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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Underground 2

We have 41 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Underground 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : GameCube : PC

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THUG 2 Cheats

Pro Skater level:
To unlock Pro Skater level successfully complete story mode.
Triangle level:
To unlock Triangle level successfully complete classic mode.
Infinite rail balance:
At the Options menu select 'Cheat Codes'then enter 'Straightedge' as a code.
Unlock R/V halfpipe:
To unlock the R/V halfpipe and that mission for your character, play as Jesse James and jump over three cars.
Press X
Press Triangle (when close to rail)
Yee Haw Grab:
Press Circle + D-pad
Bull Flip:
Press Square + D-pad
Unlock aquarium in Zoo level:
Jump on the house near the elephant then hop on the elephant's back. He will become angry and smash the aquarium door.

some random cheats

Nigel beverhausen - sellout
Perfect grind - straightedge
Always special - likepaulie
Unlock "peds group A" - costars!
Unlock all levels - d3struct
Paulie "wheels of fury" - 4wheeler


All movies

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "boxoffice" as a code.

Always special

Select Cheat Codes at the options menu, then enter likepaulie as a code.

Infinite rail balance

Select Cheat Codes at the options menu, then enter straightedge as a code.

Cheat Codes

Unlock All Videos: Enter in boxoffice in the cheat codes menu.
Unlock Paulie: Enter in 4_wheeler in the cheat codes menu.
Unlock most of the characters: Enter in costars! In the cheat codes menu.
Unlock Phil Magera: Enter in aprilsman in the cheat codes menu.
Unlock Perfect Grind: Enter in straightedge in the cheat codes menu.
Unlock all levels: Enter in d3struct in the cheat codes menu.
Unlock Natas Kaupas: Enter in oldskool in the cheat codes menu.
Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen: Enter in sellout in the cheat codes menu.
Freak Out Stages:
1. Nothing
2. Throws board
3. Throws board farther
4. Jumps on board and breaks it
5. Spins twice and throws board up
6. Breaks board by smashing it to the ground
7. Breaks hi..

Nigel BeverHousen

Enter on the cheat code menu sellout for nigel beverhousen.

A load of cheats

At the main menu go to options then cheats enter in these.
Noforce and likepualie.
But I don't know what they do


ALL MOVIES ENTER 'boxoffice"
Thats it !

glitch town

Go to Los Angolas and then jump onto the bridge using a ramp on top of one of the buildings. When you get on there you can either skitch on one of the cars, or just jump on it. Make sure your going the way that looks blurry when your on the bridge. And now your in glitch city.


In the last level, Skatopia, when you get Bigfoot, if you manual and while manualing you press the R1 and L1 like you are going to get off Bigfoot will return to his original stance and continue to have the manuel meter on the side. If you go all the way to the top or bottom it will still be counted as continuing a combo.

Always Special

Enter in likepaulie in the cheat codes menu.

Play as phil margera

Go to the cheat menu and enter"aprilsman".

Easy high score in L.A

Go to los angeles and go to the yellow building and get off you go to the yellow building window (the one with a gap) and walk through it plenty of times.

Beat Classic Mode / Story Mode REALLY fast

First off, you have to enter the cheat code 'd3struct' in the Cheat Codes menu. Then go to Classic Mode, and select CONTINUE Classic Mode. If you choose new, you have to enter the cheat again. When you reach the level selection part, every level will be unlocked, and all you have to do is beat 6 / 8 goals at The Triangle to beat Classic Mode! This will also work for Story Mode.

Bull Destruction

It's simple. In Barcelona, get some tomatoes. Then go to the cage where the bull is, and throw a tomato at it. You'll then dive into the cutscene part in which the bull breaks free from the cage, and chases down a man. The man then tries to get away through the cage part and the bull breaks it down with its horns! The man runs into and out of the street and the bull uses its horns and BOOM! The car get out of control and at crashing stop, the front is on fire! The man gets to the tower, exhausted. The bull corners him and almost horned him, but BAM -- hits the tower when the man already had went on the ladder, but because the tower was going to collide he fell and made a quick ran for it. The tower collides and the cutscene ends. What the bull did affects the area and now its on the run ..

Secret Characters

If you go to he big yellow building in Berlin and then through the door you will find Paulie Ryan on the roof. In Australia if you if you go to the yellow crane do a Natas Spin (R1+triangle) on the hydrant and hold it unil it says to get off and then it will knock over a wall go in and you find the Island Elder Australian guy.
In new orleans go to graveyard and knock the skulls off crypts by grinding if you do that a weird skull guy will come and reak havoc on new orleans and will also be on your team. In Boston go to the cheers bar and a guy will say go down and get me a drink if you do you will find Jesse James. In Barcelona start at the big lizard fountain and turn around and go straight into a door with the words plaza perella over it and you will find Steve-O.

oldskool ---- Unlock Natas Kaupas 4-wheeler --- ..

oldskool ---- Unlock Natas Kaupas
4-wheeler --- Unlocks Paulie
straightedge - Perfect Rail
sellout - Unlock Nigel Beaverhousen
Ride-on - Perfect Manual
Donuts - Officer Dick
Ryguy - Ryan Sheckler

To unlock the charater Pauly

Okay I understand some of you are having troubles with this cheat. But it does work, you have to type it together NO SPACES !!!!!!! (4wheeler) is what you type in. Hope this helps!

Boom Boom

When you're in Boston in Story Mode light your board on fire by jumping over the barrel of fire and grind on both of the cannons where the reinactment is. There should be a cut sceen of the cannos going off and hitting the un finished building across the street.

Play as Natas Kaupas!

Enter oldskool in the cheat menu?

Pro skater level

After you reach the pro skater level at the end of story mode you will then have to grind and sticker slap two buttons against the wall. Next, a ship will be launched and you follow the direction it went.
Then you will be transported to the next area where you will then have to grind down to ropes to anger the gods and open the next portal. After this you will talk to a little devil in hell that works for "the boss" and do what he says to see "the boss". He will tell you to lip the two uneasy ribs that will fall and make way for the next part.
You will then have to sticker slap the two buttons that are behind the fallen ribs that had been lipped before. After this you could go to the giant head that opens afterwards. After you enter you will see there is another sid..

Get Phil Magera

To get Phil Magera you have to beat the game on easy story mode. You also get Shrek, Alien, Space Monkey, and a geeky kid.

Tag The Big Billboard

To complete the objective "Tag the big billboard", go to the construction site. Run to the right and climb the big yellow ladder on the wall. Jump from window washer to window washer and spraypaint your heart out!

How to get little nicky/?????

To get little nicky ????? You must 100 percent the whole game.

Easy Balcony Braker

When doing balcony breaker in New Orleans instead of using the jester use the vodoo dude with the trisicle. It's alot easier.

how to enter huge building in THUG2

To enter the huge building simply put the building anywhere and then take a medium ladder and place it against the building so you can climb to the roof. Then raise it so it touches the top and select test run. Climb the ladder to the top and you will fall down and you will either fall inside of fall partially inside in which case you need to simply move forward.

Hint: you can't jump or do tricks while in the building.

enter large building hint

On my glitch to get in the huge sc2 building, it is in CREATE A PARK


Enter house in create a park:
Place it anywhere (preferably against a wall) and do kick flips and stuff against the back of the house, eventually you will get inside (have patience)
Invisible rail:
On Los Angeles after getting all the quake rails grind the rail next to the car wash and do a side jump onto the car wash and grind, then at the end there is a jump grind up it and jump off and hold triangle/grind, you will in mid air grind an invisible rail.
Escape Los Angeles:
Skitch a car on the free way going the direction of the car wash/ liquor store. And bye bye.
Escape create a park:
raise a piece of ground and lower a piece of ground next to it and make sure it is against the edge, now grind the raised edge towards the fence on the..

Train Crash in Berlin

To cause a train crash in berlin, go by the drunk people and climb up to the top ledge (really high ledge that you grind to in the "Pro Skater" goal). When you get to the top, go left. There should be a yellow bar there. Grind it.
This should cause a train crash.

make your spraypaint bigger

To make your spraypaint bigger, sticker slap low to the ground, then spray next to it.


Secret people

Here are all the names of the people you can unlock:
Alien on easy mode
Alien doctor on normal mode
Alien leader on classic easy mode
Inliner on normal mode
thps1 tony hawk on easy mode
natas kaupas: p.s. cheat for him is old skool
Geek kid on classic mode
Space monkey on easy mode
Nigel Beverhausen: p.s cheat for him is sellout

Just keep jumping...

Go to Barcelona. Then go to the spiraling building you grind down in story mode. Get to the bottom of it and get next to the wall opposite the staircase.
Then get a running start and get on your board and just try to keep wallie-ing. Since the wall turns you can keep wallie-ing if you get it just right!
Try it....!

Stuff for this game were all on about

ollie:to ollie press the x button
kickflip:ollie hold right and press square
heelflip:ollie hold left and press square
switch:to switch press R2
nollie:to nollie switch then press x
pressure:to pressure hold L2 and press x
double kickflip:to double kickflip ollie hold right and press square twice
double heelflip:to double heelflip ollie hold left and press square twice
nosegrab:to nose grab ollie the press o and up
tailgrab:ollie press o and down
indy:ollie press o and right
spine transfer:press r2 when two half pipes are oppisite
manual:press up down
nose manual:press down up
pivot:to pivot get in any manual and press R2

Um somethings wrong here!

Not that I'm putting anyone down or anything....
1. the level named "zoo" is in THPS4 not THUG 2.
2. the codes like "getitup","letitslide","keepitsteady", and "rearrider", are also for THPS4 not THUG 2
3. the cheat for Paulie DOES WORK I've even tried it.

Yo, I got alot of Cheats and they all work! olds..

Yo, I got alot of Cheats and they all work!

oldskool ---- Unlocks Natas Kaupas
4wheeler ---- Unlocks Paulie(you cant get him on a whell chair which sucks :()
sellout ------ Unlocks the Nigle Beaverhousen guy
Straightedge ------ Perfect grind my faviortet
Ryguy-------- Unlocks Ryan Shecler
To make big big spray paint do a trick while the timer is running, spray paint then it will be bigger than usaul (it might just work with custom graffics ).
Ok, here's one I'm not sure, I think it s rideon or ride-on----- Perfect manual Pretty sure it works my friend did it for me
Thats all I got for today.

Star wars

When your on the triangle level, grind the helicopter missles and go into the mountain. when your there. Stad on the window next to the star wars kid and set restart. then grind and fall to the side that the window is on. then hit the start button and go to restart then you will go into the the room with the star wars kid.

Get to boston without having to do special

When you start the game you begin in the underground area when your ready to move on pause and go to "change level" and boston will be available to go to.

Air Grafitti Tag

Go to the Broken Plane with the split in it in The Triangle. Get off your board and Face Toward the Mountain In Between the two parts of the plain. Just do a Grafitti Tag and it will Appear to be in Midair!!!! I think this is because it is on the Boundry, and I don't know if this will work in every level.

Pain 2d max

Do one of the grinds where it looks like a darkslide if FS lean left is BS lean right and your skater will land on his groin

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