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Follow the dark path or use the light

Easter Eggs

by superstyle4

Halo 3 Easter Eggs.

By: Superstyle4



First off, what are Easter Eggs? Well basically Easter Eggs are just hidden content in games. Don't get these confused with glitches, glitches are unintended breaks in the programming. Easter Eggs are things that are purposely put into the game and hidden by the designers usually for fun or as part of a joke.


Table of Contents:


Carved Letters in Sierra 117



Easter Eggs in Sandtrap


Face on Brute Chopper

Final Grunt


Half-Jaw in Crashed Flood Ship

Halo Music on High Ground


Last Resort Cloud

Lonely Soul


Master Chief's Helmet

Missing Person Poster

Mongoose in Halo Level


Password Lacking Marine


Siege of Madrigal

Suicidal Marine

U- Urinating Brute



Carved Letters in Sierra 117:

Sprinkled throughout the dense foliage of the first level, Sierra 117, are carved hearts with initials and dates. Apparently, the overworked developers felt a tad guilty about their lonely wives and girlfriends at home. This can be seen on any difficulty. Players may also see these on the playback feature.


On the level Sierra 117 you can find a family of cavemen or monkeys. To find the family, go past the point where Johnson's Pelican gets shot down. You will see a concrete collumn with a number 3 on it. When you stay beside the left wall and go as high as you can, you must turn around and you will see the cavemen/monkeys against the wall. The largest of them is holding a teddy bear. Although you can try to shoot them, they have no death animation and will remain idle if killed. These are similar to the cavemen/monkeys in Halo 2.


Easter Eggs in Sandtrap:

There are actual Easter eggs in the multiplayer map sandtrap. They are located near each pillar near the top. The eggs themselves are textured using a UV Mapping Reference texture (used to help artists paint textures on objects). It may be a forgotten program by Bungie Staff. For a closer look, you'll need to use a tricky combination of Forge, Theatre, Teleporters and Sentinels to push yourself through the map's barrier.


Face on Brute Chopper:

This Easter Egg can be found on the front of any Brute Chopper, where there is a weird demon-looking face.

Final Grunt:

The Final Grunt is found cowering on the edge of a cliff right before you have to leap into Forward Unto Dawn's hanger in the final level. If the player approaches him, he will yell out "Hey Demon! The jerk store called and they're all out of you. Poor you stolen at the age of six and conscripted into the military, unnhh! Okay look, you let me live, I got the Fist of Rukt, I'll be at the bottom. I'll polish your boots, I'll polish your helmet. It's the gas, haha! When I'm on the gas, I don't know what I'm doing half the time." Weird little guy isn't he? Note that if you do this you will be unable to complete the level and if you drive up with the Arbiter on the gun he will kill the Grunt.


Half-Jaw in Crashed Flood Ship:

The Half-Jaw in Crashed Flood Ship can be found on the level Floodgate. When you jump down the hole to get into the Flood Ship that crashed, there will be a few dead Elite Ultras lying around. The first one you see SOMETIMES has Rtas Vadum's (Half-Jaw) face. However it is the old model from Halo 2. You can get it infected if you push it down the corridor and release some infection forms.

Halo Music on High Ground:

To get this egg now:

Bungie has changed the egg however to hear the music you now must wait for awhile in the computer room. The radio below the larger computer will eventually stop making static and Morse Code will play random Halo songs (from Combat Evolved, 2 and 3). You can tell when it is about to play a song when it sounds like an FM radio just barely out of tune of a local station. It should be noted that the actual Morse Code may be anothe egg altogether, however the Code has yet to be translated.


Last Resort Cloud:

In the multiplayer map Last Resort, go down to the beach and look around in the sky for the brightest set of clouds. It will look like a spartan flexing their arm.

Lonely Soul:

In the final level, there is a secret area for the 7th Marathon Terminal. Aside from the Terminal's hallway, there are two rooms: one bright room with a vertical energy beam in the center, and a dark room with a horizontal energy beam and a leathal chasm. It's hard to tell by standing at the edge of the chasm, but there is a small nook on the left side of the room (left, as if one looks out over the chasm). It is not known whether a player can grenade jump over to it, but by watching a save film one can detach the camera and move in there. In the far corner of the nook is an eerie billboard of a human form facing the wall, apparently with it's hands behind it's head.


Master Chief's Helmet:

This can be found on the level The Storm. You must get to the point where you must destroy the Scarab; if you look around the area, you will see a large ship crashed on the shore. If you look closely, you can see that the boat greatly resembles Master Chief's Helmet.

Missing Person Poster:

In a few levels, chieftly Floodgate, you can find a Missing Person Poster lying around. It is looking for Jason Jones, co-founder of Bungie studios. In Floodgate after the Flood cross the rooftops at the beginning and you make the turn left (where the building begin to start), you will come to walls with openings in them, where you can find bodies of Brutes. The poster is in one of these openings, along the right wall, past the gravity hammer. It will be laying on the floor, and is readable with your regular zoom, although crouching may help.

Poster Info:

This is what the poster says:


File #. 1-17343 (Spartan 117 AKA Master Chief and 343 Guilty Spark?)
Name: Jason Jones
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Last seen in Voi and N. Mombasa wearing Khaki shorts and a dark baseball cap.
Missing Since: November 9, 2552.
This is the second notice issued for Jason Jones whom was last seen in Voi and N. Mombasa badlands after the Covenant invasion in 2552. If you have any information on this individual please contact local authorities or call any of the numbers below to file new information on this case.
Voi Greater Outlands Police Bureau (___)7__-3___ Western African Commitee on Missing Persons. There is some small text below this but it is unredable.

Mongoose in Halo:

To find the Mongoose enter the Warthog (after killing the Monitor) and keep hugging the left wall. You will go down a pathway and, in the shadows, there is a Mongoose. You can still play the level normaly but the jumps are harder and infection forms can flip you over. you can drive off without the Arbiter as long as he stays in the Warthog and he will not appear on the back. You can also have him get on the back by just having him get out of the warthog.


Password Lacking Marine:

In the level Crow's Nest there is a marine at the end of the first long, curved corridor. There is a funny exchange of words between this marine, who needs ammo for himself and his comrades, and someone behind a door that leads to an armory. The exact discussion changes depending on difficulty, but it always involves this marine trying to get through the door without a password. Either he forgot it or never knew it. The two are voiced and possibly written by the creators of Red vs. Blue. At the end of the conversation the marine just keeps knocking on the door.


Marine (Tucker's voice): Hey, open up!
Voice (Doc's voice): Password, please.
Marine: You gotta be kidding me! What password?
Voice: The password so we don't open the door for Brutes.
Marine: Do I sound like a Brute to you?
Voice: Well, you could be held prisoner by Brutes.
Marine: If I was held prisoner by Brutes and knew the password, then the         Brutes could just force me to tell you the password and you'd open the         door for them.
[Brief Pause]
Voice: Okay, well now now I'm definitely not gonna open the door.
Marine: But we need ammo!
Voice: Well why don't you go ask you Brute buddies, then?


Marine (Simmon's voice): Hey, open up!
Voice (Grif's voice): Password.
Marine: What?
Voice: Need the password!
Marine: You gotta be kidding me! What password?
Voice: Password! They gave it out at the staff meeting fifteen minutes ago!
Marine: Meeting? What meeting? I was out here!
Voice: Not supposed to let anyone in without it.
Marine: If the staff meeting just ended, no one outside is gonna know the         freakin' password! Now open up! We need ammo and the Chief is out         here.
[Brief Pause]
Voice: Does he know the password?
Marine: He wasn't at the meeting either!


Marine (Church's voice): Hey! Open up!
Voice (Caboose's voice): What's the password?
Marine: Password? Oh man, I forgot.
Voice: Forgot... what?
Marine: I forgot the password.
Voice: See, that was almost right. Uh, see the password begins with "I        forgot", but ends differently. Um, try again.
Marine: No. I mean I forgot the password.
Voice: No, okay, see, you - you got it wrong again. See, you said the same        thing as last time.
[Brief Pause]
Marine: I'm being serious; I don't know the password!
Voice: No no no, see, you changed the first part. See, that - that part was        the right part. See, now you've got the whole thing wrong.
Marine: No! I forgot what the password is and I just need you to open the         door!
Voice: Alright, c'mon, man, now you're just guessing!


Siege of Madrigal:

The Siege of Madrigal is a song that Bungie used in one of their previous games, Myth. One can hear this song when standing in a certain spot in the game. In the final strech of The Covenant, after defeating the Scarabs, ignore the waypoint and fly toward the sturcture on the left (if looked at directly) that encompasses the building Truth is in. Carefully land the Hornet there and run along this ledge. Eventually it will turn into a 45 degree slope; at the top, the song can be heard.

Suicidal Marine:

in the level Floodgate, shortly after you can get a flamethrower, there will be a marine in the corner talking to himself about his squad's infection by the Flood, and how he just "did them a favor,". After this, he says something about how he should do himself a favor too, and points his pistol at his temple, seemingly about to kill himself, although he alternates between this and putting his gun down and shaking.


Urinating Brute:

On the level The Ark, when you reach the room with the sleeping Grunts after destroying the Scarab, by the door you go to through to continue farther in the level there is a Brute taking a "break" in the corner. He originally has his hands in front of him, but after a short time he will move his arms behind his back and jump up and down. Note: He will eventually turn around, and also he'll only do it if he doesn't know you're there. So don't go postal and run in all guns blazing.

Happy gaming, and Merry Christmas. (Or holidays) =) Superstyle4