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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009

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A selection of cheats that includes how to get easy wins in table matches, WrestleMania mode unlockables and unlocking created superstat abilities.

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Unlock Created Superstar Abilities

The following bonus abilities become available for a created superstar in Career mode when the indicated task has been completed.
Unlock Springboard:
Win the Cruiserweight championship
Unlock Kip-Up:
Win 6 championships.
Unlock Move Theft:
Defeat 20 different superstars.
Unlock Outside Dives:
Complete 25 dives in your career.
Unlock Evasive Dodge:
Win a Special match against 2 opponents.
Unlock Cage Match:
Win a Cage match in under a minute by escaping.
Unlock Fan Favorite:
During a match Taunt 10 times (cannot have Steal Taunt).
Unlock Dirty Pin:
Get a '5 Star' rank against 3 different opponents who have this ability.
Unlock K.O.:
Get a '5 ..

Cheat Codes

At the 'Main' menu go to 'Options' and select the 'Cheat Code' option to be able to input the following case-sensitive codes without the quotes and unlock the corresponding feature.
Unlock Ric Flair:
Enter the code 'PlayAsRicFlairSvR'
Unlock Gene Snitsky:
Enter the code 'UnlockSnitskySvR2009'
Unlock Jillian Hall:
Enter the code 'PlayAsJillianHallSvR'
Unlock Mr. Vince McMahon:
Enter the code 'VinceMcMahonNoChance'
Unlock Layla (ECW):
Enter the code 'UnlockECWDivaLayla09'
Unlock Tazz (ECW):
Enter the code 'UnlockECWTazzSvR2009'
Unlock The Boogeyman:
Enter the code 'BoogeymanEatsWorms!!'
Chris Jericho Classic Attire (Attitude Era)
Enter the code 'AltJe..

WrestleMania Mode Unlockables

The following features become unlocked when you complete the indicated task in Road To WrestleMania mode.
Unlock Vince McMahon:
Complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode with Rey and Batista.
Unlock Tazz:
Complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode mode with CM Punk.
Unlock The Boogeyman:
Complete The Undertakers Road To Wrestle Mania mode Story.
Unlock Tony:
Play as John Cena, and give Regal and Umaga the FU in the Tag Team match.
Unlock Ric Flair:
Play as Triple H, and complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode after taking the Evolution path.
Unlock Layla:
Play as CM Punk, and defeat Big Daddy V at the No Way Out Pay-Per-View with a time less than 2:30.
Unlock Jillian Hall:
Play as Triple H..

Unlockables on RTWM Part One

Unlock Boogeyman - Complete the Undertaker's RTWM.
Backstage - On CM Punk's RTWM pin John Morrison in the triple threat match.
Unlock Finlay or Santino's Zombie Costume - On Undertaker's RTWM. Let Rey Mysterio get the pin on the person.
DX Attire - On Triple H's RTWM at the No Way Out PPV help Shawn Micheals win the title against Orton then defeat Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemani.
Evolution Entrance Set - On Triple H's RTWM at the No Way Out PPV help Orton retain the title and then defeat Orton at Wrestlemani.
Rey Mysterio Alt. Costume - On Batista and Rey Mysterio's RTWM spear Edge twice in the Tag Team Match.
Tribute To The Troops Arena - On John Cena's RTWM make MVP submit at the Tribute To The Troops.
CAS Tita..

unlock boogeyman

To unlock boogeyman go to options select cheatcodes and type in the following:
I know it's weird but it works Smile

Tag team

For the last tag team to be unlocked put in the code: Ryder&HawkinsTagTeam

How To Make Hornwoggle Come Out of The Ring

I Know Most of you have unlocked Hornswoggle as Manager Well Most of You May not know how to get him out. Well Now You Will, You Know The Taunt Cruisors Well Use the one at the bottom While Your Doing That Push R1 at the same time.Then Hornswoggle Should come out of the Ring and pass You a Shileghly.
P.S. If Your Planning to hit some one with the shileghly Make sure the match is no DQ I Hope This Helped

How to get tazz

There are two ways of getting tazz. Here they are :
1. You have to play as CM Punks's RTWM and beat Tommy Dreamer in an ECW Exrememe Rules Match for the ECW Championship belt
2. You can be lazy this way. You go to MY WWE, then go to cheats.
Here is the cheat code: UnlockECWTazzSvR2009

How to easily win

Here is SHadow Striker ready to help again

Okay so first you have to make sure it's no dq. Then run outside and grab the ring bell or World Heavyweight title. Hit your opponent multiple times and then uncover the table. Hit your opponent with the tables again and then use your finisher threw it. If they still arent down grab a chair and hit them with it till they are bleeding.Then grab a sledgehammer and run and hit them(R1 towards the opponenet then Square). Use you finisher again and happy winning.
ShadowStriker64 logging out

Career Mode Belts

Complete the following paths to be able to win more belts for your normal or created Superstar in Career mode.
Unlock Hardcore Championship Path:
Clear the United States Championship path.
Unlock United States Championship Path:
Clear the Intercontinental Championship path.
Unlock ECW Championship Path:
Clear the Intercontinental Championship path.
Unlock World Heavyweight Championship Path:
Clear the Hardcore Championship path.
Unlock WWE Championship Path:
Clear the Hardcore Championship path.
Unlock Hardcore Championship Belt:
Clear the Hardcore Championship path.


Heres how you unlock each ability in Career Mode for your CAW:
Bloodshed: Make your opponents bleed ten times and bleed yourself ten times (rewarded on win with blood).
Cage Match: Win a Cage match in under a minute by escaping.
Dirty Pin: Get a "5 Star" rank against three different opponents who have this ability.
Durability: Defeat a superstar rated 20 points higher overall while both having orange damage.
Evasive Dodge: Win a Special match against two opponents.
Fan Favorite: Successfully taunt ten times in a match (must not have steal taunt).
Hammer Throw: Earn an ability within your first ten career matches, then get the "Sit In The Corner" award.
K.O.: Earn a "5 Star" rank against every competitor in a title path, not including t..

A little help on Career

Okay when you start career work your way up then when World Heavyweight Camhpionship is unlocked or WWE championship is unlocked don't do them. Do every other title first. The thing is the diffuculty is way harder on the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship path. They counter a lot more and will do more powerful moves. If you come in with low stats your more then likely to get red each match unless you can beat Randy Orton, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels in a 3 on 1 handicap match. Naa I'm jokin but it's like vsing undertaker and orton into one person.

Inferno Informo

When the flames are 500 degrees just grab your opponet and drag him with L analog. But not at the complete second. Wait til you at least damage him enough to move.

Original Jeff Hardy Entrance Song

Hey everyone. I am here to tell you how to have the Original Jeff Hardy Entrance. Go to Create Mode. Then go to Create an Entrance. Then go to Jeff Hardy and pick easy creation. Then for entrance music pick The Hardys and you will have Jeff's music from Smackdown vs Raw 2008. Hope this helps you

Every Unlockable Superstar

These are the superstars who you can unlock
Ric Flair:Pick evoulotion in HHH RTWM
Snitsky: Unlock in Jericho's RTWM
Layla: Unlock in RTWM (forgot which one)
Tazz: Complete CM Punks RTWM
Tony: Unlock in Cenas RTWM
Boogeyman: Complete Undertakers RTWM
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder: Unlock in Batista and Reys RTWM
Hornswoggle: Unlock in Jerichos RTWM(only as a manager)
To use Hornswoggle Press R1 + Square and he drops Finlays Stick weapon(the shillale or something)

crazy finishers and awkward openings

Making finishers are awesome!
Here is one easily made
Super kick
Pick "gut kick" on the finisher section repeatedly and set the speed for 150%

Commutator table finisher

For those who didn't know that you can do a commutator finisher,just remove the top of the commutator table,store a finisher,irish whip your opponent on to the table,then climb up and stand next to his head and press triangle to perfom a finisher.

CAW Movesets 1 & 2

Now, alot of people have been asking about how to unlock these movesets, and, luckily for all of you, I know how!
CAW Moveset 1: Pick Batista in the Batista/Mysterio Storyline. Win the Royal Rumble, make sure Rey loses to Edge at No Way Out and then make sure it is Rey who loses to Miz & Morrison in the tag team title match.
CAW Moveset 2: Pick Mysterio in the Batista/Mysterio storyline. Win the Royal Rumble, make sure Batista loses to Edge at No Way Out and then make sure it is Batista who loses to Miz & Morrison in the tag team title match.
Hope I helped :D

Unlocking stuff

Ok peoples think you have beaten the game,beaten career and all the Road To WrestleManias. Your Dead Wrong. See I know you havent unlocked everything such as all the preset movesets so I know your wondering how do I unlock them. Well never fear for I am here. Okay first go back and do all the Road To Wrestlemanias again. This time if you get a choice do the one you didnt do last time. Such as in Triple H's, if you picked DX last time pick Evolution and then you will unlock other items such as the Evolution Music and Entrance and also none other then Naitch or more commonly known as The Nature Boy Ric Flair.
Thank You and I hope this helped.
ShadowStriker64 logging out

CAW help

I know all of you fans have made CAWs or used Create a Wrestler to make a wrestler.Then you relised "oh no I have to level him up myself what do I do?" Well SHadowStriker64 is here to help to get each stat up
Strength: Use Ultimate Control Moves and Strong Grapple Moves a lot
Charisma: Taunt a lot
Speed: Jump of the turnbuckles a lot
Durability: Get Orange or Red and win the match
Submission: Use Submissions a lot
Technical: Counter your opponent, don't get hit in a match(Countering does some but countering like 15 moves gets like one bar up when itsl ike 68)
Stamina: Run around a lot and hold Ultimate Control Moves for as long as you can.
Hardcore:Its Easy after you Win US Title challenge for the ECW when you get ECW Extreme Rules match for ..

ladder move

Is you have a signature symbol next to the superstars name your in luck if it's a match to do with ladders. First all you have to do is climb a ladder and wait for someone else to come up and press triangle hopefully you can do a finisher on them hope this helps!

Hell in a cell tag team win

If you are playing a tag team match in a hell in a cell,you can easily win by reversing a grapple move by an opponent if you are lying down next to the cell outside the ring this will automatically throw out the oppenent trying to grapple you outside the cell,he won't be able to come back in because the cell door will still be locked from the inside,now it's a handicap match you are two against one.

how to get easy wins in table matches

Hi this is munchking
I have two ways to get easy wins
1) if you destroy the announce table you can easily irish-wip your opponent on to it and once your on there just do simple grapple moves and or do signature/finisher moves on there then the annouce table should break.
2) first get your momentum bar up then store your signature move then get a normal table, stack it in the corner of the ring then irish wip your oppenent into the corner where the table is, after you have done that walk near him and press the triangle. This will do your table finisher which is an advance because you get a finisher for having a signature move
I hope this helped all you gamers out there!

How to win Inferno Matches

You're thinking it's impossible to win Inferno Matches?
To win an Inferno Match, you will firstly need to get the temperature to
300 degrees.
It doesn't go any higher.
Then your entire opponents body should have red limb damage everywhere.
Now, drag them as close to the ropes as you can, and try to drag them.
It's still really hard though!

Career mode attribute tips

In my experience you gain more strengh attribute points the more limbs you have red. Most cheats say that strong grapples and ultimate control grapples are the only way to increase it, but a simple test of that is to do a match without using those moves, it will still go up. (I did the test with a brand new superstar so it would be very noticeable). Durability is the more damage you take, strenght is the more damage you deal.
To raise the submission attribute you need to hold SS submission holds, the more and longer you do the better. Early on (30-50s)you can only hold it for about 3 seconds. The best way to increase the time you hold it is to keep rope break on, intentionally apply the hold for a rope break and ignore the break, you will be able to hold the submission for as..

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