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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Underground 2

We have 15 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Underground 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : GameCube : PC

You can also ask your question on our Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Go to 'Options' and then to 'Cheats' and enter the following codes to unlock the corresonding.
Unlock ALL Levels:

Unlock ALL Movies:
Unlock Perfect Rails:

Unlock Phil Margera:

Unlock Nigel Beaverhousen:
Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen:
Unlock Paulie on skateboard:
Unlock Always Special:

Unlock Natas Kaupas:

Unlock Natas Kaupas:

Cheat codes

Perfect rail: straightedge
Perfect manual: keepitsteady
Always special: likepaulie


Type in 4wheeler for paulie
Type in sellout for that beverhuasen guy
Type in oldskool for the guy that teaches you the natas spin
Type in straightedge for perfect rail
I hope these come in handy for you

Character Cheats

To unlock these characters put the cheats in on the cheat menu:
Nigel Beaverhausen = sellout
Phil Margera = aprilsman
Paulie = 4-wheeler
Natas Kaupas = oldskool

Known THUG 2 Cheats for XBox

-Always Special: likepaulie
-Perfect Rail/Lip/Natas Spin Balance: straightedge
-Unlock Natas Kaupas: oldskool
- (This one cheat might not work) Unlock Paulie: 4wheeler

Glitch: Cat Hat

On thug 2 for xbox, go to the level skatetopia, first get paint balls,(the things you can throiugh by pressing X) next go to the cat that jumps on your head when you hit it, now while it's on your head through a paint ball thing and the cat will stay on your head ike a hat. Happy Cheating!

Easy New Orleans Goal

I don't know if this is obvious, but to do the Balcony Breaker goal just use the Voodoo Guy on the tricycle. He can go through three levels in one jump. Hope this helped!

Get the Bull in a level

To have a BULL run around in a level, through a tomato at the cage where the bull is at Barcelona.

Don't stop jumping now!

Go to the level Barcelona (any game mode will work). Then go inside the building that you grind down while spiraling in story mode.
Get next to the wall that is opposite the staircase and get a running start and wallie off of the wall.
Since the wall turns you can keep wallie-ing if you get it right.
Eventually you will get to the top of the building!

Using the white button

You can use the white button to clean your combos but you can also use it in anther way. The first way is doing a combo and getting up to a ledge or a cliff, etc. One example is in Skatetopia. When you get 400 points and bet skatetopia you have a second part where you have to set all of the fireworksang one of them is the Fountainof Glory. This is one of the hardes of the fireworks. To turn it on you have to grind on the wire and be at top speed and you have to have special and when you get on the bar press the white button and when you get towards the top you jump towards the edge get off your board and grab the edge and pull yor self up. Then jump and press the grind button. that is how to use the white button and I gave you a little tip with it.


When you beat classic mode on any difficulty go to LA then go to the fire truck then look over down the block where there are stores goto the one next to the green building go in the door you should see the word production drop.
Now go on the building next to you's top then jump on the highway now skitch a car going down the highway towards the carwash skitch it then jump off when it turns then explore.

CANADA: Secret Tape

To get the secret tape in the Canada level just go to where the huge tiki is. Than go to the rail by the tiki going the the halfpipe.
Get on the rail at full speed. Than at the end jump and you should get a a stat up there.
Than go into the water. Do the same thing except on the other rail that meets in the corner.
Note: The corner going out not in. Also don't mix up where to go, do not go the pool side way it will only drop you in the sea.


You can unlock ironman , a singer from kiss & T. H. U. D by finishing the
Game on sick difficulty.
You can also unlock the KISS concert as an arena to skate in after you go
Back and do the rest of the goals.
You can get 3 old school levels by finding the T.H.P.S.2 games ( locations )
- The 1st one is in new jersey at the train station
- The 2nd one is in hawaii inside the evil tiki
- You will find the 3rd one in rusia when you jump through a window

Perfect manual


Jamie Thomos (create Character)

Shirt:Hoodie Shirt color:Black Shirt Logo:(must create)White Skull White letters that spell Zero
Pants:Denim PANTS color:Blue
Shoes: any Shoe color Black
Graphic:Same as Shirt Logo
Wheel Color:Black

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