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Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Halo: Combat Evolved

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A large collection of cheats for you to look through and includes unlimited cloaking, secret marine and secret area, invisible flood and how to get back in Cryo chamber and see Master-Chiefs suit.

We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Tips and Tricks for Halo
While we believe there are no traditional cheat codes for this (press up down left etc... to unlock whatever) we hope these suggestions below will help and improve your game.

I would also suggest checking out our user submitted and hints sections for a more extensive list of helpful tricks for Halo

Different Ending:
Beat Halo's Campaign on Legendary to see a slightly longer ending movie.

Faster reloading:
To reload most weapons faster, press X, then shortly after that press B to melee. Note: For the shotgun this will cause you to stop reloading all together.

Extra shotgun ammunition:

Lockdown Death
In the begginning were the captain hands you the pistol and says that it is not loaded well after you get ammo for the pistol return to the area were the captain gave it to you then you shoot him cortana will say what are you doing and the doors will close and marines will come out and kill you

He died and rose again...and again...and AGAIN.
Have you ever noticed how many times srg. Johnson dies in this game?He dies on the Piller of Autumn & explodes on the Maw.There are more.

secret marine and secret area
Ok first go to the level where you meet the flood at any difficulty at the start your in the pelican keep holding down the backwards button if you jump out if the ship jump back in and hold down till the plane stops at another point this should be on the cliffs of the level.
1. Get out and face the way the pelican is.
2. Walk forward till you see a corner with a hill that you can't walk up.
3. Turn right and walk forward and eventually you will see a random marine standing there.

frozen hunter???
ok go to the level where you have to get to the control room of halo the first time. if u walk all the way down instead of stealing a banshee u willhear cortana say to take the ghost. dont. but kill the elite before he does. now go up the ramp and yhoull see a hunter just standing there and it wont attack unlees u atak first well go behind it and shoot the orange part on his bak. INSTANT KILL it works all the time just shoot the orange part.

Wheelie in a Ghost
While driving in a Ghost, hold A. This is fun when you drive off rocks you'll go flying!!!

Infinite Ammo...Sort Of
I figured out a way to have infinite ammo w/ any Earth-based weapon (Assult rifle, pistol, etc.), which works in between those long stretches depending on what weapons you have. To do this there needs to be another weapon laying on the ground; either Earth or Covenant doesn't matter. After emptying whats lef of your clip quickly pick the other weapon before Master Chief finshes reloading. Wait for about 5 to 7 seconds and pick up your orginal weapon completely reloaded without going into your clips. But note that this is a little bit harder to do with the shotgun due to the fact that it takes him a shorter time to reload.

Lucky symbol
On the levle Librarylook at the cxenter of the huge elevator and there will be a 4 leaf clover in the middle of the circle

3 Shot Kill!
One easy way to win a multi-player match is to use the 3 shot head kill.
It works with the pistal (UNSC or Human pistal).
When you get the pistal find some one and shoot them 3 times in the head to kill them (this works really well if you don't have the fancy stuff such as the rocket launchers, snipers, shotguns, ect.) It is a fun and easy way to win your opponets. Don't tell anyone who doesn't know how to use this trick and rack up the kills in your killing spree with the pistal (I would rank this one of my top 5 favorite weapons). Note:This also works on Halo 2.
Have fun and kill em all.

Infinite ammo
NOTE: must be in co-op
Go to any loading point(it wont work in some levels/i.e. Keyes/)where you can just walk back an forth and it keeps loading, now have one player charge a plasma pistol. After it starts shaking violently(about ten seconds)have the other player walk over the loading point(if it doesnt work you will know because it will still be shaking) but if it does work the pistol will stop shaking.Now release the trigger, your ammo will not deplete. Plasma weapons will still overheat(if they can) but will never run out of ammo.It works for any weapon(i like the rocket launcher >:P).
If you have any trouble (or have a question) e-mail me at [email protected]

Funky Grunt!!!
On the final level in the short cut tunnel that the front blows off of go through there and take the turn on your left behind a load of flud bodies is a random grunt who says somthing along the lines of: If we don't get off this ship soon we all going to be biiiiigggg space dust heeheee!!! Then he just sits there like a lemon following you with his head. Have fun with mister funky grunt!

Alternate ending sequence Successfully complete ..
Alternate ending sequence

Successfully complete the game in campaign mode on the legendary difficulty setting to view a different and longer ending sequence.

Faster reloading

To reload most weapons faster, press X, then shortly after that press B to melee. Note: For the shotgun this will cause you to stop reloading all together.

Extra shotgun ammunition

Take a shotgun that has 12 shots and 0 clips. After you shoot it a few times, you should be able to reload manually. You can do this about ten to twenty times.

Faster Warthog weapon use

This trick works best in multi-player mode. Drive the warthog in a straight line. When you see an enemy, jump out of ..

Skip level
To do this cheat you need to have on person complete the level that you are
stuck on. To start go onto co-operative and 1 player chooses your file and the
other player chooses the file with the completed level.
Next choose the level after the level that you want to skip
and (e.g if your stuck on guilty spark choose the library), complete it.
Then when you reload your game on solo you will have access to the level that
you completed on co-op, (in this case you will have the library without even doing
guilty spark).

Fly The Pelican in Guilty Spark
First of all this can only work on co-op.
Ok on the level Guilty Spark 343 there will be a cut scene at the beginning.
You and you start using the grenade button repeatedly and don't stop. Once you land the ship you will throw a grenade.Dont forget to have your partner to get out of the ship.
The grenade will cuase you to stay in your seat and not move.
When the Ship takes off you will still be in it feel free to now look around the level.
Below you will see covenant but if you shoot at them it will not work becuase your gun is pointing towards the ground.
Once the ship lands again have your partner through a grenade at the ground and kill himself he will respawn by you. Now have him kill you so you can get out to.You both are now outside the level stay near..

Hello, first I would like to say Master Cheif yo..
Hello, first I would like to say Master Cheif you are not the only one who beat the game on legendary. Most of you know when you beat the last level (MAW) on legendary you get a movie with a marine and an elite. If you beat the first level (Pillar of Autumn) you will also get a movie. You see echos (BIG plane that drops you off) unloading warthogs. Plenty of tanks. Alos you see a group of marines with their squad leader. It is pretty cool. You should try it out.

How to Get Back in Cryo Chamber and see Master-Chiefs Suit!
Hey everyone. If right when you get out of your cryo chamber jump right back in and Kneel down.Then Look at the chamber and you'll see Master-Chiefs Suit.(ps:If you keep kneeling down while looking up the chamber it will act like a latter.Then Keep trying to jump and you'll jump out of it or go through the wall!

Infinate Bullets (for only one level)
(This cheat is mostly workful for needler) Go to the level with the beach and you land in sand because the pelican drops you off in there go to the spot where there is a door with a few grunts and a red guy I think its a hunter well before going in there hold your needler then run up and down the checkpoint 7x's (when your screen turns yellow and says checkpoint) Then shoot with your needler and see if when you reload if you still have all your carridges if this cheat doesnt work this may need a few more attempts.

Invisable and invinsable.
On battle creek there is a creek acrost the map. On one side there is a invisability box get it then run to the other side and duck down in it. Press and hold the duck button and slowly move back. You will go underwater and they can't shoot you but still can blow you up with granades.

Killing a Hunter
You can actually kill a Hunter by beating the crap out of it with your gun.

Easy way to kill your worst enemy(hunter)
An easy way to kill a hunter is to shoot it in it's back.It has a orange spot on it's back which isn't covered with his armor.Another spot is on it's neck which also has no armor on it.Hope this helps You kill a hunter eaasierSmile

How to ride in pelican
When you get to the level assult on the control room befor you get out of the pelican keep tapping x and you will get back in the pelicanbut [BEWARE] if you stay in to long you will comete scuicide.

Halo combat evolved demo
Super jump

invisible flood
1. Go on legendary or heroic on the maw level.
2. When you get up to the bit just before you go in the room were your meant to blow up the ship you will see two arrows one says "engineneering" and "amoury" go the way the amoury arrow is points.
3. When you get inside the amoury you will see tons of rockets and shotguns. At the end of the room you will see a locked door.
4. Go towards it and then some invisible flood come out.

legendary not so hard...
If you wish to suceed in halo legendary.

You need 2 players of adequate skill. One person to be the spawner(stays back and respawns partner), and a charger(dies in battle against a grave enemy).

This wont work so well on the library...Good luck with that my friends.

Here's a funny one play in two playermode(split ..
Here's a funny one play in two playermode(split screen)Go to the maw when you get to center control shoot down the machine things.

Once your done go to opening look down youll see a bar plarer one jump one it and player two jump and die when player two is revived he will keep falling try it Its funny


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