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by shadow_571

    _                          _              ____                   _ 
   / \   ___ ___  __ _ ___ ___(_)_ __  ___   / ___|_ __ ___  ___  __| |
  / _ \ / __/ __|/ _` / __/ __| | '_ \/ __| | |   | '__/ _ \/ _ \/ _` |
 / ___ \\__ \__ \ (_| \__ \__ \ | | | \__ \ | |___| | |  __/  __/ (_| |
/_/   \_\___/___/\__,_|___/___/_|_| |_|___/  \____|_|  \___|\___|\__,_|
 ___ ___ 
|_ _|_ _|
 | | | | 
 | | | | 

Type of Guide: General FAQ
Version: 0.25
Platform: Xbox360
Author: Shadow_571
Email: [email protected]
I. Table of Contents [187]
I. Table of Contents [187]
II. Introduction [321]
III. Controls [561]
IV. Walkthrough [432]
V. Assassinís Tombs **Coming Soon! **
VI. Weapons **Coming Soon! **
VII. Auditore Villa **Coming Soon! **
VIII. Codex Pages **Coming Soon! **
IX. Achievement Guide **Coming Soon! **
X. Update History [189]
XI. Credits [671]
II. Introduction [321]
Hi, Welcome to my guide for Assassinís Creed II, Assassinís Creed II
Is the follow up to Assassinís Creed. My guide when complete will help
You to unlock everything in the Game, from the slightest thing to get
Altairís Armour, I really hope it helps you achieve the best experience of
Assassinís Creed II.

This Guide may be used only under my permission, you may not extract any
Information from this guide without permission (I will say no anyways)
Only Gamefaqs and Gamespot are allowed to display this guide.

III. Controls [561] 
Left Analog Stick: Move Ezio/ Desmond.
Y Button: Eagle Vision/ Taunt/ Talk.
X Button: Move Armed Hand
RT: High Profile (when not held down, you will be in low profile)
A Button: Fast Walk/ Steal/ Sprint/ Free Run/ Jump.
B Button: Grab Ledge/ Drop from ledge.
Right Analog Stick: Move Camera.
IV. Walkthrough [432]   
First you will get a ďStory so farĒ cut scene, then you will get an in-depth
View of the markings on the wall you saw with Eagle Vision in the last game
Once you get out of viewing the markings, Lucy will crash into your room she
Will inform you that you have to leave, but first you must go into the Animus
For One Last time.

Strap into the Animus, where you will see a cut scene of Ezio being born, 
This game is getting pretty visual now, when you get the chance to move your
Arms, head and legs follow the commands on the screen, move Ezio and you
And you will be back in the Present
Achievement Unlocked: Birth of an Assassin 
Follow Lucy out of Absturgo, when you get to the car park there will be a horde
Of Security guards, this is an excellent chance to test your fighting
Skills, after killing the guards follow Lucy to her car, after the Cut scene
You will be in the Assassinís Hideout, Talk to Lucy, Rebecca and Shaun,
Then strap into the Animus 2.0
Achievement Unlocked: Welcome to the Animus 2.0
After loading the Game, you will find yourself in control of Ezio Auditore, 
You should test out the diverse forms of combat, one of the most interesting
Is grabbing the opponent then punching, kneeing and head butting him, the 
Combos are also better in this game, once youíve gotten rid of them, Ezioís
Brother will approach you, after the Cut-scene loot the bodies by holding
Down the B button, you should have at least 200-300 Florins, afterwards go 
In high profile and hold A to Free-Run, follow your brother to the doctorís
Where Ezio will be healed to full health, Doctorís are all around Italy and
Can be used to both buy medicine and be healed to full health.

Ezioís Brother will propose a race to the top of the church in front of you,
People complain because they arenít very good at free-running or donít know  
This guide will help you to nail this course in one, once the race starts 
Climb Up on towards the two boxes and climb onto the house, then jump on to 
Side of the church, run up to the top then proceed towards the light, then you 
Must climb up onto the church steeple, there you will get a minor introduction
To the game, your brother thinks you should head home, but Ezio has to go 
To go pay his girlfriend a surprise visit, it also turns out that this
Steeple is one of the 20 viewpoints in Florence, Synchronize with it and then 
Jump Off to perform a leap of faith, and then head east towards Cristinaís
Home, try to avoid the guards so you donít have to pick a fight, if you do,
Counter kills are a good option for killing them quickly, once you are at
Her house, climb up into her Window (no pun intended) and follow the prompts
On the screen, the next day, you will be chased out of her house (guess why?)
And have the guards called.

You can either run away from the guards or beat the crap out of them, beating
The crap Out of them is the way to go especially if you want to master combat
In this game, after killing them, you must head home now to begin your next
Memory, after arriving at the Palazzo Auditore talk to your father for a
Mildly funny comment and to start your next Memory, you must deliver a letter
To someone in Florence, they are marked on your Mini-map, stick to the
Rooftops to avoid fights; kill the archers if any are present and head to that
House, when you are there a servant informs you that the person who you had to
Deliver the letter to, are away and are not available until the next day.

Return to your father, who is be rather pissed that he cannot deliver his
Letter, he is also chatting to Uberto Alberti, he will play as your friend
Right now, but things will change as the plot goes on, anyways you will have
Courier jobs available, if you Want to you can do them, or you can do the
Various odd jobs your Family has to offer, the job your sister has to offer is
Definitely one of the most interesting ones there Is, it turns out her lover
Has been ďUnfaithfulĒ to her and she wants you to go and teach him a lesson;
You will have a new marker on your map which indicates him, head into the 
Rooftops as per usual and head towards his direction, killing any archers
Along the way when you get there, all shall be revealed, and then you get into
A clichť street fight with the guy, heís pretty easy to knock out, just
Down him with grabs and kick him several Times and youíll be on your way.

Next speak to your little brother, Pettruccio, he will ask you to go and get 3
Eagle feathers for him, which should be a simple enough task, you have a time
Limit of 2 minutes, the feathers are scattered around the city, but you can
Find them as targets on your mini-map, after collecting them return to your
Residence and knock on the door and give Pettruccio the Feathers, afterwards
Before doing your mothers job, you should go and synchronize at least 10
View points, this will Come in handy in later missions.
Achievement Unlocked: I like the View

Go back to your home and talk to your mother, follow her to
Leonardo Da Vinciís house, he is Very friendly to the Auditore family, your
Mother will make you carry a heavy box of paintings back to your house,
Once done talk to your father yet again and he will give you three
Courier jobs, you must deliver two letters to various people around the city
And To pick up a letter from a pigeon coop, first stick to the rooftops and go
Towards the first marker and give the documents to the people, you will
Be hinted about a certain movement by a certain group of people, once youíve
Retrieved the letter from the pigeon coop, return to your house and enter
Fatherís study to reveal a rather lengthy cut-scene that reveals that everyone 
Is missing and that your mother and sister have been taken to some sort of 
Renaissance Womenís Shelter, anyhow you must go to your Fatherís Prison and
Talk to him, after Following the directions on your mini-map, climb around 
Back of the building, this is a restricted Area so guards will hit you on
Sight, just smash their head in with the railing to get an easy kill after
Climbing to the top climb on to the pillar on the front of you now climb on
Until you reach your fatherís cell, he will tell you to go to his study and
Find the hidden door and loot the chest There, take a leap of faith off the
Prison and head back to the Palazzo Auditore, there enter your fathers study,
Use Eagle vision to locate the not-so-hidden door, there you will find a chest 
Directly in front of you, it is small compared to whatís inside of it, 
There you will find some Assassinís Robes (Finally) and a brand new sword
And some documents and a codex page, along with a broken hidden blade.

Now you will have to go to Uberto Albertiís house, now you must hand him
The documents, you should be safe now, in the next memory you shall go to
Your parentís and brothers hanging where Uberto Will supposedly reveal the
Details of a conspiracy against the Auditore and the City of Florence Itself
When you get there it is revealed that Uberto is a huge liar and he kills
Your father and Brothers, now you have to fight some soldiers without your
Sword or you can just run itís easier to run, run away and break
The line of sight, a yellow orb will appear on your Mini-Map, Run away
From it or it is likelier that they will find you, enter a hiding spot until
You are anonymous; you are now temporarily Notorious, which means the guards
Are on extra-high alert and keeping onto the rooftops are 
Essential to your survival.

Achievement Unlocked: The pain of Betrayal

First make your way to the ladies shelter where you will find a Woman
Named Paola, she will teach you about the art of blending, blend with the 
Ladies at the front and then go around the block and back without being seen
By the guards, now just walk along the moving groups and the guards shouldnít
See you; now you will be taught how to steal, I doubt you donít know how to do
This at this point, just fast walk into someone and youíll pick their pocket
Do this with 5 people around the home to succeed.

Return to Paola and she will give you your fatherís hidden blade and a
Codex page, return to Leonardo Da Vinci to get it fixed, once there he will
Tell Ezio of codex pages which may be used to make the Hidden blade stronger,
Now he will be taken outside for questioning, the guard will start to beat him
Up, using your trusty hidden blade you should find and kill the guard,
Then carry the Guardís body back to Leonardoís Workshop.

Return to Paola and she decides that you now have enough skill and proper
Equipment to exact your revenge and kill Uberto, the Icon on your map will
Inform you of the location of the next memory, but you should synchronize at
Least 5 more view points, now with that done go and take care of Uberto,
Go to the mission start point and youíll find that he will begin to walk off
And you must get to him without being seen; use the variety of blending groups
Available on the way to Uberto, now you will see the door to get to him, is
Guarded by a pair of brute guards, hire the group of Courtesans with 150
Florins and lock onto the guards to distract them, now you can go in and
Assassinate Uberto, get out anyway you can but make it quick or 
Those heavily armed guards you saw earlier will kill you.

Go back to Paola she will tell you to lower your notoriety, which is now
Indicated by a ring around the Red Assassinís Symbol on your health bar,
You can do this by taking down four posters, killing an official or by
Bribing a herald.

After becoming Incognito yet again, return to the ladies home and you will
Escort your mother and sister out of the city, just equip your money
And throw it on the ground and this will become a piece of cake.

Just remember not to bump into any guards

Achievement Unlocked-Vengeance

Now proceed towards your uncle Marioís Villa and you will be attacked 
Vieri and his men, kill them without letting your sister and mother die,
Then your uncle Mario will Show up and help you, Mario will lead you to his 
Villa and postulate that you are continuing your Fatherís work as an Assassin
And you came to him to train as an Assassin, but you speak your ideas to Him,
But he still insists that you become an assassin, he will give you a little 
Spending money, you Now must go towards the village and buy some greaves and
A dagger and then head to the doctor and buy 5 medicines, then head back
To Uncle Mario, Talk to Claudia in the Villa and sheíll storm off, 
Now go to the Courtyard and talk to Uncle Mario, he will teach you several 
Crucial combat moves against His mercenaries, those moves are
: Strafe, Counter Kill (Very Important) and How to escape a battle, pull these
Off against a mercenary three times to go towards the Final Challenge: Uncle
Mario himself, despite all of his cool talk, he is actually pretty weak,
Use strafe and hit his back and counter him every time He attempts to land
A blow on you, for doing this you will gain the throwing knives as a weapon.

Now head to Claudia in her room for some talk, but it is not a scene
So you may move around as much as you want, now go out to the stable, and go 
To Tuscany to Kill Vieri, Now at Tuscany you must go up some Boxes, use your
Throwing knives and kill the dude ahead of you, now, head down and kill the
Dudes in front Of the lever, pull the lever and let Mario and his men in, go
Towards the centre of the town and Follow Marioís commands and help him out
When one of the downed soldiers tells you to, when you can do so,
Assassinate Vieri once and for all.

You will be automatically returned to the Villa after killing Vieri,
Speak with Uncle Mario, read the letter you got from Vieriís dead body,
Follow him into his study for a cut-scene, you will be sent to collect 4 
Codex pages around the Villa and outside of the Villa, they should be on your
Map, put them as your custom Marker and collect them all, there is one
Outside of the Villa as well, just take a horse to get it.

Achievement Unlocked- Exit the Son
Rest of the Walkthrough coming soon!

X. Update History [189]
Guide submitted to Gamefaqs.

XI. Credits [671]
Thanks to the people who helped make this guide possible:
My friends at Gamespot
And most importantly: Ubisoft for making this excellent game!

Copyrighted to Shadow_571 2009-2010

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