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Half-Life 2 Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Half-Life 2


We have 8 cheats and tips on Xbox.If you have any cheats or tips for Half-Life 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Easier Nova Prospect

After using the turrets the first time, you can take one with you to the next part. Simply use your gravity gun and fling it where need be. Upon arriving in the jail like area where you must defeat seemingly endless combine soldiers waiting for Alyx to arrive, set up the now 4 turrets in one of the cross hallways. Put two on each side. Arrange them so that they have cover but can easily shoot out. For example, put one in the left corner, facing to the right so that enemies coming from the left can't flank it. After completing this part, you can take one of the turrets with you again to make the next part easier. While in route to the next standoff, place the turret in the open occasionally to easily pick off combine while you take cover. When arriving at the portal, you will again have 4 turrets, enough to cover all entry ways of the combine.

Regain Health


Grigori's gun

To get father grigori's gun, you have to be in the part in ravenholm when he throws you the shotgun. Save before you do this, as it will take more than one try. Roll a grenade on the roof near the corner closest to father grigori's platform just before the grenade explodes, jump towards his platform and the grenade will shoot you up. Before he throws the shotgun, walk on his gun. It is a regular shotgun skin, but shoots like a magnum. Also, the icon says "shotgun" as well as having the shotgun picture.
~note~ this trick works on the orange box if you are not invincible, but you can't pick up his gun.

Unlockable Guns

Unlock Gravity Gun:
During gameplay when you have the SMG equipped press Down, Up(2), Down, L, R, X, B, A. If the 'Organic Gravity Gun' code is activated this code cannot be enabled.
Unlock Organic Gravity Gun:
During gameplay when you have the Gravity Gun equipped press L, Black, R, White, Up, Down, Y, X, B, A. If the 'Inorganic Gravity Gun' code is activated this code cannot be enabled.

Don't Take This One

On the chapter before the last chapter...when you are in the citidel You'll have to go along a very narrow cliff side to a pipe leading to the inside of the structure. After following the confusing maze of metal, You'll come to a large open room with a bunch of those pods that Dr. Eli was in. There are two poles they follow and only one of them is the one you have to go to...
Step off the ledge to the small bridge and there will be a small walkway where the pods stop turn to face you and open up. DO NOT get in the one closest to you. Instead walk around it and look at the second one. Step inside by pressing A and lay back and enjoy the LONG ride. While in the pod. You will see several guards and Striders..but they don't notice you and you can't do anything to them. If you take the one I told you not will be a short ride to a beam that kills you instantly.
After the long ride. You will be relased into a room that takes all you're weapons away and you can barely move. Your gravity won't get desinegrated because it..Defies Gravity...but instead of it getting taken away from you...the desinegration rays charge it it now instead of orange is blue and a LOT more'll be able to pick up heaveir things and even bodies of guards...This being your only weapon for the rest of the game gets kind of frustrating...but I love the way it can pick up the plasma balls and launch them...
You will confront a strider later and all you have is yur gravity gun. But 3 or 4 shots to it with plasma balls should take care of it..and you won't be hurt as much since yur suit can now hold up to 200 points of recharge...Another pod ride ends in the finding of the last chapter.."DARK ENERGY" more common sense riddles and following Alex's directions will end up in you having to destroy the teleporter with plasma balls...but while doing so several of those helicopters will try and kill you so take them out while hiding behind the 2 pillars the level provides..destroying them will give you a clear shot to the teleport machine. Destroy it and you've beaten the game...
The end is for you to find the credits for a REALLY short but somewhat funny video...




Unlock ALL Chapters:
Left, Left, Left, Left, Black, Right, Right, Right, Right, White
Restore 25 Points of Health:
During gameplay enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.
Restore Ammo for current Weapon:
During gameplay enter Y, B, A, X, White, Y, X, A, B, White.

Spawn Medkit

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

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