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Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Halo: Combat Evolved

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A collection of cheats for you to check out and includes unlocking all levels, downloading dev trainers and several glitches from the different stages of the game.

More Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats and Tips

We have 33 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Halo: Combat Evolved please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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The following codes are for the Dev only. Press the '~' (tilde) key and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect in the game.
Unlock Invincibility:
Cheat_deathless_player 1
Unlock Super Jump:
Cheat_super_jump 1

Spawn ALL Vehicles:

Spawn ALL Weapons:

Spawn Warthog:
Unlock Infinite Active Camo:
Cheat_active_camouflage (active until Shot, Level ends or you Quit).
Unlock Infinite Ammo:
Cheat_infinite_ammo 1 (never lose ammo but Plasma guns will overheat).
Unlock Bottomless Clip:
Cheat_bottomless_clip 1 (have to realod but the Plasma guns don't overheat).


Halo: Combat Evolved

Note: The following cheats will only work for the Custom Edition of Halo: Combat Evolved.
These cheats will not work in the standard version of the game, only in Halo Evolved Custom Edition which is a multiplayer-only stand alone version of the game.

Open the properties window of the Halo shortcut and add ' -console �devmode' after the target. Start the game with the -console -devmode command line parameter. During game-play press '~' to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. These codes do not work in online games.
Set game speed game: speed <0-20>
Clear console window: cls

Super jumps: cheat_super_jump <0 or 1>


Awesome Cheats!

Here is the way to download halo dev trainer and use the awesome cheats!
1. Look up Halo dev trainer on google and select the first thing.
2. You should be on halo, go down on the page a little bit then press the red download button.
3. Look for something called dev trainer in your documents or applications page.(It's icon looks like a purple masterchief.)
4. Copy and paste the dev trainer on your Halo game and create a shortcut for your dev trainer.
Then just play your game! Oh, and don't pull up your dev trainer until after you start the level. To activate the cheats, just minimize Halo and click on the cheat that you want. It should light up green.
P.S. They don't work to good on multiplayer.

RC Glitch/ Cheat

See heres what you do...You go into a server you did NOT create and try to get two hogs next to each other or any other of your favs. (Examples: tanks, ghosts, banshees, ect.)
Make sure that you have the driver's seats facing each other so that when you get out you can hop into the other vechicle. Face the mouse towards the other vechicle and press "E" to get out then press "E" again to get into that one. You keep doing this process to both vechicles until you see the lights of the other vechicle turn on. Then you just drive on with your other vechicle next to you.
It took me awhile for me to get it to work so I estimate at least spend 15-20 minutes if your not getting anything. Also...If you screw up you have to start all over again. I'm sure if you look over youtu..

Tips for every one

- Read the Halo novel "the Flood".
- Use the Plasma granades to kill a hunter or the big covenet. The plasma granade will stick on his body.
- Hide in rocks or high plases.
- Use assault rifle and a green plasma pistol for covenet and for flood use shoot gun and assault rifle.
- Protect the humans because they will help you.
- Get humans in the cars so you will be more protected.
- Enter in small plases with the car with humans even it could pass.
- Use assault attack to be silenced.

Kill enemies in one shot

To kill a hunter in one shot, get the pistol and shoot the orange parts of the body. This can be very hard to do so the best thing to do is either sneak up on them so they are standing at full height, and are uncovered. The other way (which I think is easier) is go up close to them and just as they try to whack you with their shield run backwards and when their arm is in the air you have a clear shot to the stomach.
You can also kill some of the flood in one shot with a pistol as well, but this only works with the ex-elite flood. If you aim carefully, if you shoot the lump right on the top of the body that looks like the head. This doesn't work with the human flood though.
These tricks can be hard to master, but are extremely helpful when you come across either of t..

Sidewinder Roof Glitch

This one I learned last year...Not entirely sure how I learned it, but I remember doing it. For this you can do in any server with these following items and settings.
The List:
You need 1 hog
Rocket Launcher
Plasma and frag gernades
And no distractions.
Now...Once you have all of the following...Drive the hog through the tunnel next to the base. Grab the over shield just incase...You'll know why...Then keep going through that tunnel until you meet the one with the pistols in it. As you enter you are facing the other side which is the end of the rather small passageway and behind you is the enterence.
You don't want that...You need to turn your hog sideways and back up so that the back of the hog is against the wall. Get out of the hog ..

First, you must activate devmode."-console -devm..

First, you must activate devmode."-console -devmode", and then load up halo ce and press ~, the button above tab.The _'s are not to bbe left blank,type them as they appear.Note the cheats with 1's, must be typed with a space first, spacebar1 .Now, to list my cheats,
Cheat_all_weapons (all weapons)
Cheat_all_vehicles (all vehicles)
Cheat_super_jump ( high jump)
Cheat_deathless_player 1(invincible, unless hit on back by enemy,or friendly fire)
Cheat_infinite_ammo 1(infinite ammo)
Object_destroy_all(destroy all wehicles and scenery)
Cheat_spawn_hog(spawns a reguler hog)
Cheat_bottomless_clip 1(no reload, no overheat)
Show_hud 1(toggles hud on or off)
Rider_ejection 1(toggles wether passenger will fall out of car if fliped)

Sniper Positions

Here are some good sniping positions for Blood Gulch:
1. On the hill behind one of the bases. Keep covered by the rock.
2. Along the ledge near one of the bases. Keep covered by the rock ledge.
3. On one side of the level is a series of caves. I like to call these the "Sniper Caves". You can be at either end of the caves and have a good perspective. One of the best is near a base in a little cave with pistol ammo. The back caves provide plenty of hiding spots!

Kill oppenent fast

Ok, when you don't have a rocket launcher with you then the next best weapon is the shotgun, it kills the opponent easily, it can also kill opponents in wartihogs faster than the other guns. I always have a shotgun and a rocket launcher with me, that way if I run out of ammo with the rocket launcher then I'll have another nice gun

One hit kill with pistol

There's a glitch where if you get a regular halo pistol (NOT a plasma pistol), and shoot someone directly in the head once, theres a small chance that person will die instantly! This is due to the shield sometimes not being able to catch up with the latency (time it takes to register what is happening to players), so you will sometimes get a little 'lag period' where the players don't actually have a shield. It will work even if the health and shield strength is set to 400%! However, I still don't know why no other weapons do this...
Also two other tips: this glitch will only work on multiplayer and servers with more latency time will be more likely to experience this glitch.

Bloodgulch Base Glitch

Well...I saw this like a year or two ago from when my friend showed me. Its nothing special and I'm sure lots of people probably know it already and I'm also sure there are videos of this all over youtube.
Apparently...If you drive a tank next to the base and turn the gun towards it. The gun goes straight through the wall and basically you can kill whoever is in there.
Not very sportsman like I know, but I thought it was interesting.

Danger Canyon Wall Glitch

This one I have learned today with some fellow clan members.
This is what you need.
A hog
A match set that you can't betray your team mates
Now if you have the following...Go directly to the wall behind the flag...The actually Canyon wall and have you or buddy stand against the wall... Then you guessed it...You or your buddy back up then suddenly throw it in drive amd floor it so that it slams into you. Once being slammed through the wall...The following will happen.
-Fall to your death-
-End up at the enemies base-
Thats all for that glitch...Really easy to do!

Perfect sniping settings

If you want to blend in with the walls in blood gulch, then change your guys color to brown or orange, if you want to blend in with a tree or a grassy hill, change it to green.
Also, if you want to be a more accurate sniper change your mouse setup settings for vertical and horizontal sensitivity too 7 or 8, personally, I prefer 8 but most of my friends that snipe use 7 so its up to you.

Sidewinder CTF hint

When you're playing CTF on sidewinder, a great tactic is to get a banshee and fly it through the large opening near your base on the side so you can catch your enemies off guard and steal their flag faster!

Super sniping spot for blood gulch!

1. Get in a banshee and fly to the funny shaped peak on the side of the map.
2. Turn the back of the banshee to the lowest side of the peak and get out of it. (This will take quite a bit of practice but it's totally worth it because not only do you get a great sniping advantage, people in banshees and tanks will find it much harder to kill you as well!)
3. Happy sniping! ;-)

Another good weapon

Shotguns arent the only good weapon another good weapon is the pistol. If you have a pistol always aim for the head because sometimes the shot will go through the shield and hit thier head which is an automatic kill.Also if there is a game with no shields and snipers and pistol, use the pistols and shoot them in the head and they will die.P.S. This only works for multiplayer

Hear Dromatick Piano Music!!

On the level where you nead to find the controle room, near the end of the level. There is a bridge where a covanent elite will get into a banshee. The 1st thing you nead to do is rush out of the door for the banshee. Make sure the Elite doesnt get there! Throw a grenade at him or something! When your in the banshee, get out of enemy fire and wait untill the dromatick fighting music stops so you can here this piano. Now face the large structure that is outside of the controle room. Go to it. Get off the banshee on the 1st large support beem going up. Thats kind of hard because you have to land on a narow place. But it is possible. Theres only two of them if your confused. You should be really high in altitude when your on it. Then go all the way to the right on it. You should start to he..

Assault On Control Room Warthog/Golden Elite Trick

When you get your Warthog from Foehammer or Echo 419, after you get to the room where the Golden Elite with the plasma sword locks the door on you, run outside to get your Warthog (Must have Marines in it). If you drive it correctly, you can get to the door inside the place. Slam the Warthog in to the door and leave it there. Then get out of the Warthog and continue with your mission. When you are done you open the door later on in the level, you wont have to fight the Golden Elite because your Marines in the Warthog have already finished it off!
P.S. The Warthog also helps you get out of the area because there are about three invisible Elites guarding the entrance to the place.


when you play halo combat evolved on any level apart from the maw and 343 guilty spark try and kil as many covenant as you can by melee attack them. All you do is crouch then get a pistol or rifle out and hit the covenant with the but of your gun. if it dosen't work for you the just shoot them.

Make a pistol shoot a fuel rod bullet!

Note:this envolves downloading hmtv3(halo map tools v3)so make a backup of your map folder.
This also only works for certian maps.Once HMTV3 is installed open it up press select map folder on the bottem-left part of the window you can't mess with bitmaps select a file you wish to edit.
Example:A30 (HALO) press projectiles now click the pistol press swap and swap it with banshee fuel rod press close map file then exit HMTV3.
Start halo then play the map you messed with. Your pistol should shoot a fuel rod bullet.If it dosent work you probally didnt press save.make sure you save or else! Hope that will help you! Have fun blasting your friends!
See ya!

Super Jump On Ghost

Hold space bar to willie on it and then go to a ramp and go in mid-air and then willie and then ta the you did it.

How to Add Maps to Your Halo Game

NOTE: You can only do this with Halo Custom Edition.
Ever see those maps you download on websites, but you don't know how to put them in your game? Have no fear, I'll tell you right here! (Ha ha, I rhymed... Ok, maybe that wasn't funny..)
Here's how:
1. Right-Click on your Halo:CE Icon.
2. Click Properties.
3. Click on the button that says Find Target.
4. You'll see a bunch of folders. Open up the one that says Maps.
5. Now when you download a map, just cut and paste the .map file into this folder.
ANOTHER NOTE: If you add too many maps to your Halo:CE, it will take a while to load up, but I don't think this will affect your gameplay.
If this was useful to you, please rate this.

When your on the library level don't try to shoo..

When your on the library level don't try to shoot the mutated flood, instead shoot with a shotgun, asult rifle or pistol one of those big balloon things with legs make sure they are in a pack with the other flood so they all die this will save your ammo for more seriouse battles

Death Island Invisible Wall Glitch

I'm sure many of you got bored enough in your own server or someone elses to drive a hog or ghost or something all the way out in the water until you hit that invisible wall. For those who don't know there is a way to get over it.
This is what you need:
Good timing and judgement and a ghost
You drive it to the wall then back up and turn side ways. Start driving sideways into the wall...Make sure as soon as the ghost hits the invisible wall you press the "E" button so that you land on the other side.
You know when your on the other side when you can keep backing up and the island keeps getting smaller. This glitch is all about timing.

Timberland Invisible Wall Glitch

For this one you need two people...I've done this one countless times and normally I'm the driver getting the people up there. What you need is...One person, yourself, a hog, and a match set that you cannot betray your team mate and know where to go. Where you need to go is next to to the base and try walking up that hill that it's built into. The best spot is above where the ghost is spawned and now then have your friend drive the hog into you and you should be on the otherside of that invisible wall and able to walk around the map. There is also rumor of a hidden room so look out for that too.
This also works with a ghost...

Always do this

This is not actually a cheat it is a tip. When on Multiplayer, always get to a sniper point。Make sure that no one see you though. Corners of the map are good. Always run for the camo.

New Freedom Speech

You know how at the start of the game where that black guy gives the Marines that freedom speech? If you play on Legendary he gives you a different speech. It's way better than the other one!

Improve Aiming

To improve your aiming ability with precise weapons like the pistol or sniper rifle, try inceasing your horizontal mouse sensitivity to six or seven.
Leave the vertical sensitivity somewhat lower.
( Thanks to Gamepro December 2003 issue )

Sleeping grunts on level three!

Everyone thinks that the grunts start sleeping on level five.....BUT they are sleeping on level three. in the room where the gold Elite is there are about six sleeping grunts.
The problem is everyone busts in and starts firing. if you QUIETLY get in the Elite doesnt notice you, because he has his back to you. the only thing I need to warn you about is your marines...
They come in and start firing at the Elite.
Don't kill your marines in front of the door, they hear you and are ready to fight.

Death Island Glitch

This one I learned awhile ago when my friends I were screwing around. Now everyone knows that when your on the same team and you CAN'T betray the other person...Things get interesting.
We learned you can fall into your base if someone hits you the right way...
See this is where you need to be in order for this to work. You need to go up to where the banshee spawns then go to your left or right. Stand against the wall and have a fellow team mate push you through a wall with a vechicle. In result you should fall into either your own base or you the enemies base.
Wouldn't suggest if you actually betray team mates and falling kills. It is a long drop that can kill. Unless you get lucky and land on something other than the actual ground.

My devmode is in but I press the '~' nothing happens

This is the downloadable version of Halo PC, but do I make a shortcut of the folder or the game game. And in either one, dev-mode is in the target, but I press the '~', but I don't get any box. What do I do?

easy steps to invicible elite

1.get a plasma grenade.
2.stick it ti him.
1.become invicible.
2.hit him from behind.

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