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The Godfather Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for The Godfather

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A large collection of cheats for you to check out and includes unlocking guns, infinite ammo and getting $1 million Dollars. We'll also show you how to unlock ALL the movies.

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We have 52 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for The Godfather please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC : Xbox 360

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Money and Respect

Infinite Money and Respect:
Do this sneaky little trick to get infinite money and respect. All you've got to do when you have completed the first mission is save the game and quit the game before answering the phone. When you now reload your saved game file you'll get $500 and 500 Respect Points from the previous mission. Quit and reload the saved game file as many times as you want to get $500 and 500 Respect points every time.
Infinite Money:
This isn't the quickest way of getting money but it does work. When you enter a nightclub, shop, hotel etc that you are the owner of go to the room that the cash register is located and take the money and leave the room. When you now re-enter the room the cash machine will miraculously be repaired. Repeat the process of smas..

5 Minute Codes

During game play pause the game to enter the following codes, these codes can only be entered once every 5 minutes.
Unlock Full Ammo:
Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Square, R3
Unlock Full Health:
Left, Square, Right, Circle, Right, L3
Unlock $5,000:
Square, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, L3

Unlockable Guns

Below is a list of some of the guns that can be used in the game and how to get them.
Unlock Python:
Buy 3rd Magnum upgrade
Unlock Street Sweeper:
Buy 3rd upgrade for Shotgun
Unlock Dillinger:
Buy 3rd upgrade for Tommy Gun
Unlock Saturday Night Special:
Buy 3rd .38 Snub Nose upgrade
Unlock Assassin's Pistol:
Buy 3rd Pistol upgrade

Unlock Infinite Ammo and $1 Million Dollars

Get 91.5 game completion by taking over every business and racket and putting out contracts on the other families most notorious gangsters so you become the Don of New York you will get infinite ammo and $1 million Dollars.

Never Get Heat When Stealing Parked Cars

When you reach the rank of 'Underboss' you don't have to worry about cops when you steal parked car.

Unlock ALL Movies

At the 'Join the Family' menu where you view the 'File Archives' press circle, square, circle, square, square, L3 to unlock ALL the movies. The cheat will take effect immediately if you've entered the code in correctly.

Unlockable Film Clips

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding clip
Unlock Johnny Fontane Clip:
Collect 10 Film Reels.
Unlock Don Sends Luca On An Errand Clip:
Collect 20 Film Reels.
Unlock Luca's Demise:
Clip Collect 30 Film Reels.
Unlock The Don Is Dead Clip:
Collect 40 Film Reels
Unlock Whack Paulie Clip:
Collect 55 Film Reels
Unlock Good Morning Mr. Woltz Clip:
Collect 70 Film Reels.
Unlock Sonny At The Tollbooth Clip:
Collect 85 Film Reels

Unlock Are You Ready To Do Me This Favor? Clip:
Complete 'Change Of Plans' mission.

Unlock Carlo Goes For A Ride Clip:
Complete 'It's Only Business' mission.

Unlock Carlo Learns A Lesson Clip:

Permanent Full Ammunition

To enable this sneaky trick that will bypass the 5 minute lockout before it can be entered again you have to pause gameplay and press Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Square, R3. When you have entered the code save the game and quit and then reload your saved game.


My boyfriend told me to put these on so if they don't work please don't shoot the messenger.
Square,circle,square,square,circle,L3 to get $5.000
Circle,left,circle,right,square,R3 to get full ammo.
Hope it helps.


Pause the game and press Square, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, L3
Full ammo
Pause the game and press Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Square R3


When paused
Square, circle, square, square, circle, L3
Notice that you can only use this cheat once every 5 minutes, I don't know why, but thats just the way it is.

Full Health

While paused,
Left, square, right, circle, right, L3


At the pause menu, during gameplay, type these codes for...
Full Ammo
Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Square, R3
5000 dollars
Square, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, L3
Full Health
Left, Square, Right, Circle, Right, L3
Good Gaming :D

Full Health



People that have just got this game this is a really good way to start off on the godfather
1- first drive to midtown and go to the place where the guy sells molotovs (see map)
2- when you get there sometimes you will see hobo's walking round in torn, brown coats don't worry when you kill them your heat level doesn't go up
3- when you kill them you should get 1,600 respect and $3,000 or $900 and 1,200 respect
Thank you

Usefull cheats

Full Health
Left, Square, Right, Circle, Right, L3
Full Ammo
Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Square, R3
5000 dollars
Square, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Le
Unlocks all of the Movies
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Square, L3
All of the cheats must be entered in the pause menu exept the movie cheat that must be entered at the screen with these options:
Joint he family
Go to the tailor shop
Visit the barber
And ...
Another NOTE:
The cheats will work each 5 minutes so don't get mad if they don't work after 5 mins you did the same cheat!

Shops and rackets

To earn maximum amounts from all the shops and rackets wait until you have finished all missions, hit contracts and have become the don.
You wont have to threaten many of the owners as they will respect you and this way they will also pay out more

Killing bruno

In the mission where you must kill bruno by throwing him into the fire it's easier if you shoot him in the knee first because he will drop his gun & will not resist or fight back

Hope I helped

Easier Mob Wars

When fighting in mob wars,DO NOT DIE!!,as you can see everytime you die in one they bomb a bussiness and you can't win,while this is hard to do you may get a habbit of doing it,bomb bussineses,it is fun and most of all hilarios what the shopkeeper says,but if you can't find an FBI agent thats tough,but all the better because you are not wasting money.If you try and buy a bomb there cheaper to buy,you can see them on your map and most of they are high explosives,BUT if you don't want bother bombing just get an FBI agent,if you don't know where to find one then here are BIG clues,when you and Frankie Malone get the free apartment (while not realy because you paid for it with your life) and on the mission where you and Monk have to save her,you will come down the stairs and a goon will atac..

Easy way to rob a bank.

This is very simple, and you get away with the cash w/ no cops!
First, go to the bank of your choice. Their should be a cop walking by. If not, walk around and find one, then bribe him.
Second, instead of shooting the people, have a little bit of different fun and beat the crap out of them. (this works up to when you use the dynamite)
Third, if you went to a big bank, kill the two or three guards in front of you, and run outside, away from the glass thingy, where another guard stands with a tommy gun. If done correctly, you should be able to take your new cash home, with no trouble. (what I did was I did that at every bank, and got over 100,000 dollars.) Hope it helps

Road Blocks

When you are trying to bomb the family compounds and get to the road blocks just stand a good distance away and throw dynamite the first bang could kill the people or when the cars blow it defenetly will.

100 % missions

If you complete the game 100% there will be 4 secret missions in the world of the godfather
You can't see them on the map so you need to find them.
Every mission will give you $ 300 000 and 30 000 respect
Here are all the missions:
1. Back in business: micheal corleone will ask you to help him to do a hit on a guy named tito tataglia you say yes and then you will start at the compound and you will need to take a car
If you leave the compound 4 cars will shase you you have to survive 4 minutes
After that go to the blue marker on the map now you are at the tataglia compound they have taken over again schoot your way though and then you will see tito make a run for it
Now you shase him
But two other cars will follow don't lose tito
If the t..

Unlock all film clips

Enter where it shows family secrets, the barber and the tailer.

You want a hint?


Help Me do I here you say

Right I have been playing this game now and I have found that the has very easy skills that if you learn you can easyly finish it. Right at 1st there is a fight betwen you and the friend but the other mafia man is holding the other firend against the wall. Throw the man into a box beside you to your right. There is money in there.
The 2nd cheat is that kill as many other mafia people as you can. This is a good way to get respect and in turn gain skills. (YOU WILL NEED SKILLS)
3rd you need to learn 1960s NY. This will come in handy as this will be easy 4 you to get around. 4th you need to rob lots of banks the way to this is easy. It is in 4 easy steps.
1- Go to the Police man outside and bribe him $250.
2- go inside and kill the gaurd to the LEFT 1st..

Low on ammo after taking over a compound???

If your low on ammo after whacking all the goons in the enemy family's compounds, then don't place the bomb just yet. Get all the ammo you can from the basement, go out of the compound run around just outside of it for a few minutes then go back in and all the ammo will be there again so you can load up! There could be a couple goons outside but not many if any at all, just kill them.

A Lot of cheats

Codes must be enter at the pause menu.
Refill Health
Left, Square, Right, Circle, Right, L3
Full Ammo
Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Square, R3
Square, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Le
Unlocks Movies
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Square, L3
Note all code can not be re-enter over and over again. Some time must pastin game play before code can be re-enter

the big vans

Hello gamers on the godfather when you see a with a van fire at it and a suprise might just be waiting there for you.

easy & fun

If you are board and just screwin arround you can grab a pedestren and toss them out in the middle of the road when a car is comming you wont get any heat and you will get an easy kill... Hope it helps

Start Cash

When At The Start (Where You Meet Luca Brasi And Beat Up The Thugs) Whilst You Are Fighting Smash Open The Crate To The Right Of Luca Brasi And There's 1000$ In A Bag.


This gun does exactly what it says on the tin. It literally sweeps the street.
It cost's $500,000 from the dealer in a tunnel near the Stracci Compund. It can hold 100 ammo, plus an extra 10 to start. Once you buy it, give it a whirl as 5 or 6 Stracci will ambush you. This gun is 99.9% one hit kill. If it didn't kill them, then just blow them away.
This is the perfect gun if you want to take Warehouse's, Compund's and Transport Hub's. This is my favourite gun, and hopefully, it'll be your's too!

Robbing Banks

An easy way of robbing a bank is to have a safehouse near it that way you don't have to much trouble robbing the banks.
Another one is that the banks in Little Italy and Brooklyn they only give you 4,000-5,000$. But in Midtown and New Jersey the banks give you 20,000-30,000$ it works for me everytime.

Hobos with Moola

Go to the train yard in new jersey. On the north-west side, behind the contaners is a hobo doing a wierd dance. Kill him and then slowly walk away. As your walking away, three hobos pop up and will attack you with led pipes. Kill them and they will have $250 each. Come back later after each time.

Easy Compound taking

First get 2 bombs and a street sweeper. Then break through the blockades. TO break through all you have to do is throw a molotov and explode everyone or just cap every dirty Stracci, Tataggllia, Cuneo, or Barzini you see!!!!!! Ok once you get into the compound grounds stay behind cover. There will be 4 or 5 people coming out of the first building and like 3 people coming out of the second building. Kille everyone outside then go in the first building. Kill anyone you see don't waste your time killing evryone they will die if they don't get out anyway. Go to the basement wich is under the stairs. Kill the 2 or 1 guy(s) down there adn plant the bomb. Afetr that get out and kill the 4 or 5 people outside. Remmber use the street sweeper. Alright now that you have done that go to the other bu..

better if you do this...

you can extort bussiness but... the money income was so low. maybe you should buy it even with some expensive money. but it return half or even full of your money in a week...

Easy Cash!

When On The Mission "Fireworks" Where You Are Told To Sneak Through The Alley, Then Throw The Police Officer Off The Roof To Make It Look Like An Accident... Before You Kill Him (Because They Won't Be There After You Do) Smash All Of The Crates Open That Are In The Middle Of THe Rooftop, There's Your Cash.

Awesome Glitch

This is probally the first and collest glitch in this game. On the Hell's Kitchen Industrial Park, there will be a dealer selling a magnum. There will be stairs next to him. All you have to do is grab somebody, get them next to the stairs. The very end of it, then you can push them off and they will fall threw the ground and into eternity!
Enjoy killing,

Mob Wars

If you start a mob war, it's really easy to end. You only have to find one FBI agent, and you can use him over and over again. I find that it's a whole lot easier to find your FBI agent than to bomb a store. The fed I found is in Southern Little Italy, near a courtyard, bomb dealer, and big white buildings with pillars. Hope this helped.


To change your attire save and quit your game. Reload and go to Visit the taylor and buy your clothes.


When you have over 750,000 dolares and you decide to buy weapon don't waste your hard earened cash on handguns, first buy the streetsweeper (lvl 3 shotgun) as it will take out most enemys in one hit. It also hold 100 rounds so wont run out of ammo for a while

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