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Follow the dark path or use the light

What is the best custom class to use in multiplaye..

Guest asks: Added May 17th 2011, ID #197749

Question for Call of Duty: Black Ops

What is the best custom class to use in multiplayer


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(attackdawgs)Brody answered:
Added 20th May 2011, ID #406351

It depends. Do you like rapid fire rates? Are you a noob tuber? Do you camp out? Do you snipe? I like a ton but here is my all around class
Primary; AUG with Grenade launcher, flora camo
Secondary;Ballistic knife
Lethal grenade; semtex
Tactical grenade;flashbang
Equipment; claymore
Perk1;scavenger pro
Perk 2; sleight of hand pro
Perk 3; marathon pro
Ill get back to you later

Guest answered:
Added 25th May 2011, ID #407341

This is good for n00b tubing, going full auto on peoples rears, and being a stealthy camper.
Attachments:Extended mag, red dot
Equipment:Your choice
Perk 1:Ghost pro
Perk 2:Warlord pro
Perk 3:Ninja
Whether you're n00b tubing, exploding into mindless violence in nuketown, or bush diving in the jungle, this class is THE class.

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Guest said: 28th Feb 2017 | REPORT
m60 big ammo makes reloading no longer necessary

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jul 2011, ID #424620

Primary: Galil
Secondary: Strela 3(for taking down Spy Planes etc.) or CZ75 full auto
Lethal : Frag
Tactical : Concusion
Perk 1: Ghost Pro or just Ghost
Perk 2: Warlord Pro or regular if you don't have pro
Perk 3: Ninja
This gun gets me a lot of kills because the enemies rarely notice me and I can take down choppers effortlessly.

Guest answered:
Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #431469

Secondary:Pythoms- Speed reloader
Perk2:Slight of hand
Equipment:Your choice

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Guest said: 7th Apr 2015 | REPORT
That's the class
Guest said: 26th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Primary M60 red dot extended clip secondary Crossbow Leathal Semtex tactical flash bang Perk one scavenger Perk two warlord Perk three ninja
Guest answered:
Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #431747

My best class
AK-47 dual mag
CZ75:dual wields
Lethal semtex
Tactical concussion
Equipment Claymore
Hardline pro
Sleight of hand pro
Hacker pro

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Guest said: 1st Oct 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 3rd Dec 2014 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 11th Nov 2011, ID #454885

Secondary:Python Dual weild or crossbow
You're choice
You're choice
You're choice

Guest answered:
Added 12th Nov 2011, ID #454955

My class that works really well for me is
Primary: commando
Secondary: python dual wield or crossbow
Lethal: semtex
Tactical: nova gas
Equpment: claymore or c4
Perks: sleight of hand, marathon, lightweight

Guest answered:
Added 24th Nov 2011, ID #458203

This is my best gun on cod and gets me heaps of kills final kill cam about 50 in 70 matches average 26 kills everygame
Primary: stoner63 with red dot
Secondary: python duel weld

Equipment: claymore or c4 (claymore👍)
1 scavenger (pro or not)
2 sleight of hand (pro or not)
3 choice of marathon, hacker, or second chance (pro or not)

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Guest said: 19th Jul 2014 | REPORT
you cant get a python
Guest answered:
Added 27th Dec 2011, ID #466828

G11 gold camo low power scope



Willie Pete

Tactical Insert

Scavenger Pro

Warlord Pro

Hacker Pro

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Guest said: 31st Aug 2016 | REPORT
Warlord on a g11?
Guest said: 28th Feb 2017 | REPORT
low power scope has less zoom than iron sights. fix your class.
Guest answered:
Added 22nd Jan 2012, ID #475811

Primary: Famas + Dual Mag
Secondary: Python + Speed Reloader
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Flash bang
Equipment: Claymore / C4
Perk 1: Light Weight Pro / Flak Jacket
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk 3: Marathon

This is my damage bringing class. Any of the perks are good pro or not except lightweight which you need to be pro.

Guest answered:
Added 29th Feb 2012, ID #486719

Ak74u(rapid fire, grip)
Ballistic knife
What ever
What ever
What ever
Scavenger pro
Wailord pro
Marathon Pro

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Guest said: 26th Mar 2014 | REPORT
i rally dont like that one besucase of how fast i use the ammo
Guest answered:
Added 28th Mar 2012, ID #493633

Primary: AK47 (Suppressor)(Yukon Camo)
Secondary: Strela
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: Claymore
Perk 1: Flack Jacket
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk 3: Marathon
Face Paint: Smoke

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #512504

Ak74u suppressed gold
Whatever secondary
Scavenger pro
Slight of hand pro
Second chance pro or marathon pro

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Guest said: 28th Feb 2017 | REPORT
da golden gun
Guest answered:
Added 21st Jun 2012, ID #517128

Heres a good 1:Stoner w/Red dot and dual mag (I do green scull recticle w/ red background.Secondary:Any pistols dual weild.(I use CZ75s)Lethal:semtex or tomahawk.Tactical:Concusion or flashbang.Equipment:c4 or claymore.Perk1:Scavenger or Scavenger pro.Perk2:Sleight of hand pro.Perk3:Hacker pro.Here are some reasons you should listen to me.>Im10th prestege(no cheating)>This class works GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope this helped.Smile

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Guest said: 19th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Do you know that if you want to have red dot and dual mag you must have warload.
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jul 2012, ID #520080

My best class eva I use and kill alot is

Primary: Famas reflex sight

Secondary: Ballistic Knife

Equipment: C4

Lethal: Tomahawk

Tactical: Concussion or Flash bang

Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Pro

Perk 3: Marathon Pro

P.S. The best way to get First Blood and probably double kill/ triple kill/ multi kill is to be in the map Nuketown and run to the middle of the map where the bus is and people are there. (I'm usually Black Ops.)

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jul 2012, ID #520087

My sniper class is

Primary: L96A1 variable zoom

Secondary: CZ75 silenced

Lethal: Semtex

Tactical: Decoy (To lure people to a certain place.)

Equipment: Jammer (In case people activate a spy plane and try to get near you)

Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

Perk 2: Scout Pro

Perk 3: Ninja Pro

Good sniping point might be in the map Jungle next to the bridge.

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Guest said: 28th Feb 2017 | REPORT
pure sniper. use only on medium-large/large maps
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jul 2012, ID #520090

My best shotgun class is

Primary: Stakeout (Grip)

Secondary: CZ75 w/ Full auto or RPG

Equipment: Claymore

Perk 1: Flak Jacket Pro

Perk 2: Steady Aim Pro

Perk 3: Second Chance Pro

Guest answered:
Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #520846

AK74u with rapid fire and grip RPG or ballistic knife
Semtex, flash bang, claymore or motion sensor
Flak Jacket pro (so you don't get killed by claymores and unharmed by fire)
Warlord pro
Hacker pro

Guest answered:
Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #521402

I say use what best fits you and practice with that class until you get use to it. Right now I'm using:

Commando Assault Rifle w/Red dot sights and Silencer

CZ75 Pistol w/Silencer

Semtex Grenade

Concussion Grenade

Camera Spike

Ghost Pro

Warlord Pro

Ninja Pro

Care Package
Rolling Thunder

If you wish to use this class then be my guest.
I hope this info helps you kick some A**
And good luck.

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Aug 2012, ID #533939

Rapid fire


Concussions (so you could move fast)
Equipments depends on the game you're playing

*ghost pro
Slight of hand pro
Hacker pro

Guest answered:
Added 9th Sep 2012, ID #538304

-G-11 No attachment
-Crossbow or any explosive secondary

-doesn't matter

-Hardline or flak jacket
-Hardened (G-11 is fast reload and has plenty ammo)
-Hacker or Ninja if you using flak jacket

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Guest said: 28th Feb 2017 | REPORT
finally!! someone understands what "low power" means!!! iron sights is best!!!
Guest answered:
Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #540382

Primary: kiparis with silencer and extended mag
Secondary :python with quick revolver
Perk 1: lightweight pro
Perk 2:warlord pro
Perk 3:marathon pro

Guest answered:
Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #544551

I have three classes I use depending on how I want to handle a fight.

1. Shotgun
Olympia (one hit kills)
M72 LAW (free fire is good for distance)
Semtex, Concussion, Claymore
Ghost, Sleight of Hand, Marathon

2. Machine gun
AK47 + Red dot(good stats, quick reload)
Strela-3 (take that killstreaks)
Semtex, Concussion, Claymore
Hardline, Sleight of Hand, Marathon

3. Sniper
FN-FAL + red dot, silencer (easier to hold steady and more ammo than sniper rifles, which I suck with)
Frag grenade, Concussion, Jammer
Ghost, Warlord, Second Chance

Guest answered:
Added 13th Nov 2012, ID #550878

Tryhard Class
Famas Dual Mag
M1911 Extented Mag
Hardline Pro
Sleight Of Hand Pro
Marathon Pro
Trust I'm 15th Prestige
If You Want More Add Me On PS3(Only)

Guest answered:
Added 10th Dec 2012, ID #556211

Primary: galil/silencer/extended mag

Secondary:python/dual weild



Perk 1: ghost pro

Perk 2: warlord pro

Perk 3:hacker pro

TRY IT Smile

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #558681

Aug suppressor
And what ever you want

Guest answered:
Added 26th Dec 2012, ID #559356

Mine is this
Main weapon:hk21 any attachment
Second :cz75 full auto
Lethal : semtex
Tactical c4
Perk 1 : flack jacket pro
Perk 2 : hardened pro
Perk 3 : ninja pro
Face paint : death

Guest answered:
Added 19th Feb 2013, ID #572138

Good in TDM or Demo: M14/Grip/Extended Mags-Python/Speed Reloader-Perk 1:Scavenger(if you tend to use all your ammo from spraying)-Perk 2:Warlord-Perk 3:Hacker- Lethal:Any-Tactical: any

Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:
Added 17th Mar 2013, ID #577262

Primary: M16 extended mag
Secondary:CZ75 extended mag
Equipment: Claymore
Tactical: Willie Pete
Lethal: Frag Grenade

Perks: Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, Second Chance

Guest answered:
Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #581571

Primary:stoner63. Attatchment:red dot sight(skull custumisation) secondary:crossbow explosive tip leathal:semetex tactical:nova gas perk1:hardline perk2:sleight of hand pro perk3:tactical mask equiptment:camera spike

Guest answered:
Added 11th Apr 2013, ID #582286

One class that I can use and depend on is

Attachments:extended mag

Attachment:full auto upgrade

Perk 1 lightweight pro
Perk 2 sleight of hand pro
Perk 3 marathon

Lethal: Semtex

Equipment: claymore
I usually call this class swiftness because it is swift

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Apr 2013, ID #584073

Famas (silenced)
Python Dual Wield
Motion sensor
Sleight of hand pro

Guest answered:
Added 5th May 2013, ID #586138

For sniping
Psg1 variable zoom and silencer
Python speed reloader
Willy pete
Ghost pro
Warlord pro
Hacker pro
Have fun!!!

seniru1 answered:
Added 28th Oct 2013, ID #606874

Primary: AK47 w/dual mag
Secondary: Python w/speed reload
Lethal: Semtex
Other thing: Concussion
Perk 1: Hardline pro
Perk 2: Sleight of hand pro
Perk 3: Second chance pro

Guest answered:
Added 16th Dec 2013, ID #610850

Primary: commando w/silencer


Steady aim pro

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jan 2014, ID #615339

Primary. Olympia
Secondary. Crossbow
Lethal. Tomahawk
Tactical. Decoy
Hard line pro
Hardened Pro
Marathon Pro

Guest answered:
Added 20th Apr 2015, ID #660948

Primary - AUG with suppressor
Secondary - python duel wield
Lethal - frag
Tactical - flash bang
Equipment - claymore
Perk 1 - scavenger pro
Perk 2 - sleight of hand pro
Perk 3 - hacker pro

Guest answered:
Added 6th Aug 2016, ID #682499

A good class to use would be...
Galil w/ Red Dot and Ice/Gold camo
Cz75 w/ Full auto upgrade
Scavenger Pro or Hardline Pro (only use hardline if you really really need your kill streaks quick)
Sleight of Hand Pro
Marathon Pro

Guest answered:
Added 28th Feb 2017, ID #687794

Primary: Famas ACOG, Gold camo (this is the golden gun)
Secondary: Python speed reloader OR CZ75 full auto
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical:decoy(citadel/overwatch/camp) OR flashbang/concussion (offensive)
Equipment claymore
Perk 1:scavenger pro (so you can make that 11 kill streak)
Perk 2:slight of hand pro
Perk 3:hacker pro (why place equipment when you can steal other people's!)
Good for everything. High fire rate for close quarters, high accuracy for long range.


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