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Ninja Gaiden Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Ninja Gaiden

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We have several cheats that includes skipping to the final boss cutscene on level 16 and unlocking the alternate costume and Plasma Saber.

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We have 14 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Ninja Gaiden please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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Skip to Final Boss Cutscene on Level 16

To do this trick you have to reach level 16 and lose to the boss. Then 'Continue' and get the Dark Dragon Blade pressing 'Start' when you view the cutscene where you get it. The cutscene with the final boss will now play.


Alternate costume:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficult setting. Then, hold L
while selecting the "New Game" option at the opening menu.
Plasma Saber:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficult setting. A new sword
called the Plasma Saber will now be unlocked.
Extra hard difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty settings to
unlock the very hard difficulty setting.
Unlock all FMV sequences:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty settings to
unlock all FMV sequences.
Skip some FMV sequences:
Press Start, A, Start to advance past an FMV sequence.

Ninja Gaiden cheats

Original Blue Ninja Costume:
At the 'Main' menu highlight 'New Game' and hold the Left Trigger + Right Trigger and press A

Wear the two new costumes for the Hurricane pack in Xbox Live
Dead or Alive Costume:
While selecting the 2nd trial mission hold the White button

Evil Costume:
While selecting the 2nd trial mission hold the Black button
Evil Ryu:
Beat the game on 'Very Hard' difficulty

Dark Dragon Blade:
Beat the game on any difficulty then play again and visit Muramasa's shop in chapter 13

Kitetsu Sword:
Defeat Doku at the end of Chapter 11. This sword will take health away slowly

Unlabored Flawlessness:
Buy the Wooden Sword and upgrade it to it's maximum Lev..

On chapter six a lot of my friends and I have no..

On chapter six a lot of my friends and I have noticed a lot of other people are having trouble at the safe.
What you have to do is turn the dial to the left to 2 then hit x then right to 7 then hit x then turn right to 1 hit x and fnally hit left to 2 if you do it right the circle will light up blue I hope this helps a lot of you out.
Oh yeah and later you have to open the safe again to get a life of the gods the combo is left to 1 x right to 4 x left to 1 x then right to 0 I think or it might be right, left, right, left, but I know those are the correct numbers.
Hope that helps I know it took me about 30 min. to figure out the right numbers.

Skip a bit of the game

Nearing up to the end of the game when your in a lava filled place after fighting two bosses in a row, at this point you have to collect the dark dragon blade and try to escape as sarah is waiting for you.
When your about the pick up the dark dragon blade as your hands are about to touch the sword keep tapping start and back a few times I don't know how it exactly works. And then the game skips to when your clinging on to Sarah and going up, it saves a little time and effort if anyone has got upto this point.

Heres all the weapons in the game and how to get them.

Dragon Sword-Default
Bow-In Chapter 2 it's by the door in Muramasa's shop. (you can buy arrows or just look in dead ninja's for them).
Nunchuka-In chapter 4, enter the Clock tower plaza and head straight. Then take 2nd right. There shold be a dead body holding them.
Incendiary Shuriken- In Chapter 6, once your inside the monastery you should enter a room, where a schyte wielding demon thing will attack you. After dispatching all the enemies head upstairs and there will be some Incendiary shuriken in one of the glass cases.
Vigoorian Frail- In chapter 6 When your in the underground tunnels there should be a tunnel with small dug in squares on the sides. Once you enter this tunnel take a left and they'll be in a chest..

The Kitetsu (The Sword)

After you beat Doku for the first time. He will drop a sword call a Kitetsu.
It's one of the most powerful swords in the game.
You can throw it like a boomaring and drain people heath but over time you lose your own heath but if you colect 40 Golden Scarabs.
The man who owns the shop will give you The Armket Of Tranqashiy. When you use it your heath goes back up slowly.
So when you use the Kitetsu your heath just stay the same and want go down.
Also to drain heath from something X,X,forward and X at the same time (Do it slowly because if you do it fast he will do a move call dark rain)

On chapter 15 you will have to fight doku for th..

On chapter 15 you will have to fight doku for the second time. This time hes much stronger you will need to use all your nimpo first then use the jump forward y attack on him with the dragon blade. Make sure he doesnt hit you with his special because if he does he will absorb a lot of health from you and make his health come back so be careful.

How to actualy get and use the dark dragon blade

If you complete the game with all scarabs(50), life of the gods(36) and all lives of the thousand gods(9) load that game and the dark dragon is in chapter 13.
It is sitting on the second level of muramassas shop as you travel back to the hayabusa village.

How to kill the boss on chapter 3(the guy with the electric gun)

To start off you can jump into him and press Y. He may block it or it may hit. After you have done it once roll out of the way of him because he will swing back at you, roll out again then he'll charge up his gun and just as he is charging up you can either roll or run at him, jump and press Y, continue doing that technique and you should prevail.

Quick And Efficient Way To Collect Money

Ok For All The Ninja Fans Out There. I've Only Been Playin This For A Short Period Of Time. Im Not Quite Sure If Any One Has This Yet. But A Lot Of People Say To Use Your Vigorian Flail To Collect Money. True. However, There Is Another Way Around That. If You Use Your Art Of The Ice Storm, And Have At least Four To Five Spirit Devils Lit Up, You Can Do Alot Of Damage On Your Enemies. Also Make Sure Your Ninpo Is Maxed To Level Three. When You Do This Move, You Want To Surround Your Enemies Within Your Distance To Do This Right. Once Within Range, Press y&b At Same Time To Use Ice Storm. Your Enemies Will Get A Nice Taste Of It. Do It A Couple Times,And Watch Your Hit Points Accumulate. It's Even Better If You Get Three To Four In Your Circle. Then You'll Really Have A Ball.

Wooden Mayham!

Buy the wooden sword for 500 essence. You will notice that it can be upgraded a lot. When it is fully upgraded it will be the most powerful weapon in the game!!!!

Ok ninja dog champ or whatever your name is, you..

Ok ninja dog champ or whatever your name is, you've made some mistakes:
1.the dino skeleton is on chapter 6
2.the windmill shuriken is on chapter4
3.the 2nd fight with the tentacle freak is on chapter7
4.alma is the boss of chapter7
I'm doing this to make sure people don't complain to you when they get suprised by bosses that you said wer'nt there
PS: Can someone tell me how to beat the first form alma, I'm a bit stuck....

Ticket for Hans Bar

We have found to recieve ticket you have to buy something so just buy a spirit elixer and then go to leave and hell give you the ticket good luck.

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