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Secret Locations Guide

by internal_chaos


Version History            (vshs)
Disclaimer                 (disc)
Overview                   (ovvw)
Novellas Secret           (nvsc)
Il Duomos Secret          (idsc)
Torre Grossas Secret      (tgsc)
Ravaldinos Secret         (rvsc)
San Marcos Secret         (smsc)
Visitaziones Secret       (vzsc)
After the Puzzles          (aftb)
Paying Respects            (pyrt)
Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Version History                              (vshs)

Version 1.0  Guide Uploaded

Disclaimer                                   (disc)

This guide is not intended to replace or overrule the advice of any 
official guides nor is it intended to give any inclination of a 
singular path in these levels. This is simply my interpretation of 
the best way to get through these levels and was written from my 
own play through, not using any other guide as a base. 

Okay. First stuff out of the way. This is my very first time at 
writing a specific guide for a game, and as such I always 
appreciate comments and any help that you want to give. To get in 
contact with me just Email me at:
[email protected]

PLEASE title your guide AC2 Walkthrough  and after the dash put 
either question, advice or help. This just makes it way easier for 
me to sort everything out. Even if you would just like to request 
something else added onto my guide.

As of now ONLY has permission to host this guide. No 
other site has my permission to host it. If you would like to gain 
permission please contact me at the above email, with the subject 
AC2 Walkthrough Hosting. 

Overview                                     (ovvw)

Assassin Tombs are a new addition to Assassins Creed II to and are 
along a far more tomb raider style of puzzle then those that were 
found in Assassins creed 1.  

Novellas Secret                             (nvsc)

This is the first assassins Tomb that you will come in contact with. 
This is Memory Four of Sequence Four and is a part of your story line. 
It is also the only assassins Tomb that you CANNOT replay at the end of 
the game as it is a part of the Story line. 

Walk down the stairs and push the lever. You are automatically notorious 
here so ANY guards that see you will almost instantly attack. Run and 
climb up the blocks. When you get to the circular chamber a small cut 
scene showing you how to get up there will appear. Run down the steps, 
swing across the bar and run from the pole to the platform. Free Run up 
the series of bars and Ezio will grip hold of a vertical wall. Press up 
on the joystick to climb up onto the platform. Interact with the lever. 
Do two jumps through the new passageway onto the far platform. Run up 
the bars and swing onto where the next lever is. Watch the cut scene and 
take notice of the two guards in it. Do a leap of faith into the area 
where the platforms retracted and land in the hay. Walk towards the 
archway and watch the complaining templars complain. 

This bit has guards in it. Equip your hidden blades. Go to the left of 
the pool. There is a couple of ruined towers here, run up them. There is 
a guard on the platform to your left. When his back is turned go 
forwards and hang from the ledge, shimmy around until you are where the 
guard will walk quite near you. Ledge assassinate him. The next guard is 
up the stairs on the ledge you just climbed up. Take care of him anyway 
you want since no more guards will come running if you are spotted. If 
you want the stealthy approach wait until his back is turned and 
assassinate him. Walk to the ledge. Free Run and swing on the pole, 
jumping over two bars. When on the lower bar, wait until you are lined 
up with the hanging object and jump onto it, it will turn around and 
dump you off around the corner. Activate the lever and another cut scene 
will show you briefly where to go. Walk across the plank of wood and 
drop down for a secret area with a chest. Climb back up again and run up 
the wall on the left to climb onto a wooden platform. Jump onto the 
balcony and run across the wooden perch onto the coffin. Take care not 
to hold down the R1 and X buttons or else you will jump off the other 
side of the coffin. Turn left and swing onto where the next lever is. 
Now the area will fill with three more guards. Go left and swing down 
onto the lower area. Turn to your right and dont fully drop down but 
walk onto the slightly lower platform, from here you can air assassinate 
one of the guards. You can try and wait to get two in one hit but they 
rarely pass each other that slowly. No matter what happens the other 
guard(s) will see you and the lookout will start running. You get this a 
lot in assassin tombs. If you want the other way to do it is to do a 
leap of faith into the hay stack from that ledge and assassinate the 
guard who comes as stands by you from there. But be careful not to let 
the other guards see you do it. Get out of the hay, assassinate him, 
leave the body and jump back into the hay. One or both of the other 
guards will come look and if you are lucky you can get them both. When 
you approach the lookout will still run though. 

Run and jump over the ledges and climb up the wall. Turn around and 
follow him up the other ledges and around again. You will hear the gate 
snap. Go to the left and swing around. Jump across the gap and fall 
down. As you go back up some ledges will fall down creating a ledge for 
you to jump up and skip that bit. Once again he will run away and close 
the gate, go right and jump across the bars and swing across. At the 
next gate go left before he closes it to close the distance and climb up 
the blocks. Keep running after him. As he starts to yell guards to arms, 
on the left you will see a pile of blocks. Run up that. At the end push 
[] and you can assassinate him before he reaches safety. The other way 
is to let him reach the guard post and kill all of the guards. Either 
way climb up the scaffolding on the right. If you didnt kill him there 
will be guards to fight down below, if you did you are free to do the 
next bit by yourself. Drop down silently and run over to the doorway. 
Climb up. The guards wont hear you unless you approach them. Follow the 
corridor and watch the cut scene. 

You hear the templars going over their plan to assassinate the Dodge 
outside the church. That damn Spaniard is here as well. Follow the 
corridor again and go through the door and down the steps. Here there is 
a coffin you can open and some chests. Open them in any order. Opening 
the coffin with give you an assassins seal to unlock apart of the lock 
containing Altairs armour. Exit through the door.
You now have the seal of DARIUS the mighty assassin that killed Xerxas 
with his hidden blade in Persia. You also get 1250f for completing this 
memory and you get a nice gift if you collect all the seals. 

Il Duomos Secret                            (idsc)

This Assassins Tomb in unlocked as soon as you complete Novellas 
Secret. It is located in the side of the church near where you have to 
protect Lorenzo in Memory 4.5. On the map, look for the large dark 
building in the top right that looks like a flower or a jewel. That 
building is your target. The skull is at ground level in the side of the 
building near the west point. 

A small cut scene will show with the workers and the monks exiting the 
church. You will also be shown your first location. Run directly 
forwards and up the steps, climb the wall and hang just below the 
paintings. Shimmy around and climb up onto the ledge above the doorway. 
Run forwards and jump across the poll onto the ledge which Ezio will 
hang from. Climb up and run over to the ledge and then to the poll on 
your right. Go right again and bounce to the poll on your left, then 
bounce again to the one on your right run along its length. Jump down 
to the lower poll on your right. (take note of the pigeons that fly off 
while running along that pool between the two supports. Pigeons in this 
level tell you you are going the right way.)
Jump across to the builders ledge. A cut scene will take over half way 
through the jump and a ladder will fall down. If you fall to the ground 
during any of the next bit use that to get back up.

Run forwards across the two crossed beams and climb up to the higher 
ledge and turn around 180 degrees. Jump across to the beam, careful not 
to let Ezio clip the window frame or else he will fall. Ezio will hang 
from the beam. Climb up and swing across to the next beam and jump 
forwards down onto the lower ledge. Take the time to stop and re centre 
yourself before jumping across to the next ledge. Many people have told 
me that the jump has pushed them off centre and they have fallen. Jump 
across to the next ledge and from there swing across to the beam. Here 
line yourself up with the chandelier and jump and swing across to it. 
Jump across to the next chandelier and from there to the construction 
ledge. Approach those pigeons on the output from the ledge and jump onto 
the next chandelier and from there to the one of your right. Keep going 
and jump onto the beam. Walk left a little bit and jump onto the ledge, 
running up to grab the higher ledge above you. Turn right. Jump across 
the two beams onto the swinging pole. Line yourself up with the 
chandelier and swing onto it. Jump onto the post on your right and line 
yourself up again. Jump across the two chandeliers and onto the next 
beam. There are those pigeons again. Jump from the next chandelier onto 
the ledge and climb up to walk along the out jutting pole. Jump and 
swing across the two bars and land on the ledge. At cut scene will take 
over half way through that jump. This cut scene will show you how to get 
up to the assassins tomb, though it isnt very specific. Another ladder 
will also drop down, saving you having to do all that again.

Go left and jump over to the hexagonal ledge. Go right and past the 
pigeons. Jump over to the ledge where to organ pipes are (more pigeons) 
and from there to the bar on your left and over to the chandelier. Go 
left again over to the bar and the second set of organ pipes where... 
you guessed it, there are more pigeons. From there jump back onto the 
hexagon and go right, jumping onto the scaffolding equipment and from 
there to the bar. At this point the camera angle will change, making it 
easier to control Ezio. Run straight up the wall and climb up the 
handholds onto the ledge. More damn birds. (Hum, I wonder if they are 
the same birds...)Go right onto the pole and jump across to the next 
ledge where you can jump onto the bars holding up the chandelier. Run 
across it to the ledge where those birds have appeared again and run up 
the wall, using the handholds to climb up onto the ledge way above where 
Ezio will jump over the railing, go right and onto the next set of 
poles. Line yourself up properly before you jump onto these poles or 
else your jump will go really out of wack and if you have nothing to 
press O to grab onto then you will fall to your death. Jump onto the 
scaffolding stuff and onto the ledge. Birds. Again. Across to the 
swinging pole and down onto the WAY lower ledge. Across the chandelier 
and onto the next builders ledge. This one works a little differently. 
Climb up the wall and stop before you get to the stop of the picture, 
remain at the top bar, now shimmy left and keep going until you are on 
the third wall, the flat one just like before. Now climb up and over the 
railing. Go right and onto the pole. Jump across to the other poles to 
your left and then across to the ledge. Go forwards and... wow, birds, 
again, how amazing. Climb out onto the pole and jump across to the 
scaffolding stuff and then onto the next ledge where there is a box and 
a series of poles for you to run up. Once up climb around to the other 
side of the ladder and climb up it. 

Follow the ledge, jumping across all of the little gaps and poles that 
you come in contact with. Youll come across those birds again about 
half way around. Dont worry if you fall. If you do you simply get put 
back up to the top of this run. About half way around there is a massive 
gap with a series of about four poles that you have to run across. 
(Look down. You will see a sheet of builders material hung up that is 
red in color and a shinning box. This is the secret area for this 
location. Drop down if you would like and loot the box. There is 250f in 
it. To get back up you do have the easy option of just jumping off the 
ledge and dying which will mean that yes you got your money but it 
doesnt count as finding the secret area or you can do this. Run up the 
doorway and climb up the circular bricks on the wall, climb up and then 
to the left. Climb around the scaffolding and up to the ledge again.)
Eventually you will come to a block of tiles. Climb up it and wait for 
the camera angle to change. Run up the wall and climb to the top and use 
the handholds to climb around to the poles that you can then climb up 
and stand on. Those birds are there AGAIN. The camera angle will change 
again. Im not scared of heights and even this seemed to give me a bit 
or vertigo. Run and jump across to the centre ledge. The camera angle 
will change during the jump but you wont fall. Climb up the two 
ladders. You appear in the treasure room in front of a statue of a 
female assassin. There are two treasure chests on either side of her 
containing 250f. There is another one to the left of the sarcophagus. 
Open the sarcophagus to receive the assassins seal. Exit through the 
open window. 

Congratulations. You just received the seal of ILTANI, the female 
assassin that Poisoned Alexander the Great and came from Babylon. Her 
seal has what seems to be a picture of an instrument on front. Go place 
the seal in the sanctuary and you are one step closer to getting the 
armour of Altair. You also receive a bonus gift of 1250f for completing 
this memory, though where it comes from is anyones guess. Once outside 
those damn birds are here AGAIN (walk to the right when the camera is at 
your back. There are also two chests containing 100f on this roof. Climb 

To get the High Dive Trophy you have to climb the building just next to 
this church. Florences Giotto Campanile. If you havent already this is 
an ideal time to try it as you can only start the climb from the roof of 
the church. Do a leap of Faith from where you exited the assassins tomb 
and the pigeons flew off from into the hey below. Run to the right where 
you can see a window on the tall building opposite. Jump over to it. 
the window and up the ledges and following windows until Ezio cant 
climb any more. Shimmy left. Get to the middle of the ledge where the 
symbol of the flower is a climb up. Here to can go in the windows to get 
treasure chests on the lower levels inside the building but if you do 
you have to start this climb all over again. Once you get to the 
windows, hang below them ad go left again. Keep going until you get 
around to the next wall and climb up the windows. Keep climbing up the 
next set of windows as well and if he stops climbing move to the middle 
of the two windows and keep going up, eventually you will have to move 
to the left or right to get around the eagles perch. Walk onto it and 
syncronise the view point while you are here. Perform and leap of faith. 
You have your trophy. 

Torre Grossas Secret                        (tgsc)

As far as I know this Assassins Tomb is also available as soon as you 
complete Novellas Secret this tomb is located in Tuscany and is near 
the Torre Grossa. It is in a small side alley on the southern side. It 
is obvious as in the side street it has its own little circular alcove. 
This Assassins Tomb also has guards so make sure you are well prepared. 

When you start, run up the wall next to the broken ladder climb up to 
the second ledge and climb around to the right, walking onto the ledge 
where the door it. Pull the lever and run up the stairs to activate the 
cut scene showing you where to go. This si where you will first run into 
the guards. SLOWLY walk onto the platform, but not to the edge so the 
guards can see you. Equip the throwing knives if you want or the sword. 
BE CAREFUL. If you want you can just go straight into combat but if you 
dont want to be seen the guards can see you on your little ledge. Kill 
them either way. If you want to do the discreet thing stand back from 
the doorway a bit and wait until one of the guards is walking away from 
it with his back to you. Lock on and throw one of the knives, wait until 
one of the other guards comes to investigate and kill him in the same 
way, jump across the beam on the right onto the platform and air 
assassinate the other guard or just use another throwing knife, 
otherwise just drop down sword in hand and fight them. When they are 
dead run  loot their bodies to recover most of your throwing knives if 
you use them and straight ahead from the doorway and run up the wall on 
your left. Jump right onto the ledge and climb up. The camera angle will 
change. Run forwards (analogue stick to the right) and jump across. 
Shimmy right to the beam. Walk down the platform on the right and jump 
across to the wall on the left. Shimmy across the corner and down until 
you can get onto the platform. Kill the guard up the stairs in any way 
you want. I climbed up the boxed and ledge assassinated him. 

You can do this next bit one of two ways. 
TO SKIP THE SECRET AREA - Jump onto the chandelier and turn to the left. 
Jump onto the two wires hanging between the wall and the balcony and go 
to the left to jump across onto the beams. Drop to the floor and making 
sure to stay well back from the doorway watch the cut scene 
TO COMPLETE THE SECRET AREA - Climb onto the railing of the section 
where the guard was and swing across the two bars on the far right hand 
side of it (when facing the opposite wall). Shimmy into the hole in the 
way and climb up. Hang from the ledge of the floor and climb across the 
wall using the handholds, climbing up the other side. Collect the money 
in the chest (250f) and pull the lever and jump across the two poles. 
Drop onto the floor and watch the cut scene, making sure you stay back 
away from the doorway. 

There are three levels to this next section. And six guards. Three 
guards on the bottom level which is where you are now, two guards 
(archers) on the next and one on the top level. Once again to get rid of 
the three guards you can either just walk around the corner with your 
sword out or take the discreet path. For the discreet path MAKE SURE you 
stay away from the doorway. Wait until the two lower guards walk away 
and the brute completes his little walk. Step forward so you can target 
him and throw TWO throwing knives to take him down. The other two guards 
will eventually come to check his body. Take them down the same way. 
Loot their bodies to recover your throwing knives. 
After wards cross the room and climb up the two piles of wood directly 
across from the doorway you came from. Run up the wall and jump to the 
left (not backwards) onto the ledge. Use throwing knives from here to 
take down the two guards on the next level. Loot them again to hopefully 
recover both of your knives. Run across to the far side of the balcony 
and jump across the three chandeliers. You cant kill the next guard yet 
with throwing knives as they bounce off the balcony railing. Jump across 
to the window on your right and climb to the top of it. Keep climbing to 
the top of the handholds and go right onto the chandelier. Turn around, 
heading back towards the balconies are two swinging bars and a small 
rope to stand on between them, doing this bit will get you caught by the 
guard unless he is walking away from you. Swing and jump across quickly 
and kill him with the hidden blade. You cannot ledge assassinate him as 
he is too far away from it. Walk through the archway on the right and a 
cut scene will show you where to go. There are three archers in this 
section. First walk up the ramp in front of you and go around the 
corner. When you get to the top of the walkway wait he starts walking 
away from you and run up the series of poles around the corner. When you 
jump and hang from one of the taller bars the camera angle will change 
allowing you to do this bit undetected. Wait until his back is to you 
and climb up to the next ledge, locking on a killing him with a throwing 
knife. There is a little barrier here if you happen to climb up at just 
the wrong time. Make use of it. Swing across to the platform where the 
guard was. Loot the body to hopefully recover your throwing knife. Climb 
up the ladder. Jump up onto the railing and across to the pole jumping 
onto the next platform. Walk to the other side of it. There are some 
poles for you to run up and on the other side some climbing grips. Run 
to the top of the grips but dont go any further. The two guards are 
just above you. Wait for him to start walking away from you and then 
climb up. Make use of the barrier here. Assassinate one guard as he 
walks back towards you and kill the other guard any way you want. Once 
they are dead climb up the window in the middle of the walkway and climb 
across to the left across the handle. Jump up onto the bar and use the 
next wall handles to climb up to the roof supports. Jump onto the second 
bar and walk to the left. Jump across and walk left again and turn to 
the left to jump across to the next walk grips. Climb up to the top and 
then climb LEFT. Jump backwards to land on a post that you couldnt see. 
Climb up the rings to your right into the hidden chamber. There is one 
chest in front of you on the right and two behind you each holding 250f. 
Open the sarcophagus. Climb up the ladder and push O at the top to exit 
through the latch.
Congratulations. You now have the assassins seal of WEI YU, the Chinese 
assassin who used a spear to kill Qin Shi Huang the first Chinese 
Emperor. Place it back in the sanctuary to complete a piece of the 
puzzle to receive Altairs armour. Once again you also get 1250f for 
completing this memory. Perform a leap of faith to get down. I do like 
the wind noise effect here. 

Ravaldinos Secret                           (rvsc)

This one is available as soon as you reach Forli. The location of the 
Tomb is actually a bit annoying to get to. The best way to find it is to 
climb up onto the wall of Forli and follow it around until you reach the 
area where it is. You can either drop down straight onto the platform or 
dive into the water and swim to it. Either way works. There are guards 
in here as well. Lots of them. 

When you first start off jump into the water and swim to the left, climb 
up the wooden bit and jump across to the main platform. Run up the 
bricks in the corner and up the wall, grabbing on to a ledge. Push R1 + 
X to jump backwards. Jump to the left onto the next ledge and swing 
across. Jump to the right and onto where the lever is. Pull the lever. 
This is a timed one so as soon as you pull it run towards the door. Run 
down the hallway and swing onto the lower level. Jump onto the wooden 
ledge and then onto the lower one. Jump into the water and hold X while 
swimming forward to swim under the gate. Run up the two barrels and do a 
backwards jump off the ledge Ezio grabs. Climb up and do another 
backwards jump, repeat until he is at the top where a cut scene will 
initiate. Ledge assassinate the guard at the top of the well and kill 
the others in any way that you want. The throwing knives come in handy 
here. And its just a waste to use your smoke bombs. Save them for later 
in the game. Target and kill the guard across the other platform with 
TWO throwing knives and then by taking your time go across and climb up 
onto the boxes and air assassinate the other guard. If you do raise an 
alert you will also draw out a third guard. Go left (when facing where 
you came from) and climb up the wooden wall. There are two guards there, 
they cant see you yet, but as soon as you swing over they will. You 
also cant target them. Kill them in any way you want. Go around to the 
back of that section afterwards and use the barrels to climb up to the 
top of the bookcase. Jump into the higher level. Run up the barrels 
again to grab onto the top of the shield, jump backwards. As you land 
near the lever (or walk over to it) a cut scene will trigger showing you 
what to do. Pay attention, it helps.

Pull the lever and jump across the bars to the other side before the 
gate comes back up. Once again pull the lever and jump across. When you 
land go through the small arch and jump across the bars so that you can 
run up the wall next to the shields. Ezio will hold on, shimmy left to 
the doorway. Drop down onto the pole and then drop down into the lower 
level. A cut scene will trigger showing you again where to go and what 
lies ahead. Three guards and hole in the wall, run down the stairs and 
up the wall at the end of it. The guard wont approach the ledge so you 
have to wait until he is walking away from you and get rid of him that 
way. So that you arent caught, dump the body over the ledge you came up 
from. There is another guard not far away at the same level as you 
across the other side. Two throwing knives will take care of him as he 
is looking through the window. Go down the stairs and wait at the bottom 
just out of sight, have your hidden blade equipped. Stab the guy as he 
comes around the corner. Wait for the other guy to come investigating 
and kill him as well. Now for the brute. He wont see the other bodies 
so as he is walking away take cover in the hay bale or behind one of the 
screens. Hanging from the screen behind the hay bale is good as when he 
gets close you can climb up and air assassinate him. Remember to loot 
their corpses. Near where the horses are there is a three sides wooden 
screen. Climb up it. Turn to the right (when facing the horses) and jump 
onto the wooden pole. Climb up it and jump across the two others. Climb 
up and jump onto the platform. Run up the barrels and Ezio will grab 
onto a shield. Shimmy left to get through the hole in the wall. 
Heres a question, how do the guards get up here They arent that good 
at climbing. There isnt any more though so dont stress. 

You might want to take the time to practice this bit. You path is this. 
Where the lever is, pull it and jump over the wall and onto the broken 
archway, the camera angle will change and jump onto the higher ledge. 
Climb up and run along the wooden beams, jumping onto the small wooden 
post. Run up the Wall onto the ledge and then jump backwards. Climb up, 
onto the wooden post and then swing across to the doorway.  This is all 
TIMED by the way so practice is good. You only JUST have enough time to 
do it. You are now in the burial chamber. There is a chest to your right 
with 300f in it And two more on either side of the sarcophagus. Exit 
through the secret door.
You now have the Seal of QULAN GAL, the Mongolian assassin who shot down 
Ghangis Khans horse will a bow and arrow. Place it in the sanctuary to 
have completed a sixth of the puzzle to receive Altairs armour. You 
also again get a special bonus gift of 1250f. 

San Marcos Secret                           (smsc)

This Tomb is available after sequence 7 in Venice. This is also possibly 
the most FRUSTRATING puzzle sequence in the whole game. There are no 
guards here, just lots of time trials. Four in total. This Tomb can also 
be quite difficult to reach as the area that it is in is a restricted 
area. To get to it, go right from the front of the Basilica and follow 
the path go left as soon as you can and then left again to cross over 
the two bridges. Climb the wall that is curved around to the river and 
go up to the roof tops. Go right and all the way to the front again and 
then go left. Drop down into the little alcove behind the archers to 
find the glowing skull. 
As far as i know there is no secret area in this location

Firstly, go forwards and jump over the balcony railing (swinging on the 
pole if you wish) to get down to the lower level. Run up to the 
sarcophagus and activate the puzzle. 
Tips: First thing though with NONE of these puzzles, if you make a 
mistake or rush, do you have the time to correct it without pushing the 
button again. If you die on the last puzzle, you have to do all of them 
again. If you rush you will make mistakes, and if you make mistakes then 
you will have to start the puzzle over. Miscalculating a jump at the end 
of it will result in Ezios death. Second, Go slow, dont Free Run 
everywhere. The faster you go the easier it is to lose control of Ezio 
and completely stuff everything up.
Third, PRACTICE. PLEASE practice. I couldnt tell you the amount of my 
friends that have come up to me asking me how to do one of the puzzles 
in this area and hadnt practiced at all. Even if you have done these 
before practice them a couple of times again. I would recommend at least 
twice for people new to this tomb. And fourth, get savvy with the camera 
controls, having the camera in the right position makes a lot of 
difference, especially with the top and right puzzles. Know how to use 
your camera while you are moving and know how to use it to its best 

TOP PUZZLE (when standing in the centre facing the coffin)
Run back up the steps and go to the right hand side of the coffin. Run 
past it and up the three large steps that lead to a circular indent in 
the wall. The camera angle will change. Jump back across from you onto 
the platform and then to your left, across the ledge and onto the roof 
of the coffins shelter. Go right and jump across onto the lower 
platform. Jump over the balcony railing and go left again around the 
pole. Jump back onto the balcony railing and across the heads of the 
statues (which would give them a massive headache) and onto the cross. 
Keep going across to the other side and run up the wall when you get 
there. Shimmy right and climb up onto the roof of the organ pipes by 
running up them.  Jump backwards at the right angle to hang from the 
When the cut scene is over swing forwards to land on the lower platform 
and jump off it to get down. 
30 points for guessing what the symbol is that the moving segments make 
on the floor

LEFT PUZZLE (when standing in the centre facing the coffin)
This one is a bit harder. When standing near the button facing the wall 
its closest to, go right immediately and climb up the stand that almost 
looks like a cage. Run along the edge of it and jump onto the taller 
platform at the north. The camera angle will change. Jump to the left 
onto the higher platform where the camera angle will change back. Go 
right and jump into the nearest wooden post. Run along the posts on the 
right and onto the platform above the door. Go right again and run and 
hang from the grip on the wall. Shimmy all the way right until the 
camera angle changes again. Climb up onto the top of the hand hold and 
then go right. Climb up one to the top of the next hand hold and jump 
onto the one on your right again. Climb up to the top of the balcony. Go 
forwards and left onto the balcony and run up the small stack of boxes 
against the wall. Run up the wall to grab onto the handholds and keep 
climbing up, the camera angle will change again. Once you reach the top 
of the handholds jump backwards (R1 + X) onto the pole and from there 
forwards onto the lever. Swing forwards onto the chandelier  and the 
drop from that to get down.
Come on, 20 points if you can guess what it is now.

RIGHT PUZZLE (when standing in the centre facing the coffin)
The same as the left puzzle, this one also starts off climbing the cage 
like stand. Run to the left and climb up it (there are boxes here to run 
up as well this time). Swing across the bar on the right (when on the 
ledge looking at the coffin) and onto the builders stuff. Run up the box 
and jump across to hang from the ledge. Climb up on top and run around 
it. Jump across to the platform under the lower roof and run up the bar 
on the right. Use the two handholds to get onto the balcony. Go forwards 
and right, Those two big crosses hanging from the ceiling Jump onto the 
first one. If you know how jump onto the right hand arm of it (yes you 
can reach it). Jump across to the second cross by using small jumps to 
navigate the arms of the crosses.  Jump across to the second balcony. 
Using the poles hanging out from the wall run across them to get to the 
other side. Run and run up the boxes in the centre near the window. Get 
to the ledge the middle of the rose looking thing. Use the contextual 
camera (L2) to align yourself and jump backwards (R1 + X) Watch the cut 
scene and jump onto the swinging pole and the chandelier to get down. 
10 points if you guess now. You have to know what the symbol is by now.
And dont feel bad if you it you a couple of times to do this one 
puzzle. The first time i did this tomb i stuffed it up three times in a 
row. This is the most difficult challenge in my opinion and everyone 
will probably stuff it up at some stage. 

BOTTOM PUZZLE (behind you when in the centre and facing the coffin)
Run forwards past the rows of seats until you see that some seats have 
been tossed out of place by a screen with paintings on it. Climb up the 
screen and go left to jump onto a platform. Jump onto the next platform 
and then onto the ledge on the wall. Shimmy to the right and the camera 
angle will change. Jump backwards (R1 + X) and shimmy to the left, 
jumping backwards again when you get around the corner. Drop down and 
run along the bars. At the third bar Ezio will hang from it, climb up 
and jump across the next one and onto the platform. The camera angle 
will shift again showing you to climb up the handholds. You can also 
just run up the wall as well. Go forwards and left and run up the boxes 
and candles in the centre. Climb up the centre of the cross on the 
window and jump backwards again onto the swinging bar. Swing onto the 
next bar and then onto the lever. To get down swing forwards and onto 
the next bar and hang from the cross. Drop down.

Pretty cool huh, the secret assassins symbol hidden in the floor. Get 
down and drop into the room. Run down the stairs. There are two chests 
to the left of the sarcophagus and one on right containing 500f each. 
Open the chests and the sarcophagus. Have to say the skeletons on the 
wall are a bit much though. And they must smell bad. Exit through the 
secret door
Seal of AMUET collected, that has a snake on the front, the female 
Egyptian assassin who used a snake to kill Cleopatra, congratulations. 
Another sixth of the puzzles completed. And again, a special payment of 

Visitaziones Secret                         (vzsc)

I do not like this one. Once again, more time trials (seems to be the 
thing in Venice) and a guard chase. And an Easter Egg. A giant squid. We 
will get to that. 

Okay first things first, sprint down the corridor and do a leap of faith 
into the pile of hay. The stupid brute will do his whole I know i saw 
something this time and a VERY convenient rat will run out. Too 
convenient. After the cut scene jump out of the hay and kill the brute 
with your hidden blade. Run forwards but dont go after the templar 
because he will shut the gate. Run down the left path and Free Run over 
the blocks and stuff. Go right. Run over the bridged floor and go left 
to swing down to the lower level, Free Running all the way to take care 
of the blocks in your path. When you catch up to him, immediately go 
through the gap because once again he will close the gate on you. Keep 
running and at the next gate go right. Jump over the beams and swing on 
the poles to get to the next section. Run up the stairs go right twice 
and then right again after the hallway. Go left across the broken 
walkway and use free running to get over the blocks next to the gate on 
your right. Stay on the bookcases and use the swinging pole to get 
across to the other side. Run down the stairs on your left and go left 
again to jump over the blocks to allow you to bypass the gate. Another 
gate will close, run up the blocks to teh right of it and use the pole 
to swing over to the next section. Keep running, use the first set of 
blocks to get slightly more ahead and keep following the templar. When 
he starts yelling Guards to Arms use the blocks and poles on your 
right to run up onto the higher ledge and air assassinate him so that he 
doesnt stir the other guards. Of course you could let him stir them if 
you want. If you kill him through and loot the body i got four throwing 
knives. Its worth it. Either way go up the blocks on the right to avoid 
detection and swing onto the blocks. Open the door and run down the 
EASTER EGG: Okay, easy enough. Pull the lever, watch the cut scene but 
dont do anything. Approach the waters edge in front of you and walk 
forwards until Ezio looks down into the water. Wait for about a minute 
or so. When it does a massive dark shape will swim past with a big 
yellow eye. Pull the lever again and approach the water a massive 
tentacle will shoot out and Ezio will only just be able to dodge it in 
time. I like this thing.
Moving on. Pull the switch for the first time and the cut scene will 
activate showing you where to go, its not very informative though and 
this is definitely the where do i go now puzzle of the game. It also 
takes ALOT of skill with jumping around. And you dont even really have 
time to practice as you can only get past bits with the lever activated. 
Anyway pull the lever and run along the narrow strip of ground and Free 
Run across the poles swinging towards the small platform. This is the 
real challenge.  Run up the wall and at the height of your jump 
CAREFULLY move the stick all the way to the right and push X to jump 
across to the first lever. Cut scene. This comes as a very handy tool 
for later on in the game if you are not doing this as an after game 
thing. Swing forwards and run up the steps, running up the wall again 
and this time jumping left onto the platform. This one is a bit harder 
as you have to think very quickly. Run across the bar to your right and 
swing down onto the lower piece of ground. Once again run up the wall 
and jump off to teh right to get onto the lever. Cut scene.
Swing forwards and run forwards and to your left to jump up the broken 
off pieces of rock Just jump onto this lever. Cut scene again. You have 
to know what the symbol is by now. This next one is harder to get to. 
Most people will stuff it up here, but if you do dont worry. You only 
have to pull this last lever. Swim forwards and climb up onto the small 
piece of rock and make your way forwards over the wall to the start if 
you stuff up. If you fall in the water you dont have the time to fix 
it, you have to 
To get to this lever, from where you were swing forward onto the pole 
and from there onto the platform, line yourself up and run across the 
pole to the higher platform and from there go left. Run up the wall and 
jump left to get to the higher spot of the crumbled stairs and run 
across and onto the next piece of rock and then jump onto the two poles 
so you can swing across to the lower ground. Run up it and jump onto the 
lever which will complete the door puzzle and raise some steps for you 
to get to it. Swim forwards and into the water. Swim towards the piece 
of rock in the ground and run up the stairs and around the wall into the 
burial chamber. 
There is one chest behind and two chests of either side of the 
sarcophagus, all containing 500f. Open them and the sarcophagus.
Congratulations. Now that you have the seal of LEONIUS (it has a sword 
on the front), the assassin who stabbed Caligula with a dagger in Roma, 
you have all of the seals to complete the puzzle. And another 1500f for 
completing it.

After the Tombs                              (aftb)

Once you have all six of the assassins seals, or even as you collect 
them one by one, return to the sanctuary in Marios office to place 
them, going around one by one and pressing O near the statues to place 
the seal. Once placed the grate will open and the statue of Altair will 
drop down, allowing Ezio to bless his ancestor and collect the armour. 
The armour of Altair is the strongest armour in the game. It also comes 
with its own color and robe set, black with white trimmings. It does 
look a bit renascence for the crusades doesnt it And what are the 
chances that Altair and Ezio are the same size huh Anyway, you can 
still chance your cloaks with this armour, but you will be dealt less 
damage and i am yet to have to repair it, even after being involved in 
several fights while playing it through after the game. 
Having this armour also allows you to buy the Sword of Altair from any 
blacksmith which is also the best sword in the game, at a good 45000 if 
you only have the second upgrade for your blacksmith in the Villa, 
having no weaknesses and a full five points on Speed, Damage and 
If you would like to examine the statue of Altair you cant, but you can 
run up the wall inside the alcove next to it and jump backwards to land 
on the armour holder which allows you to look at it closely with the 

Paying Respects                              (pyrt)

This is the Assassins Tomb that can only be unlocked for those that have 
access to the UPlay function from Ubisoft. To get it you have to 
complete enough actions to get the points and then buy it. It is located 
inside the Villa to the west near those massive decorated doors that 
will be glowing.
Walkthrough to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions                   (faqs)

Q. In San Marcos, in the right hand puzzle, i cant jump onto the 
lever Why is that Is this a glitch

A. No. Make sure that you are only a small bit above the middle of the 
window, if you are too high Ezio will miss and too low he will jump 
under it. 


Q. Okay, I know about the Squid Easter egg. Is there any others in the 
other Assassins Tombs

A. As far as the gaming community knows, no. No one is yet to find any 
other bonus things like the giant squid/octopus on any of the other 
assassins Tombs.


Q. The giant squid isnt appearing for me. Why

A. A few people have had this problems. If the squid doesnt appear 
simply do the puzzle and reply it later on. Yes, the squid can appear in 
replays. Make sure that you are actually staring down INTO the water as 
well, like Ezio does when standing on the edge of the ground to look 
down. Also it does take about a minute and if you move around it wont 
work. Just keep trying. Watch a video about it if it helps, you may be 
standing in the wrong place.