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Halo 3 Cheats and Tips

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Plenty of cheats for this great game including Multiplayer ranks, Skull locations and unlocking armour.

More Halo 3 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 271 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Halo 3 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Halo 3 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlockable Armour

To have any chance of getting through Halo 3 alive you're going to need armour. Below is a list of the armour available and what the task is you have to do to unlock it.

Elite Armour

Unlock Ascetic Body - Get the 'Up Close and Personal' Achievement.

Unlock Ascetic Head - Get the 'Steppin' Razor' Achievement.

Unlock Ascetic Shoulders - Get the 'Overkill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Body Unlock 'Triple Kill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Head - Get the 'Overkill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Shoulders - Get the 'Killing Frenzy' Achievement.

Unlock Flight Body - Complete Tsavo Highway On Herioic or Legendary.

Unlock Flight Head - Complete Campaign mode on Heroic difficulty.

Unlock ..

Halo 3 Guide has an exclusive guide for Halo 3. You can check it out here: Halo 3 Guide

It is a complete walkthrough of the game with color and printer friendly versions. There are other goodies too such as free Halo 3 wallpapers.

If you are just looking for Skulls, then check out our complete Skulls Location Guide:

Skulls Location Guide - NOW INCLUDES VIDEOS

If you need help with Terminals, then our Terminal Location Guide may be of help to you:

Terminal Location Guide

Multi-Player Ranks

The following is a list of the Skill and Experience which is required to advance in rank from recruit to General. You can skip ranks if there is a set skill requirement.


Recruit - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:1


Apprentice - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:2

Apprentice Grade 2 - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:3


Private - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:5

Private Grade 2 - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:7


Corporal - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:10

Corporal Grade 2 - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:15


Sergeant - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:20

Sergeant Grade 2 - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:30

Sergeant Grade 3 - Skill Needed: 0 EXP:40

Unlock Multiplayer Medals

These medals are unlocked when you complete the indicated tasks in Multi-Player. When you get a medal it will appear in the corner of the screen as confirmation, to check your overall medal count visit Bugies official website. Some of the medals in the game are 'Secret' medals and will not appear on screen but will be listed in your medal history.

Unlock 'Double Kill!' Medal:

Kill 2 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

Unlock 'Triple Kill!' Medal:

Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

Unlock 'Overkill!' Medal:

Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

Unlock 'Killtacular!' Medal:

Kill 5 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

Unlock 'Killtrocity!' Medal:

Kill 6 opponents within 4 seco..

How to steal the Covenant Anti-Air Wraith in campaign

OK this is probably going to sound challenging at first but trust me once you get the hang of it like I have, you'll steal them with ease. Here's how. To steal an AA Wraith you need to take out the gunner, next you need to remove the hood of it without killing the driver. I usually use a couple of plasma grenades or I punch it carefully until it's almost ready to fall off. Next this is the hard part. You need to jump on it NOT BOARDING IT but stand on it over the driver and crouch. You should be crouching to where you don't get the "Hold RB to board enemy vehicle" message and you should be over the driver. Next hold RB and while holding, shoot the driver in the head and when he dies your player will jump in the AA Wraith! This can be tricky to do but it is really fun becau..

Longshore skull location

Go to longshore in forge mode and go into monitor mode. Go to the side of the map where there is a fronks billboard sign on a wall and a rectangular metal piece going up the wall. In between the metal piece and the wall is the skull.

1 armed spartan :)


Supercheat17 yet again. This cheat is more of a glitch. Ok, first go to forge. Spawn a flamethrower.have 1 person a human the other a robot ball thing. Both players must grab the flamethrower at the same time. You will know this when the humans arms are in the air the robot will be holding nothing but something. Then the robot deletes the flamethrower and 1 of the spartans arms will be gone.

Please rate a 10!

Armour help

Here are a few corrections to help people out with the armour:

Katana is unlocked by obtaining 1000 or more gamerscore(katana is still glitchy)and can be obtained offline(by means of mythic map pack download or halo 3 mythic disk from halo 3 odst{with the mythic disk 1100 gamerscore is possible, as proof I made the gamertag dropic})

Security head is unlocked by obtaining 1000 or more gamerscore(Security head is still glitchy)and can be obtained offline(by means of mythic map pack download or halo 3 mythic disk from halo 3 odst{with the mythic disk 1100 gamerscore is possible, as proof I made the gamertag dropic})

Commando shoulder are unlocked at start(make a new account and check if you don't beleive me) due to them being so glitchy

Break off turret but turret will still be threre.

In order to perform this glitch you must run up to an turret and hold Rb and B at the same time before you get to the turret.(please note that this glitch may take a few times to get it right.

All armour and how to get them!!

Please rate!!

Elite Armour

Unlock Ascetic Body - Get the 'Up Close and Personal' Achievement.

Unlock Ascetic Head - Get the 'Steppin' Razor' Achievement.

Unlock Ascetic Shoulders - Get the 'Overkill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Body Unlock 'Triple Kill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Head - Get the 'Overkill' Achievement.

Unlock Commando Shoulders - Get the 'Killing Frenzy' Achievement.

Unlock Flight Body - Complete Tsavo Highway On Herioic or Legendary.

Unlock Flight Head - Complete Campaign mode on Heroic difficulty.

Unlock Flight Shoulders - Complete The Ark on Heroic difficulty or higher.

Spartan Armour

Unlock EOD Body - Complete Tsavo Highway on Le..

Last Resort Glitch

This is kind of a pointless glitch but if you want to make a trap with a teleporter, This could work. Go to Last Resort in Forge mode, Then go to the room with the switch that lowers those yellow flashing barricades. Go to the suspended walk way. Turn into the Monitor and go the fence on the side that isn't open. Go to the top of it so your over it but not on it. Push forward and boost with LT until you move. Turn into your spartan/elite and you will be behind the fence.

Marine army

Ok if you want an army of marines the you can mess around with it's realy simple to get them only in coopritive campain mode. First you go to the level The covenent rally point alpha so you get to the hornet part you go to the a.a. Wraith island kill all of the enemys. Next you have to destroy all of the vehicle and if your standin in the right spot a marine will have to bring you a honet. After that have the other player drive the hornet into the water then another marine will bring you a hornet do the same thing.Sonn youll have lots of marines to play with and if you stack your hornets you also can have them dive the hornets so youll have an army of hornets. I hope this help you with having fun on Halo 3.

[Glitch]Almost Invincible Area On Rat's Nest

Drive mongoose or warthog up to the fence across from the cliff,and park the vehicle driver side (left).Get out of the vehicle and you should be inside of the fence.

Secret skull ()splazer()

To start it out I don't have xbox live, the skull is in cortana and it's in the room with the 3 generator things you have to destroy. So make your way across the room to the oppisite side from where you started from get on top of the railing and crouch jump to get ontop of the mushroom ledge(1 player) in 2 player put up a deployable shield both players stand on it and then have 1 player jump on the other and jump off to get to ledge. Anyways,now go across the walkway you have found and go to ontop of where you started(other side of room)you will see once close enough a skull pick it up (note: it dosn't pop up as a skull in the skull selection page nor a aceivment) and if you finnish the level you get a spartan lazer for the next mission I will try to upload pictures to my profile if you ..

Bird hunting spartan

In the multiplayer map there are birds that fly abouve the map. If you and your friends are board on that map just go bird hunting if you do hit a bird A. They fall out of the sky and you can go find them after they hit the grounb B. You can not stick them it just goes threw them and C. They are somewhat hard to hit. Also they are yellow birds with alittle black on them

Have fun bird hunting(hope there in season)

Holy crap i found out how to be invincible in forge on vahala

This glitch might work on other maps but I'm not sure. Ok this glitch is actually 2 glitches in one so first you need to go to forge and (you need two players) you spawn a gravity hammer. (this first part is the exo arm glitch).

Set the gravity hammer so that it spawns in 10 seconds and that it's run time minimum is 1. You need to have one player as the ball (oracle) editor dude, and another player in the regular human form. The person in human form needs to pick up the gravity hammer at the same time as the oracle. To do this you need good timing. Have the human grap the hammer with RB and about a half a second later the oracle grabs it with A. If you did this right the human will be weilding the hammer on his screen but on the editors screen his arms will be facing behind hi..

Heretic skull location

Go to heretic in forge and go into monitor mode. Go up to where the energy sword is located and turn to the blue side of the map and you will see the skull

Orbiter off the edge

In the level halo on one player you start off with the roket launcher on the snow ledge so what you do is shoot the orbiter off the edge then keep your eyes on him and he will come alive on the bottom and as long as you keep your eyes on the triangle over him even through walls he will stay there if you look away he will telleport to you.

Here is something cool!

Are you tired of all of the time you take reloding? I stumbled across something while in Forge Mode: When you are about to reaload, turn into the oracle and when you turn back (right after you turn into him, turn back) your ammo will be refilled!

Warning: Only works on forge mode!!!

I hope I helped!


Easter Egg: Chief's Bullet

First find any type of human gun and fire a bullet,then go to theater and pause

Once you see the bullet shell and then zoom into the back of it. You'll see the words CHIEF EG-X on it.

How to lower your gun

If you watch RvB and stuff like that you'll love this. Also it's good for vidios.

LB,RB,left analog, down directional pad, "A". You gun is now lowered, to raise it shoot,melee or grenade.

Float in mid air

First of all it really ain't a cheat it's a glitch.. Do the mission the covenent do rally point bravo.. Whenever you fight the scarabs get in the hornet fly to the end of the cliff... Get as low as you can... Jump out and you will float...

Flipping an elephant at sandtrap

Ok this is mad wierd......go to forge and put whatever options you would like, (this works better with two players, mainly because the other person freaks out if they see the elephant flip) go to sand trap and go into editing mode, press x and go over to scenery, choose the drop pod(closed) and find the nearest elephant. Convince your unaware friend, or whoever is playing too- to stand at the controls... Then hold the pod under the space where the mongoose is and push up, the elephant should be lifted and , depending on your skill, this should help you flip it literally upside down.

* and, if you do flip it, it will say, " press x to flip.... Wait, what? did you do that?

Fast turret walk

Have you ever been annoyed at how slow you are while holding a heavy weapon like a turret? Well, I have found a way to bypass that. If you push the left analog diagnally to the right, at the right angle, you will noticably walk a little faster than normally.


On the third lvl (where you have to deactivate the bomb) when the pelican comes for the second time a guy will jump and hang on to it shoot him in the head and he will fall off and die but after a few seconds he will get up, walk in a circle, then walk straight, and dissapear.......

Boublebox open intersection!?


Supercheat17 again. This cheat is also really fun and easy to make. First, spawn a double box open. Then, press Y on the box. Make the "spawn in same place"(or what ever it says) to no instead of yes. Next, start a new round. Then, spawn another in the same spot only sideways. The other box spawns back and they become one! I suggest using both of my cheats together. It's cool.

Your cheat guide expert,


Campaign thingy

Alright it's called campaign thingy because I have no name for it.

In any of the levels that have a machine gun turret or a plasma cannon on it and you have the arbiter fighting with you you can get the arbiter to hold the plasma cannon / turret and he will have unlimited ammo.

1. Pick up the turret and break it off with b

2. Kill arbiter

3. Drop the plasma cannon and pick up his gun

4. Now he has the turret and you can kick some butt.


Grunts face REVEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you see a grunt smack it in the back then hit it in the face then the mask will fall off.

They do not look cute at all

Infinite spartan laser ammo

On the last level of Halo 3 (the ice level) Johnson helps by using a spartan laser to kill enemies. On your why up the Ziggurat you will fing a rocket launcher. Take it. Johnson will be on a very tall cliff. Wait until he has stopped moving and shoot him with the rocket launcher. Make sure he falls off the cliff. Go to his body and pick up his spartan laser. It chould have about 2 ammo. Kill him with the spartan laser. Now there should be another spartan laser. Pick it up. It should have about 68 ammo. Try firing it. The ammo does't go down! The final boss was really easy for me. It might take a while but trust me it's worth it.

Road to Recon

You can get recon by getting these achievements:

Annual (beat level Halo 4 players xbox live Iron skull all in ghosts legendary) Halo 3

Endure (beat 4th set in heroic firefight) Halo 3: ODST

Lightswitch (get to lieutenant in any gametype) Halo 3

7 on 7 (earn 7 exp on any gametype on the 7th of any month) Halo 3

Brainpan (find all mythic skulls) Halo 3

D�j� Vu (beat Coastal Highway on legendary Iron skull 4 players xbox live no 'Hog or tank) Halo 3: ODST

Classic (beat any campaign level without firing your weapon on legendary)

Blind skull

So first it is on the first level. When the first phantom arrives. Go along the side with the bunker like thing to see a couple of trees. Go through the trees and look down at a cliff, there is a rock right below. Then go on the rock and there is a skull at the far corner. Press the RB to pick it up untill the acheivment pops up.

Snowbound cheat over load map

I'm going to tell you guys how to overload two maps snowbound and sandtrap ok all you have to do is this go to forge mode and create three trip mines and create a over sheild an put it on top of the trip mines an then put the inf

Spawn time on the trip mines and on the over sheild to and then go to player mode in custom games lobby and then enter the map you just made once you are in the game you go to the trip mines and make sure your geting inf over sheilds and then you stay in the spot you put the trip mines and the over sheilds at and then you get the trip mine and keep laying them in one spot and do not blow the mines up it well blow it self up and blow you back but you should not die or any thing like that and the big guns should go away for about 20 seconds on snowbound an al..

The 14th SKULL dun dun dun!!!

Yes there is a 14th skull (well technically it's the 13th, making the mythic skull the 14th but anyway). To find this supersecret extra special skull all you have to do is the following

Go onto the "Cortana" level

Go throught the level until you reach the reactor room

Grab a brute shot and a depolyable cover (there's some on the path from the entrance to the room, brute shots in a covenant weapons holder and deployable covers are on the ground)

Go onto the center problem, now walk towards the little bridge made out of flood flesh that leads onto the path that leads to the doorways to cortana.

If your at the right place you will see a ledge or two made out of flood flesh stuff (if say flood flesh because it looks like flood flesh)

Now the tricky p..

Undead Scarab

Heres how to make an undead scarab on The Ark:

1.Drive a ghost through the building part up to where the scarab comes in.

2. Cowbell skull must be on.

3. Aim the wing of the ghost at the scarab.

4. Stand on the wing facing the scarab.

5. Stick the other wing with a plasma grenade.

6. Jump backwards when the grenade explodes and you will (sometimes) get launched at the scarab.

7. When you land on the scarab, quickly get on a plasma turret.

8. Wait for the scarab to stop, get off the turret, and destroy the scarab.

9. Go through the rest of the level untill the scarab comes back.

10. The scarab will come back as a half-a-scarab.

How to make your own flying vehicle

First go to last resort on forge and spawn a open container the spawn a gravity lift and a deployable cover and set them inside the container. Then go inside the container and use both the gravity lift and the deployable cover inside the container. Then you should see yourself in the air. WARNING: you do leave the map as soon as you get really high in the air and might die from the second invisible wall.

Keeping sgt. johnson alive

At the last level before you go and face the boss make sure you kill sgt johnson with a sticky grenade or any other method of killing and quickly enter the checkpoint to the boss.

After the boss sgt. Johnson should still be with you and will help you fight the flood untill you reach the outside door.

Gamertag : My Mum Hits Me1

How to make a turret fly

Have 2 people playing forge. One person must be Spartan/Elite and the other must be Oracle. The Spartan/Elite has to get on a turret. Then the oracle can pick it up and fly the other person around. This is helpful while playing forge with your friends because you can still shoot people. This glitch was discovered by "The Donkey's Mohawk.

Vidmaster's Secret Revealed?

There's a rumour going about, those vidmaster being worth 0G, it's said that there will be 7 of these some are as you see on the achievements page, they are the ones that will be from Halo 3, the rest maybe from Halo Recon? Start collecting them and I believe if you have them all it will unlock Recon Armour variant.

See any armour this includeds recon and bungie armour


Replace the following with what piece you want

* 0=spartan 1=elite

$ heads

% shoulders

# body

for spartans who want recon replace all symbols ($ % #) with 3

Also for spartans for the bodies 5 and 8 are bungie/ eod it's hard to tell the difference since they just have 1 difference when using this method

Get out of Foundry and a cavemen group!!!

So if you want to get out of foundry you need one or two people.(easier with two people)First spwan a turret, any kind. Then let the first person get on the turret and then let the other person turn into editer mode. Hold the turret the first person got on and go to the windows and make sure the turret is against the window and let the first person look up until he can't. Then make him turn into editer mode and he will be out of foundry. NOTE:If the first person turns into human mode and goes past the building he will die.

If you want to see the cavemen group all you have to do is play the level sierra 117 and when you get to the part where the snipers are on the trees STICK TO THE LEFT then when you reach a sinper kill him and get on him and turn around and walk then ju..

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