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Hints and Tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009
(PlayStation 3)

We have 7 hints and tips on PlayStation 3

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ECW Extreme Rules Hint
Added 9 Nov 2009, ID #2149
This tip I think is very rare but in an ECW extreme rules match if a crowd member has a weapon in there hand take your opponent and drag him to the crowd member as if you were to do the environmental grapple but instead your superstar will preform a special grapple according to the type of weapon the crowd member has:

Title belt - smashes opponents head over the belt while crowd member is holding it

Crutch - throws opponent over the barricade and you smash the crutch over the back of the opponents head

Guitar - smashes head through the base while the crowd member is holding it.

Drink - simply throws opponent over the barricade and stand on him while he drinks the beverage.

NOTE: all of these can be reversed

How to creat Vladimer's finsher the chokebuster
Added 15 Mar 2009, ID #1493
You can creat chokebuster in only three steps. Ok first go creat modes then creat a finsher then insert the moves in the slot in this order

1-Chokeslam Clutch 02
2-Chokeslam Clutch 03
3-Bedrock Drop Impact

And there you have it was that not easy.
How to get reselincy
Added 10 Mar 2009, ID #1481
Ok this ability is kind of hard and anoying to get. TO get this ability you have kick out on 2 and two of your limbs damage must be red.
How to get the ability spring borad
Added 10 Mar 2009, ID #1480
Its very is to get this ability all you have to do is win the cruserweight championship in the carrer mode and you will unlock springborad
First person veiw
Added 10 Mar 2009, ID #1479
When your watching entrance hit the L2 button to see at the first person to cacel first veiw and go to the third person view press L1 or R1.
1st person view
Added 20 Dec 2008, ID #1208
For the people who didn't know, in 2009,(while making your entrance) pressing L2 or R2 will let you see 1st person. (This also works in 2008)
Career unlocks, CAW presets & move presets
Added 10 Nov 2008, ID #1040

# Unlockables

Successfully complete the indicated task in Road To WrestleMania mode to unlock the corresponding bonus:

CAS Moveset #3: Play as Triple H; it is unlocked shortly after the start.
CM Punk Attire B: Play as CM Punk, and put your opponent through a table during the first optional.
DX Alternate Attire: Play as Triple H. When you can be the referee in the Special Referee match, make sure Shawn Michael's wins, then defeat him at WrestleMania.
DX Entrance: Play as Triple H, and Pedigree Randy Orton three times.
Gauntlet Match: Play as John Cena, and defeat Mr. Kennedy in less than 2 minutes in Week 12.
Jillian Hall: Play as Triple H, and win the Tag match in February, Week 3.
Layla: Play as CM Punk, and defeat Big Daddy V at the No Way Out Pay-Per-View with a time less than 2:30.
Locker Room: Play as CM Punk, and pin John Morrison in a Triple Threat match in March to unlock a new Backstage Brawl.
Masked Man: Successfully complete RTWM mode with Chris Jericho.
Ric Flair: Play as Triple H, and successfully complete RTWM mode after taking the Evolution path.
Snitsky: Play as John Cena, and make MVP bleed in Week 11.
Tazz: Successfully complete RTWM mode with CM Punk.
Tony: Play as John Cena, and give Regal and Umaga the FU in the Tag Team match.
Tribute To The Troops Arena: Play as John Cena, and defeat MVP by submission at the Tribute To The Troops arena.
Vince McMahon: Successfully complete RTWM mode with Rey and Batista.
WCW title and WCW brand: Play as Chris Jericho, and pin Finlay during the match in Week 3.

# Created superstar abilities

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ability for a created superstar in Career mode:

Bloodshed: Make your opponents bleed ten times and bleed yourself ten times (rewarded on win with blood).
Cage Match: Win a Cage match in under a minute by escaping.
Dirty Pin: Get a "5 Star" rank against three different opponents who have this ability.
Durability: Defeat a superstar rated 20 points higher overall while both having orange damage.
Evasive Dodge: Win a Special match against two opponents.
Fan Favorite: Successfully taunt ten times in a match (must not have steal taunt).
Hammer Throw: Earn an ability within your first ten career matches, then get the "Sit In The Corner" award.
K.O.: Earn a "5 Star" rank against every competitor in a title path, not including the title match.
Kip-up: Win six championships.
Ladder Match: Get a "5 Star" ranked Ladder match against one of the Hardys.
Lock Pick: Face Y2J in a Singles match, and escape the Walls Of Jericho.
Move Theft: Defeat twenty different superstars.
Object Specialist (grab with object): Execute fifty object attacks in your career.
Outside Dives: Successfully complete twenty five dives in your career.
Referee Shield: Get five DQ losses, then win a championship match against a clean superstar.
Resiliency: Kick out of a pin at "2" while having two parts of red body damage.
Springboard: Win the Cruiserweight championship
Steal Taunt: Foil your opponent's attempt to steal your taunt (cannot have Fan Fave ability).
Submission: Attempt seven Struggle Submissions in one match, and then win.
Table Match: Break forty tables in your career (announcer tables count).

# Preset entrances

The preset entrances are as follows:


1. Kurt Angle
2. Booker T
3. King Booker
4. Chris Masters
5. RVD
6. Sabu
7. Sandman (ramp entrance)
8. Test
9. Kenny Dykstra
10. Bobby Lashley
11. Gregory Helms
12. Kevin Thorn (post-vampire)
13. Balls Mahoney


1. Lita
2. Trish Stratus
3. Maria (old)
4. Torrie


1. Sgt Slaughter
2. Eddie Guerrero
3. Hulk Hogan
4. Bret Hart
5. Terry Funk
6. Roddy Piper
7. Rick Rude
8. Jim Neidhart
9. Mick Foley
10. Steve Austin
11. Dusty Rhodes
12. The Rock


1. John Cena 2
2. Chris Jericho (old)
3. Randy Orton (old)
4. Shawn Michaels (DX)
5. Triple H (DX)

Champion Entrances

1. John Morrison
2. John Cena
3. Big Daddy V
4. Big Show
5. The Great Khali
6. Kane
7. Mark Henry
8. Randy Orton
9. The Rock
10. Torrie Wilson
11. Trish Stratus

# Preset move sets

The preset move sets are as follows:

M-Set01: Gregory Helms
M-Set02: Charlie Haas
M-Set03: Val Venis
M-Set04: Jamie Noble
M-Set05: Shane McMahon
M-Set06: Rob Van Dam
M-Set07: Sabu
M-Set08: Sandman
M-Set09: Bobby Lashley
M-Set10: Test
M-Set11: Balls Mahoney
M-Set12: Kevin Thorn
M-Set13: Tajiri
M-Set14: Brock Lesnar
M-Set15: Goldberg
M-Set16: Kurt Angle
M-Set17: Christian Cage
M-Set18: Booker-T
M-Set19: Rhino
M-Set20: Brother Ray
M-Set21: Brother Devon
M-Set22: Samoa Joe
M-Set23: AJ Styles
M-Set24: Christopher Daniels
M-Set25: The Rock
M-Set26: Steve Austin
M-Set27: Mick Foley
M-Set28: Eddie Guerrero
M-Set29: Roddy Piper
M-Set30: Bret Hart

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