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Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)


We have 78 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 2 : PSP

You can also ask your question on our Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) Questions & Answers page.

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Single Player Codes
During gameplay pause the game and enter the following codes on the D-Pad.
Infinite Ammo:
U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D, L, R
U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R

Party Time Hit Effects:
U, D, L, D, L, R
U, U, U, U, L, U, U, D, L, D, U, U, L, R
Lo-Res Soldiers:
D, D, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R
Slo-Mo Sound Effects:
U, U, U, L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R


During game play in Galactic Conquest, Instant Action or Story mode pause the game and hold L2 and R2 and enter the following codes.

Slow-Mo Sounds:
L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R

No Hud:
U, U, U, U, L, U, U, D, L, D, U, U, L, R
Alternate Soldiers:
D, D, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L
Alternate Sounds:
U, U, U, L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R

Begin With Advanced Weapons
Switch between your weapons for these bonuses to take effect. Elite Assault Rifle:
In Frenzy get Legendary status

Particle Beam Rifle:
In Marksman get Legendary status

Precision Blaster:
In Gunslinger get Legendary Status
Flechette Shotgun:

This is the completley right way to get invincibility. If it say

To get invincibility,
*pause the game
**press up,up,up,left,down,down,down,left,up,up,up,left,right on the contral pad.

Health Cheat at Jabba's Palace

First go down the trap door where you land next to the monster.
Then let the monster try to eat you. Once he picks you up, Pause the game, and hit respawn. When you do, a whole lot of canistars of health will fall.

Mos Eisley Glitch

You may call this a cheat o not it's up to you really.
Right, what I found out is that on mos eisley assault (assault because jedi can jump better), near the southern most 'heroes' spawn point (base) there is a overhang (two sticks with the purple sheet hangin off side of building) with a small staircase next to it. What you do is jump with you're character and land in the hole between purple overhang and stairs. In doing this your character will act as if they are falling. If you move your character close to the building (still falling) after about 3-15 seconds they will fall into the building. When you are in the building you can shoot/throw your lightsaber at enemies and kill them but you yourself cannot be seen, you will not be attacked at all. If your character does not fall in..

Some Cheats

Note You Must Pause For Them to Work
Slow Mo Sounds
U, U, U, L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R
Infinite Ammo
U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D, L, R
U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R
Always Special Character


When you play as the emperor or count dukoo you will have both choke and lightning force powers. Use choke on someone and while you hold the trigger switch your powers to lightning. Now you will choke and lightning someone at the same time.
If you do multi player and have one person be the emperor or dukoo, and the other player on the opposing team, make both people invincible (code: Upx3, Left, Downx3, Left, Upx3, Left, Right), now you can do this without stopping. This is also an easy way to take out enemy jediís.

Two awesome cheats

1. This will only work if you are Count Dooku or The Emporer. Force Choke an enemy. Keep choking him for 1 second, then switch to Force Lightining WHILE STILL HOLDING THE FORCE CHOKE BUTTON! Your enemy will be choked and have lightning on him at the same time. Your energy will keep replenishing at not run out.
2. This will only work in space battles. Get in any ship EXCEPT a bomber. It won't work with any bomber. Fly out of the hanger. Press X when an enemy fighter is in your reticule. A small targeting device will show. It looks like a circle split into three parts. At first it is white, but after a few seconds it will be red. When it is red, make sure the enemy is still in your reticule, then shoot as many secondary weapons as possible. The bombs or missiles will than chase ..

Helpful cheats

Pause the game in single player mode then press
Up (3), left, down (3), left, up (3), left, right.
Unlimited Ammuntion
Pause the game in single player mode then press
Up, down, left, down (2), left, down (2), left, down (3), left, right.
You will then here a noise for each of these to disable the effect type cheat again
Happy playing
And may the
Force be with you :P

Cheat codes on splitscreen

The cheats codes can be used on splitscreen in gameplay simply enter the codes and enjoy!
Here are some codes:
Invincibile: U,U,U,L,D,D,D,L,U,U,U,L,R
Infinite Ammo: U,D,L,D,D,L,D,D,L,D,D,D,L,R

Unlimited health: up,up,up,left,down,down,down,l..

Unlimited health: up,up,up,left,down,down,down,left,up,up,up,left,right UnlimitedAmmo:up,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,down,left, right.
Also, on the first lvl on Rise of the Empier when you get the droid battle plans from their ship ,if you use the unlimited life cheat, and get in a gun the enemy ships will sometimes freeze in place and you can shoot them down as long as you like.
Ps: Jedi can still die when you use the unlimited life cheat.

Infinite Health

For infinite Health in Star Wars Battle Front II just pause the screen and push the following. " up, up, up,left,down,down,down,left,up,up,up.left,right".
A small noise will bleep and then just unpause your game. If you start to get hurt then just pause then game put the code back in and try...try..again untill it works. :]

A couple good cheats: only work on campaign

God Mode:
Pause game in Single Player and press up,up,up,left,down,down,down,left up, up,up,left,right. If done right you will hear a sound. Do NOT attempt in Xboxlive it will not work and you will most likely be killed in the pause menu.
Unlimited Ammo:
Pause game in Single Player and press up,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,down,left,right. If done right you will hear a sound. Do NOT attempt in Xboxlive it will not work and you will most likely be killed in the pause menu.

Mos Eisley Assault glitch

This is how you can get outside the battlefield
In front of the arena's big entrance there should be two buildings colliding into each other and jump onto it and it should look all wacky. On the outside part you should be standing on an invisible barrier and do the jump attack until you come through the barrier if you get stuck than just do it again and once you make it completely then pause the game and type in the following cheat (UP,UP,UP,LEFT,DOWN,DOWN,DOWN,LEFT,UP,UP,UP,LEFT,RIGHT) and you should hear a conformation sound and you could go outside the battlefield as far as you want but if you try to come back you will be blocked by a crap load of barriers and to go back to the battlefield you will have to respawn

King of the hill

Here is how to play king of the hill *note this is 2-4 players*. First go to splitsrceen and then instant action and go to mos eisly assult and every one choose a side. Now go to the big ship thing and force jump to the top and make sure everyone has force push. Now start trying to push the others off. The last one on at the end is the winner.

Playable Heroes

Battlefront II now enables one to play as:
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Han Solo
Obi-Wan Kenobi
General Grievous
Boba Fett
Jango Fett
Darth Vader
Emperor Palpatine
Anakin Skywalker
Count Dooku
Darth Maul
And some Twi'Lek chick with two sabers. Anyway, Boba Fett's the best in most situations, I believe, because he kills people with one 3-round burst from his rifle, and carries detpacks, wrist rockets, and a flamethrower, in addition to increased stamina and a jetpack. He's great against tanks; just land on top of them and lay down a detpack, then jet away and detonate.


Pause the game and enter:
Invincibility: up, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right
Restore Ammunition: up, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, down

Real ammo cheat

The real cheat for unlimted ammo is

See into space

This is more like a glitch. Go to any space battle that has the cis as a choice. But, choose the republic instead because it only works for them. Sneak into their ship and take out the auto-turrets in the main control room. Then walk toward the life support room. If you don't go in the room before the turrets come back to life, (yes they can do that) you'll get killed before you can do this glitch. When the doors open, stand on the small rows of metal and move around for a bit. Eventually you can see out into space!

Avoiding attack on Mustafar

If you're playing as the rebels on Mustafar (I did it w/ rebels), at the beginning of the game, respawn at the command post with the lava bridge controls in it. Once you respawn, pause the game and enter the cheat code for the unlimited life thing. Once you do that, go onto the bridge and jump off. Once you do that, defeat all you're enemies from below. You can also take out the lava bridge controls but that'll just make it hard for you.

Good cheats

God mode (infinite health):
Pause game in game-play and push, u, u, u, l, d, d, d, l, u, u, u, l, r.
Unlimited amunition (bullets, bombs, ect.)
Pause game during gameplay and press, u, d, l, d, d, l, d, d, l, d, d, d, l, r.
L=left, R=right, U=up, and D=down. (on D-PAD only)
These cheats work in 1-Player and 2-Player mode!
Have fun ruling the galaxy and may the force be with you...

Land in space

When doing the space walk glitch keep moving your ship through the barrier until your ship starts landing in space!!
It will never stop landing

Unlimited Force Choke

To have unlimited Force Choke with Darth Vader (or another person with force choke) all you have to do is start to choke them and then hit the white button and it should change your weapon to saber throw and if you have done it right it should not stop choking to regain power, it is also useful in xbox live and if you want you can send me a Friend Request Lilgamer93 i play battle front and Halo2 most my friends list might be full though

Space Battle Hints

What I do in space battles,is I first grab a lander craft [with other troops in it] and park in the enemy hangar.
And once you are in your guys can make a diversion so you can go and take out the enemy targets [like auto-turrets,life support,engenes,and the sheild generator]. Once that is done,go back to your hangar and take out a bomber,and make sure both seats are taken up [only Y-Wing and TIE Bomber].
Then go out and bomb the enemy's targets,like the command bridge,communications relay,sensors array,life support [if you didn't take it inside] and the engines [if you didn't take it out inside]. And then if you haven't won yet, go into one of the two fighters in your hangars and dogfight the enemy !

Walk outside the barrier on space missions

To do so first get in any ship, then keep hitting the take off and land button (it is easier to do slow). Do this until the blue sheild in front of you is now black, this means your cockpit is now in space. Now all you have to do is hit triangle or y on xbox. Now your outside ( I suggest putting invicability code on because enemies can still hit you or your Idiotic Friend if he's on the other team).

Go inside a house glitch

To do this cool glitch you must first go to mos esily and pick assault. I recomend you pick villans because there base is right next to the house. What you do is by 1 of the villans bases there are stairs with a purple tarp right next to it. If you jump on the tarp and go over to were the top of the stairs and the tarp meet your villan (or jedi) will start to fall but stay in the same place. Eventully you will fall into the house. This is cool because you can hit people with light saber though or lightning choke them without any one ever hitting you. DONOT do with clones, cis, rebles, or empire because it doesnot work you will eventully die.

Walk in space

This is more of a glich than a cheat
#1 fight as rebbles(spelling?)in space
#2 use inf. Health cheat:up,up,up,left,down,down,down,left,up,up,up,left,right
(paused and on d-pad)
#3get a small ship and go to the empires ship hanger,turn around and go to the right side of the hangar when the nose of the ship pokes out of the force field press a and turn you will land close or in space,if not try again,every movement is slower

ULTIMATE Killing Spree!!!!

It's ShadowMonarch again. And this hint is for those gamers who just love to slaughter the enemy. First activate the invincibility cheat. Then in the instant action menu, add ONLY the Death Star on conquest, Clone Wars. Choose CIS. Start at base 1. Then move swiftly through the other bases IN NUMERICAL ORDER (1, 2, 3, etc.) killing everybody you pass. When you get to the last base, it should be the base next to where you started and it should be Republic. Stand on the staircase. Soon, thousands of clones will appear and shoot you, but you don't die. (To attract more attention, threaten to capture the base by moving in front of it.) Put up an awesome fight until the game is over.(for extra fun, increase the reinforcement count and kill the clones with The Emporer.)

unlimited ammo

If you use the cheat for unlimited ammo, some characters wont regain one or two of their items once you use it, so to make it refill, you use it and you go over to the ammo droids and let it do it. Now it will start refilling.


Go to tantive four be a Jedi, jet trooper, or a dark trooper. Go to every gonk droid (ammo droid) you find and try and find the one where you can jump or jet pack yourself up through the ceiling. It really isn't a glitch. Smile

force fun

1. Use anakin or sidious, then choke someone,but in the middle, switch to shock while still holding force button.
2.use the dude that looks like a squid, then you can snipe with force pull.
3.use yoda, use force pull then push over and over in that order

neouron poison protection

if you have been poisoned by a magna droid there is a way to get out of it go to a tank and get in it you will die but you can still use the tank until you are either blown up or you get out so try to stay in the tank as long as possible when you get out you will die so try to take out some guys in the meantime

Rhen Var Cheat

On Rhen Var Citadel (Xbox Live downloaded level), there are certain spots where you can get into a glitch. You can hurt people and see every thing, but they can't see or hurt you. Like behind the stairs that have droids and a turret, there's a hole in the stairs shaped like a triangle, and if you go in it, it's the perfect spot.

How to destory At-Ats Faster.

Ok you can do this three ways. 1Put mines infront of it and watch the fire works. 3-4 mines. 2 Shoot it in the head with a rocket launcher a couple times. 3 Use a recon driod and poisition it and make it blow up. Hope this helpsSmile


When going outside the barrier in space missions, first of all only use this glitch on a republic or emperial ship, and second of all on the skirtings there are some spots that you can fall through into space.

Star wars fan

While playing as jango fett one of the enemy troops said "jango will you sign my helmet" which is strange and funny. Try with other characters but it may take a while, I've been playing for ages, it might only work when you have legendary with most things.

Geonosis Tips....

On Geonosis here is a srategy I use. Ok...start on the command post farthest to your right. Then grab a squad and go up and take the command post on the hill.
Once that is done,either snipe enemys or blow up vehicles. Then after that is done grab another squad and take the command post farthest to the north. And then move South destroying everything you see ! This startegy is for the "republic" side of the mission. Here is a map:EC=ememy command post YC-Your command post

P.S.-sorry for the not-so-perfect map.

Hero stats and ratings...continued

Attack- 6.5
Defense- 8.5
Force Powers-Force Push,Light Sabor throw
Personal rating- 9.5/10
Personal comments-This guy is great ! His defense is high and the only bad thing he has is attack....which isn't that bad.
Luke Skywalker
Attack- 7.8
Defense- 5.5
Force Powers-Force Push,Light Sabor throw
Personal rating- 9.5/10
Personal comments=Luke is great ! The on;y two things bad is his defense and the THIRD stroke on his attacks. [it is inacurate]
Attack- 8.5
Defense- 5
Force Powers-Force Pull,Force Puch
Personal rating- 8/10
Personal comments-Yoda is ok,but he lacks speed and defense.
Mace Windou
Attack- 7

Bigger explosions

While using remote rockets, boost, after a while once it hits something it will create a bigger and stronger explosion (best used in ground missions).

Be a jedi all the time

When I got this game I heard that you can be a jedi, but when you play you can't be him. You have to wait 90 seconds. If you want to be a jedi all the time fellow these steps:
1. Click instant action
2. Go to options
3. You will see a list of choices
4. Click HERO
5. Then you can set when he comes, how long he stays deid, how to get him in battle, what player he will go to.
hope this helps

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