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Follow the dark path or use the light

Demo FAQ/Walkthrough

by kingkimosave


Copyright 2005 Kenny Oladipo
email: [email protected]

This FAQ is to be posted on and on only. It is not to
be reproduced on any other website without permission from the author, Kenny 
Oladipo. The game "Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks" is copyrighted by Midway. All
other copyrights or trademarks that are not specifacally stated herein are 
respected and acknowledged.

Okay, enough about the serious stuff (like there was that much to begin with).
Let's get on with the FAQ!

Hello, my name is Kenny Oladipo (yes, my last name might be wierd, but at least
it's unique, it's actually African). This is the first FAQ that I have written
for GameFAQs, so bear with me if there are any newbie mistakes. You can 
contact me at [email protected], if you ever want to.

1. Controls
    1.2 Advanced Controls
2. Walkthrough
    2.1 Level One: GORO'S LAIR
        AREA ONE
        AREA TWO 
        AREA THREE
        AREA FOUR 
        AREA FIVE
             BOSS: Baraka
3. Credits

\ 1. C O N T R O L S\----------------------------------------------------------

The controls may seem difficult or intimidating at first, but anyone who's ever 
played any Mortal Kombat game (or any action game) should pick them up quickly.

Left analog stick: Move character
Right analog stick: Camera control
Directional pad: Minimap on/off, fatality input
Select: Options
Start: Stats(not used in the demo)
Square: Quick attacks
Triangle: Launcher attacks
Circle: Power attacks
X: Jump/confirm
L1: Fatality Stunner
L2: Lock on/ block
R1: Modifier: Combined with attack buttons to perform special attacks
R2: Pick up items/ grab enemies

-/1.2 A d v a n c e d  C o n t r o l s\----------------------------------------

Along with the basic controls, there are also some advanced maneuvers to learn.

THROW (R2 + left analog stick)

Press R2 to grab enemies (cannot grab them if they are blocking). Once you have
hold, press the left analog stick in any direction to throw an enemy in that
direction. This is useful for getting several enemies out of your way, and this
is essential to get through the demo.

You can also use R2 to pick up items and weapons on the floor.

EVADE (R1 + X + left analog stick)

Press R1 and X to roll to the side instead of jumping. Use the analog stick to
determine where you will land. This is useful for dodging incoming attacks or
attacks that are extremely fast (like Baraka's Lightning Bow).

SPECIAL MOVES (R1 + attack buttons)

When R1 is pressed in conjuction with an attack button (square, triangle, or
circle), your character will perform a special attack. The attack performed
depends on the buttons pressed and the character in question.

R1 + SQUARE: Fireball
R1 + TRIANGLE: Uppercut
R1 + CIRCLE: Dragon Kick

R1 + SQUARE: Teleport
R1 + TRIANGLE: Vortex Spin
R1 + CIRCLE: Hat Throw

You'll see a blue bar under your character's vitality gauge. This blue bar is
your special meter. When you do special attacks, it decreases. But don't fret,
it refills automatically after a while.


Hold R1 and then press R2. You'll grab the nearest enemy and hold them in front
of you like a human shield. They'll take the brunt of most frontal attacks, and 
you can even manipulate them into obstacles.

RUNNING AND AIR ATTACKS (attack button while running or in midair)

Press the attack buttons while running or in midair for even more attacks. Mid-
air attacks can usually be chained (Kung Lao's midair square can be chained 3
times and then into a midair circle, very cool looking).

FATALITY (L1, then directional pad, then square)

Once you learn how to do fatalities, you can kill enemies instantly. Simply 
build up your combo meter until the gray dot turns red, then press L1 to hit an
enemy with the fatality stunner. Put in the right commands (similar to Auron's
Overdrives in Final Fantasy X) to do the fatality.

\ 2. W A L K T H R O U G H\----------------------------------------------------

-/2.1 G o r o ' s  L a i r\----------------------------------------------------

SCENE: As the demo starts, we see Kung Lao and Liu Kang fall into the depths of
Prince Goro's Lair. Raiden then appears and informs them that although they 
have won the first Mortal Kombat, they are still in danger. The two heroes must
get off the island before it sinks into the sea. Raiden tells you to head to
the Wu-Shi Academy, then disappears.

     :A R E A  O N E:

When you gain control, test out your character. Familiarize yourself with your
moves and attacks. You can destroy the piles of skulls. Sometimes, they'll be
hiding small health. Pick up the Dragon Coin for a scene.

SCENE: Your character cautiously looks around, then the camera zooms in as
three Oni (demons) ambush you. You learn about basic attacks. Use them to 
defeat these simple enemies. If you get low on health, the Oni will drop
some. Defeat them all and another coin appears. Once you grab it, you'll learn
about your special attacks, and 2 more Oni attack. As long as you move around
and attack quickly, you should have no problem dispatching of these enemies.

Grab the next coin to learn about running attacks, then kill the Oni that
appears to get the gate to open. Go through to the next area.

*SECRET: If you throw an enemy into the skeleton on the wall, you'll unlock a

     :A R E A  T W O:

Grab the Dragon Coin here to learn about locking on. While locked on, you can 
block incoming attacks, and evade attacks. Once you block an attack, another
coin appears. Kill the Oni and grab the coin for a scene.

SCENE: Kung Lao alerts Liu Kang to watch out, he is surrounded by three Oni!
Liu Kang shows off his Shaolin skills and quickly dispatches of the weaklings.
You learn about how to effectively fight multiple enemies. Attack multiple
enemies simultaneously to keep them from attacking you.

Pick up the next coin to learn about picking up weapons. Use some of the pick
ups lying around to dispose of the Oni that appear, then grab the next Dragon
Coin to learn about air attacks. Kill the 2 Oni to advance.

NEED HELP: How to get the secret in this area? E mail me if you know.

Michael Florian ([email protected]) sent me the following info regarding the 
second are secret:

The secret in the second area of the Lair is the
hardest to get.  Ever.  In fact, I don't think you
can actually get it if you're playing Kung Lao.  
Right above the entrance (you can use panoramic to
see it better) is a ball of energy.  In order to get
it, you have to jump/pounce with Liu Kang to launch
the enemy.  Then you have to quickly activate the
mid-air throw to launch yourself up even further.  The
problem is that you have to do it exactly in the right
spot to get the ball.  
Fortunately, there's a trick to get infinite
amount of time to do it.  When Raiden tells you that you
have to learn to block, as long as you haven't blocked any
attacks, enemies will respawn infinitely in that
area. So you can keep at it until you get the orb.
thanks Mike!

     :A R E A  T H R E E:

Don't touch the spikes! Run forward and kill the Oni. You can pick up the bones
lying around to help you. Grab the coin for a scene.

SCENE: Your character looks up to a high bridge, where we see Johnny Cage throw
an enemy down into the spikes. He tells you to follow him to get off the 
island, then enters some kind of castle. Jump up onto the thin platform, run to
the Oni, kill it, then run down to the other side. Jump onto the box, then onto
the next thin platform and run to the end. 

Next, jump across the three platforms, being careful not to fall into the 
spikes, then up onto the castle rampart. Destroy the skulls here for health if
you need it, then run across the bridge for a scene.

SCENE: A uniformed figure (could this be Reptile?) blocks the bridge. After
stating that he does not work for Shang Tsung, the figure vanishes, leaving you
to deal with the Oni he left behind. Make sure when fighting on the bridge, you
do not fall off into the spikes below. After disposing of them, run into the 
next area.

*SECRET: If you jump off near the end of the bridge to the left, you unlock a 

The Pit actually has a second secret.  There's a
Gold Dragon Emblem in an area of the bridge you can't
access.  This is a targeting practice icon.  If
you hit it with a fireball or hat, it'll activate and
you get the secret.
(And yeah, that's Reptile.  You can tell from
movies shown on websites for a boss fight with him in

     :A R E A  F O U R:

Grab the coin to learn about Fatalities. Perform combos until the blood gauge 
is full, then press L1 near an enemy. You'll be shown some onscreen commands.
Follow them to perform the fatality correctly. Remember the commands, because
they won't always be shown to you.

Once the fatality has been executed correctly, the blood on the ground will
react, and the door to the next area will open.

The next area has two secrets.  One I can get. 
The other I cannot.  The one in the cell is still a
mystery to me.  However, if you either super
uppercut an enemy into the chandelier or air throw one into
it, it'll come crashing down to reveal an orb in the
air. This one is VERY tricky as you don't get many
chances to get it (after all, you have to instant-kill one
of three enemies in the area).

***<[email protected]>, informs us how to get into the cell
To get the secret in cell you 2 players to stand on the swichtes in the next
room then you will end up in the cell. 

    :A R E A  F I V E:

Watch the scene, then fight the enemies. Make sure to avoid the bonfire in the
center of the room. Near the other end of the area is a weak, crumbling wall. 
To get to the next area, you have to knock the wall down. Grab an enemy, then
aim towards the wall to throw them into it and knock it down. Run through to 
the boss chamber.

hows it goin, i dont know if you found it already, but i unlocked the secret
for the fifth area in goros lair. im not 100% sure how it works, but i impaled
all 4 onis on the ceiling spikes. Then i noticed the secret icon appear in the 
lower left corner of the screen (below where u break the wall). i had to use 
the lui kang air throw manuever to get to it. It unlocked a fatality image. 
Hope this helps.

Adam Jenkins
<[email protected]>

    :B O S S  C H A M B E R:

As you enter, you'll see a scene of Baraka mercilessly slaughtering some monks.
Well you won't actually seen the scene, because it's too violent for this demo.
You'll then see some souls being siphoned into two swords. Baraka then jumps
across the chasm separating you and him, and the first boss fight begins.

BOSS: Baraka, the Mighty Tarkatan
Difficulty: 2/5
1 health bar.

The first boss of the game is not necessarily the easiest. Baraka has a couple
of attacks. At long range, he'll hold out his arm and shoot a ball of light at
you. Jump or evade to dodge it. He'll also perform a blade combo on you. When
you see him coming, quickly lock on to block. If you're good, you can jump over
him and deliver several combos to his back. Baraka will also jump on you and
slash at you (reminds me of Voldo from Soul Calibur). You can block this.

Use any means you see fit to damage him. Use launcher attacks sparingly, 
because sometimes when Baraka is falling, he'll spin around in midair, hurting
you with his blades.

SCENE: When you get Baraka down to about 1/2 a health bar, he'll jump back over
the chasm and grab one of the monks. Baraka then sets the monk on fire and 
throws him over the chasm. He repeats this, then jumps across himself.

The fight resumes, but now it is much harder because you have to dodge the two
guys that are running around on fire. Much of the damage you take from this
stage of the fight will come from getting hit by the burning monks, or from
trying to avoid one of the monks and falling right into Baraka's hands. I find
that if you stay near the chasm, between the two swords, the monks won't run 
into you.

NOTE: You can kill the monks. If you lock on and attack them, you'll see their
health bar decrease. Destroy them for health if you need it. Be careful, for
there is a large chance you will just end up getting set ablaze.

*********************Kevin McNee "[email protected]" sent in this info

hi kenny, I'd just like to point out that during the boss battle with Baraka,
you can kill the flaming monks with out losing any heath by locking on to them
one at a time and using your ranged attack. If your fast enough you can dispose
of both of them before Baraka jumps over. 

SCENE: When you get Baraka down to about 1/4 a health bar, he'll jump back over
the chasm and stay over there. He'll start launching his long range attack over
the chasm. Dodge his attacks, and hit him with long range attacks of your own
(R1+Square for Liu Kang, R1+Circle for Kung Lao). 

SCENE: When you get Baraka down to about 1/10 a health bar, he'll come back
over and start slashing at you. Your character will perform some fanciful 
dodging, and then Baraka will knock one of the swords loose from its altar.
Your character will knock Baraka into the other altar, dislodging the second
sword. The camera will then show you and Baraka at equal distances from each of
the swords...


SPECIAL EXTRA: If you lose to Baraka, you will get to see a special fatality
scene. Any player that has any skill at all shouldn't lose to Baraka, but note
that it is an extra scene.

\ 3. C R E D I T S\------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks go to the following:

Midway, for making an awesome game.

PlayStation Magazine, for making a demo disc of this game.

Me, Kenny Oladipo for making this FAQ.

My brother, David Oladipo for his help in writing this FAQ.

<[email protected]>

Adam Jenkins, for his info on the secret in the fifth area.
<[email protected]> 

Kevin McNee, for his tips on defeating the flaming monks. You can reach Kevin
at <[email protected]>

Michael Florian, for all his help in completing this FAQ. Thanks, Mike! 
You can reach Michael Florian at <[email protected]>

Thank you, Michael, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!

---------------------------------copyright 2005 Kenny Oladipo-----------------