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Star Wars: Battlefront Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars: Battlefront

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A large collection of cheats that includes unlocking art and photo gallery, unlocking all planets and getting infinite health and ammo. We'll also tell you how to destroy Techno Union ships on Geoneosis easier.

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We have 74 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Battlefront please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox

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Unlock Art and Photo Gallery

When you win the indicated mission the corresponding feature in the gallery will become unlocked.
Unlock Kamino Storyboards:
Beat Kamino - Assault On Kamino mission.
(Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Unlock Naboo Stills:
Beat Naboo - Rebellion On Theed mission.
(Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Unlock Hoth Concept Art:
Beat Hoth - Battle of Hoth mission.
(Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)
Unlock Geonosis Stills:
Beat Geonosis - Battle Of Geonosis mission.
(Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Unlock Weapons and Units Stills:
Beat Rhen Var - Mountaintop Defenses mission.
(Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Unlock Star Wars Battlefront Art:
Beat Kashyyyk - Aggr..

Battlefront cheats

Select all Planets:
In single player on the Historical Campaign mode select the Era you want to play Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War which will bring you to the Planet Selection screen. Then press Square, Circle, Square, Circle to be able to scroll left or right through the various planets.
Unlock all Historical Campaigns and Maps:
In single player on the Historical Campaign mode select the Era you want to play, Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War which will bring you to the Planet Selection screen. Then press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle to unlock all Historical Campaigns and maps.
Unlock Artwork, Stills and Storyboards
Bespin Concept Art -
In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the
Bespin: The Liberation of Cloud City m..

Get Infinite Health or Ammunition

A sneaky tactic in this game is to stand, crouch or lay near any of the replenishment depots with a sniper rifle and then fire at the enemy from there without having to worry about health or ammunition.

Unlock ALL Planets

Select 'Historical Campaigns' then at the 'Planet Selection' screen for 'Clone Wars or 'Galactic Civil War' press Square, Circle, Square, Circle and ALL the planets for that particular era will become unlocked.

Full Sniper View

On the level Bespin Platforms there is a way to get an awesome sniper point:
1. Using an infantry soldier, take the Extractor before the enemy does.
2. Once you take it, go down into the second trench and kill as many enemies as you can before your guy gets killed(don't worry,you want your guy to get blown so that you can change into a sniper).
3. Back at the Extractor, change into a sniper unit. Face the direction of the enemy trench. Turn left or right and there will be a walkway leading up. Go up it and then turn all the way around as if you're going to go back down. Jump onto the roof. You now have an excellent view of almost the entire battlefield. Happy sniping and please rate me!

Floating droid starship

This is more of a glich than a cheat but it's funny. First choose Tatooine Dune Sea on Clone Wars, then be the CIS and grab a droid starfighter, then fly as high as you can. Then start to land, and hit Triangle twice to jump out of your starfighter, you will die, but then go look for your starfighter and when you find it, it will be floating in the air.

Jub Jub

If you create and save a profile called Jub Jub then all poeple in the game will become small, your team and enimies alike. WARNING: the rebel pilot will have no head and his helmet will float above you.

All levels in historic conquest

All levels in historic conquest:
press Circle,Square,Circle,Square.You will unlock all levels in Historic Conquest.

Kill a Jedi

You can kill a jedi if you hit him with a speeder bike or if you land a spaceship on him.

Kill Jedi easily

To kill a Jedi easily, go to Kamino in instant action. If a Jedi is by an edge, throw a grenade at him. Then just hope he doesn't run away. If he doesn't, he might fall of the edge and die.

Baby Warz

As the profile name, enter "Jub Jub" (without the quotes) The characters will now be the size of and Ewok. (or a baby) Ha.

Become an Ewok

Enter "Jub Jub" (no quotes) as a profile name. Go to instant action and select a mission you will be the size of an ewok.

Destroy Techno Union Ships on Geoneosis

To destroy the Techno Union ships easier, kill half of the enemies reinforcements to where they don't spawn at the ships anymore. Then destroy them by Using grenades.
Hint: Use the concussion grenades.

Sarlacc Pit

In instant action select Tatoonie: Dune Sea. Then select galactic civil and become the rebels. After that get into an X-Wing and land on the sarlacc. as you are landing get out (double tap triangle) and you should be on top of the fighter. After a few seconds it will blow up and you'll go flying up and then down into the sarlacc.

invisible soldier

on besbin platforms in the clone wars era be the green trooper with the jetpack fly on top of the trenchthen off to the left use the jetpack to fly under the central platform once u enter stop and let the jetpack refill then you will see 5 rings.
4 around the big ring fly to the top left ring and if you did it right you will be inside the pipe and you can shoot the droids but they cant shoot you
just be sure you have tons of ammo because ull need to go and get more after a while

Get out of moving Jedi Starfighter

A tricky little cheat, good to use on tatooine's Dune Sea. When the clones, get in a Jedi starfighter. Fly as high as you can, then hit the land button (x). When the landing gear on the bottom of the ship goes down(and it levels out), double tap get out of vehicle (triangle). You should bounce on top of the starfighter as it gradually goes down.

Jub Jub

Enter Jub Jub to play ewok size like baby warz mode


If your bombarded by doridika, then go into the water ! I learnt if your in the water with a dordika then the dorid will blow up and die because they drown ! Also this could happen to you too !!

Select Any Planet

Enter this code on the planet selection screen in the single player game mode: SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE.

Easy way to destroy rebel shield genorator

On Hoth be the Empire and capture Echo Base and the two others by it. Then get into a dish turret and use it's charged blast on the shield genorator.

Dead Fish

This doesn't help you it's just kinda fun.
First go to Kashyyyk Docks. It doesn't matter what era you play or what team but it's better if you play as the empire or CIS. if you play as the CIS, get in a Spider Walker or an AAT. If in the AAT, be in the 2nd position and shoot the water you should see some fish float. If you use the Spider Walker, use the weapon that is like a blaster pistol and shoot the water. The laser doesn't work.
If the Empire get in an ATST and shoot the water using either position 1 or 2.
Or you can just use grenades. I don't think blaster rifles work but maby a rocket launcher would work.

Easily kill dooku

Be the Republic jet trooper and get count dooku to follow you, fly of the edge and he will follow you off and fall to his death!
(only works on kamino and bespin:platforms but you could try flying of a cliff that dooku can follow you to)

A little help with Techno Union Ships

In one of the missions it will tell you to destroy the techno union ships. I would recommend getting the SPIRE command post so you can get the ships there. Then just use those to attack the ships. Or you could get a rocket launcher person (droid, empire, rebel, or republic) and blow up the ships with the rockets, then go and refill at the spire which is near the techno union ships. Hope this helped Smile


In levels that have speeders, you should take advantage of them. They explode easily, but if you can master controlling them, they can be a very deadly weapon.

Kill that Jedi

There is more than one way to kill a Jedi. Yes there is the traditional land on him with a flight vehicle, but there are other ways too. You can choose a level such as the platforms or one with a balcony extremly high up. Make sure that he far enough away that he won't come after you. Through a grenade, or if you prefere the super-battle droids his missle, near the ground by his feet. He will fly into the air. If you position this right he will fly off the edge and die. Another way is get into a quick vehicle and run him over. Caution if in speeder-bike do not corner him in because he will most likely move and you will crash unless you jump out. Blowing him up will not kill him alone so if he is on your team then it is a stress reliever. Ths same goes for in a large vehicle suck as an AT..

How to survive if you the last man

This is a good way to survive first if your need a level with tanks get into a tank and blast every manic there is try it it works!!!


When sniping do not lay down. Crouch. It makes you smaller, but if someone comes up behind you you can easily get up. On the long hallways in cloud city. Stay in the first room on one of the ends, and snipe from there. It is so much easier and will score you tons of kills.
Any other questions contact deadlock.

Rack Up Your Kills!

The easiest way to get a whole lot of kills is to just get a blaster rifle and go into a place with a lot of enemies and fire away!! Works everytime!! Also throwing grenades works. Smile


Always use levels with great sniping to your advantage. (For example: Kashykk Docks) You can get a lot of kills and enemies have a difficult time killing you. | *-* |

Techno Union Ships

On Geonosis, the best way to destroy the Techno Union ships is this. At the start of the game, spawn at the forward command center (the place with the two AT-TE and the two clone ships). Get in one of the clone ships and make sure you are the only one in the ship. Take off and fly to the back of the level behind all three techno union ships. One by one fire one weapon and when it starts to recharge switch to another weapon and keep firing, keep switching weapons of each techno union ship until they are all destroyed. Now you can freely fly above the battle field and destroy those little tiny droids on the ground. When you clone ship is almost destroyed land ASAP and get out of there. Fight to the death. Good luck. Hope this helps.

Easy sniping

When playing as the Rebel side in Galactic Conquest, start as a Rebel Marksman and get a X-Wing fighter. Fly to where the Imperials have the open TIE fighters and get one. Fly to any tall stone pillar and land on it. Hop out and start taking people out with your sniper rifle. This works best as a Rebel marksman because you can zoom in twice.


In several of the missions there is water and it can be used to your advantage. When you encounter an enemy and you are in or near shallow water, you're more likely to survive a shoot-out if you croutch. If you've played the game for more than a few minutes, you notice how aggrivating it is to shoot an enemy when they are in the water with you. If you croutch, you have the advantage of being harder to hit.

Easy way to avoid being killed

If you really hate being killed all the time, just choose a planet with high locations, be the Ribublic and choose the jet trooper, jump into the jet pack, fly up to a high place, get your emp luancher out (or cammando pistol), crouch down and blast the cis army into a huge pile of bolts.
Hope this helps you.

Tow cable

After you attach the towcable onto the AT-AT's leg you don't have to hold down on R1

suicide on Geonosis

Just so you know the suicide isn't you killing yourself.
This isn't exactly a hint but it's cool.
On Geonosis be the Rebublic jet trooper and get into a LAAT-gunship and get some men to come in with you(try get the ship full it's better)then go up to the mountains and land, then tell everyone to get out, make everyone follow you then jump off the mountain and fly back up and all of your men will jump off and fall to there deaths.May the force be with you I mean may the suicide be with you.Hope you use this wisely.

Be a menouvering pilot

There a two destinations to train to become a great menouvering pilot.
One is Tatooni The Dune Sea, all you have you to do is menouver around those giant rocks.
The other one is on Naboo Plains what you have to do on this Level is just fly down and dodge the big head things, and the tilted rocks then if you keep on doing this you will become a great menouvering pilot.
Use this wisely.

Get the neutral base on Yavin 4 easily

Well there are three ways of doing this.
1. Be the dark trooper of the empire and jump down(jump pack)and stand so the meter thing that shows when you have captured a cammand post is just in range a shoot anyone that comes.
2. Be the jet trooper and do the same, the only differance is you will get there faster.
3. Be a sniper(any team)and snipe out as many people as you can that are going down to the cammand post so your men have a much better chance of getting it.
They're the only ways I can think of getting it easily so if you don't like any of them, then you have just wasted your time. Well hope this helped.

Make them fall

On Bespin platforms make sure that you get the nuetral base, then go up onto the ledge just above the cammand post as anyone that can throw grenades, after that trow a grenade to the place where the ememys are coming from(make sure there are people near the edge)and they should role of.Hope this helps.

Easy Way To Complete The Geonosis Level As The Republic Army

When you are on the Geonosis level as the Republic (clones), the way to stop the CIS (droids) reinforcements is to destroy the Techno Union Ships. The simplest way to do this is by spawning at the Control Center as a Pilot and grabbing the troop carrier ship. Do this as the Pilot as they heal your ships when your in it, so it makes it harder for the enemy to destroy. Get your troops to "pile in". When it is full, take off and fly around the Spire to reach the Techno Union Ships. Fly right around the Spire as there are less enemies that way.
When you reach the Techno Union Ships, fire upon the nearest one from a close range and circle around it to make it easier to evade fire. Your troops in your vehicle will also open fire upon the Techno Union Ships, as well as the troops on the g..

Killing Jedi or Sith

To kill a Jedi or a Sith (eg. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader) is very simple really.
There are a few ways of doing it. You can land a plane on top of them (Bespin Platforms), you can go straight threw them on speeder bikes (Endor, Tatooine Dune Sea), or you can just have fun by reapeatingly shooting them in an AT AT, AT ST or any other sought of land vechile with heavy fire power.

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