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Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) Cheats for PSP

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

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We have several cheats for you to look at including how to get unlimited health during battle, unlock special characters, unlock all the Hero classes and getting infinite ammo.

More Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) Cheats and Tips

We have 30 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC : PlayStation 2

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Unlock ALL Hero Classes

At the 'Main' menu select 'Instant Action' mode followed by 'Mos Eisley' as your level and 'Assault' as the game type. When you now begin a game you can choose to be either the heroes or villains and be able to fight any of the 'Hero' type character classes with no time limit.

Troop Weak Point

The weak spot for nearly all the regular soldiers in the game (excluding Wookies) is their legs which does double the damage if you hit them there.


In Single player mode, Pause the game and enter the corresponding codes for the following
Infinite Ammo:
U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D L, R
U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R
Low-Resolution Soldiers (Single Player Only):
D, D, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L
Party-Time Jedi/Wampa Hit Effects (Single Player Only):
U, D, L, D, L, R
Slow-Motion Sounds (single player only):
U, U, U, L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R
No HUD (Single or Multi-Player):
U, U, U, U, L, U, U, D, L, D, U, U, L, R

Vehicle Weak Points

Below is a list of the different vehicles in the game along with their weak points which you should focus your attack on.
AAC-1 Speeder:
Black coolers on sides of tank
Circle at rear of tank
Rear panel
Armored Tank Droid:
Rear tread cylinder
Hailfire Droid:
Cylinders below cockpit
Cylinder between legs
Spider Walker:
Where legs connect to body
Rear block between legs
Cylinder along bottom
Neck between body and head

Ship List

Below is a list of the different ships in the game and the catagory they come under.
Republic: ARC 170
Empire: TIE Fighter
CIS: Vulture Droid Star FIGHTER
Rebel: X-Wing

Republic: V Wing
Empire: TIE Bomber
CIS: Confederacy Strick Bomber
Rebel: Y-Wing

Republic: LAAT Gunship
Empire: Imperial Shuttle
CIS: Droid Gunship
Rebel: Alliance Assault Craft

Republic: Jedi Interceptor
Empire: TIE Interceptor
CIS: Droid Tri- Fighter
Rebel: A-Wing

Infinite health

Go to the pause screen during a game, then press up, up, up, left, down, down down, left, up, up, up, left, right.

At At destroyer

Got to Hoth and play as rebel vanguard. Select your weapon as mine and go up to At At walker.(make sure invincibility and infinite ammo is on) Go up to the at at's foot and place mine. It will cause a lot of damage. Very soon the at at will fall. By the way the at at's critical hit area is it's neck. Another good way to kill them is to get luke to jump onto it's back and keep on swiping it.

how to fall off a plane

First, you go to a space battle and you get onto any plane. Then, you press up on the D-pad and your character will be flying in the air and will not die unless you did not put the unlimited health cheat.
The cheat for unlimited health is UP,UP,UP,LEFT,DOWN,DOWN,DOWN,LEFT,UP,UP,UP,LEFT.RIGHT
Note that this cheat only works some times.

Single playerInfinite AmmoUp down left down down..

Single player
Infinite Ammo
Up down left down down left down down left down down down left right
Up up up left down down down left up up up left right
Low-res Soldiers
Down down down up up left down down down down down left up up up left
Slow-mo Sound
Up up up left up down up up left down down down left up down down left right
Single and Multiplayer
Up up up up left up up down left down up up left right

Real cheats here people

Infinite Ammo
Enter up, down, left, down(2), left, down(2), left, down(3), left, right. Funny Captions When Rebels Are Killed By Wampas
Pause the game in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press Up, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Repeat the code to disable it's effect. No Hud
Pause game and press Up(4), Left, Up(2), Down, Left, Down, Up(2), Left, Right. Slo-mo Sounds
Pause the game and press Up(3), Left, Up, Down, Up(2), Left, Down(3), Left, Up, Down(2), Left, Right. Invincible
Up(3), Left, Down(3), Left, Up(3), Left, Right.

Glitch on planet Kayasshk

This is a glitch on planet Kayasshk (Home of the wookie race) when you begin a battle (Galactic civil war) run through the gate and up to the left side of the wooden barrier -where the mateal wall and the wooden barrier meet- and try to jump through it. Eventually you should fall through the floor and into water. (sure it makes you die but it's still a glitch)

don't push me because I am close to the edge

In a space battle, clone wars or galactic civil war ( you choose, any side will work), get in the dropship and take off. Once you reach the airlock, get ready to land. (You should still be inside the launch bay) once the dropship gets around halfway through the airlock, hold the land button. Then, exit the vehicle. If you landed correctly, when you exit the vehicle, you should be outside the star cruiser. Now, you are free to walk on the edge. If you walk off the edge of the cruiser, you will fall for about 30-40 seconds. You can't do much but it's still funny falling off.

Kill quick

On hoth hunt to kill rebels quick follow these steps 1. Put in up,up,up,left,down,down,down,left,up,up,up,left,right 2. Pick wampa 3. Run like heck and jump then press attack

Land in space

When doing the space walk glitch keep moving your ship through the barrier until your ship starts landing in space!!
It will never stop landing

All hero classes

Go on instant action mode and pick mos eisley.Then choose the assault mode.When the games starts up you can choose from heros and villains.Also there is no time limit for them, only a normal health bar.

Get behind engines

When on the third one for galatic conquest, steal an enemy ship and go above the ship. Then slow down then slowly go towards the bridge and go down. You should go into the ship and be able to shoot the engines from behind and destroy them with ease and without everybody else trying to do it for you.

Some Cheats And Hints

Infinte Health: Up, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right.
Unlimited Ammuntion: Up, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, down, left, right.
1: If you finish any type of battle/hunt/capture the flag/etc., go to your profile and you can see the awards you have won. If you have won at least 4 of the certain award, you will be a veteran at it. If you win at least 30 of the certain award, you will be an elite at it. If you win at least 60 of this certain award, you will reach legendary status. Once you reach legendary status, you will not have to earn the award in battle, you will start out with it (this is only for singleplayer battle). For example, Once you reach legendary status of frenzy, t..

A Good Combo

I discovered this cause I'm curious ask the time. You need a sith that has lightning. First use choke and without letting go of the force button, switch the force to lightning and you're using lightning choke.

Unlimited Health During Battle

Hey for all you guys that are having a tough time getting through the galactic conquest,here is cheat for you!
This cheat is for when you are struggling to stay alive so your team wont suffer a loss.
To enter, you have to be in the middle of a battle and you have to pause. Once you get to the pause screen you have to type on the d-pad in this order,
When you type don't go too fast or slow(it sometimes might now work)
I do it a lot and trust me it helped me a lot. I beat the whole game like that.
Hope you enjoy!

Changing to boba fett

Did you know thatat when you are on the chalenges where you are killing off the creatures if you put in dis code:
Tri,squ,cir,up,dwn,lft,rite,dwn,up,L1,R1,x you will be able to play as boba fett just put it in wilst you are playing and after a short while at the bottom of the screen it will say play as bobba then press the left arrow key and you will respawn as him

Walk out side of barrier on space missions

To do so first get in any ship, then keep hitting the take off and land button (it is easier to do slow). Do this until the blue sheild in front of you is now black, this means your cockpit is now in space. Now all you have to do is hit triangle or y on xbox.
Now your outside ( I suggest putting invicability code on because enemies can still hit you or your Idiotic Friend if he's on the other team).

Unlock Special Characters

When you collect the indicated number of points in battle the corresponding Special character will become unlocked. These characters are worth using as they have abilities and skills that will help you in certain situations.
Unlock Bothan Spy:
Collect 8 points.
Unlock Clone Commander:
Collect 8 points.
Unlock Imperial Officer:
Collect 8 points.
Unlock Jet Trooper: 12 points
Unlock Magnagaurd:
Collect 8 points.
Unlock Wookie Warrior:
Collect 12 points.
Unlock Dark Trooper:
Collect 12 points.
Unlock Droidika:
Collect 12 points.

jedi spin

Ok first all you do is find a square building whith another smoller square
then all you do is find the door and on the left their should be a collom like
thing and then all you do is jump between the door and the collom WHITH A JEDI
and he should start flating or spining than all you do is respon and go back and the jedi shoud sitll be there as long you don't do any thing to it
happy cheating

Four Wonders of Kashyyk

Go to Kashyyk in conquest, use the the invincibility cheat (you need it for one of these hints). First of all is the the 4wd speeder.
Play as the clones and start off at the beach. Quickly grab a barc speeder and turn right. Zoom off and soon it will say leaving battlefield. Don't worry about this you are invincable. Soon you will see some hills this is where you can just zoom around going off massive jumps.
Second wonder of Kashyyk is jet packer central. You notive there is a lot of platforms well you can jet onto these and shoot people down from a safe height. The best spot is actually a huge tree branch which is very visible if your jet clone stands on the gate of the wookies the wall with the sea wall and those 2 gates.
Jet up to the part of the bra..

Perfect sniper place

1st you need to go on single player 2nd go on instant action 3rd choose kashyk 4th choose your settings 5th make it galactick empire wars (not clone wars) 6th when you choose teams choose empire. 7th choose sniper guy 8th press start (you need the health code)left up up up left down x3 left upx3 left right un pause get a speeder bike there is a tree with a slope near base 1 go up the slope with the bike and land on the platform then you can snipe away

Sucsessful slicing into vehicles

If you are playing as an engineer(CIS,imperial,republic,rebels)or anybody with a fusion cutter,you can slice into enemy vehicles to make them usable and friendly units.when you slice,make sure you start with 5,10,and so should be by 5.if you don't start with 5,stop firing and start again until you start with 5.
Hope this helps.


Practically Invincible Heroes

First, go to the Single Player Mode,then Instant Action, and then choose options at the launch screen.Now go to 'Hero' and select it.Make sure 'Heroes' is set to on.Then set 'Unlock Hero' to 'Timer'.Then go down to ___ seconds and make it one second.'Assign to' doesn't really matter.
Then go down to 'Timer' and make that 10 seconds( the minimum ).Now whenever you play, your team's Heroes will be availible from the start and when they are defeated, they can return to the battle in 10 seconds.
This means you just have to wait at the character selection screen for a few seconds and you'll have your Hero again.You basically allowed to always be the Hero of the level.Now your practically invincible!

3rd person

Use third person for a better view for killing enemies

soz it's short I only got the game yesterday>>>cool

Open gate winch quick in wookie homeland

First you NEED to be a CIS take the amoured tank droid then drive through wooden barricades over the top using the sides or squeze through the matal things(if your stuck go forward and left then right) and then turn around and shhot the gate winch and let your team mates trough.Smile

Petrified Cape

Whenever playing with a jedi or trooper that has a cape walk around and when your cape is up in the air, turn off the psp and then turn it back on. Your cape should be in the exact position it was in when the psp was shut off.

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