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The Godfather Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for The Godfather

We have 9 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for The Godfather please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PlayStation 2 : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our The Godfather Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Unlimited Ammunition

When you reach the 'Don Of New York City' rank at a 91.5% game completion you will get unlimited ammunition for ALL of your guns. This does not include Bombs, dynamite, and Molotov Cocktails. Melee weapons can still wear out.

Skip Introduction Sequences

The following procedure involves editing game files so it is advised that you create a backup. Enter the 'electronic artsthe godfather the gamemovies' folder and delete the 'load.vp6' and 'paramount.vp6' files. You will now only be prompted with the copyright clip before you enter the 'Main' menu.

Street Sweeper

Purchase the third upgrade for Shotgun to get this weapon that became infamous during the Prohibition era.


Purchase the third upgrade for the Tommy Gun to get this weapon which was made famous by the notorious 1930's bank robber John Herbert Dillinger.

$1 Million

You will get $1,000,000 when you reach the 'Don Of New York City' rank at a 91.5% game completion.


Press Escape to access the 'Pause' menu and enter the follwowing codes to unlock the corresponding.
Unlock $5000:

Unlock Full Ammo:

Full Health:

Unlock Movies:

Unlock Film Clips
To unlock the following film clips complete the corresponding mission
Unlock 'Carlo Goes For A Ride' Clip:
Complete 'It's Only Business' Mission
Unlock 'Carlo Learns A Lesson' Clip:
Complete 'Sonny's War' Mission

Unlock 'Five Shots' Clip:
Complete 'The Don is Dead' Mission

Unlock 'Good Morning Mr. Woltz' Clip:
Collect 70 Film Reels
Unlock 'Johnny Fontane' Clip:
Collect 10 Film Reels
Unlock 'Luca's Demise' Clip:
Collect 30 Film Reels
Unlock Mr. Bonasera Clip:
Complete 'The Enforcer' Mission
Unlock 'Regarding Sollozzo' Clip:
Complete 'The Alley' Mission
Unlock 'Whack Paulie' Clip:
Collect 55 Film Reels

Unlock 'Sorry Sally' Clip:
Collect 100 Film Reels
Unlock 'The Don Is Dead' Clip:
Collect 40 Film Reels
Unlock 'The Don's Demise' Clip:
Complete 'Order To Kill' Mission
Unlock 'Trigger Too Tight' Clip:
Complete 'Horseplay' Mission
Unlock Sonny And Tom Argue Again Clip:
Complete 'Fireworks' Mission
Unlock 'Sonny And Tom Disagree' Clip:
Complete 'Intensive Care' Mission
Unlock 'Sonny At The Tollbooth' Clip:
Collect 85 Film Reels
Unlock 'The Baptism' Clip:
Complete 'Baptism By Fire' Mission
Unlock 'Spoiled Guinea Brat' Clip:
Complete 'The Silent Witness' Mission
Unlock 'Mr. Woltz Clip':
Complete 'Death To The Traitor' Mission
Unlock 'Sicilian Sign' Clip:
Complete 'Sleeping With The Fishes' Mission
Unlock 'Are You Ready To Do Me This Favor?' Clip:
Complete 'Change Of Plans' Mission
Unlock 'Don Sends Luca On An Errand' Clip:
Collect 20 Film Reels
Unlock 'Mattresses Montage; Clip:
Complete 'A Recipe for Revenge' Mission
Unlock 'Meeting With Sollozzo' Clip
Complete 'A Grave Situation' Mission


Enter "Pizza Hat" during a break and you will become invulnerable.

Money, Health, Movies and Ammo

Press ESC. And when at the pause menu, type "cuneo"
Full Health
Press ESC. And when at the pause menu, type "corleone"
Full Ammo
Press ESC. And when at the pause menu, type "stracci"
Press ESC. And when at the pause menu, type "tattaglia"

3 cheat codes

During gameplay press the "escape" button to pause the game.
Then type:
Cuneo - $ 5000
Corleone - full health
Stracci - max ammo
You can't use the codes again within 5 minutes or so.
Hope it helps!

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