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Half-Life 2 Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Half-Life 2

We have 8 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Half-Life 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

You can also ask your question on our Half-Life 2 Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

how to use cheats

Ok what you do is you go to steam and right click on any half life click on properties then click on set launch options type/pate this "-console" with qotations then click appply or what ever then start the game then when thats done click this ~ without shift start a game then search fo cheat sites such as these but befor you can do those cheats you must puch ~ to bring up console then type/paste this code sv_cheats 1 then do other cheats and here the cheat to get all weapons impulse 101

How to weld

Get a crossbow. Shoot it at someone to pin them up against the wall. Then, You can also weld things to eachother. Like a box and a human. Then they become conjoined.

Chopping someone in half

When you get to the chapter "Ravenholm" you will approach a house and find lots of saw blades. Use your Gravity Gun to pick them up and throw them at enemies. If lucky, you can mow down a whole group of them.


Cheat mode:
Open Steam, go to your "Play Games" menu, and select Half-Life 2. Right click on it and select "Properties". Click the Launch Options button then type -console. Click "Ok", then close. Double click Half-Life 2 to start the game. Once it is loaded and you are playing, press the ~ key to bring up the console. Then, enter sv_cheats 1 and press [Enter]. You can now enter the following codes at the console window.
Also, any code can be used as a command line parameter by prefixing it with the "-" character. Note: For games that were downloaded from Steam, to use cheats in single player mode, start the game with the -applaunch -dev -tconsole command line parameter.
Effect - Code
God mode (server only) - god
Spawn indicated item - give
Reduce your health - buddha
Damage player - hurtme
All weapons - impulse 101
Skulls - impulse 102
Spawn a jeep - impulse 82
Spawn an air boat - impulse 83
Spawn a scout car - ch_createjeep
Spawn an airboat - ch_createairboat
Ignored by NPCs - notarget
Walk through objects (server only) - noclip
List maps - maps
Load indicated map - map
Toggle developer mode; 2 is verbose - developer <0-2>
Enable mouse look - +mlook
Show crosshairs - hud_quickhelp/text? 1
Sets the size of carried weapon; 54 is default - viewmodel_fov
Execute script file - exec
Toggle HUD display - cl_drawhud <0 or 1>
Toggle HUD display - cl_enablehud <0 or 1>
Toggle frame rate display - cl_showfps <0 or 1>
Creates an NPC; only where NPC are allowed - npc_create
Create an NPC aiming away from player - npc_create_aimed
Toggle picker mode. - picker
Set gravity value - sv_gravity
Set minimum stopping speed when on ground - sv_stopspeed
Set world friction - sv_friction
Set bounce multiplier for physically simulated objects collision - sv_bounce
Set maximum velocity of any moving object - sv_maxvelocity
Set vertical view fixup when eyes are near water plane - sv_waterdist
All chapters unlocked next time game is played - sv_unlocked chapters 15
Slow time; 1 is default - cl_phys_timescale <0.00-1.00>
Change air density - air_density
Set length of explosion confusion - dsp_explosion_effect_duration
See through walls - mat_depthbias_normal 1
Disable dead bodies going through each other - cl_ragdoll_collide 1
Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode; red: ignore damage, white: respond to damage, green - health prop_debug
Toggle reporting missing .WAV files - sv_soundemitter_filecheck
Limits the number of texture units; 0 lets the game decide - mat_numtextureunits
Deleted targeted object or person - impulse 203
Black and white screen - mat_yuv 1
Color screen - mat_yuv 0
Record demo - record
Stop recording demo - stop
Play recorded demo - play
Set max ammo for .357 Magnum - sk_max_357
Set max ammo for Pulse Rifle - sk_max_ar2
Set max ammo for Pulse Rifle energy orbs - sk_max_ar2_altfire
Set max ammo for shotgun - sk_max_buckshot
Set max ammo for crossbow - sk_max_crossbow
Set max ammo for hand grenades - sk_max_grenade
Set max ammo for pistol - sk_max_pistol
Set max ammo for RPG - sk_max_rpg_round
Set max ammo for submachine gun - sk_max_smg1
Set max ammo for SMG grenades - sk_max_smg1_grenade
Set damage value for pistol - sk_plr_dmg_pistol
Set damage value for .357 Magnum - sk_plr_dmg_357
Set damage value for Pulse Rifle - sk_plr_dmg_ar2

Half-Life 2 cheats

Use the '~' key during game-play to bring up the console to be able to enter the following

357 Magnum Revolver:
Overwatch Standard Issue Pusle-Rifle:

MP7 with Grenade Launcher:

Rocket Launcher:

The Manipulator:

Gordon's classic:


Bug Bait - from Antlion Guards:
Fragmentation Grenade:

Map codes
Spawns you in Lab:

Spawns you in Train Station:

Spawns you in Ravenholm:

Spawns you in the canals:
Spawns you in the city 17 rebellion:

Spawns you in Nova Prospekt:

Spawns you on the coast - Vehicle:

Half-Life 2 cheats

Dev Cheats
At the console enter 'sv_cheats 1'then enter the following codes
No damage:

Never Die:
Walk through walls:
Wire frame models:

Only objects effected by physics are wireframe:
'vcollide_wireframe 1'

Infinite power for your suit:

Kill all npcís in the area:

Enemies donít attack:

Spawn a scout car:

Spawn an airboat:

Spawn an airboat:
'impulse 83'

Spawn a Jeep
'Impulse 82'

All weapons and ammo:
'impulse 101'
'impulse 102'
Removes weapon model from the screen:
'impulse 200'
Draw game triggers:

Draw normal maps:
'mat_normalmaps 1'

Draw surface materials:
'mat_normals 1'

Turn off bump mapping:
'mat_fastnobump 0'

How to deal with large groups of barnacles

When you find large groups of barnacles they can be an absolute pain! You can't get past them easily, heres one way to do it:
1.Get and explosive (flammable) barrel and roll it into a barnacle tongue.
2.Shoot the barrel with a gun (preferably pistol,NOT CROWBAR) until it is on fire then wait for the blast.
3. Laugh about the hapless barnacle that ate an explosive barrel and killed everything around it.


The cheats are the same as the last HL game.
1. Pull the console down with "~" and type sv_cheats (TAB) 1.Then enter.
2. Type Bind c "impulse 101".Then ruturn to the game then keep pressing "C" to get ammo and HEALTH.
I don't think There will be a cheat for armor. And if you use the cheat at the start of the game, later you HAVE to get the EVA suit. At That point, pull out the console and RESTART and it will put you outside the lab then go get the EVA suit then press "C" again to get Ammo and Health. It is fun, use the SMG. Use the right click to launch a grenade. It is fun watching people flying away.

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