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Halo: Combat Evolved

Game Reviews for Halo: Combat Evolved


Full Reviews

magooglybob25th Jul 2005, ID #128
There is so much to say about this game where do I begin well the biginning levels are aawesome I have never seen a first person shooter like this ever when people say this is the best game ever mad..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

Homestar36519th Dec 2005, ID #237
Halo is probably the best first person shooter for the Xbox. It's hands down amazing, and will always be the best game in the world. For me, at least. Now, all you people who haven't played Halo, yo..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

Talon988910th Jun 2009, ID #1122
Halo Combat Evolved is one of the best games I have ever played! It's just amazing on so many levels! You know it's about Master Chief trying to shut down Halo but it's much more than that! Througho..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

Keyblade2111th Sep 2011, ID #1371
This game is by far one of the best first person shooter games, and you wont be disappointed either, so many people have loved playing this game. At first you wake up in a Cryo-tube (Frozen state) a..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

It's amazingAdded 20 Jun 2007, ID #7160
It\'s Halo need i say more. This is the best game on the Xbox and probably one of the best first person shooter\'s ever made by a long shot. A completely origional world and a vast array of weapons to use to kill a horde of enemies makes this game extreamly challnging and hours woth of fun. It gets really hard on the higher difficulty settings for the serious gamers and for the youger or more casual gamers easy mode is not too hard but still challenging enough to make it fun and give it great replay value. A must have for any Xbox owner

Challenging gameAdded 4 Nov 2005, ID #4798
Halo for the xbox system may be one of the funnest xbox games ever , (besides Midnight Club 3: Dub edition). i would give the graphics a 10 out of 10 and the game play a 9 out of 10. when i firsted played this game, i was hooked on it for good. i like how the controller is set up, it is just perfect for me. every tine my friends come ofer, we always play halo. im the one that always wins though. and that is why i like halo so much.

Added 16 Jul 2005, ID #4140
This game can be kind of strange sometimes and also a little hard to follow. The story starts out on a ship called the Pillar of Autumn. The Covenant (bad guys) are just about to attack and The Chief has sent an order to awaken Master Chief (you).
The Graphics in this game are breathtaking, Master Chief and all the marines and Covenant cavalry really looks like the battle is going on right in front of you. And in stead of little subtitles in front of you like in final fantasy, They actually recorded the lines. And you also get and array of missiles and weapons including human and Covenant artilary. All in all, I\'d give Halo for the Xbox, a 9 out of 10.

ExellentAdded 11 Apr 2005, ID #3525
I think it is worth getting an Xbox just for this game. I recently got Xbox and am enjoying every minute of this game. Pity I don't get to play it very often because I really like it. The Master Cheif is a cool character too. The only thing I found a little disappointing is that it is a little on the easy side, I haven't even died yet. Anyway other than that this game is cool so if you get Xbox you better had get Halo!

Perfect gameAdded 24 Oct 2004, ID #2576
Halo is the best Xbox game ever, it makes the Xbox. It is perfect, 10 out of 10.

Added 21 Oct 2004, ID #2561
Halo is probably the best game I have played in my entire life. I am 12 years old. Trust me, most levels are hard like crazy when you do them in Legendary. But I managed to beat 6 levels in legandary. It may be pretty hard but hey, it's really cool. (Oh yeah, and to those who have had Halo for a long time. Have you noticed while playing sometimes the game really makes you think).

GREATAdded 5 Oct 2004, ID #2517
Halo is a great game and it's fun and the car and guns are just brilliant. I give this 9.5/10

Die convenants!Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #2166
Simply an stunning game. It gets you really pumped through out the game. Great weapons and vehicles to choose from. Multiplaying is the best in this game. It does get boring when your done with the missions and there is nothing else to do. 8/10

Added 27 Jul 2004, ID #2108
This game is excellent. no matter what anyone else says HALO ROCKS I'll give this game 99% reason: no game is perfect and sad to say, the game is FULL of glitches which is a let-down

Added 15 Jul 2004, ID #2056
WHATS UP, GUYS! this MC-Rocks here telling you if you don't have Halo, get it.I know, I sound like I'm doing a commercial for this game, huh.

I'm only 12 so don't seem so great when I tell you I can't even beat my dad who hasn't played it on campaign for probably about a year.

Then again, it may be because I have the ****iest controller ever.It's a mad catz controller so don't buy it.Anyway, back to the game.

Graphics: 9.5/10.Music: 10/10.Carnage, explosions, and all that great stuff:


Halo's the best game I've ever played and about the best thing in the world behind paintball.The easter eggs are pretty cool and I like how you can get on top of levels.

To sum it all up: HALO IS THE BEST GAME EVER!

10 out of 10!!!!!Added 9 Jul 2004, ID #2010
Halo is the freak'in best game I have ever played, in fact, it's the most fun I've had ever!!

superbAdded 17 May 2004, ID #1773
I think halo is one of the best games for xbox and pc scratch that they are the best ever until halo2 and half life 2

graphics: got to be 9/10

game play:A tiny bit short but the multiplayer is the best out of any game ever.

Music:A bit classical but suits it verywell and is very cool

HmmmmmmmmmAdded 13 May 2004, ID #1753
Gives beats to all other shooter games ever created........but now comes the bad part .....longivity(whatever that means.

I think it means lifespan) it gets boring after months of solid play... so dont over use it. Apart from that nasty but fair comment, it kicks ass.

I have completed this game twice on ALL FOUR DIFFICULTIES that is when I got bored of it.

Great gameAdded 30 Apr 2004, ID #1712
I have only palyed this game once for 9 straight hours and let me tell you it was the best game I have ever played in my entire life. The weapons, graphics, strategies needed to win make this an all around great game.

HaloAdded 21 Apr 2004, ID #1672
Halo is an Xbox classic, this game is absolutely fantastic.The graphics on this game are basiclly unbeatable 10/10.

The sound on this game very, very good but should of been that little bit better 9/10.

The gameplay just has to be 10/10. P.S its was in the charts for two years i wonder if halo 2 will be as good

cool gameAdded 28 Dec 2003, ID #1022
I'm not really a fan of X-boxes, I'm more of a retro gamer but Halo I've got to admit is a very cool game.

I mean the classic games are good but Halo is very very good, good sounds, brilliant graphics, gameplay is good too if I had to give it a vote out of five I would give it a very deserving five.

Best game everAdded 16 Dec 2003, ID #967
If you own an XBox, you better go out and buy Halo! It is absolutley the best FPS (and game) ever!

Any match with four or more people and vehicles is totally awesome. If there's only two people, then play the co-op and get skills so you can kick some covenant a**!

HaloAdded 14 Dec 2003, ID #953
If you own an Xbox, you MUST play Halo!

It's incredibly detailed and fun!

How could you not have fun going around on another planet with a gun and blowing up aliens?

This game is great, the graphics are amazing and there are many different ways to play.

If you have an Xbox and haven't played Halo yet, you haven't experienced a good time yet.

Simply: PLAY HALO!!!

HaloAdded 12 Dec 2003, ID #948
MAN HALO ROCKS !!!!!! Every one should play it !!! My MOM lets my little 5 year old sister play it its so cool. THIS GAME IS THE BEST !!!!

10 out of 10!!Added 5 Nov 2003, ID #827
This is definitely 100% THE BEST GAME EVER! I was astounded, from the first time I saw those beautiful graphics!

The best Xbox game, the best game ever. I am a HUGE halofan. I mean I play sports but, this is almost as good as hockey.

I have played great games all the time. This excells a supurb game.

I mean I see people saying "best Xbox game," and "best first person shooter" but for me, its not the best first person shooter, its the best game OUT!

Can't wait for Halo 2! I've seen the 2003 E3 halo 2 trailer--IT'S SWEET (duh)well ***** out of ***** stars, this game is #1!!

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