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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking created superstar abilities, WrestleMania mode unlockables and unlocking Career mode paths.

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We have 11 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : Nintendo DS : PlayStation 2 : PSP

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Cheat Codes

If you want to unlock the following features in the game then at the 'Main' menu go to 'Options' and select 'Cheat Code' and input the indicated case-sensitive code without the quotes to activate the corresponding feature.
Unlock Ric Flair:
Enter the code 'PlayAsRicFlairSvR'
Unlock Gene Snitsky:
Enter the code 'UnlockSnitskySvR2009'
Unlock Jillian Hall:
Enter the code 'PlayAsJillianHallSvR'
Unlock Mr. Vince McMahon:
Enter the code 'VinceMcMahonNoChance'
Unlock Layla (ECW):
Enter the code 'UnlockECWDivaLayla09'
Unlock Tazz (ECW):
Enter the code 'UnlockECWTazzSvR2009'
Unlock The Boogeyman:
Enter the code 'BoogeymanEatsWorms!!'
Chris Jericho Classic Attire ..

Unlock Career Mode Paths

Complete the following tasks in Career mode to unlock the corresponding Career path.
Unlock ECW Championship:
Complete the Intercontinental Championship path.
Unlock Hardcore Championship:
Complete the United States Championship path.
Unlock United States Championship:
Complete the Intercontinental Championship path.
Unlock World Heavyweight Championship:
Complete the Hardcore Championship path.
Unlock WWE Championship:
Complete the Hardcore Championship path.

WrestleMania Mode Unlockables

Below is a list of bonus features that can be unlocked by completing the indicated task in Road To WrestleMania.
Unlock Vince McMahon:
Complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode with Rey and Batista.
Unlock Tazz:
Complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode mode with CM Punk.
Unlock The Boogeyman:
Complete The Undertakers Road To Wrestle Mania mode Story.
Unlock Tony:
Play as John Cena, and give Regal and Umaga the FU in the Tag Team match.
Unlock Ric Flair:
Play as Triple H, and complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode after taking the Evolution path.
Unlock Layla:
Play as CM Punk, and defeat Big Daddy V at the No Way Out Pay-Per-View with a time less than 2:30.
Unlock Jillian Hall:
Play as ..

stone cold

how do we unlock stone cold Steve Austin

Unlock Created Superstar Abilities

Complete the following tasks and the corresponding bonus ability for a created superstar in Career mode will become unlocked.
Unlock Springboard:
Win the Cruiserweight championship.
Unlock Kip-Up:
Win 6 championships.
Unlock Move Theft:
Defeat 20 different superstars.
Unlock Outside Dives:
Complete 25 dives in your career.
Unlock Evasive Dodge:
Win a Special match against 2 opponents.
Unlock Cage Match:
Win a Cage match in under a minute by escaping.
Unlock Fan Favorite:
During a match Taunt 10 times (cannot have Steal Taunt).
Unlock Dirty Pin:
Get a '5 Star' rank against 3 different opponents who have this ability.
Unlock K.O.:
Get a '5 Sta..

Create-A-Superstar Movesets

Create-A-Superstar Pre-Movesets #1 and #2
During Rey Mysterio/Batista's Road to WrestleMania XXIV, have Batista win the Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio lose to Edge at 'No Way Out', then have Batista lose the World Tag Team Championship against John Morrison and The Miz to unlock a Create-A-Superstar Pre-Moveset. Do the same for Rey Mysterio, except for the match with Edge at 'No Way Out' in which you will have to use Batista.
Create-A-Superstar Move-sets #1 and #2:
At 'No Way Out' have Batista lose to Edge during Rey Mysterio/Batista's Road to WrestleMania XXIV to unlock a Move-set for Create-A-Superstar mode. Do the same thing for Rey Mysterio to unlock another Move-set for Create-A-Superstar mode.

thumbtacks or nails

What you do is go to the steel steps by the announce table pick them up and and put them far way like the ramp. After go back to were they were pick up a bag go in the ring and press A button they come out on the floor clothsline your oppent and it shows them

How To Make a Stable

You know on 08 where you can't make a stable ? Well now you can,all you have to do is go to My WWE,go to edit rosters,then go to team rosters go to the empty stables and create as many as you want !!! Smile It's really cool!

Hardcore Belt

To get the Hardcore Belt on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 you have to go to my WWE.
You'll have to keep fighting for the Belts. Soon You'll be able to fight for the Hardcore. It goes by more quickly if you fight by using as much weapons as possible. Be sure to use as much weapons as possible so you are able to get 5 stars. Good Luck and I hope that this has helped you.

Saturday Night Main Event unlockable

Go to the options menu in 'My WWE' and type in "SatNightMainEventSvR".

Road to WrestleMania: Jon Cena

In Jon Cena's wroad to wrestlemania were you face MVP Umaga and that english player the group is called Better Than U topia When you face them in their rules the best thing to do is to make them submit because there are no rules about submissions to do a submission you get your opponent in the danger zone then get him on the floor the you push the analoge in any direction hold the B button nd shake the wii remote to do a submission or you could just do Jon Cena's special wich is a submission

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