can teleport: If you use an attack that protects you from every side (Shinra Tensei/Almighty Push, Protective 8 Trigrams 64 palms) or a move with excellent tracking (Rising Bomb) the moment they teleport, you should be able to hit them and knock them away from you. Chances are the player won't be dumb enough to teleport again and will change their strategy.
I hope you can now teach those spammers a lesson.

Easy Character Unlock

You need SP to unlock certain characters. An easy way to get SP is to redo battles (not boss battles like Pain). Find the hidden scroll for the battle and then beat the main game. Go to Tsunade's room. There will be a ninja with records and stuff talk to him and redo the battle as much as you want. Infinite SP right there.

Sasuke Chidori True Spear Glitch

Start a battle and select Karin at the 'Character' selection. Then choose Taka Sasuke (Akatsuki Sasuke) and wait for the time limit to expire. The game will then automatically select Sasuke Chidori True Spear as a playable character.

The Way the Support System Works

Compared to the first Ultimate Ninja Storm,the support system has a lot more depth now.So now you have a support gauge. When you call your teammates with L1 or L2 the gauge will fill slightly. When it fills completely, your support characters will now come automatically to assist you in certain ways.If your if you made your teammate attack type, they will attack the enemy with you during your combos and if you knock an enemy away, they will kick them back at you so you can hit the enemy more. If they are a defense type they will defend you while you recharge your chakra and they will also try to block the enemy when they dash at you. If they are a balanced type they will throw projectiles with you when you use your chakra projectiles and they will also take a Ultimate Jutsu form the opponent for you but they will be unusable for a long time. Your support gauge will continue to fill while they do this and when you manually summon them until the gauge fills again. When this happens you can press the chakra button, triangle, 3 times then press circle. If you hit your opponent, your team will attack the enemy a bit and then you will use your Ultimate. After this the gauge will reset to it's default state. It will also reset if you don't use your Team Ultimate for a set amount of time.

Unlock Hokage Naruto Costume

When you have completed the game return to Mount Myoboku and go up the stairs to the house. Pray at the statue inside to unlock the alternate costume. You must have the Hokage Naruto costume to get the 'All Ninja Assemble' Trophy.

Unlock Hokage Naruto Costume

When you have collected the indicated amount of SP the corresponding bonus will become available.
SP Bonuses
When you reach the indicated amount of SP the corresponding bonus will become available.
Character: Chiyo: 140,000 SP
Character: Deidara: 100,000 SP
Character: Hidan: 260,000 SP
Character: Itachi: 400,000 SP
Character: Jiraiya: 440,000 SP
Character: Jugo: 360,000 SP
Character: Kabuto: 220,000 SP
Character: Kakuzu: 280,000 SP
Character: Karin: 340,000 SP
Character: Killer Bee: 540,000 SP
Character: Kisame: 120,000 SP
Character: Konan: 480,000 SP
Character: Lars: 600,000 SP
Character: Minato (Fourth Hokage): 580,000 SP
Character: Naruto (Rasen Shuriken): 300,000 SP
Character: Naruto (Sage Mode): 520,000 SP
Character: Orochimaru: 240,000 SP
Character: Pain: 500,000 SP
Character: Sai: 200,000 SP
Character: Sasori: 160,000 SP
Character: Sasuke ('Taka'): 560,000 SP
Character: Sasuke (Kirin): 380,000 SP
Character: Suigetsu: 320,000 SP
Character: Tobi: 420,000 SP
Character: Tsunade: 460,000 SP
Character: Yamato: 180,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #3: 610,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #26: 630,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #28: 650,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #56: 670,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #57: 700,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #73: 730,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #77: 760,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #98: 790,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #105: 820,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #107: 850,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #124: 880,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #135: 910,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #159: 940,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #177: 960,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #178: 980,000 SP
Ninja Info Card #199: 999 999 SP
Support: Asuma: 660,000 SP
Support: Chiyo: 680,000 SP
Support: Deidara: 810,000 SP
Support: Hidan: 840,000 SP
Support: Itachi: 780,000 SP
Support: Jiraiya: 690,000 SP
Support: Jugo: 770,000 SP
Support: Kabuto: 720,000 SP
Support: Kakuzu: 860,000 SP
Support: Karin: 750,000 SP
Support: Killer Bee: 950,000 SP
Support: Kisame: 800,000 SP
Support: Konan: 890,000 SP
Support: Lars: 990,000 SP
Support: Minato: 970,000 SP
Support: Naruto (Rasengan, Rasen Shuriken): 620,000 SP
Support: Naruto (Sage Mode): 920,000 SP
Support: Orochimaru: 710,000 SP
Support: Pain: 900,000 SP
Support: Sasori: 830,000 SP
Support: Sasuke ('Taka'): 930,000 SP
Support: Sasuke (Chidori, Kirin): 640,000 SP
Support: Suigetsu: 740,000 SP
Support: Tobi: 870,000 SP
Title: Adolescent: 675,000 SP
Title: Akatsuki's: 855,000 SP
Title: Apprentice: 230,000 SP
Title: Artistic: 765,000 SP
Title: Bargaining: 130,000 SP
Title: Bipolar: 725,000 SP
Title: Bonds: 310,000 SP
Title: Bounty: 350,000 SP
Title: Bounty Hunter: 330,000 SP
Title: Buddy: 190,000 SP
Title: Bushy Brows: 510,000 SP
Title: Crying: 90,000 SP
Title: Desert: 625,000 SP
Title: Friend: 290,000 SP
Title: Frog: 695,000 SP
Title: Glasses-wearing: 705,000 SP
Title: Gutsy: 470,000 SP
Title: Hebi's: 865,000 SP
Title: Immortal: 785,000 SP
Title: Joyful: 60,000 SP
Title: Large Bounty: 370,000 SP
Title: Mangekyo Sharingan: 745,000 SP

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