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Borderlands PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats which includes the secret weapons box, unlocking Quests, unlimited pistol ammunition, duplicating weapons and items and unlocking New Game+ mode.

More Borderlands PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Borderlands please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PC

You can also ask your question on our Borderlands Questions & Answers page.

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Unlimited Pistol Ammunition

Get ammo for any pistol by using the pistol that regenerates ammuntion. To do this equip the regenerating pistol to build up ammunition then switch to any other pistol.

Legendary Weapons

The following is a list of ALL the special weapons that can be obtained.

Atlas Gun Catalog

BLR Wicked Troll:

Pistol; regenerates health.

AX Savage Chimera:

Revolver; fires random elements, X3 Fire/Corrosive/Explosive/Shock Element.

SG1100 Genocide Hydra:

Shotgun; high damage and special spread.

SG340 Genocide Hydra:

Shotgun; high damage and special spread.

CVL25 Fearsome Cyclops:

Sniper rifle; high damage and explosive attack, X3 Explosive Element.

Dahl Gun Catalog

RF5D Wicked Hornet:

Pistol; 2 shot corrosive burst, X2 Corrosive Element.

AX220 U Savage Anaconda:

Revolver; very high damage and accuracy.

BA 100 War Bulldog:


Unlock New Game+ Mode

This bonus feature becomes available when you complete the game. In your second playthrough ALL the enemies will be more powerful and tougher to defeat.

Hidden Money Crates and Weapon Chest

When you get off the bus at the beginning look for the broken down gas station which is to your left past the claptrap. Search the gas station when it is your turn to move and you will find several money crates including a weapon chest on top of the building.

Quick Reloads

This is done by pressing R3 to melee as soon as the cartridge has been removed or new rounds are being inserted. Doing this will instantly complete reloading the weapon.

Duplicating Weapons and Items

As the Host:

1) You drop it

2) They pick it up and save via a Check-point

3) They come back

4) They drop the item

5) They Dashboard out.

As a Guest:

1) The host drops the weapon

2) The guest picks it up

3) The guest saves via a Check-point

4) The guest comes back to the host (away from the Check-point)

5) The guest drops the item to be duplicated

6) The guest Dashboard's out

Easy Money and Experience

During the tour at the start of the game follow the robot to the small campsite with the raised car next to the burning tires. On the way there collect ALL the guns and money and kill ALL the enemies. When you have done this pause gameplay and select 'Exit' and your character will be saved with the current items and experience. Then load the saved game so you start at the beginning again and repeat the procedure as many times as desired.

Mad Mel Fight Glitch

During your fight with Mad Mel and his vehicular cronies, the easiest way to win it is to allow yourself to get killed by them once. Then, once you have respawned at the autosave position outside the arena, switch to a sniper rifle and simply pick them off Mel! He won't come out to get you and their accuracy is obviously greatly reduced.

Unlock Quests

Bandit Treasure Quest:

Go to Old Haven and follow the left wall until you eventually reach a pile of dead bandits where one of them is breathing his last few breaths. When he opens his hand he will be holding a glowing strongbox key that will start the quest. Make sure you have a corrosive weapon or two and some health packs because you're going to need them as you search Old Haven for the other two keys.

Green Thumb Quest:

Go to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Get a car from Scooter's and drive to the right. Notice the small shack with big plants around it. Talk to the man leaning against the shack to start the quest. Then travel across the bridge to the east side of Rust Commons East. Follow your map marker to the valve. Avoid the small bandit camp set up near..

Secret Weapons Box

In the Rust Commens West there is a secret weapons box that is out of bounds and has really rare weapons/items in it. First go to Rust Commons West's underpass new U station. Then make a vehicle. Next drive the vehicle down the road to the rock formation that looks like a bridge over the road. Go under the underpass and turn right. Keep going until you reach a giant column with a turret attached. Get out of the vehicle (note: if you don't you will die) and use the rocks to the left of the column to get next to (this is the only way to get to it). Then facing out to the wastelands below go to the right of the column and look down toward the edge of the rocks. You should see a small/medium sized rock ledge. Jump down to it then jump down to the next one below it. A warning sign should come..

Duplication Glitch

First, you need to join a friend's game, then you'll need to drop all of your equipment or just the ones you want to duplicate, then have your friend kick you out or some other method other than exiting by yourself, because if you do, you'll permenately lose your equipment. After your friend invites you back, all your stuf will be where it is and then when you check your equipment, youll still have your equipment. You can then sell the duplicates, using this, you can get the Pandora-Dog Millionaire easily. You can do this as many as disired.

Posted By Isom97

If you need any other help, add me my psn username is the same as here.

If you want to get to level say 42 fast but may take some time

Get a wepon worth 99999999 dollards ten sell it then buy it back then quit the game then do it again but make sure you haven't got the achivment money make the world go around or something like that

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