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Sonic the Hedgehog Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Sonic the Hedgehog

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A colleciton of cheats including how to unlock Free mode characters, music, and character themes. We'll also tell you how to escape Silver's psychokinesis and fight out of the area.

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We have 30 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic the Hedgehog please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Wii : iPhone/iPad : Android

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Defeating Silver as Sonic

To defeat Silver as Sonic do a slide move into him as he is falling from the sky and then collect a ring and run around until you hear 'How bout this?'. When you hear this do a homing attack on him and then run away until you hear 'How bout this?' again. Do another homing attack and run away and keep repeating until Silver has been defeated.


Unlock Characters
Complete the following tasks in Sonic's story to unlock the corresponding.
Unlock Shadow The Hedgehog:
Complete 'Crisis City' with Sonic
Unlock Silver The Hedgehog:
Complete 'Silver The Hedgehog' boss battle with Sonic

Unlockable Extras Menu at the Main Menu
Unlock Audio Room:
Complete Sonic, Shadow or Silver's story 100%
Unlock Theater Room:
Complete Sonic, Shadow or Silver's story 100%

Unlockable Music

When a story is completed that specific characters theme is unlocked in the Audio Room.
Unlock Sonic's Theme - His World:
100% Sonic's Episode
Unlock Shadow's Theme - All Hail Shadow:
100% Shadow's Episode
Unlock Silver's Theme - Dreams of An Absolution:
100% Silver's Episode
Unlock Elise's Theme:
100% The Last Episode

Float into the Air

This can be done in Soleona when you stand on top of a metal box in the military base portion of the map and keep tapping X. If done correctly the longer you tap X the higher into the air you will go.

Unlock Extras Menu

Complete Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's Story mode 100% to unlock the 'Extras' option at the 'Main'. Menu. The 'Audio Room' and 'Theater Room' options will also become unlocked.

Unlock Free Mode Characters

Complete the following tasks in Free mode to unlock the corresponding characters.
Unlock Miles 'Tails'Prower:
Pass ALL Town Stage missions.
Unlock Rouge the Bat:
Pass ALL GUN Commander missions.
Unlock Blaze the Cat:
Pass ALL Soleana Mystery missions.
Unlock Knuckles the Echidna:
All 'S' Ranks on Town Stage missions.
Unlock Amy Rose:
ALL 'S' Ranks on Soleana Mystery missions.
Unlock E-123 Omega:
ALL 'S' Ranks on GUN Commander missions.

Unlock Last Episode:
Beat Sonic's Episode, Silver's Episode and Shadow's Episode.

How to beat Shadow

Use Silvers telekinesis when you are battling Shadow to pick up items and knock him down with them. If you attempt to pick up Shadow he'll hit you when you try and throw him. Using this tactic will eventually wear Shadow down and defeat him.

Defeating Big Enemies Faster

If you have the Bounce Bracelet and you are facing an enemy that requires more than one hit to defeat use your Homing Attack and then your Bounce Attack to get rid of them quicker.


The crystals that you get at the shop have the following effects.
Dark Blue Crystal:
Red Crystal:
Slow down time.
Green Crystal:
Make a tornado.
Purple Crystal:
Shrink yourself and multi jump.
Light Blue Crystal:
Make a mega jump wherever desired.
White Crystal:
Control the direction of your homing attack.
Yellow Crystal:
Attract rings.

Longer Jumps with Silver

Press the A button to jump with Silver and press it again while in mid-air. This will make Silver float around. Instead of holding the button down when floating in mid-air tap A again while moving in any direction and Silver will jump further.

Skip level

go to main menu go to the theater press x y a xx

Sonic's Flame Core Glitch

Knuckles is the only playable character in the game that you don't finish a stage with. So what does he say and do when you complete a stage with him? Well, here's how to find out. Select Sonic's Flame Core. Play through it until you get to the part where you take control of Knuckles. Glide to the highest purple light in the room. Turn to the right. Glide onto the wall and climb all the way up. When you reach the top, keep pressing 'A' while moving the left thumbstick up. You'll go through the wall, but you have to start gliding immediatly, or you fall into nothingness. Glide to the left until you reach the ground. Go back if you have to and get the checkpoint. You'll see Sonic there waiting for you. DO NOT TOUCH HIM! Now you can go through the rest of Flame Core with Knuckles!! =)

Silver Walks On Water!

I call this cheat, 'Water Hopping'. I suggest practicing this cheat in Soleanna first. So jump into the water, but right when you're about to touch it and die, press 'X'. You'll hop back up and move forward a little. Repeat it again, and you'll be hopping, or walking, on water as Silver! This is a very helpful cheat for Silver's Kingdom Valley. =)
~Lightning Blade

Character themes

To Unlock Sonic's Theme - His World:
100% Sonic's Episode
To Unlock Shadow's Theme - All Hail Shadow:
100% Shadow's Episode
To Unlock Silver's Theme - Dreams of An Absolution:
100% Silver's Episode
To Unlock Elise's Theme- Dont know name?
100% The Last Episode
Submitted by Mattio

Glitch at Wave Ocean

Requires Sky Gem. I thought that this was a pretty cool glicth. So at Wave Ocean play through the level until you get to the part before the the whale chase, go to either side of the slope close to the top use the sky orb, charge it, then throw it at the slope and BAM your in space then one of two things happens 1 you die from going to high or 2 you come falling back to earth and still may die from falling into the water. It may take a couple of times to find the right place.

glitch out of silver boss fight

While in the silver the hedgehog fight go to the top right corner of the map and wait for him to cosmic you out of the passage about 5 to 10 times or lesss and wholla your out of the map but you can't do much though.

Cool gems!

Right before you save Elise for the last time, go to to the shop.
There you can buy some cool ability gems.

Silver Walks On Water 2

Hey, Lightning Blade here. I forgot to mention something in my other cheat. You know the quicksand in Dusty Desert? Silver can also walk on that. All you have to do is jump and press 'X' before you touch it. But be careful! You CANNOT walk on the big piles of sand. If you do, you will die. That's all!

~Lightning Blade

How to escape Silver's Psychokinesis and Fight out of the area.

These are two cheats I found a while ago and I'm here to show you how to perform them. This can also work if you have a Playstation 3.
How to escape Silver's Psychokinesis: When fighting Silver as Sonic and only Sonic, run up to Silver and just before he grabs you, throw the G.U.N. Drive(Sky Blue Gem). You will escape Silver's Psychokinesis and he will be unable to move so use a Homing Attack. Only the G.U.N. Drive gem works for this.
How to fight Silver outside the boundaries:This only works for Sonic and you need the G.U.N. Drive and Mini Gem. Go to the top box with the 5-Ring capsule and throw the G.U.N. Drive at the wall to fly and land on the roof. Stay on there for two seconds and jump outside the boundaries. Silver will end up chasing you until you he falls i..

Unlock Miles 'Tails'Prower: Pass ALL Town Stage ..

Unlock Miles 'Tails'Prower:
Pass ALL Town Stage missions.
Unlock Rouge the Bat:
Pass ALL GUN Commander missions.
Unlock Blaze the Cat:
Pass ALL Soleana Mystery missions.
Unlock Knuckles the Echidna:
All 'S' Ranks on Town Stage missions.
Unlock Amy Rose:
ALL 'S' Ranks on Soleana Mystery missions.
Unlock E-123 Omega:
ALL 'S' Ranks on GUN Commander missions.

Unlock The Last Episode:
Beat Sonic's Episode, Silver's Episode and Shadow's Episode. Submitted by Mattio

Unlockable - Gamescore

Blue Phantom - GamerScore 20:
Super Sonic Obtain the ALL moves.
One to Reach the End - GamerScore 20:
End the last hidden story.
Psychic Soldier - GamerScore 20:
Obtain ALL the power to save the future world.
Ultimate Life Form - GamerScore 20:
Resurrect the Ultimate Power from the lost memory.
Shadow Episode: Cleared - GamerScore 30:
Clear Shadow Episode.
Silver Episode: Cleared - GamerScore 30:
Clear Silver Episode.
Sonic Episode: Cleared - GamerScore 30:
Clear Sonic Episode.
Elite Agent - GamerScore 40:
Complete ALL the tasks given as agent.
Soleanna's Hero - GamerScore 40:
Solve ALL Soleannans' problems.
Silver The Liberator - GamerScore 40:

Glide Farther With Silver!

As you may already know, when you are playing the Silver character you press the A button the press and hold the it to glide. Of course you can only glide for a certain distance, but I came up with a way to glide farther. It is simple. Instead of holding the button, you tap it as fast as you can. It way take some practice to perfect, and once you get it right, you can glide a little ways farther, the problem is, is that when you do this, you decrease in alditude. So make sure you are tapping it fast enough to reduce the level of going downwards. Just make sure the place you are going for is not at the level you are already standing at or higher.

Throw opponent to the floor

You can only do this in two player battle with Silver.Stand just behind your opponent, jump up in the air and when you're coming down press pause, then select continue and straight away press RT.

How to go up walls really fast (glitch)

Ok, sup, see that chat title? I'm going to show ya how to do that. First be knuckles or rouge. If you picked rouge, go to the EXTRA: TROPICAL JUNGLE ROUGE. Then go to a wall thats like a tall, 360 cube. Then go to the corner that the closest left corner from the side your on. Then the really wierd glitch will make your look like a freak, and make you go up really really fast. (if you picked knuckles just do the same thing but do it on tropical jungle knucles, end of the world act on the hidden story) see ya.

How to beat shadow as silver (version 2)

Sup, I'm just a guest sorry emails to me wont work. ( ok back to the cheat) just hit shadow with random stuff, that you can pick up with the right trigger (xbox360) or r2 (ps3) then shadow will be stunned, then sycocaneesis (sorry don't know the spelling) sycocaneesis shadow, and keep the cycocaneesis button held down then run away (still holding down the sycocaneesis button) then get close to more stuff you can throw then release shadow. Repeat. See ya.

To get around easy

First you buy everything for Sonic and you can use the abilities and gems to get around easier. If you don't know how to use the gems I'll tell you how: use the d-pad to select your gem, then press rt to use the gem you selected. You could say this a cheat but I think more of it as a hint.

Silver medal

As you go to the winter eggman base before you go to the mirror go right and there will be a room with elise`s head and a silver medal

Sonic the hedgehog flying into outerspace!

First,enter the battle where soonic fights silver.NOTE:enter as sonic,not silver.Next,throw the white gem to the roof and do it again on to roof. You should go out of boundaries.Then walk to the entrance of the battle area AKA the open area outside of battle.Then jump and get silver to use phyconeise.(Sorry for incorrect spelling!)He should send you upwards.Sonic will keep going forever until you restart or exit.

HOW to fly with sonic

To fly with sonic you need to be on silver boss level with sonic and have gun drive toss it on the red roof run up the roof wait and then jump you will be fiying with sonic it can only work with sonic on silver boss level if you will die. Good luck and have fun. HELLFIRE1234. Bye wait soon I will find a new cheat. See yaa.

save the wearhouse

how do you save the wearhouse from the robots

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