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Sonic the Hedgehog


Silver Episode Walkthrough


Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 - X360 Version)
Silver Episode In-Depth Walkthrough
By CAVX (Corey Blakeborough)
[email protected]
Version 0.1 (updated 11/29/06)


Instead of making a full walkthrough, I chose to make walkthroughs of
individual mission lines, just in case I get too bored to make all three, or
if someone beats me to one.
Silver is new, so I felt like his mission line was the most important to guide
you through. I may, at one point, outline the silver medals, but not as of
right now.
This guide does include all Town missions, how to get to them, and how to beat


This guide is not allowed to be placed on any site without my permission.
If you'd like to post it on your site, e-mail me.

Sonic, the game, the characters, and everything else copyright Sonic Team/Sega.


0.1 - Updated 11/29/06
-Finished sections 0.4 - 0.6.
-Finished the Game Walkthrough.

How to Play
  | _0.1 | Silver's Powers
  | _0.2 | Available Powerups
  | _0.3 | Supporting Characters
  | _0.4 | Mission Types
  | _0.5 | Mission Ranking System
  | _0.6 | Items, Objects, and Boxes
The Storyline
  |   _1.0   |   Cinematic - The ruined world of the future
  |   _1.1   |   ACT - Crisis City
  |   _2.0   |   Cinematic - Confrontation with Iblis
  |   _2.1   |   BOSS - Iblis (Phase 1)
  |   _2.2   |   Cinematic
  |   _2.3   |   Cinematic - Mephiles appears
  |   _2.4   |   Cinematic - "He's the Iblis Trigger!"
  |   _3.0   |   Cinematic - Silver goes to the Present
  |   _3.1   |   TOWN
  |   _3.2   |   SUB - The Training Grounds
  |   _3.3   |   SUB - Soleanna's Apple Festival
  |   _4.1   |   ACT - Tropical Jungle
  |   _5.0   |   Cinematic - Blaze goes to the present
  |   _5.1   |   EXTRA - Wave Ocean (Blaze)
  |   _6.0   |   Cinematic - Meeting Amy
  |   _6.1   |   TOWN
  |   _6.2   |   SUB - Protect the Gate to the Castle Town
  |   _6.3   |   SUB - Catch the Soleanna Boys!
  |   _6.4   |   SUB - The Stolen Bronze Medals
  |   _6.5   |   SUB - The Airplane Tournament
  |   _6.6   |   SUB - Protect the Coastline!
  |   _6.7   |   SUB - The Soleanna Water Target Tournament!
  |   _7.0   |   Cinematic - This is a nice place
  |   _7.1   |   ACT - Dusty Desert
  |   _8.0   |   Cinematic - Finding the Iblis Trigger
  |   _8.1   |   BOSS - Sonic the Hedgehog
  |   _8.2   |   Cinematic - Amy puts her foot down
  |   _8.3   |   Cinematic - Amy leaves
  |   _9.0   |   Cinematic - Is it right...?
  |   _9.1   |   TOWN
  |   _9.2   |   SUB - Protect the Barrels in the Warehouse District!
  |   _9.3   |   SUB - Raid: Evil Monster
  |   _10.1  |   ACT - White Acropolis
  |   _11.0  |   Cinematic - Infiltrating Eggman's base
  |   _11.1  |   BOSS - Egg Genesis
  |   _11.2  |   Cinematic - Obtaining a Chaos Emerald
  |   _12.0  |   Cinematic - Amy meets Elise
  |   _12.1  |   Cinematic - Elise and Amy's discussion of love
  |   _12.2  |   SUB - Defeat the Pursuers and Escort Elise!
  |   _12.3  |   Cinematic - Eggman attacks
  |   _13.0  |   Cinematic - Head for the Train Terminal
  |   _13.1  |   TOWN
  |   _13.2  |   SUB - Lost Company Property
  |   _13.3  |   SUB - Get into the station!
  |   _14.1  |   ACT - Radical Train
  |   _15.0  |   Cinematic - Shadow appears
  |   _15.1  |   BOSS - Shadow the Hedgehog
  |   _15.2  |   Cinematic - 10 years ago
  |   _16.0  |   Cinematic - The accident 10 years ago
  |   _16.1  |   ACT - Aquatic Base
  |   _16.2  |   Cinematic - Iblis' seal
  |   _16.3  |   Cinematic - The talisman
  |   _17.0  |   Cinematic - Meeting up with Blaze
  |   _17.1  |   TOWN
  |   _17.2  |   SUB - Protect Anna-- She Knows the Secret!
  |   _17.3  |   SUB - Sonic Man Returns!
  |   _18.1  |   TOWN
  |   _18.2  |   SUB - The Test of Friendship
  |   _18.3  |   SUB - The Test of Memory
  |   _18.4  |   SUB - The Test of Heart
  |   _19.0  |   Cinematic - Things have changed
  |   _19.1  |   ACT - Kingdom Valley
  |   _19.2  |   Cinematic - Each future
  |   _20.0  |   Cinematic - Return to the future
  |   _20.1  |   ACT - Flame Core
  |   _21.0  |   Cinematic - The last battle
  |   _21.1  |   BOSS - Iblis (Phase 3)
  |   _21.2  |   Cinematic - Sealing Iblis
FAQs and Questions
  |   _22.1  |   Have a Question?
  |   _22.2  |   Contribute to the Guide

How To Play

All characters in the game are based on a life system, with rings instead of
health. Collect rings for points (and 100 rings for an extra life). If a
character who has rings is hurt, he/she will fall if airborne and will lose
all his/her rings (with the exception of the machine gun attacks, which only
take one ring per hit). A maximun of 20 rings can be gathered back, but rings
you lose will eventually disappear if they haven't been collected again. When
you lose rings, you are invincible for a moment, so use that moment wisely.
If a character with no rings is hit, he/she dies and loses a life.
Characters also instantly die (regardless of rings) if they fall into the
water or off a cliff, or if they are sucked into the gravity wells that appear
in the Last Episode.

The left thumbstick moves each character and the right thumbstick (or
alternatively the bumpers) moves the camera.

_0.1   |   Silver's Powers
Almost all of Silver's powers rely on the action gauge in the lower-right
corner. Once diminished, Silver can no longer perform the majority of his
abilities. Unless Silver is jumping, levitating, or holding an object, the
gauge will fill automatically.

When Silver is in midair, hold the A button to Levitate. You can stay in
midair while levitating or move in any direction. Silver will levitate until
the gauge runs out.
To levitate over greater distances, space out intervals where you hold the A
button instead of constantly holding it. This is because Silver gets a slight
speed boost when he starts levitating, and because he'll get more distance if
you take advantage of his momentum.

Hold the Right Trigger to grab any surrounding objects (or stunned enemies).
While you can throw objects you've grabbed without letting go of the Right
Trigger, I strongly recommend letting the Right Trigger go once you're done
grabbing objects. It makes Silver much easier.
Objects you're holding will be released if Silver levitates, or if you press
the Right Trigger again. Otherwise, they'll stay with you, even if you get
To throw objects you've grabbed, press the X button. The direction of the
throw depends on where the object is in the air and what direction Silver is
facing. Remember this when you want to throw objects at enemies in a narrow
area. Hold the X button to throw objects harder. Objects are thrown one by
one, but you can later purchase a power-up that lets you throw all objects at
once by holding and releasing the X button. You can also purchase a power-up
called "Grab All" that lets you grab everything in range by double-tapping
the Right Trigger.

Psycho-Lifting: Have Silver stand on a movable object and use Psychokinesis.
He will lift the object up and use it as a moving platform.

Stun Attacks:
When Silver is not holding an object, pressing the X button performs what the
game manual calls a "Psycho Smash". Holding X will increase the power of a
stun attack. This attack only works point-blank, so it's a pain to use on
enemies. However, if you do manage to stun an enemy, Silver can grab them with
Psychokinesis and throw or kill them with the X button just like the inanimate
objects he grabs.
This attack is also necessary in some cases to simply push objects (it still
only works point-blank). Silver has unusual encounters with strange numbered
boulders, which, when pushed into the right hole(s), unlock  certain things.
A powerup is also available allowing Silver, when in midair, to slam to the
ground and cause a shockwave that instantly stuns any nearby enemies. This is
called the "Psycho Shock", and it is much more useful than its ground version
since it is ranged. This attack also will trigger any switch in the stun
radius (needed to unlock an ACT, also useful in Tag Multiplayer).
NOTE: Larger enemies have certain parts of their attack phase where stun
attacks do not affect them. You'll notice one (or many) blue hexagon-ish
shapes emitting from the point(s) you tried to stun when this is the case.

Case-Specific Powers:
If Silver is standing on a glowing green symbol (three circles inside each
other, with two lines coming from the second circle out to the third), press
the Right Trigger to activate a special ability - generally to make a path or
boost yourself. In most cases, you don't need to hold the Right Trigger after
you first press it for the action to keep happening.

_0.2   |   Available Powerups
Silver can buy these items at a shop. All items are only sold after certain
points of the story.

Name: Single-Layered Extreme
Cost: 200
Description: "Allows you to use 'Hold Smash.' This allows you to throw what
              you have grabbed in a single throw."

Name: Power Bracelet
Cost: 500
Description: "Allows you to use 'Grab-All.' This allows you to grab things in
              a wider range."

Name: Heart of Wind
Cost: 1000
Description: "Press the A button twice quickly to perform 'Teleport Dash.'
              This allows you to do instantaneous Teleport Dashes."

Name: Shock Bracelet
Cost: 1500
Description: "Hold the X button during jump to perform 'Psychoshock.' This
              allows you to stun nearby enemies and grab them."

_0.3   |   Supporting Characters
Silver works with Blaze the Cat and Amy Rose, who will sporadically appear in
Silver's missions (Blaze has one solo mission, also) to help him out. You will
gain control of these characters in these segments, so it's important to learn
their controls.

NOTE: There are two segments in Silver's campaign (this happens in the other
two campaigns, also) where you briefly play as another hedgehog. I will not be
outlining Sonic and Shadow's abilities here because this guide is specific to
Silver, and I will help you through those segments on the walkthrough.
Besides, you have to know Sonic's abilities to even unlock Silver.

Blaze is a nimble character who is based on aerodynamics.

Accelerator Tornado: Blaze's double jump (press A in midair). This is a very
vertical double jump, and Blaze doesn't move much horizontally during it
unless you still have horizontal momentum.
This becomes an attack on the way down. Don't try hitting an enemy on the way
up your double jump, especially when jumping from cliff to clifff (I learned
the hard way).

Fire Claw: A wonderful X -button homing attack. The time between being able to
attack again is incredibly short, and if all enemies are in a line, you can
kill them all almost instantly. This attack is much more linear than that of
Sonic and Shadow, however. If you happen to have to targets while in midair
and try the attack again, Blaze will spin forward (which is actually effective
as a secondary double-jump).

Spinning Claw: Hold X. Blaze will spin and will be surrounded by a ring of
fire, which is pretty devastating. You can initiate this attack in midair or
on the ground, but it is a ground attack. Blaze can move around during the
attack, but only if you were moving horizontally when you started the attack.
If you need to stop the attack, hit X again.

Amy's powers are scaled down from previous games, especially in the sense that
she has no midair attack. She has a hammer.

Double Jump: A button while in midair. It's almost completely vertical - in
fact it cuts almost all of any horizontal momentum you may have had. Keep that
in mind. It's still fairly useful for Amy segments, though.

Hammer: It's not necessarily worth it for Amy to attack her enemies unless she
is required to. Press X to stop and swing the hammer. That's all there is to
this attack. Holding X does not increase the attack power.

Invisibility: Semi-useful. Hold X while grounded to make Amy turn invisible
for a short time (you can still see her shadow, but I guess enemies don't
notice that sort of thing). She'll go undetected, but it doesn't last very
long. And the animations for becoming invisible and visible again are very
long for an action-packed game, meaning she'll be pretty vulnerable during
those points. You can skip the re-visible animation if you're in midair,

_0.4   |   Mission Types
During the game, you'll encounter various gametypes. Under the guide, they're
denoted as follows:
ACT (Action Stage) - A basic level. You'll navigate through the level, killing
enemies and collecting rings, and try to reach the goal.
TOWN (Town State) - Explore the town, gathering information. Find subquests
and buy upgrades at the shop. Ultimately your goal is to reach the next action
stage. If you die during a town stage, you won't lose a life (with the
exception of in subquests)
SUB (Subquest) - A trial, task or battle - some mandatory, some optional -
that's performed in a part of town. Much shorter than an ACT.
BOSS (Boss Stage) - Battle and defeat the Boss.

_0.5   |   Mission Ranking System
When you finish an ACT, BOSS, or SUB stage, you'll earn a ranking. This
ranking factors in three different numbers:
Score: Increased by grabbing rings or destroying enemies. More points are
awarded for chain moves or quickly eliminating a group of enemies.
Time Bonus: Bonus points are awarded for completing the level quickly.
Ring Bonus: A minor amount of Bonus points are awarded for each ring you have
at the end of the level.

These scores add up, and you're given a rating of S (the best), A, B, C, or
D (the worst).
You gain rings to shop with in TOWN stages based on your ratings.
S gives you many rings, D gives you very little.

_0.6   |   Items, Objects, and Boxes
Hint Ring: A Question Mark with a ring around it. Touch it to get information
to help you.
Rainbow Ring: A thin colorful ring. Jump between one, and you're boosted to a
higher place.
Point Marker: Two poles with blue balls at the ends facing each other. Cross
through them for a checkpoint. When you die, you'll go back to your latest
Spring: A red circular object with a white star. Touch it to bounce on it to
another area.
Dash Panel: Panels on the ground with little red arrows on them. Run across
one to get a major speed boost.
Ramp: A sloped dash panel off a cliff. This will boost you high and far.
Switch: A floating white ball with a star. Touch it to activate/deactivate
something nearby.
Shield Cage: A box with a blue shield over it. Do something nearby (almost
always kill enemies) to deactivate the shield. Generally, a spring is inside.
Item Box: Containers you'll find during ACTs. They can contain the following:
   -Rings: Gives you 5, 10, or 20 rings.
   -1-up: Gives you an extra life.
   -Invincible: Lasts a limited time.
   -Gauge Up: Refills the Action Gauge.

Skip the Cinematic and intro story sections if you'd like to skip the
Some references: When I say "jump", I also mean levitate (if necessary).
Always press START and select Save after beating a subquest in town.

NOTE: I will not be outlining silver medals at the moment.

_1.0   |   Cinematic - The ruined world of the future
  Silver is from about 200 years after when Sonic appears in this game. His
world - the future - is devastated and torn apart. This is due to to the fire
all around them, which is based in a creature called Iblis (also known as the
Flames of Disaster). With enough struggle, Silver can use his telekinetic
powers to subdue any of Iblis's outbreaks and destroy him, but Iblis seems to
be immortal as he always eventually rises from his ashes. The story starts
with a cinematic. Silver is flying around a completely devastated city
(formerly Soleanna, now known as "Crisis City") and explaining some of what
was mentioned above. Blaze then jumps into view and tells Silver that Iblis
has appeared again. They rush off-camera to quell the threat.

_1.1   |   ACT - Crisis City
"Hurry to Iblis, the Flames of Disaster!"
  You'll be placed on a lone straight road. Go forward. Jump onto the larger
stretch of road after the tip on how to use Psychokinesis (which I outlined
in Section 0.1). Some minor four-legged creatures will appear. They breathe
fire, and sometimes jump at you. For now ignore them and veer left fot an
extra life. Now, head to the boulder just before these guys (who I'll call
"crawlers") for the rest of this guide. Grab the boulder, a car, or both with
Psychokinesis and throw it at both enemies to defeat them. If you miss,
neither of these items will break, so you can grab them again. If you jump,
your shot may be more accurate. You'll now notice a giant fiery tornado
directly ahead of you, and higher areas to the left and right. Go through
the middle towards the tornado - there are two more crawlers on the way.
There are some firebirds on the upper right platform shooting fireballs at
you, but from here it's difficult to kill them.
  Now, there are three paths here:
-The short way: As you walk towards the tornado, there'll be a steel crate
  (it has a picture of a blue circle with a white star inside). Jump on this
  crate and hold the Right Trigger to lift the crate up with you on it. You
  can then move to either high area. Jump onto the left area.
-The easier but slightly longer way: Go as far as you can toward the tornado.
  Turn right and jump onto the spring (big red thing, star on it. It gets you
  places.) which will take you up to a different area. From there, try not to
  kill the birds. Instead, jump to your right (across the lower area you came
  from) and get over to the other high area. If you jump on the crates before
  you try this jump, it'll be easier.
-The long (intended?) way: Go as far as you can toward the tornado. Turn right
  and jump onto the spring. Kill the birds with the crates if needed. Keep
  moving forward and watch for breaks in the platform, which you need to jump
  over. Continue forward until you land on a collapsed highway sign. Follow
  that to the right. CHECKPOINT (If you don't know, it's the two blue poles
  facing each other. Walk through them).  Go forward onto the girder and
  you'll see a special mark on the end. Press the Right Trigger to use the
  girder to propel yourself onto the second area.
Whichever way you use, you'll end up at an area with a tip circle that says
"That road doesn't look too solid." The only advantage to using the long way
is the checkpoint.
  Now, ahead you'll see a chunk of road with crawlers on it (directly between
you and the tornado).Your goal is to make the beams closest to you collapse
so that you can jump on it. The beams will probably eventually collapse by
themselves (if they have, you should be able to see the pavement on the road),
but if they don't you can pick up crates and throw them at the beam.  Wait
before you jump over. Some rolling things will come down on the crawlers,
likely killing them all. If not, throw crates at them before you jump over.
  Once you're on the piece of road,  walk up it. Watch out - the tornado is
throwing cars. Get to the edge of the road, and try to jump/levitate along
the path of rings to a box of 20 Rings. If you're off, don't worry about it.
You'll land on a platform and you'll see a giant eel-like thing pop up on
your left. This creature (which I'll be calling an "fire eel") takes multiple
hits to destroy. Throw things at him or catch his projectile attacks (the same
way you pick up objects) and throw them back at him. You can also ignore him.
Jump up the stair-like platforms to the question mark. If you haven't figured
it out, stand on any green mark like the one you're looking at and press the
Right Trigger to activate a special event. Do it here, and in this case some
random objects will move around. Without feeling pressed for time, jump on the
car, then the chunk of land, then the billboard, then to the higher ground.
  You'll come up onto a collapsed building (on its side). A box of 20 rings
is on your right, as well as some ammo for taking out the enemies if you want
to. These crawlers will jump at you, so watch out.
  Keep going until Silver says "I can wipe them out if I hit that pipe right."
Notice that there is an extra life on the platform to the left of the pipe,
and a box of 5 rings on the platform to the right of it. Grab some crates and
try to hit the pipe right. If not, no big deal, you just won't kill the
enemies. I would take the time to grab at least the extra life as you head
down. There will be one gap in the building so make sure to cross at one of
the two bridges or jump. It's helpful here to take out the crawlers at the
bottom. Some exploding boxes (the red ones) will help you out. Go down to the
right corner of the bridge, and there will be another piece of road that some
crawlers spawn on. Same deal as before - take out the road support so that the
road falls to your level, and some cars will likely crush the crawlers. Jump
on the road and walk to the end of it. You'll see a window break. Follow the
rings into the window. CHECKPOINT. Activate the special symbol here and two
platforms will rise, but wait a second for a third to come up. A fire eel will
be here. Take him out. You don't really have to counterattack like Silver
says. Just throw things at him. Jump onto the girder.
  You can activate the symbol on THAT girder, or jump to the area on the
right. If you jump over, head counter-clockwise around the building, avoiding
enemies an snagging an extra life. There will be a different girder towards
the end of your path. Activate the symbol on that girder.
  You'll be catapulted to a new broad area. CHECKPOINT. You'll see a blue
crate on your right. This crate will stun enemies (which lets you grab and
throw them). Next to the blue crate will be 20 rings. There will be three
crawlers and two firebirds ahead. The crawlers, from this point on, can jump
at you, so watch for them. If you move enough, you'll be fine. Kill these
enemies if needed.
  There will be a breakable wall here. I would ignore it, lift yourself on the
car and jump to the platform on the left of the wall. You could go through the
wall, too.
  Even if  you take the shortcut, look at the enemy at the end of the road.
That is what I call a magma golem. At long distances, he throws huge fireballs
at you - they are big, but you can still catch them and throw them back. At
short distances he tries to slam you. If you broke through the wall, you'll
have to defeat him to open the shield to his left. When the shield opens, use
the spring inside to get yourself to the platform that was on the left of the
  Now activate the symbol. Jump from object to object. Remember when you get
on the chunk of land to turn the camera and jump to the red car instead of
trying to jump right to the next area. Go out on the girder and activate the
symbol. Make sure you maneuver to land on the highway sign, or you'll have to
go all the way up again. CHECKPOINT. Go straight onto the next platform and 
turn right. Take out the birds, then the wall behind them. Jump across the gap
(follow the rings) and use the spring. Go over to the symbol and activate it.
Jump onto the car, then to the right piece of road, then to the chunk of
building to the left, then walk along the pipe. If you fall off the pipe here,
you can just float onto the road below. If you follow the pipe there are ten
rings in it for you, then you have to fall onto the road. There are two
crawlers here. Go off the ramp.

Part Two
Walk about a foot and Blaze decides to take over. Jump down the hole and
follow the road (using the Dash Panels on the ground). You'll have to double
jump where the ? is. Keep following the road. Mess around with your attacks
on the two crawlers when you land. Don't jump directly down - it's just a
long-cut - instead jump to your left and follow that area. You can grind on
the pipe (your X-button homing attack will make sure you hit it) or just jump
down. It doesn't matter. There are five birds and an eel here. Defeat the 
birds with the homing attack, and the eel with your spinning attack, and the
cage will open. Use the spring inside, and you'll bounce all over the place.
Turn left when you stop. CHECKPOINT. Kill/avoid enemies in this stretch, and
at the end of the hallway turn left and jump outside. The bridge will
partially collapse. Double jump up to the next section. If you go right here,
you'll go straight to the spring. If you go left, you'll encounter three birds
but you'll get an extra life. Use the spring.

Part Three
Walk a few feet forward and it's Silver time again. Go on, through, and off
the collapsed bridge. When you jump off, the safe bet would be to jump onto
the green awning. Whether you're killing or avoiding, it's better to jump down
from there. Anyway, jump down. Jump from one of the crates to the platform
that has the highway sign resting on it.  Continue forward. Checkpoint. Ahead
there are two birds, a golem, one more bird, and  one crawler. Either plow
through them or jump over and around the golem to avoid them. Use the girder.
Before you land from the girder, try to follow the rings (levitate) and there
will be an extra life in it for you. This also helps you avoid the sliding
car. See the platform on the left? Get on there, that box has invincibility.
There's another pipe you can hit, but especially if you're invincible, don't
worry about it. Continue forward. CHECKPOINT. The camera will shift and you
need to watch out for cars coming from it. If you get hit, grab some of your
rings and hurry on. When the camera starts to shift back there will be a
collapsible wall on the right (toward the tornado). The enemies through it
will be hard to hit with objects from the previous area because of limited
space, so if you're killing, use the eel's attacks to kill anyone you need to
Jump down. That big ring is the goal. Good job!

_2.0   |   Cinematic - Confrontation with Iblis
  Silver and Blaze walk right up to a huge monster (Iblis). Silver challenges

_2.1   |   BOSS - Iblis (Phase 1)
"Defeat Iblis!"
  When you fight bosses, the best best is to avoid the rings and only carry
one at a time. Then when you get hit, try to collect the ring. If you can't,
there'll be plently more left.
  With that in mind, you're on a short but very wide platform facing a giant
Iblis. There are many objects you can throw at Iblis already. Anything that
isn't the ground or a ring can be thrown at him. Use anything you currently
see to throw at him. Hold X for better accuracy. Iblis moves a lot, though,
so you'll miss sometimes.
Iblis' Attacks:
  -He'll back up and release a ton of fireballs at you. Try to avoid them
   (staying in the air helps that) or catch them in midair. Find the fireballs
   scattered along the ground and throw them back.
  -He'll take a huge platform and try to slam it on you. Start on one side
   of the platform, and when he starts to bring it down, keep running toward
   the other side. If you're hit, just grab a ring and keep going. This attack
   also leaves debris behind. More throwing it at him. The best way to avoid
   this attack, though, is to throw something at his head while he's reared
   back and ready to slam it on you. He has a fit whenever he gets hurt.

  Eventually, when Iblis' health is about 25%, his armor on his head will
break. He'll then add a new attack in which he breathes fire all over you. No
big deal. Get your rings back, or try to avoid it. When you're near the ends
of the platform, he doesn't try as much to get you with it.
His other attacks also are much faster and smarter at this point.
As far as the platform smash attack goes, your best bet now is to use the same
strategy but double back halfway into the run.

So keep hitting Iblis' head 'til he dies.

_2.2   |   Cinematic
  Iblis sinks into the flame. Yay.

_2.3   |   Cinematic - Mephiles appears
  Silver, knowing that Iblis will simply rise up from this ashes again,
questions his motives for trying to stop Iblis.
  When he asks how to completely stop him, a strange black hedgehog answers
him by telling him to find the origin of the catastophe.
This hedgehog looks much like Shadow, but without color.

_2.4   |   Cinematic - "He's the Iblis Trigger!"
  The black hedgehog, Mephiles, tells them that he can travel through time,
and will take them back to eliminate the "Iblis Trigger" - the individual who
awakened Iblis. Mephiles tells them that this will save the future. He then
shows Silver a Chaos Emerald. Silver sees a blue hedgehog in it (Sonic), and
is led to believe that this hedgehog is the Iblis Trigger. Mephiles then
creates a rift in time.

_3.0   |   Cinematic - Silver goes to the Present
  Silver emerges in the present (Sonic's) timeline, without Mephiles or Blaze,
and sets out to find the I.T.

_3.1   |   TOWN
  You'll start on a pedestal in the Soleanna forest. Ignore people with yellow
over their head. You'll walk to talk to the people with blue, because they
need help, and the ones with orange have information (press X to talk).
  Head forward and continue to walk along the right wall. There will be a hill
which the yellow guy near it says leads to the city, but it's closed. Skip
that hill and walk towards the orange dot on your map. Orange man tells you
that the cave isn't suspicious, so try the jungle. Head to the blue man - a
guard. He'll have a subquest for you (See 3.2). Don't worry, they're all
  Now keep going along the outer wall past where the blue guy was until you
find yourself in a place with three huge trees. The middle tree has a shop to
the right of it.
  Buy "Grab-All", which lets you double tap the Right Trigger to grab
everything in range.
  Turn a full 180 degrees from the shop and go in that direction, then left
around the wall. Go right around the first tree stump and left around the
tree. Another blue guy (3.3)!
  Behind blue guys's back is a bridge that leads to New City. Follow the outer
wall to the left of that bridge. You may see a spring. Don't worry about that.
  Anyway, keep following that same wall. You'll see a ? panel if you're going
the right way.When you see the lake and the mirror, head down to the shore.
There should be a symbol. Activate it. Jump from platform to platform and
don't try to skip the second one unless you know you can. Jump in the mirror!

_3.2   |   SUB - The Training Grounds
  The objective here is to go through all the rings within the time limit
(which gives you plenty of time). The rings are those big orange things - you
can't miss 'em. You'll head up into the cave. Jump out of the cave and
levitate through the rings. Those boxes refill your gauge so you can levitate
longer. Make sure you get all of these boxes, or sometimes you can't finish
the quest.. Land on the spring and do the same thing with the next set of
rings and boxes. Land on the ground and go through the last three rings.
Good job! The guard will be amazed.

_3.3   |   SUB - Soleanna's Apple Festival
  Keep track of apples.
  Don't throw the apples, or they'll go off-screen, you won't find them, and
you'll fail because none will go in.
  This is fairly hard to do.
  Pick up as many apples as you can, and walk over to the barrels. You want to
DROP them in. Position as many over the barrels as possible, jump to position
them over the barrel, then press R to drop 'em in. It's very hard to do.
  Don't worry about time, worry about apples. You don't need all the apples
in to win.
  Personally, I bunched every apple there in front of one set of barrels,
then I tried to drop them in. I missed a lot, but still earned a A.

_4.1   |   ACT - Tropical Jungle
"Escape the Jungle Ruins!"
  Jump onto the lotus at the end of the bridge. Activating the symbol on a
lotus will boost you into the air. The longer you hold the Trigger, the higher
you jump.
  Turn left, break the wall, jump over. Your enemies here are mechs. They have
machine guns that slowly wear your rings in addition to missiles (you can grab
  Turn right at the end of the path and jump onto the log. Activate and hold
the symbol until the log is at the top, then let go. Time your jump so that
you can land on the upper path. If you can't make it, there's still a way.

UPPER ROUTE: Land on the left side from your jump. Take an immediate left, and
  left again when you can. There is a large robot here who flings his arms at
  you and spins in circles shooting when those are gone. Kill him, and use a
  quick Grab-All (double tap RT) to throw hard enough to break the fence.
  CHECKPOINT. Go to the end of the platform and turn right. Jump from one
  platform to the next one. Since each platform is higher, make sure to start
  levitating at the peak of each jump. Once you get to the slanted platform,
  kill the red mech, and travel to the end of the platform. Jump down, walk
  across, jump down again. We'll take the left road right now to hit a
  CHECKPOINT.  Walk a little farther that way and lift up the platform on the
  ground in the middle of the area. There is invincibility underneath. Take it
  for fun, double back to the checkpoint. (Skip the next paragraph.)

LOWER ROUTE: If you don't make the upper route, that's okay. There's a flying
  mech with four drills on it here; it has health and shoots many missiles.
  Take it out so you know how to in the future. Break the gate on your right.
  CHECKPOINT. Wait for the laser grid to clear, then jump on the turtle. When
  you're approaching a second turtle, prepare to transfer and do so when
  possible. Ride Turtle 2 for a while. You'll have to jump over low bridges
  and get back on him. "This turtle is pretty useful, once you get it right."
  Jump off when you see the checkpoint and the wood crate. CHECKPOINT. If the
  fruit didn't just get knocked over, it's that giant peach-looking thing
  directly in front of you. Hit it with the crate (if you miss, another crate
  will spawn soon). When the fruit drops, a new turtle will come out to eat it
  Get on our new turtle. Wait to get off him until he stops. Jump on the log,
  Activate it like before, but this time you're using it as a battering ram.
  Jump onto the platform where the bridge was, and make your way to the
  CHECKPOINT. The fruit is to the right of the checkpoint. Hit it with a crate
  and let's hop on Turtle 4. Unfortunately, this is a short ride. Jump on
  either the left or right platform before you get to the flying mech. Kill
  appropriately. From either side, you can jump to the log. Use it as a
  battering ram. Move onto the next platform, turn right and jump onto this
  little floorboard. Lift it up for invincibility. Then hit the CHECKPOINT.

  Both routes should now be at the same place. Go forward. Turn left, and jump
on the log (go straight to find some mechs guarding a cage with an extra life.
If you take that way, make sure to double back.). You won't have enough
momentum with the log to reach the top so just make sure you jump far enough
to land on the center platform. There is another floorboard in front of you
that you can raise, but it has a giant mech underneath (I wouldn't). Kill the
two small mechs without raising this, then look left. You're going to use
either a crate of the center floorboard to lift yourself to this next
platform. Stand on the object, hold RT, maneuver over to the platform, then 
jump off. Before using the spring, lift open this floorboard. There is an
extra life. Now hit the spring and land on the wooden platform straight ahead.
Head left. I'd kill the mechs, it makes it easier. Continue to follow the
  At the end of this platform, look down a little to see a spring with a
trail of rings about it. Jump down to that, and make sure your gauge is full
before you use the spring. When you use it, levitate all the way to the log.
Activate the log like a battering ram again, and you'll knock the boulder
over. Jump on the platform the boulder was on, then to the large platform
straight ahead. There is another giant mech here, but he has strange large
rocks as hands, so they hit you a little easier. There are also two wasp-like
mechs, which are a pain to kill with any character. Either hurl at them, or
run up and use a jumping stun attack (this works very well on this particular
enemy). You have to kill these three, though. When the cage opens, use the
spring. Onto the goal!

_5.0   |   Cinematic - Blaze goes to the present
  Blaze is in a neighborhood in Wave Ocean. She talks to herself, then
decides to get going.

_5.1   |   EXTRA - Wave Ocean (Blaze)
NOTE: Blaze's Spinning Claw attack allows her to float on water. It can be
  useful if you fall.
Wait until you land and actually have control. You had to have played this
level with Sonic before to even be here, so it should be easy. If you want to
kill the enemies ahead, your spinning attack (Hold X) is useful for the
grounded guys. It's just as easy to simply avoid them, though, and jump over
the spikes and boost away. Run, run, run, you're on the next island.
  Head right, stay along the wall. Gert to the crabs and take an immediate
left. Double jump onto the higher platform. Continue forward. A big mech pops
up here, so watch it. CHECKPOINT. Jump on the spring and you'll automatically
grind down (if you miss the rail, jump and press X to home onto it) and run
and jump around automatically for a while. Alternatively, you can jump off the
first rail early and hit a rainbow circle boost thing to get to the next
area faster. When you land on the pier, keep running. Make sure you don't hit
the spikes, and keep aiming for the next Dash Panel. CHECKPOINT.
  Two ways to do the next point:
1) Running jump off the pier. Wait a second, double jump and position yourself
   so you'll go through that rainbow ring thing. You'll boost up. Use the
   boosters here with the intention of running along the right wall. There is
   an extra life you can catch while you do so. Run until you get to the spike
2) Don't freak if you can't make it. It still isn't that hard. There are
   enemies on your way for this path, but they are easily avoided. Head left
   and over the spike wall. Jump onto the high area, run down (watch for
   invisible enemies), and jump onto the next two higher platforms.
Now you're here. Jump over this wall. Hit the spring and let Blaze do the
work for a while. Keep running down the pier after the whale, but the
platforms can break if you attack or jump on them, so be careful. You'll
reach a piece of land with two red mechs and a large mech on it. Get through
them. You're done. Good job. If you do this quickly, easy S Rank.

_6.0   |   Cinematic - Meeting Amy
  Silver sees the Iblis Trigger and attempts to go after him when Amy stops
him, thinking he's Sonic. In the commotion the Iblis Trigger gets away.
Silver forgives Amy, and Amy offers to help Silver find who he's looking for.

_6.1   |   TOWN
  You know that "the person Amy is looking for" is also the person you're
looking for. Silver doesn't know that, though.
  People will tell you that Sonic went off to the desert, but that entry is
blocked. You'll need to find Lord Regis to get access.
  Head left and across the bridge, then straight through the open area and
through the path that leads behind this area (the furthest path from you).
Turning right will lead you to the mandatory subquest which will allow you
into the desert (6.2).
  Before you turn right to do that, though, head left and walk down for a
  If you turn left at the bell tower, you'll come across is a Soleanna Boy,
with a challenge (6.3). Keep heading in this direction across the bridge and
down the road, and across the larger bridge that's ahead of you (but slightly
to the right). Turn right after this bridge for another subchallenge (6.4).
After this challenge head left into the alley. Follor it and take your first
right. Walk until you see the spring. Use it. When you're on the roof, you'll
see a "ghost" on the roof who needs help. Go over to him (6.5). Jump down and
head right. Follow the path. Turn right at the fountain and access the shop.
If you've been following the guide, you'll already have the bracelet, so buy
the "single-layered extreme", which lets you throw all objects you're holding
at once. Head past (around to the left of) the store and don't go on the
bridge yet. Instead, turn right and down the alley to find a guard who needs
help (6.6). Double back down the alley and turn left at the end, now crossing
the bridge. Go straight and head across the very large bridge when you see it.
Turn left at the end of this bridge for a sailor with a subquest (6.7).
Otherwise, keep heading straight. Turn right at the end of the road, and
follow that all the way down to get to the mandatory subquest you skipped
earlier (6.2)
_6.2   |   SUB - Protect the Gate to the Castle Town
  Kill all the enemies. Stun attacks help here. Throwing all objects at once
(even if you've just bought it) is not recommended here since most enemies
take one hit. The spikes and steel crates can be reused. Make sure to grab
missiles, too, especially from red mechs. The basic idea is to throw
everything quickly. It shouldn't be too hard since it's mandatory.

_6.3   |   SUB - Catch the Soleanna Boys!
  Ugh, what a pain. Head straight, and left at the fountain. Head across the
large bridge. One of them is running around that area (You tag them). Then
head across the next bridge, which is semi-straight ahead (but over on the
left), go past the shop and the fountain, and take a left. Another is around
here. Now continue down this road and past the bridge, and turn left. A boy
should be running near the fountain. Now follow this to the lake, and take the
right bridge across, then the next bridge. Go through the open area to find
another boy. Instead of taking the back road, this time take a right into the
alley. It's a bit of a maze, but one is in there. Now head out, turn right,
and take the back road. Turn left after the bridge, and follow that path. If
you missed the boy in the open area, he should be running around before you
reach the bell tower. Head past the bell tower once more and turn right at the
fountian, and the last boy should now be running though the tunnels to your

_6.4   |   SUB - The Stolen Bronze Medals
  This is so easy. Just follow the rings and springs! If you can't figure it
out though, here's a detailed version:
  Follow the more than obvious trail of rings onto the spring. Oh look! A
bronze medal! Head right towards the second trail of rings. Follow it onto
the red roof (tough jump) and at the end of the roof is a spring. Take that
and you'll get rings and land near another. Jump forward to the next roof and
onto this spring. Way up to the bell tower. It's under the bell, then take the
spring to your right. When you land, head straight for another, then head
right, following the rings, and hit the next spring. Turn right and follow the
rings again. As you do you'll see a spring below you - get to that. Go
straight. Another medal. Another spring. Another bell tower medal. This time,
you have to jump off to the left of the tower (no spring, but there's rings to
guide you). Take a right when you land on the roof) and hit the spring on the
next roof) Go forward. Another medal. Another spring. This time, you'll have
to levitate before your spring ends. If you don't make it, go back up to where
the spring was (it's easy).   Anyway, you'll get on another cross-shaped roof.
Take a left and jump on the next roof, and the next. Turn right and jump on
this roof, another medal. Keep roof-jumping until you land on the red roof
with ridges (the farthest roof you can reach in that direction), then turn
right and jump on that roof. Hit the spring. Go forward, medal, turn right,
spring. Levitate through all the boxes and land on the last medal.

_6.5   |   SUB - The Airplane Tournament
  Just go through the rings. Remember to gauge out your levitation if you can
do that. Go through all the rings AND all the boxes, otherwise you won't win.
It's kind of stupid that you need to hit every box, but whatever. Whenever
you're on the ground, try to have your gauge full for when you jump.

_6.6   |   SUB - Protect the Coastline!
  Stand on the shoreline (and get the three rings). You can throw the blue
barrels, but it's important to catch missiles and the blue lasers to throw 
back. The mechs are generally in front of you, but a few waves come from the

_6.7   |   SUB - The Soleanna Water Target Tournament!
  There are three targets in the water to your right. There is one in the
entrance to the large bridge and one to your right in the water past the 
bridge. Turn to the corridor to the left. Hit the three targets close, then
the one behind. Turn left before the target you just hit and hit three targets
there before doubling back. There will be two targets straight ahead, and one
in the alley to your right. Keep going straight. There are two to the right of
the fountain, and one in the air to the left.

NOTE: If you use apples, charge your throw a little or else they don't work

_7.0   |   Cinematic - This is a nice place
  Silver questions his motives for helping Amy, but after he notices the beauty
of the desert, he gets optimistic and agrees to help.

_7.1   |   ACT - Dusty Desert
"Find Sonic!"
  Grab all the vases in this room, kill the crabs with 'em. Be careful when
you jump down. There's a hole in the floor you can't see. There are 6 holes
like a pool table. I'll explain soon. When the crabs die, 4 mechs come, kill
them too. A door will open to the right, and nine numbered boulders come out.
Your objective is to push these all of these boulders into any of the 6 holes.
Press (hold for more power) X next to a boulder to hit it, but the number on
every boulder will decrease by 1 for every hit or if you take too long
between hits. If the count reaches 0 and goes down again, they'll all explode
and you get the privledge of trying again. Let them all roll without hitting
them for a second, and many will go in. It'll be easier for you from there
(There are 9 balls and 9 hits, so as long as you hit each ball only once,
you're good). When they all are in the holes, the opposite door will open.
  You're now in a giant room of sand. After you throw the mech's arms back
at him and kill him with vases, observe the room for a moment. The waves of
sand will push you all the way back to the start of this room if they catch
you, so don't get low enough for them to. If you happen to fall, watch out for
spike balls. Jump on the platform where the giant mech was standing, then jump
to the high platform that is diagonally to your right. It has vases on it. I
wouldn't go for the ring box/gauge-up boxes. Instead jump to the platform of
the statue closest to you. Be careful, some waves (not all) can hit you from
here, so jump over them if needed. Jump to the next closet statue, then up to
the high platform on the wall. Follow this. Jump over the spike areas, get the
box of 20 rings. Jump over to the isolated central platform, kill the big mech
from there (if you want to kill him from a distance), otherwise jump to the
platform the big mech is/was on and hit the switch (which is a floating ball
with a white star on it). The door will open, get out of this forsaken room.
Look, it's Amy!
  Hit the switch and platform jump to the door on the right. Remember not to
double jump when going for horizontal distance unless it's absolutely
necessary. The door will open. CHECKPOINT. The ? spot tells you to turn
invisible. Sure, do it (hold X). There'll be two invisible guys in this room,
watch out for the electric areas that they cause. Hammer one and they're both
gone. Continue on, obviously over the spikes...Ignore the double jump tip
because that doesn't help here. Just wait for the platform to open over the 
gap, and use it to get across. The same thing for the next gap.
  [NOTE: Any platforms that retract like these have a small area where they go
  into the wall that you can stand on whether they are opened or closed.
  This may help you.]
Anyway, turn right and get across the third gap the same way. Up the
staircase, smash the wasp mech if it pleases you, over the spike wall, turn
left. There's 10 rings in the crate to the left immediately before the next
spike wall. Otherwise, go over that one too. One mech here, kill him (one hit)
and the door opens. Right away, run up between the two red mechs and hit the
red crate. They'll both die from it. Turn right. Turn right again. Kill the
crabs the same way you just killed the mechs. take a double-left and double
jump from the crate onto the top level. Hit the switch here, jump off the
other side (not the side you jumped up here from) and turn right. Go through
the door you just opened. CHECKPOINT.
  You'll reach a room with many platforms lower than you, but the door you
want is immediately across from you. The other two characters needed to kill
all enemies to open the door when they got here, but you just need to hit the
switch right next to the door. Jump down to the lower left platform and follow
it. At the end, jump up and hit the switch. Go through the door. Hit the next
switch, keep going. Hit the next switch. Back to Silver. CHECKPOINT.
  Here you have to time your jump right for going across two platforms, but 
remember what I said earlier about standing on a platform's base. With that
in mind, go across at the right time. Snag the extra life if you feel
comfortable doing so. Activate the symbol to open the door. These rolling
crabs are easier to kill by stunning them and throwing them at each other, or
by simply waiting until they stun themselves. Kill them and two giant mechs
jump down. Eh, no big deal anymore, right? Catch all four boulders. If at 
least one hits each guy, they're both gone. The door to your RIGHT opens.
  Another sand wave room! Jump between waves to the first platform and raise
it by activating the symbol. Watch for the mech who is shooting missiles at
you. Do the same thing to the next platform, and also kill the mech. You can
try to fly firectly over to the right wall platform by hitting the gauge-up
box on the way, but I'd actually just take the left, ignore the crabs, and
jump across the two statue platforms, then to the exit door. Open it by
activating the symbol. In the next room, kill the more annoying little mechs
first. I did it with a single spike ball, which I reused after I threw it.
You should become skilled at killing these large mechs soon. Some rolly crabs
come, as well as some stationary red crabs on the wall. Try throwing a
stunned rolly crab at a wall crab. It seems to work well. You don't have to
kill all the wall crabs. Just kill the rolly ones and the next door will open.
  This part is horrible. The hole you have to roll the ball into isn't the
first one, the second one, the third one, etc. It's around the corner and very
far away. Remember that the ball will spawn back in its starting point if it
falls into the wrong hole. Don't give up on a given try until the ball
explodes or falls. Keep the crates where they are. They'll help block the
ball and stop it from falling into the wrong holes. And oh, if the ball hits
an object hard enough, the number may go down. Anyway, most people don't get
this on their first try, so don't get too distraught. You can also stand on
it. This won't help you, but it makes it easier to follow the ball.
  Also, if you're going for time, think about strategically dying after too
many fails (as long as you have enough lives).

UPDATE: I found a GREAT way to do this part. It's based on the fact that the
ball won't start to count down until you first hit it. Take one crate or vase,
which you'll hold on to the whole time, and slowly push it. If you push it
slowly enough, the countdown will never start. You're welcome!

When the door is open, you're done with the most annoying mission in the
history of Sonic games.

_8.0   |   Cinematic - Finding the Iblis Trigger
  Right after Amy wonders why they haven't found Sonic yet, Silver sees him
walking with Elise and runs off. He attacks Sonic.

_8.1   |   BOSS - Sonic the Hedgehog
  Sonic's A.I. isn't that great.
He has one attack:
  -He shouts "Here I come!" while spinning in the air, leaving him completely
   Strike him whenever he says it, and he'll stop before he hits you.
He will almost always hit you if you let him execute his attack, but just
scoop up a ring and keep going.
  Once you hit Sonic, you might leave him dazed, which makes him even more
  When he's dazed, you can also grab him like a stunned enemy, but you can't
move him and it's very hard to throw him.

This is generally a very easy boss to beat. I thought Sonic should've been
much tougher.

_8.2   |   Cinematic - Amy puts her foot down
  Silver laughs at Sonic's lack of power and is about to destroy him when
Elise is taken. The distraction allows Amy to interfere, and she allows Sonic
to get away.

_8.3   |   Cinematic - Amy leaves
  Silver and Amy figure out they're looking for the same person.
Amy tells him Sonic would never destroy the world. Amy then says that if she
had to choose between the world and Sonic, she'd choose Sonic.

_9.0   |   Cinematic - Is it right...?
  Blaze finds Silver sitting on a step thinking. Silver wonders if it's okay
to kill someone to save the world. Blaze tells him he's naive, and that it
needs to be done, right or wrong. They decide to head to Eggman's base to
find out more.

_9.1   |   TOWN
  You're in New City now. Turn around and get to the shop.
  Buy the Shock Bracelet. Psychoshock is a very valuable move. It allows you
to jump and hold X, and you'll stun all nearby enemies from a distance. I
found it more useful than throwing things at enemies.
  Take a left from the shop (either road). Head to the fenced area - this is
the warehouse. Follow the wall left until the gate. The guard in front says
you can't enter. Just jump over. Keep heading forward for a subquest (9.2),
then head back over the fence and take a right. Turn left at the last possible
opportunity to - the entrance to this road has a sign that says "Emergency
Vehicle Access Only". Continue down the road and there's a woman on the left
sidewalk with a subquest (9.3). Keep going down the same road.
  The entrance to White Acroplis is beyond that laser grid, but there are
four switches to turn individual segments off. The solution?
  Psychoshock. Right in the middle, and they'll all be pressed at once. Head
onto White Acropolis.

_9.2   |   SUB - Protect the Barrels in the Warehouse District!
  I don't know why we have to protect a barrel. Oh well.
  There's three sets of barrels, too. Basically, catch the missiles before
they hit the barrels and throw them back at the enemy. Every time a wave of
enemies is killed, another will spawn by the next barrels.
  There's only three waves, so just get the hang of it and you're good.

_9.3   |   SUB - Raid: Evil Monster
  This is your first encounter with the purple versions of the fire monsters.
They're simply stronger.
  Make sure your protect citizens (stars on the map). When the firebirds are
by themselves, jump and stun them one by one. This is faster than throwing
things since they now take two hits from projectiles. When an eel pops up with
them, head straight for the eel and use your new power - psychoshock (jump and
hold X). This will stun him. Grab him and kill him, and the birds with him
will die automatically.
  After you kill what may first appear to be everyone, continue down the road
and search for another lady in trouble. This time, purple crawlers are after
her. It's easy to throw two projectiles or stun these guys, so take your pick.
They shoot lasers, now, so watch out. You'll kill the first few, then more
crawlers and a purple golem will pop up. His attacks are the same. Kill him,
but psychoshock all the crawlers at once if you need to. Psychoshock doesn't
work on him unless he's slamming the ground (which he tries when you're
  Four eels will now appear in the four corners. Psychoshock each one and
you're done.

_10.1   |   ACT - White Acropolis
"Infiltrate Dr. Eggman's Base!"
  You start as Blaze. Run down the hill, avoiding spikeballs and killing
enemies if you do that. You can grind on rails by homing to them, remember.
I suggest just flying past everyone here. There's also a shortcut you can find
but it's not a big one. You'll come up to a laser grid, and Blaze says that
you need to defeat all the enemies. Don't worry, she means only these three.
Kill the two wasps and the walker mech, and go on. Watch the boulders here,
otherwise you're safe. You'll come up to four crabs (one is invisible, FYI).
Keep going and you'll be chased by a giant snowball. Just keep running down
the hill. You'll have to change the direction of your run, though, since the
camera changes. Be steady as the camera changes back. Go off the ramp. Homing
attack all these crabs, and go through the freshly opened door.

Part Two
  Silver's turn. Hit the spring in front of you. You'll soon begin to realize
how handy psychoshock is. Jump from platform to platform. Before you jump off
the last platform, note the searchlight. If you get spotted by one, many more
enemies come in. Silver, luckily, can take it out from far away. To do so,
instead of jumping over the laser and falling, try to land on the platform
across from you with the two crates and two boulders. If you don't make it,
use the spring on the ground. Hurl one thing right at the light to take it
out. Jump below and take the spring next to the searchlight. Take the next
spring; you'll land on a thin area with two mechs on it. You'll want to go to
the platform on your right (DON'T jump down yet). There'll be a symbol up
there - activate it. Cross the two raised crates and hurl an explosive box at
the searchlight. to take it out. Now jump down and go near the searchlight.
You'll see a lower area with another searchlight. There's a little icy pond
almost immediately below you. Jump down to that when the searchlight is
looking away and hide behind the steel crate if the light comes back. Sneak
around if possible. If this particular one sees you, the enemies aren't too
hard, and you can still continue without having to kill them. Jump onto the
next platform and two walker mechs will appear. Don't get too close or the
next light will see you. This one's hard to hit, also, so hide behind crates
and sneak up to it. Hit the spring behind it and get out of there. Go forward
and there will be a giant mech. Hurlding one of the boulders on the ground
will likely stun or kill him. The door opens. Continue, CHECKPOINT.
  Turn right and head left when you reach the guard tower. You'll go under a
bridge. Guys will apear. Look right. See a ramp? Go towards it - it has two
spike balls near its base if that helps you. You'll face a walker who shoots
lasers as well as some green egg mechs before you get there. When you reach
it, make a U-Turn so you can go up this ramp. Jump off at the end and over
the gap to an elevated area. Three red mechs appear - they like to strafe all
around you. Head right over the bridge. Two giant mechs will appear.Head right
and across the bridge again. Jump at the end of this one, because it's more
like a ramp. Follow the trail of rings to a frozen pond. Have the two flying
drill mechs shoot their rockets at you when you're standing on it, and the
ice will break. There's an extra life inside. When you look farther, you'll 
see a tree on the lower ground (the one that's closest to you). Jump off
towards it. Watch the searchlight, of course, but go in that direction. When
you reach the tree, head for the next closest tree (in almost the same
direction). There'll be quite a few enemies here. Keep running straight and
past the tree. You'll see a gap and a wall with red arrows a ways behind it.
Regular mechs will pop down when you're close. Hop over and kill them, and
continue forward. Run along the wall with red arrows and back down onto the
other side. Continue and take your first right. Two drill mechs and a walker
mech appear, but the goal is very close, so I suggest going past 'em. Anyway,
go up this slope and turn right. Goal!

_11.0   |   Cinematic - Infiltrating Eggman's base
  Silver and Blaze get there too late. That doesn't stop something from
appearing to stop them.

_11.1   |   BOSS - Egg Genesis
  This thing is weird. Keep moving and you'll be okay.
Its initial attacks:
  -Panels open on its sides and missiles come at you. Grab some, sure, but
   you won't have enough energy to grab them all, so get a few and run. The
   second wave comes quickly after the first - those missiles are more
   horizontal, so try to grab those. Throw them back at him before his second
   attack for damage. Make sure you jump to throw so you'll have a better
   chance of reaching your target.
  -It lowers itself and releases mechs. Stun these and throw them at him, or
   now would be a good time to throw crates at him.

When he's slightly damaged, he adds a new attack:
  -His arms raise and the middle light glows. A target follows you. If you
   keep running, the beam he launches won't hit you. As you run, don't hit any
   mechs on the ground.

  From then on, you'll try to hit the bottom middle of him - where the laser
shoots from. You'll slowly knock all his arms off by doing this. The closer
you are to him, the better your shot is at this (at any time), but the camera
view gets very messed up.

When his health is lower than 50%:
  -He'll launch missiles and lock his laser on at the same time. Your primary
   job is to avoid both - only try to grab if you're safe doing so.

NOTE: Hold your fire under right before he releases mechs! Right before he
      releases new mechs, he absorbs the old ones. Without mechs on the field,
      there's nothing else you can accidentally aim at!

When his second arm falls off (about 1/4 health left):
  -He'll perform the missile/laser attack, but he'll launch multiple lasers
   in a row. Same evasion, but get ready for the extra few steps.

NOTE: Use the red balls that the crab mechs shoot.

Careful! Don't drop your controller when you deplete its health. As a last
ditch effort, he tries to crash land on top of you. Keep running and you'll
be okay.

_11.2   |   Cinematic - Obtaining a Chaos Emerald
  Silver finds a blue Chaos Emerald. Blaze explains that it can transform your
thoughts into power, and that a miracle happens if you collect seven. She
suggests that he keep it as a lucky charm.

_12.0   |   Cinematic - Amy meets Elise
  Amy is wandering in Eggman's base, sneaking around to find Sonic. Elise
steps out of her cell in front of Amy. The alarm sounds. Amy decides to help
her escape.

_12.1   |   Cinematic - Elise and Amy's discussion of love
  Elise thanks Amy for rescuing her, they introduce. They talk love,
eww...gross. Unfortunately for them, they seem to be in love with the same
person (unbeknownst to them). Awkward laughter at the end.

_12.2   |   SUB - Defeat the Pursuers and Escort Elise!
  You start out on a subquest here as Amy. Head out, get the ring, turn left.
The enemies appear in a line, but use the radar if you can't find the next
one. Hammer away!

NOTE: If you manage to get on some rooftops, you can hit explosive barrels 
      which will knock spikes onto the enemies below.

This mission isn't too hard.

_12.3   |   Cinematic - Eggman attacks
  Elise is almost inside her castle, but she's captured again. No surprise,

_13.0   |   Cinematic - Head for the Train Terminal
  Shadow and Blaze run into Mephiles, who dodges their questions about the
Iblis Trigger and tells them that the Trigger is at the terminal station.

_13.1   |   TOWN
  Don't go straight yet. You need to buy Teleport Dash first. Head to the left
first, and take a left before the entrance to White Acropolis. Take the next
left and you'll be in the plaza near the shop. Go to the shop and buy
Teleport Dash ("Heart of Wind"). Besides getting into the Terminal Station,
this move has only one other good use, which is on the next boss. You should
also have now bought all of Silver's unlockable abilities, which will earn
you the "Psychic Soldier" achievement. Anyway, double-tap A to teleport dash.
  There is a subquest (13.2) against the wall of the warehouse.
  Otherwise head back to where you started and go in the direction you were
facing. You'll instantly start the next subquest (13.3), which leads you
right to Radical Train.

NOTE: There is a pidgeon you can talk to named Hatsun in the warehouse area.
      Nothing special, but interesting.

_13.2   |   SUB - Lost Company Property
  You have to find the "secret" hidden in the warehouse area.
  Walk around in various places, and plenty of "secrets" will pop out and
attack you. Find and kill them all to win.
  You should already know how to kill these guys. But a few notes: The purple
crawlers now jump. Also the eels can now go underground. They then try to pop
up under you.
  Remember to walk around the whole warehouse. You'll find them all.
  He says "There really was a monster...". There was a lot more than one! 

_13.3   |   SUB - Get into the station!
This mission is unrealistic.
  Suddenly, blue barrels have appeared everywhere! You have to sneak into
the station!
  Teleport dash past a few barrels and run. If you're seen, try again. It's
an S rank or a fail, really.

_14.1   |   ACT - Radical Train
"Find Sonic!"
  Float along the rings and drop down. Kill the crabs.
  What the ?'s are trying to tell you is that these are weighted scales.
Whichever weighs more drops more.
  Jump onto the first scale, then the second, then onto the low platform
(it's not worth the effort to get higher). Turn right and follow the platform.
Jump left onto the belts. If the conveyor changes direction, switch sides.
Otherwise, follow it to the spring, and get onto the higher belt. Move to the
other side and use that spring to get onto another solid platform. Follow that
platform to the end (If you did manage to use the scales at the beginning to
get to the high area, you'll be here).
  Drop a crate on the end of the first platform of the scale. Jump off of it
to get up to the scale's second platform, then go forward onto the conveyor.
At the end, jump over to the platform. Hit the "gauge-up" box along the jump
or you won't make it. 
  Kill these enemies for an extra life. Otherwise, jump to the gray floating
platform past the cage with the 1-up. From the edge of that platform, you can
make it to the third scale. Get rid of both of these boxes to even the last
scale, and from there jump into the hole in the building. You actually don't
need to kill the enemies here. Actually, stand by the door without killing
them. They'll shoot missiles at you, which, if you evade them, will break the
door. Go on. CHECKPOINT.
  Defeat all these mechs to open the cage. When it's open, use the spring.
When you land, I suggest defeating the crabs to unlock the spring. If you do,
you'll go conveyor-hopping and jump down. If you don't use the spring, you'll
go platform-hopping on the ground, and there'll be enemies. You'll end up at a
white walker mech, where Silver intelligently points out that he cannot grab
laser beams with Psychokinesis. Same deal here. Kill him for an easier walk to
the next part, otherwise go platform hopping. There's an extra life underneath
the crates that are closest to the shield cage.
  You'll end up in an area with two yellow harder-to-kill mechs on crates. I
personally think they're not worth it. Instead go right to the train tracks
and follow them down. When you get far enough down, there'll be a spring on
the left. Use it.
  Now this enemy is an invisible armored wasp drone. My absolute least
favorite enemy. The first armored or invisible one Silver has seen. Contrary
to what he says, Silver can jump up and use a midair stun attack to paralyze
this guy. From there, easy kill - though you don't need to kill him unless 
you're going for the silver medals. Either way just take the next spring on
this platform. You land in another room with a door you need to break down.
This time, break it yourself, it's not too hard. Same deal as before, you
don't have to kill anyone here. Continue through here. Goal.

_15.0   |   Cinematic - Shadow appears
Silver finds Sonic, who evades his inital attack, but Silver eventually traps
him while, again, Elise is recaptured. Hovever, a hedgehog who Silver thinks
is Mephiles, but who actually is Shadow, steps in the way and, again, lets
Sonic escape. Shadow challenges Silver.

_15.1   |   BOSS - Shadow the Hedgehog
  Time to fight Shadow. He's harder than Sonic was. But you have a new
advantage, too. Jump down to start fighting.
Shadow's initial attacks:
  -When he's too far to hit you, he'll jump in the air and charge up a Chaos
   Spear to throw at you. If it hits you, you'll be dazed and vulnerable for 
   one of his other attacks (just like what you did to Sonic when you fought
  -If he's close enough, he uses a homing attack. He also gives little
   warning, unlike Sonic. This attack also will reach you no matter how far
   away Shadow is.

  To evade either of these, use the teleport dash at the right time, or throw a
barrel at him to hurt him and stop his attack.

  -Also, when he's on the ground and close to you, he'll use his spinning
   kick move (the tornado).

  Like Sonic was, when you hit him, he will be dazed, and vulnerable for you
to grab him or to throw more objects at him.

NOTE: If you want to stay clear for a while, get back up to where you started.
      His Chaos Spear will hit and daze you, but his actual attacks won't
      reach you.

  When Shadow's health is 50% or lower, he will trigger a Chaos Boost - he
glows red and gains stronger abilities, and one attack changes.
  -His Chaos Spear is now a Chaos Lance. Instead of dazing you, this one
   actually hurts you on impact.

NOTE: Remember you can pick up and throw mining tools on the ground.

You'll be able to defeat him if you throw constantly.

_15.2   |   Cinematic - 10 years ago
  Shadow uses Chaos Control to slow time and knock Silver to the ground.
Silver, determined not to lose after coming this far, takes out his emerald,
and they both use Chaos Control at the same time. The result opens up a portal
through time. Shadow tells Silver that Mephiles has been decieving him. He
says that Mephiles doesn't want to save the future, but to destroy the past,
and that they would both have to travel back 10 years in time to know the
truth. They hop in the portal.

_16.0   |   Cinematic - The accident 10 years ago
Shadow and Silver land in a narrow hallway. Cut to the Solaris project.
Scientists are having a hard time containing it, and a young Elise runs into
the room as Solaris is about to burst. Her father jumps over her to save her
from the explosion. Shadow and Silver hear it and rush in that direction.
Solaris breaks up into Iblis and Mephiles, and Shadow and Silver must split up
to contain them both. Silver decides to rush after Iblis, while Shadow takes

_16.1   |   ACT - Aquatic Base
"Follow Iblis!"
  Drop down below. The gray bubbles can be grabbed, but they're not very
reliable. They sometimes merge together instead of hit targets. Instead, when
you're in rooms like this, stun the enemies so you don't have to worry about
the bubbles. Make sure to grab some rings on the side (they're on what looks
like water, but you can walk on it). Crawlers pop out. Kill them to open the
door ahead.
  Now there's a short segment where you play as Shadow...
  The main attack you'll want to use is his homing attack (A in midair), but
on enemies with more health, keep pressing A and you'll keep attacking them
after the initial homing attack (called a Chaos Attack). Press X in midair
for a Chaos Spear (The move that stunned you during your boss fight with him).
Anyway, proceed into the next room.
  Chaos Attack that eel (if you have short-term memory, just press A a lot).
That's what you can do to every eel. They can burrow, though. You can even
take everyone on this floor out without touching the ground.
  Kill them all and a shield cage will open with a spring inside. Use it
(remember you can homing attack it).
  Good, Silver again.
  Jump over to the platform on the right with the shield cage on it. Activate
the symbol to open the cage. Use the spring and you'll land on the platform
the eel is on. If you're killing him, stun him here (there's not much else
you can do), then jump off and down to the other side. Two eels and some
crawlers pop up. The one on the left is right on top of a symbol that you
need to activate to shut down the laser grid. Activate that, and jump over to
the suspended platform. Ooh, it moves! Watch out, because if you jump, the
platform will keep moving and you won't. Watch the firebirds on the way, and
jump off near the golem that you should've already noticed by now. Killing
this golem helps. Head left and go straight. You'll see a switch blocked by a
laser grid. The game wants you to go to the left and maneuver around to it.
Instead, grab a crate, jump on it, and jump directly over the grid. With the
crate's height you'll make it. Hit the switch, turn around, and go straight
through the newly opened door. CHECKPOINT.
  You'll come to a cliff. A little ways ahead to the left is a platform.
You'll want to go there. However, note the gray beacon on the middle pole
(all the bubbles are floating around it). When you hit it, it'll turn blue and
all objects (including enemies) will be sucked to it within a certain radius
of itself. If you can make it up there, try it out. If not, don't worry about
it and head straight to the left platform.
  Jump from there to a suspended platform (there are two firebirds as well).
As it moves, be careful of the laser grid it passes through. Jump onto the
next platform and turn left. There's another small platform with a beacon (and
bubbles) and a suspended platform beside it. Jump to the suspended platform
(you'll make it) then to the door. Activate the symbol to open it. Kill the
three golems in here to open the door on your right. Head through, hit the
switch, head through again. Jump to the middle platform for the extra life on
the left side. Head back a few steps and jump off the platform where the
yellow fence and the crate are. From there you should see the next area.
You'll see a big bubble and a checkpoint. Head that way. CHECKPOINT.
  Jump onto the annoying big bubble. Walk in any direction and the bubble
moves in that direction. The idea is to direct it all the way through the
corridor. The lasers WILL pop the bubble and if that happens you'll be
screwed. Wait for each laser to turn off - be cautious - before proceeding 
through. This may take some lives from you.
  NOTE: I found a way to do this without the bubbles. There are tall
       platforms that actually emit the laser grid. Use the bubble to get
       close to the first "spire" (tall thin platform; they are silver with 
       black tops), and from there you can jump from spire to spire until you
       get to the next area. It is very hard to position your landings,
  Either way, jump off when you can and land on the ramp leading up to a door.
Kill the three enemies to open it. Go through.
  Now you have to maneuver down a chasm filled with lasers. Jump over the
first laser and to the opposite side, and let yourself fall. You'll be on a
smaller platform. Walk off that platform and you're on the bottom. Get the
10 Rings and go through the door.
  This room is almost identical to the room you started in, except that there
are more, stronger (purple) enemies here, and you'll be unlocking the left
door to proceed. Kill the enemies straight ahead (the birds take two hits
and they dive, quite a pain) and head into the door. Some crawlers are eager
to see you. Show them some love.

Part Two
  This is a stange room. It's too quiet. Walk forward. There we go, some
crawlers. Kill them and walk forward some more. Oh, a golem. Walk forward some
more. Oh, some eels. Kill them all. The door opens.
  Another chasm. Yay. No dangers here, so just drop down, but try to maneuver
to the extra life and the rings on the way down. Go through the door. Wait
for the purple firebirds to dive at you, and kill them (or at least a few).
Jump over the pipe and the laser grid and land on the suspended platform. Jump
over the next grid and land on the path. CHECKPOINT.
  Force open the door.
  Another big bubble! Use it. Two ways through here:
1) Use the bubble. Go between the laser grid and the left platform, and
   quickly to avoid the eel. Do the same for the next area, but the opening is
   to the right. Head straight and stop before the next grid, which spans
   across the whole width of the area. Jump off the bubble momentarily to the
   right and hit a switch. Now get back on and move through. When you get to
   the grid next to a second big bubble, jump off onto the big platform.
2) Jump to the left platform and hit the gray beacon. No more eel. Jump
   diagonally forward and to the right (to the next circular platform). This
   is a tough jump, so don't just hold A down the whole time, span it out.
   Hit the beacon here to kill some birds. Go straight ahead, and jump across
   the abyss to a higher, smaller platform with a switch. Hit that. You just
   turned off a grid. Jump onto the middle spire - near the grid you just
   turned off. From there jump to the small platform to your left and hit the
   beacon to potentially kill some eels ahead. Jump to the big platform ahead
   that the eels are/were on.

  Now both ways should be at the platform with a second bubble. You can switch
from your previous method here or continue the way you had been.
1) Hop on the second bubble. This is more straightforward. There are two laser
   grids you need to pass. Wait for them to temporarily go down to cross them.
   Before you cross the second, there's an extra life on the platform with the
   eels. Jump off at the door.
2) I don't recommend this way because of the last jump, but it's possible.
   Navigate down the big platform and through the enemies. Jump from the end
   of this platform to the one the golem is standing on. Actually, there are
   two golems on it. To kill them, wait 'til they try to smash you, then you
   can stun them. Head to the platform ahead and to the right with two eels on
   it. Kill them and take the extra life. Jump onto the spire in front of you.
   From here, jump to the door. This is a ridiculously hard jump, but I got it
   on my second try. Spin around in circles on the spire if needed, so you'll
   start your jump with speed.

  Okay, now you're at the door. Activate the symbol to open it. Another
strange room. Head straight to the beacon in the middle. Hit it. All the
birdies die. Head into the left door that just opened. There are laser grids
here. Jump over the first, walk under the second, and jump over the third.
Now you're in a room that looks like the one you started this part of the
level in.
  Kill the many, many enemies in here. It may help to stand on the left or
right risers to do so. Kill the last one. Goal.

_16.2   |   Cinematic - Iblis' seal
  Silver is containing Iblis when Elise's father (presumably the King of
Soleanna) walks in with Elise. He says he has his duty, sets Elise down, and
uses a Chaos Emerald's power to cause Iblis to remain dormant in Elise's soul.
He asks Silver to take her to a safe place, because he is dying. Silver
nods. He tells the sleeping Elise to never cry, or the Eternal Flames will be
unleashed. The king dies.

_16.3   |   Cinematic - The talisman
  Silver and Shadow meet outside. They both have completed their task. Silver
sets Elise down, and Shadow leaves the scepter, knowing what will happen to it
in the future. They create another portal with Chaos Control, and Shadow jumps
in, but before Silver leaves, he gives Elise his blue Chaos Emerald as a lucky

_17.0   |   Cinematic - Meeting up with Blaze
  Blaze is waiting on Silver when he returns. Silver explains that Sonic
wasn't the Iblis Trigger. They look over at a noisy crowd, which is murmuring
over the princess's capture by Eggman. Silver realizes that Eggman may want
to release Iblis, and they head off to help.

_17.1   |   TOWN
  Walk forward for the first subquest (17.2). When you complete it, you'll be
at the gate to the forest, where you evidently need to go.
  There is a guy with a funny subquest (17.3) at the fountain down the road
from the entrance to the forest.
  Go into the forest. If you talk to the bishop first, he'll tell you that 
you need to complete trials just like Sonic.

_17.2   |   SUB - Protect Anna-- She Knows the Secret!
  Kill the enemies and protect Anna. The enemies appear in a linear fashion,
so just don't let any missiles hurt her, and take enemies out quickly, and 
you're okay. Well, she's okay. Make sure you grab some rings at the start
and hold onto them.

_17.3   |   SUB - Sonic Man Returns!
  I laughed at this one. Sonic Man. Haha.
  This one is so dorky it's funny. You're faster than Sonic Man (I think even
Tails is faster than him), so follow the arrows and keep running. There is a
fork in the road, but it doesn't matter which direction you take
  You'd better win. This is easy.

_18.1   |   TOWN
  You're in the forest now. Good for you. Remember that altar thing you
started on when you first arrived in this timeline? That's where you're going.
Head up the bridge and to the top of the hill.
  You have only three subquests left in total if you completed all the earlier
ones, and these three are all mandatory.
  Head toward the castle. You'll eventually see the altar area. Go up it.
  The man on the left tests you with the Trial of Friendship (18.2).
  After you pass, the man on the right has the Trial of Memory (18.3).
  After that, the man in the middle has the final test, the Trial of
Heart (18.4).
  Beat those trials, (and if you beat every TOWN subquest you unlock an
achievement), and an eagle will swoop down in the middle of the altar. Hop on.
He'll drop you right next to your next level.

_18.2   |   SUB - The Test of Friendship
  It's really not much of a test. Save Blaze. Why wouldn't you? Kill the
enemies to save her.
  You have a lot at your disposal and quite a bit of time.
  Stun a lot. It helps.
  Once they're all gone, the shield cage will open. Go over to Blaze to win.

_18.3   |   SUB - The Test of Memory
  Right, right, left. That's the simple way.
  If you want to actually try to answer the questions, read them quickly
because time still ticks when they're talking. The questions basically test
you on if you remember which character you are.

_18.4   |   SUB - The Test of Heart
  Battle enemies without using any objects. There aren't any for you to use.
  This is simple. I've already advocated stun attacks and psychoshock. Use
them here and throw the enemy. You can still also catch any missiles thrown
at you.
  This should be a breeze.

_19.0   |   Cinematic - Things have changed
  Sonic is running in to save Elise when many mechs drop down. They're about
to shoot when they're all grabbed by Silver's Psychoshock. Silver jumps into
view, and destroys them all. Silver tells Sonic that circumstances have
changed and he needs to rescue the Princess. They both continue.

_19.1   |   ACT - Kingdom Valley
"Follow the Egg Carrier!"
  Kingdom Valley is my favorite level for all three characters, so have fun.
  Immediately turn around and jump off. Hit the platform all the way against
the wall on the ground. There's an extra life there. Use the spring to get
back up.
  Kill more mechs and follow the path.
SHORTCUT: Take a crate to the end of the path (before you turn left), look
          right, and throw it at the tower. Skip the next paragraph.
  At the broken stairs, activate the symbol to make stairs come up. Walk up
them. Go inside the building by holding the right trigger, which will make the
bars split. Kill all the enemies here - you can actually stay outside and kill
them without any potential harm (by catching missiles through the cage wall).
The door will open. I still had some missiles here, so I just threw those at
the tower to take it out. You can also jump down (this is the area you started
in) and throw crates at it. Or use the pendulums by standing on them and
directing the second one at the tower.
  Jump on the platform you just knocked the tower off of. From there, jump to
where the crabs are (the base of the staircase). If the tower on your left
isn't already gone, knock it over. Go up the stairs if you want, but there's
just 20 Rings up there. I'd just turn left (or straight if you're coming down
the stairs) and jump on the second tower's platform. Walk across and from
there jump to the base of the lower staircase. Go up, kill the mechs. The crab
mechs actually are difficult here, notably the ones on the walls. Bend the
bars to your left (Right Trigger) and continue. CHECKPOINT.
  There will be three annoying mechs shooting at you. Instead of throwing the
crates, just jump over and take them on with stun attacks. Go up the broken
ramp, jump off, and use the spring. Armored wasp guy. Sigh. And he shoots
lasers now. Jump at him and stun him, and hope it works the first time. Bend
the bars for some rings. Otherwise, go right. Jump off and levitate along the
ring trail to the spring. The platform you land on is one of three that can be
broken and fall to (but not under) the water. If you want the extra life
between the second and third platforms, get it before you break the platforms.
Whether the platforms are on the ground or in the air, jump to the third one,
then jump forward off of it, and onto the ramp with the trail of rings on it.
Jump on the second ramp. Go down and use the spring. Land on the platform
ahead and kill the wasp (preferrably before he calls in reinforcements). Go to
the left side of this platform and jump on the ramp or the base of the stairs,
whichever is more comfortable for you. Some spike balls are or will be falling
down the stairs, so be careful when you walk up. Kill all the crabs to open
the door on your right. Kill the many enemies through the door. Go down the
stairs on your right, and turn left at the bottom. CHECKPOINT.
  Grab the pendulum and throw it at the tower. Jump to where the tower was. 
See the gauge-up box? Fly to it, and then you can reach the bridge without
breaking it. Otherwise...break it. With one of the gold mech's missiles, or
wait for it to break by itself (because it will eventually). Go through the
mechs toward the building. If the bridge hasn't broken, go to the building
and bend the cage bars. Walk inside. Otherwise, activate the symbol, go up the
stairs, bend the bars, and walk inside. Kill all the enemies to open the
shield cage. Use the spring inside it, and land on the windowsill. Let your
gauge replenish, then jump down to where the mechs are. Keep going under the
moving spike wall and turn left. CHECKPOINT.
  The platform you can see on the right is where you're going. Head down the
stairs, using the rocks to kill the red mechs over there (if you want), and
jump onto the steel crate at the bottom. Lift it, and move yourself over to
the platform. Jump off when you're close enough. Killing the mechs there is
optional, but behind the giant mech is a bendable cage with an extra life
inside along with some crab mechs. Otherwise, go left and jump on the ramp
with rings on it. There are some breakable platforms in the middle that you
want to break. Use the crates on the right wall to break the first one, and
the crates on the first one to break the second one, etc. There's 15 rings and
a 1-up on the left wall, and the second and third platform both have red
walker mechs on them. From the third platform, jump toward the floating box of
rings and land on the base of the stairs. Go up, kill the stupid armored wasp
to open the door. There are two giant mechs in here. Head to where they
are/were and turn right. FYI, if you kill the giant mechs, some rolling crabs
will appear in the same place. Watch out.
  Anyway, follow the path. Ride on the eagle at the end.

Part Two
  This level seems long when I write it out, doesn't it?
  Kill the enemies in the building. Now you're Sonic!
  Head down the road, run for a while. When you go off the ramp you'll
automatically land on the rope. When you bounce on it, homing attack through
the mechs here in a chain that leads you to the spring (which is on the
steeple in the middle). Remember, you'll hit the spring with a homing attack
(that's very important here). More running, a jump, more running. Press A to
jump off each building when you land sideways on it, or you'll fall and die.
You'll break through the glass into a building.
  If you've played at all through Sonic's campaign and had time to buy his
Bounce attack (X in midair), use it while jumping on top of the giant mech for
a quick kill. Take out these enemies nonetheless. The door opens. Head through
it and down the road. Silver will go on ahead. CHECKPOINT.
  Head down the road to the symbol. Activate it. Head down the stairs,
ignoring the crab mechs. At the bottom, jump over the spikes and land on the
spring. Continue forward. Jump in the direction of the ring trail toward the
pendulum. Then the next pendulum. Then the next one. Then to the bottom of the
building. Take a crate and knock over the tower in front of you. Jump to where
the tower was. Wait for a mech to see you, catch a missile, and use it to
knock the next tower over. Jump to where it was. Exact same thing with the
next tower. Grab the eagle flying around the third tower. Take out these
enemies to win. Good job!

_19.2   |   Cinematic - Each future
  Sonic, Blaze, and Silver are too slow, and they watch the Egg Carrier get
away. Suddenly, its engines fail and it crashes! Sonic is devastated because
of Elise. Silver, though, reminds him that there's a way to change this - by
going back in time. Silver and Sonic induce a Chaos Control and Sonic uses it
to save the present (giving Silver his emerald), while Silver and Blaze return
to the future to stop Iblis.

_20.0   |   Cinematic - Return to the future
  Silver and Blaze are in the devastated future again. Silver, holding the
emeralds, says he knows how to save the future without changing the past. They
hurry on.

_20.1   |   ACT - Flame Core
"Hurry to Iblis!"
  The classic lava level.
  Jump in the forward direction across the pieces of ground floating on the
lava. Get those rings.
  If you fall in the lava, run on top of it during the time you're invincible
and get back onto a platform.
  You'll have to go over to the right side, where there are some stationary
platforms, travel up those.
  When you get to the symbol, jump onto the lower ground with the red crate
(the symbol lets you get a silver medal).
  Kill the enemies ahead and activate the symbol behind the eel. Two platforms
subsequently rise up, go up them and onto the area past them. Kill the golem,
then the firebirds, to open the shield cage. Use the spring inside. Kill all
the enemies up here, and that strange looking door with purple things on it
will open. Go inside and activate the symbol, and cross after the platforms
come up. Use the symbol to open the door. CHECKPOINT.
  Use the symbol again. Jump up onto the two platforms that raise, and then 
onto the spring to your right. If you use this symbol, go left onto the rising
platform before it gets too high, and use the spring up there. If you missed
out, go forward across the platforms and use the spring near the lavafall.
Use the spring on the next platform, then you'll land near a shield cage. Kill
the firebirds to open it, then use the spring inside.
  Listen to the ?. Use the footing floating along. You have to jump quickly,
though, since they're all floating in the opposite direction (you want to go
upstream). Hop along the wall platforms as you reach them (the stable, long
areas with crates and rings).
  Eventually you'll get to a platform with crates and a shield cage. Kill the
enemies to open the cage, use the spring inside, then kill all the enemies on
top and go through the door. Activate the symbol and cross. Kill the eel on
the other side to find another symbol. Activate that and through you go.
  Let's go left here. Jump to the platform with the box of rings, then to the
next platform with the box of rings, then to the next logical platform. Follow
the trail of rings down.
  Hop over to a platform on the right - it has a steel crate on top of a
wooden one. Jump on top of the steel crate, and turn left onto the platform
with the red crate. Activate the symbol and cross the two raised platforms
onto the one with the shield cage. Kill the two crawlers to open it and use
the spring.
  On this next platform, there'll be a few enemies. Right behind the eel is a
symbol. Activate it and cross the platform you raised. Walk across this long
platform, watching out for fire raining down on you.
  Go off the ramp.

Part Two
  The eel up ahead is on top of a symbol - activate that and go into the next
room. Now you're in a dark room. Activate the symbol and step onto the glowy
platform. From there turn left and jump onto a floating platform. Hop onto the
stationary platform on your left and activate the symbol.
NOTE: Grabbing the purple things causes them to shine.
  Jump on the new glowy moving platform and from there onto the ramp to your
left-ish. Activate the next symbol at the end of the ramp and jump on the
platform you activated. When it's as far right as possible, jump straight,
onto the stationary platform close to the lavafall. It has a symbol, but it
doesn't help you. Keep heading straight and jump onto the platform with the
blue crate (straight ahead). A fully charged jump from there will get you to
the door (there's a box of rings by it), but unfortunately we can't open this
one. So activate the symbol to the left of the door and get on the platform
you activated. Jump onto the platform above, then forward again onto the path.
Watch out for the purple crawler on the wall. Follow the path and jump
straight off and onto the platform where loads of enemies spawn.
  You don't need to kill them - the opening to the door is beneath the eel on
the platform to your right. Head on through. You're out! CHECKPOINT.
  Head through this part any way you please. The symbol is right next to the
door. Go through.
  Another dark room...that soon?
  Activate the symbol and jump on the glowy platform. From there jump right to
the platform with two wood crates. Pick these up to reveal a symbol
underneath. Activate it and the platform in front of you will act as an
elevator; ride it up to a floating platform in front of you. Jump up and to
the right through the ring box to the next floating platform, then continue
heading in that direction and jump onto the path. Head down and kill the
purple crawler. Activate the symbol underneath him. You just activated two
platforms to your left - jump on one, and from that one jump to the next.
Jump from that one to the platform ahead with the purple floating ball on it.
Follow the path. There's a small gap after the crates, so jump. Kill the
purple golem. Move forward and activate the switch to open the door. Move on
through. CHECKPOINT.
  Activate the symbol ahead and cross over to the wall platform on the right
with the two eels on it. Once you get closer to that platform, more enemies
appear on it. Jump onto the next platform and activate the symbol to open the
door. An eel will pop out from under it, so watch out!
  Continue. Look, it's Iblis! The camera's messed up here because you're
looking at him. Follow the path and jump onto the first platform. Get behind
the wall here so it's between you and Iblis. If you move far enough, he'll
start attacking. This timed attack will hit you unless you're behind a wall,
so hide behind a wall, wait for the attack, and run to the next wall along the
path before it attacks again. You'll have to activate some symbols along the
NOTE: Iblis will turn red when he's about to attack. Also, no matter where you
      are, wait for the attack to be completely gone before you move, or you
      may still get hurt (even if you think it has passed you).
  When you're on the last platform, jump to the spring. You'll land on him.
  Walk a few feet forward and activate the symbol (hold it down) to kill
  Just kidding, that wasn't Iblis.
  Wait 'til the rubble clears and go into the cave ahead. Follow it, goal.

_21.0   |   Cinematic - The last battle
  Silver and Blaze run into a huge Iblis, and Silver (again) challenges him.

_21.1   |   BOSS - Iblis (Phase 3)
  Perhaps you're wondering what happened to Phase 2? Well that's the phase
that Sonic/Shadow faced.
  Attack Iblis the same way you attacked the first one - catch his attacks or
pick up objects on the ground, and throw it at him - but this does very little
  He starts far away and closes in on you.
Iblis' initial attacks:
  -Fireballs spin around him. Rather large ones. They shoot at you.
  -He gets in a meditative look and fires pulses at you. These pulses cannot
   be dodged horizontally, but they can vertically. They are fired at whatever
   vertical position you're in at the time. Meaning that you're on the ground
   so he'll fire the first one at the ground. You jump to dodge it, so he'll
   fire the second one in the air.

When he's close to the foothold:
  -He'll slam his hands down on the foothold. Jump so the shockwaves don't hit
   you. This will knock away some of your foothold. He then lowers his head.
   Quickly jump onto his head and activate the symbol to hurt him and drive
   him back.

NOTE: It's VERY important you execute the last attack mentioned, because 
      eventually he'll have completely destroyed the foothold, and you'll
      fall to your death.

  Every time you hit him, the attacks get faster and faster.
  The pulses are especially hard when fast, so just make sure you snatch up a
ring if you're hit.

When his health is low:
  -The next time he's driven back, he conjures up a ridiculously large
   fireball to try and destroy the foothold from a distance. As he throws it,
   move to the edge, stand your ground and hold the Right Trigger. Amazingly,
   you'll catch it. Hold X and throw it back! He'll keep doing this every time
   he's driven back.

NOTE: The symbol on his head and the giant fireball alone won't kill him in
      time! Send as many fireballs back as possible during the whole fight.

You'll eventually kill him!

_21.2   |   Cinematic - Sealing Iblis
  Iblis is in a defeated form similar to when Silver caught him earlier in the
story. Silver calls on the power of his two Chaos Emeralds to contain Iblis,
using his own body as a vessel. It starts to work, but he isn't seeming to be
accepted. Blaze sacrifices herself to be the vessel (since after all, she
already has fire inside her). Blaze asks Silver to quickly use Chaos Control
stop time and seal them into a different dimension. Silver doesn't want to
lose Blaze, so he can't. Blaze calls him naive again, and does the job
  Light shines upon the world as the sun comes out, and the lava starts to
fade away.
Roll the credits.

Congratulations! You've beaten Silver's storyline. Silver and Amy both have a
part in the Last Episode, but this guide does not cover that.

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