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Star Wars: Battlefront Xbox Cheats and Tips

We have 21 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Battlefront please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC

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All Missions unlocked:

Press X, Y, X, Y, in Historical Campaign, at the level select screen.

Small People:

Create a profile named "Jub Jub" without the quotation marks.

Receiving The Deathstar

If you are the Galactic Empire, and you capture and hold Endor under your control for a certain period of time, you can get the Deathstar.

How to be as small as an Ewok

For a profile name, type in "Jub Jub". You will be the size of an Ewok when playing. This is case sensitive.

Star Wars: Battlefront Cheats

Unlock Artwork, Stills and Storyboards

Bespin Concept Art -

In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the

Bespin: The Liberation of Cloud City mission

Tatooine Concept Art -

In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the

Tatooine: Siege of Mos Eisley mission

Yavin Concept Art -

In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the

Yavin: The Fall of Yavin 4 mission

Hoth Concept Art -

In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the

Hoth: Battle of Hoth mission

Endor Stills -

In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the

Bespin: Battle in the Clouds mission

Geonosis Stills -

In Historical Campaigns: The Clone Wars beat the

Geonosis: Battle of..

Kill Jedis Easy With Speeder Bike

Any levels with the speeder bikes like say tatooine run into the jedis full force and you will kill them trust me it really works. I have played it for 2years and won every battle with the speeder bike.

Jub Jub code

Ok make a new profile with Jub Jub as the name make sure it is NOT in capitals and has a space.

This hint will make everybody in the game the size of ewoks.

The droidecka will not be small though.

Something weird happens to the rebel pilot, I'll let you figure it out.

Small People- Create a profile named Jub Jub. ..

Small People- Create a profile named Jub Jub.

Happy gaming =p


In the battle for Ren Var, the battlefield that is not the Harbor, go to the Observitory and go to the stairs going towards the tomb. Now when you arew there, kneel and start firing and you and kill them but they can't kill you

Homefield advantage

The rebels have advantages on endor because of their camouflage so if you're a empiral soldier use you'r radar if you don't wan't to be blown up by surprise.

Unlockable: How to unlock Maps for Instan Action Mode

Beat the missons in Historical Campaign to unlock the maps. (Areas)

Ways to win on battlefields Bespin, Endor, Geonosis, and Naboo

Bespin, Platforms. Take a starfighter and go to the enemy depots and claim them. After that, claim the enemy control post. Geonosis. Take the gunship and go straight to the techno-unions and destroy them. After that, DESTROY DROIDS. ENDOR. Go to the Rebel outpost as the rebel vanguard, take a speeder bike straight to the shield bunker and destroy it. You will need to obtain more ammo, so spare 4 missiles to use on the clones in the turrents and immediately go to the re-ammo droid[Gonk droid] After obtaining ammo continue destroying the bunker NABOO, Plains. Take the starfighter and destroy the cis tanks. You will need to us one round of primary fire and one shot of secondary fire. NABOO, Theed. Take..

Air Drop

When you are on Bespin:Platforms you need to get in a ship and fly over to enemy post and when you are over there you can press Y and you will drop from you fighter and you will land near a command post. Hint: You might want to throw a grenade in the center of the command post to thin out there numbers a little.

A fun game to play

Suicidle bombing ( Hope I spellt it right)

1. Go to Bespin platforms or hoth (for Bespin you have to be a jet trooper or dark trooper.)

2. Get in a snow speeder or star fighter

3. Run your star fighter/snow speeder at an enemy ship or in hoth an at-at

4. Jump out at the last second and watch the snowspeeder/star fighter blow up( if in Bespin you'll be wanting to fly up with the dark trooper/jet trooper)

Happy Gaming

Ways to win on battlefields Tattooine, Rhen Var, and Kashyyyk.

Kashyyyk, Docks. Go to the east or west command post as the jet trooper or the piolit, go to the edge of the battlefield and go to the beach head and wait for a CIS tank to appear and take it. Stay next to the VRD[vehicle repair droid] and blow up any droid that appears. Kashyyyk, Islands. Take the starfighter/X-wing or the gunship/Y-wing and go to the south commad post and keep enemy vehicles out of the air until the command post is captured by the Rebels/Republic. Rhen Var, Harbor. Go to the ice caves ans the jet trooper and immediately go to the center of the battlefield and take a CIS tank and DESTROY DROIDS. If both VRDs are destroyed, go to the command post behind the ice caves and respawn as the piolit and return to the center of the battlefield and repair the VRDs and continue de..

Select all planets in Historical Campaign

Go to "Historical Campaign" mode (in single player)

Select the Era you want to play (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War) .

You should now be on the Planet Selection screen.

Hit X-Y-X-Y

You can now scroll Left/right through all the planets.

Easy way to win

On the last level of campain mode clone wars kasheek docks,choose a jet trooper and fly to the middle part.then stop the cis from getting it.

Happy gaming XD

Select all planets

Go to Historical Campaign. Select the era you want to be. You should be on the planet selection screen. Press X Y X Y. You can now scoll thorugh all the planets.

Hope this helped!,

Green Day


The tutorials are very helpful for hints about which soldier to be in each Battlefield and what to do in each Battlefield. For example the tutorial tell you how the weapons of each soldier whether it be Droid, Clone or Rebal. To acess the tutorials go to the main menu and press A on the word tutorials.

Please note: Tutorials are availiable on PS2's but not ont the computer.

Jedi kill

To kill a jedi is simple, on a map with places you can die from falling( kamino and bespin platforms are a few) and aim a wrist rocket( super battle droid) at the jedi's feat. Aim correctly and he will go flying over the edge.

Move Faster around the Area

To move faster, choose the droid class. Choose droideka. It can move way after and has it's own personal sheild.

never get killed by a jeti

be a super battle droid rapid fire at him let him git in killoble distins and still rapid fire at him then you will never die agion!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$ (:

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