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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheats and Tips

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We have a collection of cheats that includes Multiplayer fatalities and unlocking Scorpion and Sub Zero.

More Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Questions & Answers page.

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Enter these codes during gameplay to perform the corresponding characters move.
Blade Spark - Press R + X.
Blade Spin - Press R + Y.
Jump Spark - Press R + X, X.
Blade Slam - Press R + Y.
Blade Chop - Press R + B.
Decapitation Slice Fatality - Press Left(4), X.
Blade Lift Fatality - Press Down, Left, Right(2), X.

Johnny Cage
Green Bolt - Press R + X. Shadow Kick - Press R + B.
Shadow Uppercut - Press R + Y.
Quick Draw Bolt - Press R + X, X(2).
Decapitation Uppercut Fatality - Press Left(4), X.
Punching Bag Fatality - Press Up, Left(3), X.
Torso Rip Fatality - Press Down(2), Right(2), X.


Multiplayer fatailities

When your playing multiplayer when you see your enemy knocked out
Like when his head is spinning go near him and hit the white button and it will say finish him.
Here are the fatalities that I know.
Lui Kang
Arm Rip Fatality: Press Down, Left, Right, Up, X. Bonebreak Fatality: Press Left, Up(2), Right, X. Dragon Fatality: Press Down, Right, Left(2), X. Fire/Kick Combo Fatality: Press Left, Right, Down(2), X. Flipping Uppercut Fatality: Press Up, Right, Down, Left, X. Headclap Fatality: Press Right, Up, Right, Up, X. Shaolin Soccer Fatality: Press Down, Left, Up, Right, X. Stomp Fatality: Press Left(3), Up, X. Kung Lao
Body Slice Fatality: Press Right(4), X. Buzzsaw Fatality: Press Right(2), Up(2), X. Friendly Rabbit Fatality: Press Up(3), Down, X. Hea..

Scopion and Sub Zero

At the main menu, hold White then press X, Up, L, R, Left, Right, X to unlock Scorpion in Single Player, Co-Op, and Versus modes
Sub Zero
At the main menu, hold White then press X, Down, Up, L(2), Up, X to unlock Sub-Zero in Single Player, Co-Op, and Versus modes.


Complete smoke missions to get mk2 without cheating.and read the questuins answer me how do you find smoke missions

How to defeat Shang Sung,Kintaro, and Shao Khan!

The Boogieman Here,
(P.S. This hint is for Kung Lao and Kung Lao only)
To defeat Shang Sung is pretty easy, first you need to try and dodge every move he makes until he turns into reptile, then you jump into the air and press X rapidly until he pretty much does a close range bicycle kick, do that over and over until you need to do the fatality on him, and if you havn't boughten all of the special moves from the pause screen, heres your chance because I myself have gotten over 180 points on him!
For Kintaro, you do the same thing, but after you do it once, the second time you do it, he punch's earlier then before, so after he punch's earlier, stop doing the move, then do that all over again until he is dead.
Last but not least is Shao Khan, he is the hardest so ..

Some helpful stuff

Up=u down=d right=r left=l white=w black=b
Liu Kang:
Arm rip - d,l,r,u,x
Bone Brake Combo - l,u,u,r,x
Dragon - d,r,l,l,x
Fire/Kick Combo - l,r,d,d,x
Fliping Upercut - you,r,d,l,x
Head Clap - l,u,r,u,x
Stomp - l,l,l,u,x

Liu Kang
Fire Trails - you,d,u,d,y
Liu Kang
Rage Mode - are,u,d,d,b

NOTE: all cheats have to be entered at the main menu after entering cheats you should hear a sound if not cheat was not entered correctly or I did not give you the right cheat.

Mortal combat 2 - hold w, then press x,u,d,r,l,b,x then let go of white

To unlock scorpion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To unlock scorpion you have to go to the last realm before you got to beat shoa khan you have to throw a guy threw the gate and then you have to do loads of double jumps and stuff like that but first throw the guy into the lava then after that you have to get up there get it and then bam you have him in a quick second there you go!!!!!!!!!!

Ko op

Ko op is much easier than 1 player.

Attack throough a wall

In Goro's lair in the begining the big sword that is heavy if you go next to a wall and face it hit B t oslice through it O (circle for PS2) and I don't think this is for Gamecube so anyway your welcome


Sub-Zero (adventure mode only) X, down, up, L, L, up, X
Scorpion (adventure mode only) X, up, L, R, left. Right, x
Mortal Kombat 2 X, Up, down, right, left, black

Mortal kombat 2 moves

Lui kang
Flying kick, fire blast low, fire blast
Press the D-pad towards your opponent and press Y X or A

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