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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Urbz : Sims in the City Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for The Urbz : Sims in the City


We have 10 cheats and tips on Xbox. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance : GameCube

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Cheat codes
Enter the 'Get Shorty' cheat to get the Gnome to be able to enter the following cheats. These cheats are entered using the d-pad not with the analogue stick.

Get Shorty (Reveals the Cheat Gnome):
Left + Y + Down + A + X

Art Damaged (Max Artistic Skill):
Y + Down + Black + A + B

Brainiac (Max Mental Skill):
L + B + A + Black + Down

Power Hungry (Get Power Socials):
Down + Black + Right + X + Left

Mad Skillz (Acquire Skill Object):
Left trigger + Black + Right + X + Left

Beefcake (Max Physical Skill):
Left trigger + Right trigger + A + Down + Black

Nerd Herd (Surprize - Enter this cheat at the Credits screen):
Up + Down + X + Up + Down

Cool music
Anybody notice the ''dead dread punk'' song sometimes heard in central station? That music rocks have scary mary dance and after she's done you get +10 extra relationship points with her.(only works with scary mary)

Loads of money
To get a lot of money...
Use the power social cheat and then go sell all of the powersocial items...

Strobe gives the most money

It really works...

The 109 guy

Cheat Gnome
During a game press left, y, down, a, x. Now enter these cheats.

Max Artistic press y, down, black, a, b.
Max Mental press L, b, a, black, down.
Team Photo At the credits screen press up, down, x, up, down.
Power Social press down, black, right, X, left.
Acquire Skill press L, black, right, X, left.

Loads of cheats
Gnome cheat (Master cheat): Left, Y , Down , A , X

Gnome and fill motives: R , L , Down , Black , Left , Y

Power socials: Down , Black , Right , X , Left

Skill object: L , Black , Right , X , Left


Artistic: Y , Down , Black , A , B

Mental: L , B , A , Black , Down

Physical: L , R , A , Down , Black

More Cheatz
For more cheats like all locations and skip ahead 6 hrs look at the sims bustin' out cheats I thing only one of them does not work. Happy Cheatin

Throwing a good party
Invite everybody over and cook sausages make a pile of 8 and turn on some music I recomend dead dread punk but it's up to you,and let the guest's watch tv. THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS!

Max mental skills
Max mental skills
During the game, press left trigger, B, A, black, down

All powersocial items
During the game press, Down, Black, Right, X, Left

Skill objects
During the game press, Left trigger, Black, Right, X, Left

Team photo
At the credits screen, press Up, Down, X, Up, Down

Max Artistic skill
Press Y, Down, Black, A, B

Max phystical skill
Press Left trigger, Right trigger, A, Down, Black

more money!
first of all you enter the power social cheat and then you keep clicking and clicking on the nome until you get enough power socials then go to a place Example:Dimand hieghts. and click on the cash register then click shop and when you get to your inventory sell all your power socials.

all cheats
I need all the cheats for this game

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