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Borderlands Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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Several cheats including how to get unlimited pistol ammunition, getting the legendary weapons, faster reloads and unlocking New Game+.

More Borderlands Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 23 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Borderlands please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC

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Unlock New Game+

This feature becomes available when you complete the game once. In New Game+ mode ALL the enemies are a lot more powerful making the game tougher to complete.

Unlock Quests

Bandit Treasure Quest:

Fast travel to Old Haven and follow the left wall. You will eventually reach a pile of dead bandits where one of them is breathing his last few breaths. When he opens his hand he will be holding a glowing strongbox key that will start the quest. Make sure you have a corrosive weapon or two and some health packs because you're going to need them as you search Old Haven for the other two keys.

Green Thumb Quest

To get the Green Thumb quest, fast travel to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Get a car from Scooter's and drive to the right. Notice the small shack with big plants around it. Talk to the man leaning against the shack to start the quest. Then travel across the bridge to the east side of Rust Commons East. Follow your map marker to the..

Legendary Weapons

Below is a list of the special weapons can be obtained.

Atlas Gun Catalog

BLR Wicked Troll:

Pistol; regenerates health.

AX Savage Chimera:

Revolver; fires random elements, X3 Fire/Corrosive/Explosive/Shock Element.

SG1100 Genocide Hydra:

Shotgun; high damage and special spread.

SG340 Genocide Hydra:

Shotgun; high damage and special spread.

CVL25 Fearsome Cyclops:

Sniper rifle; high damage and explosive attack, X3 Explosive Element.

Dahl Gun Catalog

RF5D Wicked Hornet:

Pistol; 2 shot corrosive burst, X2 Corrosive Element.

AX220 U Savage Anaconda:

Revolver; very high damage and accuracy.

BA 100 War Bulldog:

Shotgun; large maga..

Hidden Money Crates and Weapon Chest

At the beginning when you get off the bus look for the broken down gas station which is to your left past the claptrap. Search the gas station when it is your turn to move and you will find several money crates including a weapon chest on top of the building.

Mad Mel Fight Tactic

For the Mad Mel fight, the easiest way to win the fight is to allow yourself to get killed by them once. Then, once you have respawned at the autosave position outside the arena, switch to a sniper rifle and simply pick them off Mel! He won't come out to get you and their accuracy is obviously greatly reduced.

Quick Reloads

This is done by clicking the Right analog-stick to melee as soon as the cartridge has been removed or new rounds are being inserted. Doing this will instantly complete reloading the weapon.

Unlimited Pistol Ammunition

Use the pistol that regenerates ammuntion to gain ammo for any pistol. To do this equip the regenerating pistol to build up ammunition then switch to any other pistol.

Easy Money and Experience

During the tour at the start of the game follow the robot to the small campsite with the raised car next to the burning tires. On the way there collect ALL the guns and money and kill ALL the enemies. When you have done this pause gameplay and select 'Exit' and your character will be saved with the current items and experience then load the saved game so you start at the beginning again and repeat the procedure as many times as desired.

Quick weapon proficiency levels (except launchers)

To get quick proficiency levels with any weapon go to the Dahl Headlands and accept the mission "Big Game Hunter" from Edward Whitting. In this mission you have to collect bait to lure out a Skagzilla (Basiclly a giant Skag) and kill it. After you have killed it and turned the mission in you then quit to the main menu then reload your save, after you have done this go back to where the Skagzilla was and it should have respawned. This time when you fight it go to the side entrance and lure it over there, when it's there jump down from the ledge and the Skagzilla will not move and will constantly opens it's mouth to you (Its mouth is it's weak spot) use any weapon and kill it, this should get you usually up a level in proficiency (mabye more). If you reload the Skagzilla will have respawne..

Ghost-like ClapTrap.

In the town of fyrestone, there will be a house with two vending machines, upgrades and weapons, on the side of that house, are a few things you can jump on (back & right.) Get up there, and in the rocks, you'll see a green ClapTrap with a different voice.

Super glich (speed glich)

with the berserker use his specailty then die with second wind and dont use it again other wise u loose super speed

Duplicating Weapons

You need to be in a online game and need two people first run past the save point after it saves you need to get at leats 80 feet away from it so it can't activate second have the person drop the gun then boot him then pick it up and invite him back to the game and then you both should have the gun now (this works after all patches)

Faster fire rate with bolt and pump action weapons

If you are using a shotgun or sniper rifle with a slow pump or re-cock speed (e.g A Jakobs)to speed things up use melee and the pump or re-cock will finish instantly. This will allow you to fire your weapons faster than before.

Zombie Brain Harvesting Tips

There are several easy ways to make your zombie brain hunt in the zombie island

Downloadable content less infuriatingly long.

1:You should definatly have a good shotgun and a good sniper rifle.The sniper is good to get the attention of large groups while killing off 2 or 3 in the process. The shotty is good against zombies in ANY game I have ever played.

2:Always try to use incindary and explosive weapons, no elemental power is better than corrosive and electric against zombie flesh.

3:I have noticed that zombies are more likely to drop a brain if you kill them with a critical hit (A.K.A. Blasting their face off, another reason why the shotty and sniper are good weapons).

4:Since your going to need to get a lot of headshots, don't be afra..

Berzerker nippel cheat

start a new game theN when you have reached lvl 10 press the start button go to load game alright this is a pretty hard cheat so go to load game click on your previous game 30 time you might get luky.

it will show a pop up saying congratulations,YOU HAVE UNLOCKED A RECUIRED CHEAT FOR BERSERKER aka the nipple cheat

Easy money and guns

For this cheat you must have the new haven map unlocked.

When you go in the map there are four gun chests located

On the roofs and ground.Go to them and get the guns.keep

What you want and sell what you don't want.You can do this

As many times as you want.

Money and ammunition over and over again

You must wait until night time to get the money in the boxes you have already gotten back again just wait till the sun risess. Go to all the places were you had gotten money or ammo and replenish your ammo and money to this as told and get ammo withouth spending money you can do it as many times you want Smile

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Walkthrogh Glitch

At the end of the DLC when your headed in to the armory there is a hallway with force field walls, and you can't miss it because behind the see-through walls are lockers and ammo chests.But on the right hand side as soon as you get in go all the way into the corner and crouch down then you drop down into the armory without starting the bombs timer.(Oh and if you use this glitch you be able to complete the steal the loot part of the mission so after stealing all the loot exit then redue the entire mission how ever many times as you want, so that when your ready to finish it don't use the glitch and go in the normal way.

How to get out of the map

Go to dahl headland and where you find the bandit stash or if your not there yet,it's the end of the a runner into the rocks on the left and get out,you should be inside the rocks.go as far to the left as you can and jump will be out of the map!

Help at the start of the game

Around level 7 you will get level 10 quests. You must be thinking how am I suppsoed to grind on skags?Well accept the quesst on the board and head to T.K . He has quests for level 7's. Accept them even the level 9 one and go through to Skag Valley. First head to the vending machines and look around. You'll see something that sets of a new quest in Skag Valley. Do this quest first then the one with the Skag Boss Scar. Afterwards track the level 9 quest(do this by going to the screen with the quests you are doing,And press A on the one thats for level 9's)now head towards it(Be Careful the enemies are level 8 and 9) and grab the plant seed.Grab the second one as well. Now head back to the first one. Now head back to the second one but once you need to turn stop. Right ahead of you should b..

Minecraft easter egg

Go to castic carvins then run to the tracks in mid air then go to the side next to the tracks and you will see dirt blocks and hit it with your melee attck and there will be more so keep hitting till you reach a cave there will be creepers and one badass creeper if you kill them they will drom mine craft skins for eack character

Xp giving claptrap

When you first enter the game when you get to fyrestone a little behind the gun shop there is an xp given claptrap you can not get on it from the front but go outside the town and find a crack in the rocks jump in and thow a gernade below you do this a few times and you will eventually get up be prepared to buy more gernades when you get up there stand near it and you will gain xp

Hidden guns

go unde one of the windmill where you cant go the1 one there should be a gun case open [the guns are asome]

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