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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weapons Overview

by Geekykid23

As I always say about weapons, “Always use the right weapon for the job”

Here are all of the weapons and all of there upgrades that are in the game and a little brief description about the weapon/upgrade:

Obviously, you always have these. Use these in close combat.

Baseball Bat
Same as the fists, just more powerful.

Police Baton
Same as the Baseball Bat

Same as the Baseball Bat, but more effective.

Garrote Wire
Use to strangle targets from behind.

.38 Snub Nose
Luca Brasi gives you this gun and it will probably be the first gun you get in the game. It is a pretty decent gun, but it has a slightly slow firing rate.

___________ (Level 2)
Has a faster firing rate and the ammo carry limit is increased to 60 bullets.

Saturday Night Special (Level 3)
Has a faster firing rate and the ammo carry limit is increased to 80 bullets.

The fastest handgun. It holds 8 bullets and it is fairly powerful.

Extended Clip Pistol (Level 2)
Has a faster firing rate, the ammo carry limit is increased to 80, and each clip now holds 10 bullets.

Assassin’s Pistol (Level 3)
Has a faster firing rate, the ammo carry limit is increased to 140, and each clip now holds 14 bullets.

The Magnum is a hand cannon with a swing out cylinder. The Magnum is the loudest and most powerful sidearm, and it rivals the shotgun in damage dealt.

Extended Barrel Magnum (Level 2)
Faster firing and more powerful

Python (Level 3)
More powerful and ammo increased to 80

Tommy Gun
The Tommy Gun is a compact machine gun that is small and light enough for one man to handle. It cuts enemies down in record time, but it has a slow reload.

Modified Tommy Gun (Level 2)
Faster firing and each clip now holds 50 bullets.

Dillinger (Level 3)
Faster firing and each clip now holds 75 bullets.

Long Barrel Shotgun
The Long Barrel Shotgun is a pump action rifle that fires affectionately over short ranges. Since the Shotgun has a pump reload after every two shots, you had better make every shot count.

Double Barrel Shotgun (Level 2)
The Double Barrel Shotgun has a slightly shortened barrel that makes for more damage with each shell. More importantly you ammo count is increased to 24 bullets.

Street Sweeper (Level 3)
The Street Sweeper is arguable the most powerful firearm in the game available. The clip is modified to hold 10 shells that are fired like an automatic weapon. The ammo carry limit is increased to 100 shells.

Molotov Cocktail
The Molotov is a glass bottle filled with fuel and topped off with an oily rag. Light it, throw it, keep your distance, and watch your targets burn. You only have a limited number, so use the Molotovs wisely.

Useful for taking out safes and bank vaults.

Can kill large groups of enemies and can also take out buildings